Black Spectrum Theater Company and The African International Arts Festival will host the very 1st annual Spirit & Harmony Festival Saturday, September 13th beginning at noon at Roy Wilkins Park. Vibraphonist extraordinaire Roy “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” Ayers along with reggae artists Freddie McGregor, Chino, Nigerian singer Wunmi and others will be preforming. Food and various other vendors will be on hand for a great day of music and fun. General admission is only $20 in advance, $25 at the gate and can be purchase by calling 718-723-1800.

I saw Roy Ayers (who is now 73 years old) a few years ago at SOB’s and the man still has got it.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Spirit & Harmony Festival


Senate Candidate Munir Avery

Senate Candidate Munir Avery

Senate candidate, Munir Avery, gunning for corrupt Senator Malcolm Smith’s senate seat and going against Jamaica’s favorite, but out of touch and useless Leroy Comire, showed up this past Saturday to help community activist, Pamela Hazel and other concerned citizens to cleanup another Jamaica eyesore, the abandoned playground at 171st street and 109th, off of Merrick, that has been a problem for years, right under the watchful eyes of Leroy Comrie, who as councilman for 12 years, stated years ago to the media, that he would take care of this. Needless to say neither Smith nor Comrie were there. See that would mean they would have to address or do something about the garbage problem and instead they choose not to. Now if this was a ribbon cutting ceremony, a street naming or any other bullshit “who gives a shit” thing, they would  be there, but actual work to improve the community, MIA.

So not only do these hardworking residents have to work the full-time job, but have to do the work of our local leaders, who we the tax payers pay for their hefty salary, like Comrie’s annual salary of $100,000 as “special assistant to Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, while he spends most of his time campaigning for Senate, but ignoring Jamaica’s problems and not even doing the job he was hired for.

Shout out to Kaycia Sailsman, an undergraduate at SUNY New Paltz and intern reporter for the Queens Chronicle who showed up to help and do a story.


From Pamela Hazel:


Residents had been calling the borough  president’s office for about five weeks to complain about: over grown weeds, garbage and other disturbing elements at our famous park, 109th. & Merrick Boulevard.Early Friday morning, 8/15/14,  I observed sanitation workers at the site. They took up bags of garbage, but left the garbage that was scattered. Later in the day, I called Ms. Boranian/liaison at b/p’soffice, and informed her of my observation. 

She told me that she will call the sanitation department and have the workers return and remove the scattered garbage. She also said that she will have the weeds removed.  However, that statement did not become a reality.So, the next day around 7:00 a.m on Saturday, members and supporters of team P/J — Clean Up Jamaica Now, arrived at the famous park. The breeze was cool and the atmosphere was calm. The eyesore however, was still present.Several of us, rolled up our sleeves, protected our hands with gloves and began to clean up. We had in our possession: brooms, rakes, shovels, large garbage bags and other tools.

Approximately, one hour and a half later, we completed the job. About eight bags were filled; some with the scattered garbage,  others with weeds and dry leaves.

The three participants: Leroy Comrie, Malcolm Smith and Munir Avery are vying to be our next senator. They are aware of the permanent eyesore. However, only Munir Avery showed up to assist in the clean up.

*** This event was organized with the assistance of my comrade-in-arms/Joe
*** At the seen photos were made available by:
Kaycia Sailsman

Undergraduate Student at SUNY New Paltz

Queens Chronicle Intern Reporter
Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society Member
abandoned playground cleanup

Community activist Pamela Hazel, along with concerned residents and Senate candidate Munir Avery.

abandoned playground cleanupabandoned playground cleanup3


Before —- photos were taken on  Friday, 8/15/14. Sanitation workers left some of the garbage scattered on the ground. Also, the bag less garbage bin is filthy with residue.





Where is the equality B/P, Melinda Katz? 




Here is a blast from the past that we have not heard from in a while, the “Drive-By Shooting”. Figures South Jamaica is bringing this back in vogue. Hell Jamaica Ave brought back last year the “Three Card Monty”, so why not this.

So in keeping with the status quo of Jamaica, poor quality of life and more shootings, the holy day of  this past Sunday, finds four people shot by a yet unknown knucklehead suspect all before 6am. With some in the public here in NYC crying out for the police to ignore low level crimes, including the Rev. Al Sharpton and allowing the criminal element to do what the hell they want and less policing, how many of you want this to chestnut overlooked. And speaking of the Reverend, where are you AL, this is like the umpteenth shooting in Jamaica this year, the majority black on black or does it only count for you when a white person is involved.


