Attorney Clyde Vanel is the most recent candidate to enter the race for State Senator Malcolm Smith's seat.

Attorney Clyde Vanel drops out of senate race.

We are down to four candidates to choose from for the Senate race for Malcolm Smith’s seat. We are left with the Crook, The Lifer and the Fresh Bloods.

Attorney Clyde Vanel, who I feel has promise in Jamaica politics,  has dropped out. He made the following statement:

In an effort to unite the party and after conferring with my family, friends, Senate Democrats, and others, I am withdrawing my candidacy from the senate race.
I will continue to work on the many issues raised in my campaign namely, jobs, improving education and quality-of-life issues.
I truly appreciate and would like to thank all supporters, donors, and volunteers for believing in me and my candidacy.
Clyde Vanel
Candidate for NYS Senate, D. 14
219-16 Linden Blvd., 2nd Fl
Cambria Heights, NY 11411
Tel: (646) 483-2343
Fax: (646) 417-6515


So, that leaves the crook Malcolm Smith (who I still cannot believe this ass has not dropped out with his upcoming corruption trial), life long politician and totally ignorant of quality of life issues former council member Leroy Comrie and newcomers Navy veteran Bernadette Semple and Democratic operative Munir Avery.

My vote goes to Bernadette Semple based on the fresh blood theory.  Malcolm has proven worthless and a crook and the very popular Leroy Comrie is just more of the same old shit from the “Jamaica Good Ol’ Boys Club. I mean really what has he done in his 12  years of city council to help improve the quality of life in Jamaica. Just look around, it looks like shit, smells like shit and feels like shit. Keep putting the same leaders in Jamaica over and over again expecting different results equals insanity and guarantees NOTHING will change.

Bernadette Semple for Senate. Read more about her at

Navy Veteran Bernadette Semple plans to challenge embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith in the Democratic primary for his southeast Queens seat.

Navy Veteran Bernadette Semple plans to challenge embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith in the Democratic primary for his southeast Queens seat.


Councilman Donovan Richards, how a leader should be in the Jamaica community.

Donovan Richards, Jr. for City Council, District 31

Donovan Richards, Jr. for City Council, District 31

From Times Ledger:

Jamaica wants Albany to clean toxic waste sites

By Juan Soto

Photo by Juan Soto The project aims to clean up these sites by removing dangerous contaminants and then redeveloping them. Photo by Juan Soto

Photo by Juan Soto
The project aims to clean up these sites by removing dangerous contaminants and then redeveloping them. Photo by Juan Soto

Downtown Jamaica is one of the neighborhoods benefitting from a state program that redevelops underused vacant lots, home in the past to gas stations, auto repair shops, junk yards, factories and similar poorly managed waste operations.

Known as Brownfield Opportunity Areas, the project cleans up these sites, usually in low-income areas, by removing dangerous contaminants and then redeveloping them.

Now the City Council is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to include a $15 million allocation in state long-term funding. The 2014-15 state budget “has inexplicably eliminated funding” for the program, said Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton), chairman of the Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection.

Emphasizing that the program plays “a vital role in restoring and revitalizing distressed communities and creating jobs,” the councilman insisted on the need to keep funding the Brownfield Opportunity Areas.

In Jamaica, the target area — mostly industrial and commercial — covers 40 blocks, containing a total of 616 properties, to the south of the Long Island Rail Road station, except for a stretch along Archer and Jamaica avenues north of the tracks.

“Community-supported brownfields reclamation is a sound investment towards public health, public safety and economic development,” Richards said.

In the last 12 months, two specific sites have been announced for redevelopment, specifically a hotel and a 400-unit building that includes 100 apartments of affordable housing and 80,000 square feet of retail space with underground parking.

The 24-story hotel will be erected at 93rd Street and Sutphin Boulevard.

Viral Patel, the Able Hotels chief executive officer, said last Thursday that the project “is still under planning.”

He added that the first hard hats are expected for some time next spring. Patel estimated that the building would be completed in late 2016 or early 2017.

Able Hotels operates two hotels, one in Plainview and the other one in Brentwood, both in Long Island.