Strike a pose
Strike a pose
Vogue, vogue, vogue
Vogue, vogue, vogueDrive by







From Times Ledger:

Four shot in Jamaica drive-by

By Kelsey Durham

Police said a 27-year-old man was in a silver Audi with the unidentified suspect when the two individuals got into a dispute just before 6 a.m. Aug. 18. The suspect shot the man five times, including in the chest and back, and injured three others outside the car while firing before driving off, the NYPD said. The incident occurred at 152-38 118th Ave.

The three other victims included a 26-year-old man shot in the chest and hip, a 24-year-old woman shot in the left hip and a 19-year-old man who suffered a graze wound to his right hand. All the victims were taken to Jamaica Hospital, where the 27-year-old and 26-year-old men were in critical condition as of Monday morning, police said.

The 24-year-old woman was listed in stable condition, and the 19-year-old was treated and released Sunday morning, according to the NYPD.

Police said they were investigating the incident and were still trying to identify a suspect.





With the big man running for the Senate, time to revisit “12 YEARS OF LEROY COMRIE” to show you exactly what you got with Leroy and what to expect if you vote for him and he is elected. SAME OLD SHIT!

Originally posted on cleanup jamaica queens now:

Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.     Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.

Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.

Stop being brainwashed into thinking that former Councilman Leroy Comrie was so great. Here is a lot that for years has been a dumping ground under his watch, he did absolutely NOTHING about it, along with various other garbage strewn lots, the major garbage problem in Jamaica and the Thug Auto Body Shops that did whatever they wanted ALL UNDER THE EYES OF LEROY COMRIE. Not only are these eyesores but major health hazards as well.

I have reported on this garbage strewn vacant many times before in South Jamaica at 107th Avenue (between 164th Pl and 165th Street) but obviously the powers to be are not doing a damn thing about this major eyesore and health hazard.

This is just so awful…

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September 9th is the primary election and in Jamaica, we have three elections for State Senator in three districts in Jamaica, the 10th, 11th and 14th District.

So when you head to the polls, think about the conditions in Jamaica, who has done what, who is honest, who is hard working, who will fight for you and then think who has done so little for Jamaica, who has cheated the tax payers by being corrupt, misuse of funds and just plain stealing.

The choice is an easy one.

Senator James Sanders

Senator James Sanders

10th Senatorial District:

Everly D. Brown
James Sanders Jr
Gian A. Jones

Who you should vote for: SENATOR JAMES SANDERS, Jr.
The one time I say stick with a Jamaica leader. Senator Sanders has proven himself not to be one of the “Jamaica Good Ol’ Boys Club”, he proved himself a good Council Member of District 31, got things done and remained honest and hardworking. Everly Brown is too weak and Gian Jones spent five years in federal prison for bank fraud, so we certainly do not need another crook in office, I mean how can you trust that guy.


Senator Tony Avella

Senator Tony Avella

11th Senatorial District:

Tony Avella
John C. Liu

Who you should vote for: SENATOR TONY AVELLA
One of the hardest working and honest politicians in New York City. Senator Avella stands alone as the one leader who will fight for his community and will not bow down to the powers to be. Liu has proven he is a questionable leader who can be bought, bent and roll-over. NOT the leader that Queens need. All one needs to do is look at some of the Queens leaders who are backing him, questionable figures like Joe Crowley, Gregory Meeks and Melinda Katz. That tells much.

Munir Avery

Munir Avery

14th Senatorial District:

Malcolm A. Smith
Leroy G. Comrie
Munir Avery

Who you should vote for: ATTORNEY MUNIR AVERY
This is a no brainer. Smith has proven himself useless, worthless and corrupt and with his corruption trial coming in January, more than likely his ass is going to jail. Jamaica favorite, Leroy Comrie has failed to show that he is a leader for Jamaica. Twelve years of Comrie as Council Member and Jamaica has had 12 years of garbage, crime and every other quality of life issue that he never addressed, while his district (27) was the worst. Jamaica needs a fresh voice, someone who will help to clean up the area and make it safe. Smith and Comrie have failed miserably in that department. MUNIR AVERY is the way to go for the future of Jamaica. A vote for Smith or Comrie is a vote for the same old shit. A vote for Avery is a vote for change, much needed change.


Here is another Jamaica “what the fuck” moment.


From New York Observer:

In Indictment, Malcolm Smith Sees Conspiracy to Gentrify Queens

State Senator Malcolm Smith. (Photo: Daniel Barry/Getty Images)

Embattled State Senator Malcolm Smith told a Queens audience last night that racially motivated forces of gentrification are behind his indictment on charges he attempted to bribe his way onto the 2013 Republican ticket for mayor.

At a debate in the Majority Baptist Church against his two opponents in the Democratic primary, former Councilman Leroy Comrie and attorney Munir Avery, Mr. Smith was given two minutes to address his legal problems. Mr. Smith warned the crowd that the accusations are part of a plot to eliminate a powerful black outer borough politician and target his district for real estate development and racial displacement.

“Don’t get caught up with the innuendos, don’t get caught up with the media spin, don’t get caught up with the false allegations. I can’t tell you much, but I can tell you one thing: being an African-American who is from Queens, who is independent, who is ambitious, must have upset somebody,” Mr. Smith, whose opponents in the primary are both also black, said. “Be careful who you talk to, be careful what you say. Because they’ve got their eye on southeast Queens, they’re trying to shift it. The same way Harlem is no longer Harlem and Brooklyn is no longer Brooklyn.”

Mr. Smith continued that he could not yet name who was behind the plot he alleged–which he claimed was behind the recent indictments of other prominent black elected leaders–but said that the culprit would be revealed at his retrial in January. Prosecutorial mishandling of evidence caused an upstate judge to declare a mistrial in the initial proceedings against Mr. Smith in June.

“You will see my innocence is exactly what I say it is. You find out who is behind the attack on all the African-American leadership in this city, that will come out as well,” he said. “If you don’t believe southeast Queens gentrification is beginning to happen, look around.”

When asked after the debate if, were he re-elected and cleared of all charges, he would seek to re-join the larger Democratic delegation–which Mr. Smith led as minority leader and as majority leader–or the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference he joined in 2012, Mr. Smith said he’d side with the Democrats. Mr. Smith explained his answer by claiming he has always been a loyal Democrat

Asked why he chose to join the IDC–which expelled him shortly after his arrest–and forge an alliance with Senate Republicans, Mr. Smith said that he made the switch in order to secure funding for the flooded Rockaways in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

“I had to take a position that would allow me to bring back resources for the Rockaways, and I was able to do that in a very dramatic fashion,” he said.

Though he has been without a caucus and thus isolated and virtually powerless in Albany since last year, Mr. Smith included the funding of universal pre-kindergarten in the 2014 budget on a list of his accomplishments in office on campaign literature distributed at last night’s event.


WOW, I want whatever drugs Senator Smith is taking. I meant talk about a distortion of reality!

My friend and comrade-in-arms community activist Pamela Hazel went to the debate last night and sure she will be reporting on another Jamaica three ring circus.

Amazing, Smith, who each and every day takes himself to lower depths, has really hit rock bottom with this latest bullshit of his. Really,  his crooked shenanigans were actually some bizarre conspiracy plot to overthrow black political leaders in Southeast Queens in order to then stage a mass gentrification and displace black people. Yes, I do want those drugs.

Every time this idiot opens his mouth, he just shows what an ass he is as well as the whole Jamaica good ol’ boys club which include, useless Comrie, who is running against him. Also in the running is the one sane voice of reason and some much needed fresh blood in this community, attorney Munir Avery. Unfortunately Bernadette Semple is no longer on the ballot and Clyde Vanel took a hike awhile back (which I am sure Comrie and his cronies had something to do with that).

But getting back to numero uno asshole, Smith.  Even if Jamaica begins to experience gentrification, it is not like Jamaica is this wonderful place to live in, a middle to upper middle class black area, with nice homes, manicured lawns, clean, garbage free, low crime area with a wonderful downtown area that has fancy retail stores and great sit-down restaurants and great bars and lounges. With the exception of a few areas (Addisleigh Park, parts of St. Albans, parts of Springfield Gardens and Laurelton and Cambria Heights) Jamaica is a fucking mess. First it has a horrendous garbage problem all over that me, Pamela and others have been documenting for several years. Poor zoning has caused nice one family homes to be torn down to put up shitty low-class third world apartment buildings run by slumlords and filled with low-class slobs. Then there is the high crime rate, gangs, drug dealing,  shootings on a regular basis, many which have resulted in the deaths of both the criminals and innocents. Add to that the slew of illegal apartments, illegal curb cuts, illegal parking, a major noise issue especially with backyard outdoor speakers, a shitty dirty downtown area that is filled with low-rent shitty retail and crap food places, dirty parks with garbage all over and let’s not forget all the garbage strewn vacant lots and abandoned houses littered all over the place. Then there is that big big mess called South Jamaica, a major disaster. Talk about a place that needs gentrification to help it rise above all this shit, it now seems that gentrification is the only thing to help Jamaica.