Also, the Shops at the Station Plaza strip, at the Sutphin Boulevard underpass, was completed recently. The location used to be a dark loading dock under the LIRR Jamaica station. It was also the home for a print shop.

According to the report, “Jamaica Brownfield Opportunity Area Nomination Study,” the redevelopment of the target area will require collaboration from the “private sector, government and the nonprofit sectors, working with the community, to resolve issue where public concerns and private interests must be addressed.”

Carlisle Towerey, executive director of the Greater Jamaica Development Corp., pointed out that this funding “allow distressed communities to create economic vitality in areas previously abandoned by private investment.”

Jody Kass, of the New Partners for Community Revitalization, said funding for Brownfield Opportunity Areas is key for the “economic regeneration projects in weak market areas.”

Richards pointed out “the program is crucial because it helps attract private resources to weak market areas that will remove dangerous contaminants from out neighborhoods.”


KUDOS to Councilman Donovan Richards, who I have always thought from the get go was the only leader of quality in Jamaica. He seems to have initiative, vision, an action plan and truly cares about the community and the constituents. Now this man is a leader compared to the other wastes in our community.

Funny, on such a very important issue, that Richards was the only elected speaking out on this. Where were the others (well some were defending themselves on corruption charges)?

And why did not that wonderful leader Comrie, whom every one puts on such a high pedestal, and was in council for 12 years, ever address this issue, considering his district is one of the worst when it comes to these places, especially with those awful auto body shops, which spews chemicals out all over the sidewalks and streets along Merrick Blvd besides leaving their junked cars all over.

Good work Councilman Richards!



Such a load of SHIT. These crooked politicians, like Ruben Wills and Senator Malcolm Smith do everything imaginable to try and weasel out of something. If it is not ” they are attacking black politicians, to “brain tumors”, it is constantly trying to divert attention from the subject of what they did.

Take it like a man Wills, you made your bed, now lay your crooked useless ass in it. If you were not trying to do some shady ass shit, which you were, you would not be in this fucking  mess.

Also a major waste of tax payers money. We are paying crooks like Wills and Smith, while they are not able to do their job (the little they do to begin with)  because they are trying to defend themselves on corruption charges that they brought about  by shady dealings.

Like I said the majority of Jamaica politicians are useless, even when they are not defending themselves of corruption charges.

From Crains:

Indicted pol seeks Schneiderman’s removal from case

July 8, 2014 6:52 p.m.

Mug Shot

Mug Shot

Queens Councilman Ruben Wills, who is facing fraud and larceny charges in connection with a nonprofit he founded, wants Attorney General Eric Schneiderman removed from the case in favor of a special prosecutor.

In a motion filed Tuesday, Mr. Wills’ attorney argues that Mr. Schneiderman is prejudiced against the councilman and that there is “evidence of political motivation and retribution of Eric Schneiderman toward Mr. Ruben Wills.”

Mr. Wills was charged in May by Mr. Schneiderman in connection with a nonprofit, New York 4 Life, founded by the councilman in 2006, four years before he won election to the council. Among a dozen counts, Mr. Wills was charged with scheming to defraud, grand larceny and falsifying business records, including allegedly falsifying documents involving the nonprofit and an $11,500 check.

In 2008, Mr. Wills received $33,000 for the charity in discretionary funding from Queens State Sen. Shirley Huntley, for whom Mr. Wills had served as chief of staff. Ms. Huntley herself was sentenced in a separate nonprofit corruption scandal in May 2013.

In the court papers, Mr. Wills’ attorney, Steve Zissou, argues that Mr. Wills was targeted by Mr. Schneiderman after Ms. Huntley had sought to provide evidence to the FBI against the attorney general himself. (In a 2013 court filing detailing useful evidence Ms. Huntley had provided to federal authorities, prosecutors did not mention any evidence from her against Mr. Schneiderman.)

According to Mr. Zissou, Ms. Huntley became aware of corruption committed by another southeast Queens lawmaker, state Sen. Malcolm Smith, including his involvement in the Aqueduct racino bidding scandal. She alerted authorities, the motion says.