His comment about “look what happened to Harlem”. Like what Smith, Harlem is now a great place to live, with a vibrant restaurant and bar night life, nice stores popping up and property values rising. Before what took place in Harlem, that community was on it’s last leg, a community with run-down and abandoned brownstones, high crime, shootings, drug dealing and other poor quality of life issues. So according to Smith, Harlem should have stayed down on the bottom, just like where Jamaica is now.

Smith, Comrie, Meeks, Wills, Cook and all the other useless leaders past and present had the opportunity to help improve Jamaica and each and every one of them instead choose to do some shady dealings to benefit themselves, misuse of funds, steal, cheat or worse DO NOTHING.

So Smith, go fuck yourself with your bullshit conspiracy theory. All you are trying to do is save your own corrupt and useless ass. In other words, it is just the usual Jamaica politics.




This is what it looked like  before the Easter weekend cleanup




From the Editor of Queens Chronicle:

Rabble-rousing tax cheat and reverend Al Sharpton, a man with blood on his hands from Brooklyn to the Bronx, cannot be allowed to dictate NYPD policy. Mayor de Blasio never should have given the race-baiting charlatan a seat on a dais between himself and Commissioner Bill Bratton to publicly discuss policing.

There’s some worry, well reported Tuesday by DNAinfo, that de Blasio will soon have to pick whose side he’s on: Bratton’s or Sharpton’s, the law or the lawless — and that he’s likely to go with Sharpton.

The mayor on Wednesday called that claim “ludicrous, idiotic [and] inappropriate.” But what was really ludicrous, idiotic and inappropriate was putting Sharpton on the dais. That’s also one way to describe de Blasio’s failure to respond when Sharpton said the mayor’s own son could be another Eric Garner (Dante de Blasio doesn’t sell illegal cigarettes, doesn’t have a petty arrest record and presumably wouldn’t refuse an order from cops by telling them he’s had enough and “This ends now.” All that is true of the tragic Garner).

The black community needs advocates but deserves better ones than Sharpton, whose history here is dismal. He helped perpetrate the Tawana Brawley hoax. He helped spark the fatal anti-Semitic Crown Heights riot. He fueled the anti-Semitism in the Bronx that led to an arson that killed eight people. Sharpton was relatively quiet during the Bloomberg years, but here he is again, holding the city hostage to his whims and talking over the mayor because the death of one unwell man at the hands of police fits his anti-cop narrative and pro-crime stance.

Yes, it’s a pro-crime stance. Sharpton and his ilk want police to stop enforcing the law on relatively minor crimes and violations like selling loose cigarettes, panhandling, smoking pot and drinking in public, doing acrobatics for money in moving subway cars and who knows what else. They’re not proposing to legalize these things; they just want police to look the other way.

That’s something to address, sure, but not by ignoring illegal activity. The ongoing attack against broken windows theory policing, if successful, is likely to start dragging the city back to its lawless past. We’re already headed there a little because the city let it be known that suspicious people are no longer being stopped and frisked in high numbers. We can’t afford to let Sharpton and other anti-cop activists accelerate the process. That’s what really must end now.


SharptonKUDOS Chronicle, for saying what needs to be said, that no one else with any intelligence is saying. ENOUGH with the bullshit nonsense from the likes of Sharpton and others who feel that some crimes should just be ignored.

Al Sharpton, who I am a fan of, is so so wrong on this issue and needs to stay out of the politics of NYC. His job or his mission is not to dictate how the NYPD or the Mayor should deal with a situation. He needs to step back. And this mayor, who has been a HUGE disappointment, needs to grow a pair of balls, get some backbone and stand up to Sharpton, instead of letting him feed the fire with gasoline.

Where was Sharpton, when many black people in Jamaica where killed by guns in the hands of other black people this year? I did not hear a peep out of him. Where is Sharpton concerning the conditions in Jamaica, while the local black leaders just ignore it and involve themselves in crooked schemes? Where is Sharpton in other communities of color all across the country that are dealing with the same conditions?

Does Sharpton feel that because a crime, such as selling single cigarettes, is a low level crime that it should just be ignored? Should any quality of life issue that is a low level crime be ignored as many our saying?

As one who lives in Jamaica, where it pretty much is the Wild Wild West of Queens where anything goes from illegal curb cuts to bodegas selling loose cigarettes to people drinking in public on apartment steps and blasting loud music into the late hours to all of the illegal dumping of garbage and every other quality of life issue, these types of low level crimes need to be curbed, because Jamaica is the perfect example of how a community can go completely wrong when even low-level crimes are ignored. You end up with a community that most people do not want to live in, where anyone can do whatever they want, where the quality of life is horrible, in otherwise, you end up with Jamaica and how many reading this want to live in Jamaica?

All crimes, no matter how low level, need to be addressed and not ignored.



108th & Merrick, a constant problem of commercial and household garbage.

108th & Merrick, a constant problem of commercial and household garbage.

Even though reported, nothing has been done about this.

Even though reported, nothing has been done about this.

Numerous complaints filed with DOS on this and still nothing

Numerous complaints filed with DOS on this and still nothing

While upstanding tax-payers get a summons from Department of Sanitation (DOS) for having a candy wrapper lying in front of their sidewalk and DOS will go threw a person’s personal garbage can to find a recyclable items, major culprits from business owners on Hillside Avenue dumping their commercial garbage in public street cans and people living in illegal apartments dumping their household garbage into these same cans causing a massive overflowing to slumlord apartment buildings with uncovered overflowing cans to property owners of vacant lots with garbage all in front of it and majorly high weeds get off scout free a good bit of the time.

Another big mess that has been like this for weeks

Another big mess that has been like this for weeks

Would this be acceptable in Forest Hills? So why is it acceptable in Jamaica?

Would this be acceptable in Forest Hills? So why is it acceptable in Jamaica?

Our community is one big garbage mess with many vacant lots containing garbage and high weeds that the powers to be do nothing, overflowing public garage cans filled with both commercial and household garbage and a slew of garbage all over the damn place while the leaders as usual do jack shit and this is just one of many reasons why our community is a low-class ghetto of filth and the upstanding citizens are told to just deal with it. Here are what some residents are saying:

Yesterday on August 25th, this same spot not only looked about the same but worse.

This is a normal thing for Hillside Avenue

“The most amazing thing about all the garbage on Jamaica Avenue and Hillside is that I live a mere 5-6 blocks north of Hillside right off of Parsons, and I just got a $25 ticket last week for having a small cardboard box mixed in with my cans in my recycling bag. It took some real work for the sanitation inspector on this one! 

I feel like there is a real double standard here. i get dinged for a truly minor infraction (hey – I did the crime I’ll do the time but come on!), while just blocks away there are literally piles of garbage on the sidewalk and what appears to be little to no enforcement. 
truly baffling. 
Why is this car and many other allowed to illegally park like this all over our community?

Why is this car and many other allowed to illegally park like this all over our community?

Donna Clopton, President of the 103rd Community Council had this to say:

“Wow Joe, it’s all over!! The cement company (Atlas Roll-off) in this area is allowed to have a curb so stinky and dirty for over 3 months in spite of us actually going to them asking them to clean it, even reporting it to 311, yet they are not ticketed!  While I got a ticket for a candy wrapper on the sidewalk in front of my house at 12:30pm on a weekday ($100.)  There is definitely a double standard but I was told by one of the owners of this cement company that they “take care of sanitation” so guess that is why they don’t get ticketed.Meanwhile the empty lots (in Jamaica) are full of weeds taller than the 8ft fence around some of them and we have multiple families of raccoons living in the area along with the rats so big they STEP off the curb! I guess when the ‘powers that be’ discover that this does not just STAY IN ONE AREA it might get some attention! It’s strange that Jamaica can get no enforcement along these lines. It’s a dream spot for generating lots of summons!!  I wish we could give summons to this city’s agencies! The first would go to City planning for shoving a zoning nightmare in certain areas of Jamaica, e.g one side of the street is commercial while the other side is residential. They did not even bother to abide by the codes that are already on the books!
Jamaica is a wasteland with an airtrain & hotels!  LOL”Donna