“During this time period, it was revealed that Senator Huntley had advised authorities of the alleged corruption and criminal activities of Senator Malcolm Smith with implications involving the Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,” the court papers state.

Since then, Mr. Wills’ attorneys argue, the councilman has been unfairly targeted because of his connection to Ms. Huntley. They also claim Mr. Wills unsuccessfully tried to settle the matter with the attorney general by repaying the $33,000 grant.

Ms. Huntley secretly recorded conversations in her living room with other lawmakers including Mr. Smith and political consultant Melvin Lowe. Both are now separately facing criminal prosecutions. She also recorded a conversation with Mr. Wills in which he professed innocence, and his attorney claims Mr. Schneiderman’s office failed to present this “exculpatory” secret recording to a grand jury.

A spokesman for the attorney general brushed off Mr. Wills’ motion.

“It’s no surprise that someone charged with perpetrating fraud and corruption against the taxpayers of New York is attempting to distract from the alleged crimes,” said the spokesman for Mr. Schneiderman. “The Attorney General will not be deterred from prosecuting public corruption wherever and whenever it occurs.”




The Jamaica Jerk Festival arrives in Roy Wilkins Park on Sunday July 20th and no it will not be a festival of our useless and corrupt leaders, but the  food and entertainment festival with a Caribbean theme. This is the fourth year for the festival which continues to grow and grow. Yes, Jamaica can do positives when it wants to.

Advance tickets are only $30 and can be purchased on line at or $40 at the gate, the day of the event.

From Times Ledger:

Jamaican jerk festival returns

By Gabrielle Prusak

Before he was mayor, Bill de Blasio stopped by the Jamaica Jerk Chicken Festival last summer and took home a prize. Photo courtesy Clayton Wright

Before he was mayor, Bill de Blasio stopped by the Jamaica Jerk Chicken Festival last summer and took home a prize. Photo courtesy Clayton Wright

It’s back and jerkier than ever.

The fourth annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival returns July 20 with a few new twists.

According to Richard Lue, director of business development for VP Records, one of the co-producers of the festival, the crowd was overwhelming last year at the entrance on Foch Boulevard because it was so small that a bigger entrance needed to be created.

“It’s more customer-friendly and there’s more shade,” said Lue.

The festival will be held in Roy Wilkins Park in Jamaica.

This event has been growing since it first started four years ago. According to Lue, the first festival had 5,000 patrons and the second had 9,000.

“With an event like this we always hope to grow,” said Lue.

They anticipate 20,000 people attending this year, especially since they have been able to create a larger space in the park.

The festival has drawn 10 more food vendors, which adds up to 40 in all. Each one is different in its own way, but all still have roots back to the Caribbean. They will also have 15 arts and crafts vendors.

There is going to be a larger kid zone for children 12 and under, who get in for free. There will be rides, face painting, rock climbing, games and more for kids to participate in.

Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the event starts at noon. From noon to 3 p.m. there will be traditional cultural performances such as poets and drummers.

“These [activities] link us to the Caribbean,” said Lue.

There will also be a fashion show from Riddim Driven clothing line, which is based on reggae.

During that time, there will also be the jerk cook-off cooking competition and cooking demonstration.

“Basically, Grace Foods brings in chefs from Jamaica for the celebrity cook off who can jerk the best,” said Lue.

Last year, then mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio was the celebrity cook-off winner and may be coming back to defend his title.

“He hasn’t made any promises, but we are hoping he’ll be able to make it,” said Lue.

There will also be a best vendor competition among the different food stands.

The main stage performers will start at 3 p.m. and feature Etana, a contemporary voice in reggae; Mr. Vegas, who will play dance music; and headliner Maxi Priest, who has been Grammy nominated and been on the Billboard charts.

“It’s going to be a wicked show,” said Lue.

Before the main stage acts go on, there will be a gospel segment and a comedy act from Chris Johnny Daley.

VP Records will also have a museum display celebrating 35 years in the music business. The display will “take you through the history of reggae music,” said Lue.

The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival in New York originated from the Jamaican Jerk Festival in Florida, which has been going on for 14 years.