This broken sidewalk was reported numerous times to DOB since 2011

This broken sidewalk was reported numerous times to DOB since 2011

And what about the media and journalists, why aren’t you all digging deeper to find out exactly what the hell is going on with our local leaders, community board 12 and the Queens Borough President’s Office’s  inactivity regarding all of this. I mean for the past three years, people like myself, community activist Pamela Hazel, Donna Clopton and others have not only been reporting this day in and day out, but actually documenting everything from photos with dates, email chains, reference number from 311, DOS, DOT and DOB, yet it seems not a whole hell of a lot has been done, still tons of garbage, illegal dumping, illegal curb cuts, illegal parking, major noise issues and every other quality of life issue. Why isn’t the media doing some hardcore questioning with people like Katz, Comrie, Miller, Wills, and the rest of the motley crew known as the Jamaica Good Ol’ Boys Club of do nothings. Has anyone questioned Assembly Member Vivian Cook who pulls down a nice salary plus perks, what she has actually done in the past three years or Comrie, who is pulling down a $100,000 annual salary as “special assistant” to Katz, while the majority of his time is spent campaigning on his Senate race or what did he do about these issues in his 12 years as council member. These are our tax payer’s dollars and we deserve answers.As of today (July 16, 2014), this still exists.

It seems to me like something majorly stinks in Jamaica and it is not just the rotting garbage tossed all over.


Archer Ave

This is the REAL Jamaica Revealed. Not too pleasant.

This is the REAL Jamaica Revealed. Not too pleasant.

Does not matter what development is down the pike for Jamaica, this community is one big shit-hole third world country with the garbage and people to prove it. And nowhere is this more prevalent than in the downtown business section of Jamaica, Jamaica Avenue, Archer Avenue, Sutphin Blvd and of course the winner of the shitty third world ghetto mess contest, Hillside Avenue. Walking all along Hillside Avenue, you cannot even tell you are in the USA, it is the epitome of shitty third world chic with the disgusting filthy stores and eateries (most), the shit crappy retail stores, the garbage strewn sidewalks and streets, the over flowing garbage cans filled with household and commercial garbage all add a little flavor of Bengali, Pakistan, India or any other shit hole third world country.

Downtown Jamaica

Downtown Jamaica

Hillside Ave

Yesterday on August 25th, this same spot not only looked about the same but worse.

Jamaica Ave

Your household shit does not go in to a public trash can. Know the fucking difference.

Your household shit does not go in to a public trash can. Know the fucking difference.

Here are what a few readers of mine had to say about Hillside Avenue and some of the other garbage strewn shit-hole areas.

“You reported a few posts back about Jamaica as being best situated (space, affordability, transit) for Queens artists. Most subway stations are not generally noted (in Queens at least) for exiting into ‘pristine’ neighborhoods, but for anyone hoping to do some exploring at the ‘end of the line’ (either the F or E), walking past these corners must come as a huge shock.  I’m talking about Parsons, 169th (including the 168th St exit), and 179th St. The condition of Archer/Parsons and Archer/Sutphin (both the station and the corner) seem to have had their own difficulties as well. It would seem a worthwhile investment for the DOS to do whatever is necessary to put a stop to the mess, at least at these subway stops.”

Another reader had this to say:

“Took a quick afternoon trip down to Hillside Ave, between 168th St and 169th for some fruit yesterday (8/10) but without a camera. Joe has published many photos of the horrific garbage situation on this stretch: the situation is as bad as ever.
On the corners where Sanitation still has trash bins, they are all overflowing, with multiple piles of bagged garbage piling up around them.
Seems that the Bangladeshi businesses on these blocks are adding their daily (commercial!) trash, illegally, to these public bins.
A total disaster, something that would never be tolerated in any other Queens ‘business district’.
Why every single business isn’t required by Sanitation, to prove their trash is being handled by private haulers – and being fined accordingly when that is missing – is a mystery to me.”

Six days later, nothing had been done and more garbage was added, this in the "Jamaica Revealed" downtown.

This in the “Jamaica Revealed” downtown.


Yep, a mystery to me as well, my friend. Jamaica is a big mystery why our local elected leaders, the Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and Mayor de Blasio have allowed Jamaica and continue to allow it to look like the slums of Pakistan, Bengali or India.

So a big shout out and thank you to:









and of course OUR WONDERFUL DIVERSE AND VIBRANT RESIDENTS, all who have made Jamaica look like “home sweet home”.

Just one BIG SHIT HOLE THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and they want people to invest in Jamaica. Really? For fucking what, to build the worlds biggest garbage dump. TOTALLY FUCKING DISGUSTING!

Just a nice morning dump

Actual third world country, not much different from Jamaica Queens