Tickets are sold online for $30 and can be bought on the day of the festival for $40. Children 12 and under are free. People are allowed to bring lounge chairs during the event because there will be no seating available.

“It’s open to everyone, even people who aren’t from the Caribbean who we call friends of the Caribbean,” said Lue. “It’s a great family-fun atmosphere.”



Although Smith was the top drafters of resolutions in the Senate, his voting record is appalling, 808 missed votes again proving  what a lousy and useless leader he is representing Jamaica.

The Times Ledger article stated “Smith’s office said they believed his absences all occurred when he was in federal court and on trial for allegedly attempting to bribe his way onto the Republican line in the 2013 mayoral election.”

Oh PLEASE, his staff damn well knows which days were missed due to the trial, but yet they did not get into specific dates. That is because those 808 missed votes probably did not all fall within his trial period. I mean how can his office not know the dates, I mean there are records. Just more excuses for an useless local leader.

I see another Jamaica leader was mentioned in missing votes, Assembly Member William Scarborough.


From Times Ledger:

Sen. Smith missed 808 votes: Report

By Sarina Trangle

Photo by Christina Santucci State Sen. Malcolm Smith was absent for 808 votes during the 2014 legislative session.

Photo by Christina Santucci
State Sen. Malcolm Smith was absent for 808 votes during the 2014 legislative session.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Hollis) was absent in Albany more than all his colleagues in the chamber, except for Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D-Washington Heights), who was mounting an unsuccessful bid for Congress.

But Smith was among the Senate’s top 10 drafters of resolutions adopted by both houses, the New York Public Interest Research Group’s review of the 2014 state legislative session found.

NYPIRG, a nonpartisan good government group, compiled an analysis of this year’s action in Albany. The report found lawmakers have sent fewer bills to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk than any state executive has received in the past century.

NYPIRG hypothesized legislating has grown abbreviated as state budgets have become lengthier and more complex. It also said the slim majority the parties that have controlled the Senate have had in recent years may present a barrier to bills.

Besides examining legislative action, NYPIRG tabulated state Assembly members’ and senators’ attendance rates and voting records as well as how much lawmakers spoke on the floor.

Smith was among seven senators who were absent and excused from at least 100 votes in 2014, NYPIRG’s report said.

Smith, who spent part of the session on trial in a federal corruption case, missed 808 votes. This put him directly behind Espaillat, an uptown Manhattan congressional hopeful who was not present during 891 votes.

Smith’s office said they believed his absences all occurred when he was in federal court and on trial for allegedly attempting to bribe his way onto the Republican line in the 2013 mayoral election.

In the Assembly, NYPIRG said four Queens lawmakers were among 18 who missed at least 150 votes, including Assembly members Aravella Simotas (D-Astoria) with 275 excuses or absences; Andrew Hevesi (D-Forest Hills) with 264; Margaret Markey (D-Maspeth) with 172; and William Scarborough (D-Jamaica) with 168.

Scarborough said he missed many votes on the final day of session because he was told it would end hours before voting wrapped up. At that point, he drove back to the city for a meeting with a city commissioner that it took months to schedule.

The other Assembly members cited personal matters — Markey had a 50th wedding anniversary celebration during the final hours of session when hundreds of bills came to the floor, while Simotas had medical issues.

No Queens lawmaker made NYPIRG’s lists of Assembly and Senate members who prime sponsored the most legislation that made it through their respective chamber — or both. A prime sponsor is the lawmaker who first backs a measure in his or her house.

But Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) was among 11 senators who prime sponsored at least 150 active bills in 2014, according to the report.

Avella, a member of the Independent Democratic Conference that had split from mainline Democrats and controlled the Senate with Republicans, was only able to get eight of these measures through both chambers, NYPIRG said.

Smith was the only borough lawmaker to land on NYPIRG’s lists of the 10 Assembly members and senators who drafted the most resolutions adopted by both chambers.

His office said most of the resolutions honored southeast Queens leaders that deserve recognition.

His colleagues approved 79 resolutions, non-binding measures that often urge a course of action or request consideration of a matter.

Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Flushing) also appeared to have few qualms about sounding off on issues.

NYPIRG’s review of Senate transcripts determined she spoke on the floor more than any of her counterparts from Queens. She was the eighth most talkative senator, uttering 10,435 words this session.

Sen. Joseph Addabbo Jr. (D-Howard Beach) said 209 words, fewer than every member of the chamber, but Sen. John Sampson (D-Brooklyn), who was indicted early into the 2014 session, was only recorded saying “aye” once, according to NYPIRG.



Jamaica, not really known for it’s wonderful food choices or good restaurants (only a handful and I mean a handful actually exist: Sangria, City Rib, Rocoto, Amina Thai, Charcoal Kabab, Annan Brahma, O’Lavrador), seems to have a new one, Spicy Lanka,  that I was not familiar with that just recently opened at 159-23 Hillside Avenue.  The pictures of the food in The Daily News article look really good and nicely presented compared to many of the crap places on Hillside.

Although I have not been to this place yet (when I do I will certainly report on it), this location has been so many different restaurants in the last three years including an Indian place and most recently, Araliya, a Sri Lanka Indian cuisine place, that lasted not very long. Let’s see how Spicy Lanka does in this location, although, this whole section of Hillside Avenue is just a mess of garbage, filthy sidewalks/streets and crap businesses. It certainly could use a make over and a BID.

So the question is will those outside of Jamaica pay it a visit? Hell, will our own residents pay it a visit.

The Daily News gave a rave review of the place and even mentioned Jamaica being “up-and-coming”. Well that I don’t know about, it still seems like a dump to me, but maybe the tide might turn, but who really knows. As long as it looks like it does with all the crap, garbage, poor food choices,  bottom of the barrel denizens and useless leaders, I don’t see it becoming “up-in-coming” in the near future, maybe way down the road, maybe.

From The Daily News:

Jeff Bachner for New York Daily News

Sir Lanka at 159-23 Hillside Avenue

Sir Lanka at 159-23 Hillside Avenue

The restaurant scene in Queens is so dazzlingly diverse, it’s surprising that Sri Lankan fare has been so scarce — which explains at least some of the excitement for Spicy Lanka, a new eatery in up-and-coming Jamaica.

Interior. Hey, is that a white man eating at that table.

Interior. Hey, is that a white man eating at that table.

The rest of the excitement comes from the simply stellar food.

Start with vegetarian patties ($3). They’re a ubiquitous street food in the motherland, but they achieve perfection at Spicy Lanka: Crispy,greaseless shells surround a mix of potato, onion, curry, chili powder and garlic. They’re fluffy and devastating at once.

The patties provide your first clue that Spicy Lanka doesn’t pull punches — but those of us who bemoan the gringo-ization of world cuisines will revel in the heat.

Chili-amped deviled fish ($10) climbs the Scoville scale with blood-red, sweet-sour sauce over crunchy vegetables and meaty tuna chunks. If our tongues weren’t scorched, we would have licked the plates.

Even when Spicy Lanka becomes Mellow Lanka, it scores. Chicken kothu ($8), a heaping mound of poultry, chopped roti, scrambled egg and stir-fried veggies, lulls with deep, subtle flavors and silky texture. Bonus: The dish tastes even better a day later, reheated, as its rich tones intensify.

Deviled Fish, Chicken Curry & Chicken Kotha

Deviled Fish, Chicken Curry & Chicken Kotha

Many customers have raved about pittu ($12), a Sri Lankan breakfast staple of rice flour baked into crispy, coconut-crusted cylinders. Though it’s not on the menu, make a request; you’ll be rewarded with slightly chewy, grainy tubes that make beautiful dipping sticks for the lush dhal curry that comes with them.

The only miss — if you call it that — is the chicken curry. But at $5, it’s hard to complain that the meat is a bit skimpy.

Spicy Lanka has a lone dessert option: watalappam ($4), a flan-like coconut custard made with raw sugar and topped with cashews. Subtle and smooth, it pairs beautifully with jiggy cardamom-spiked coffee ($1.50).

Sri Lankan cooking is incredibly complex, drawing on influences from the island’s Dutch colonial days, its Portuguese settlers its Indian neighbors and even Arab traders. But the route to the best Sri Lankan food in New York is simple: from wherever you are directly to Spicy Lanka.







The clothing bin fiasco which has not only plagued Jamaica, but several places in Queens, Bronx and especially Brooklyn, seems to be getting somewhat under control at least in then103rd precinct’s district. These eyesores,which pretty much just attract garbage were slowing appearing in Jamaica for some time but in the last couple months were multiplying faster than beauty supply stores and crap retail stores on Jamaica Avenue.

But do to the vigilance of people like myself, community activists/advocates Pamela Hazel, Patrick Evans and others reporting all of these eyesores to Department of Sanitation, they have been slowly disappearing. But a huge boost was also Sgt. Cedillo & The Untouchables from the 103rd precinct, who working with DOS, began removing them quickly as opposed to the 30 days which DOS gave owners of the bins to remove them. By the way, 30 days is way too  long to keep these eyesores in communities. These bins should be removed immediately when they are spotted and reported. A traffic enforcement officer does not give a car parked at an expired meter 24 hours to feed the meter, they  ticket the car right then.





Many other areas in Jamaica as well as the other borough should get their local precincts involved in this major illegal dumping. These bins do not belong on public sidewalks, in front of vacant lots or abandoned homes and they certainly do not belong in a LIRR Tunnel, which one was spotted inside the Merrick Blvd LIRR Tunnel. In post 911, these bins should be looked at as suspicious to say the least. I mean what is stopping someone from placing a bomb in one before it is placed.

This bin is actually under the LIRR overpass tunnel  on Merrick Blvd.

This bin is actually under the LIRR overpass tunnel on Merrick Blvd.

Well, it looks like Jamaica and specifically the 103rd precinct area, it taking the lead on this issue and as usual no thanks to our elected leaders, who as always do not know how to stay ahead of the curve with problems. It is called FORESIGHT.

But the city needs to have a zero tolerance towards all of these clothing bins and must not let them be placed in public areas to begin with. While some areas council members have come aboard on this problem, Jamaica’s elected officials are MIA as to be expected. Unless they do a photo-op on this matter and they will come out of the woodwork like roaches.






More spending of money on “decorative stuff”, but no money spent on actually cleaning up all of the garbage and litter that is spread everywhere in Jamaica, which make it look like shit.  Decorative pedestrian arms added to light poles along Jamaica Avenue and more trees in St. Albans. The city barely takes care of the trees is already has. And since the title of the article has the word “Street” in it, the streets in Jamaica are horrible, even after the half-ass paving they did, that left asphalt all over the place including sidewalks and still to this day, no crosswalks have been painted.

This tree pit had cement dumped into it by the soon to open business in the background, but after complaining, the cement was removed.

This tree pit had cement dumped into it by the soon to open business in the background, but after complaining, the cement was removed.

I am all for making an area nicer, but how about the foundation of actually cleaning it up before you begin decorating it. You wash a car first before you put a coat of wax to it. You take a shower before you put a nice dress or suit on.

Just more lipstick on a pig!

From Times Ledger:

Qns gets $1M for streets

By Gabrielle Prusak


Photo by Christina Santucci Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has allocated funds to add trees and plantings at Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard (pictured).

Photo by Christina Santucci
Queens Borough President Melinda Katz has allocated funds to add trees and plantings at Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard (pictured).

Borough President Melinda Katz announced last week that more than $1 million in capital funds will be going toward streetscape improvements along commercial areas in several Queens neighborhoods.

The improvements are intended to enhance and revitalize the commercial shopping districts in order to promote business development and investment in those areas as well as encouraging residents to patronize local establishments, according to the borough president’s office.

The exact amount of the budget is $1,110,950 and that will fund seven projects in Queens.

“The commercial corridors found in the diverse neighborhoods throughout Queens are key assets and economic engines for our borough,” Katz said in a statement. “The funds I am allocating to enhance these commercial corridors will help them maximize their potential as retail centers and civic gathering places. These capital improvements will help our borough’s small businesses create jobs and offer quality goods and services for many years to come.”

The projects are planned in downtown Jamaica, Sunnyside, St. Albans, Astoria, two places in Woodhaven and Rockaway Beach.

In downtown Jamaica, there will be 102 decorative pedestrian arms added to light poles along Jamaica Avenue between 168th Street and Sutphin Boulevard and also on Union Hall Street between Jamaica and Archer avenues. This part of the project will cost $229,000.

An additional 27 new street trees and tree guards along with the expansion of tree beds will be put in Sunnyside on Queens Boulevard between 38th and 50th streets and on Greenpoint Avenue between 45th and 47th streets. This will cost $56,950.

St. Albans will be receiving trees and plantings in the lot at 99th Avenue and Farmers Boulevard. There will also be a creation of a greenstreet at the intersection of Murdock Avenue and Farmers Boulevard. The amount of this project is $100,000.

Greenspace will be coming to Astoria around the Steinway Clock between 30th and 31st avenues and at the municipal lot on Steinway Street between Broadway and 31st Avenue. This will cost $200,000.

At the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard, there will be a new greenstreet with trees and plantings. Also on Jamaica Avenue in Woodhaven, there will an installation of energy efficient LED street lights underneath the elevated subway along Jamaica Avenue. This is the most expensive part of the project, costing $325,000.

The last project will be in Rockaway Beach on Beach 116th Street from Beach Channel Drive to the ocean. There streetscape improvements will include fencing and directional guides.



???????????????????????????????While riding my bike on the weekend of Fourth of July and going by the Queens Library on Merrick (the 90th Ave side) came across this right across from the Queens Library. On closer inspection, it is revealed.???????????????????????????????

Yes, a dirty fucking diaper dumped on the street by some dirty low-class bottom of the barrel ghetto slob.

And this pretty much sums up Jamaica: CRAP.

And it will continue to be CRAP because we have a huge portion of the bottom of the barrel, low-class ghetto motherfuckers who do not even belong to the human species, they are their own species, have no respect for their communities or themselves and as long as they are here and not kept in check, Jamaica will continue to FAIL.

Looks like we have a new symbol for Jamaica.

How proud it is to live in Jamaica.





Please stop using phrases like “Fulfilling the Promise of Jamaica”, “Invest in Jamaica”, “Jamaica Revitalized”, “Jamaica Revealed”, if the powers to be  are NOT doing anything and the same issues are not getting solved over and over again.

1. The garbage problem rages on and in some of the same spots over and over again, with no solution. For over three years I have complained about these below areas with garbage constantly being dumped here and property owners getting away with it.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

2. Katz wants to spend more tax payers money on trees in Jamaica, what about the trees we have that are not being taken care of such as this completely out of control bush/tree hybrid that is taking over the sidewalk and street or this damaged tree that when I first reported it over a week ago to Parks & Recreation is was still green.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

3. Another problematic empty lot that has been sitting vacant for years in this residential area that owners do not take care of. A combo of high weeds, blocked sidewalks and garbage all across from a “day care” center that has recently popped up. Would you trust your children’s well being directly across from  a mosquito and rodent haven. If  a daycare place was in a white area across from this mess, how long do you think that mess would be there, but as usual in a community of color, “who gives a shit.”??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

4. Another issue that was reported to DOB way back in 2011 several times. What difference does it make to fine the property owner if the sidewalk never gets fixed. Cracked, uneven, dangerous and getting worse all the time.???????????????????????????????

5. A lot actually inside Rev Floyd Flakes parking lot. Smashed cars, most without license plates and garbage including a mattress. It all seems to sit within the confines of Flakes lot, so who exactly is responsible for this, why has this been like this for so long and why is this acceptable in this community especially right across from the Flake’s humongous church???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

6. Why is this, I guess you could call it a store (looks like some third world shit hole flea market) allowed to block a huge portion of the sidewalk to pedestrians. Where is the Jamaica BID on this? And this store is not the only one.

Retail crap

Retail crap

Garabge 6.20.14 012???????????????????????????????

Just another photo-op courtesy of Clean Up Jamaica Queens.