Photo courtesy of Melinda Katz’s office Dalia Hall, the Queens Borough Commissioner of the city’s Department of Transportation presents Queens Borough President Melinda Katz with a replica of the new welcome sign on Oct. 10.

Major waste of tax payers money

There is a reason that the majority of people dislike government. Too many idiots in position, nothing ever gets done or if it does it takes years to do anything and one of the biggest , so much of tax payers money wasted on bullshit.

And none is more apparent than the new Welcome To Queens sign which contains the ridiculous, idiotic and meaningless phrase “The World’s Borough”. I mean exactly what the hell does that even really  mean. Sure they are trying to say what they always say about Queens is that we are “diverse” (actually they love saying “vibrant and diverse”). But in reality, Queens is no more diverse than Manhattan (which is probably more diverse), Brooklyn (not only more diverse, but more cultured and educated), Bronx, Staten Island or for that matter many other parts of the country. The powers to be act like this is such a big thing and only “ours”, when in fact in this day and age our country has become very diverse, so this phrase is meaningless. It is also meaningless to tourists and visitors who don’t know what the hell a borough is. “Borough” is pretty unique to New York City, most other places do not even have boroughs or the few that do, it is not used in the same way.

Side note: And do we really need to have the mayor’s name and the Borough President on these signs, so we can waste more fucking money, every time some new clown gets into office.welcome to queens 2

Also, let’s deal in REALITY okay.  People visit New York City for New York City (read Manhattan), they do not come here to see the boroughs (although some do want to see Brooklyn and for good reason, the other borough, not really), so stop attempting to make some of the other boroughs and especially Queens a tourist stop. Hell, if most visitors came to Queens and not Manhattan, I don’t think they would come back to New York, considering how third worldish Queens looks and all the crap, dreck and filth that is all over.

So instead of constantly trying to sell Queens as a tourist attraction (which it is not), put money into improving it after all the years of neglect, over-development, destroying neighborhoods & history and making it pretty much a landing strip for every low-class immigrants that comes off the banana boat in droves while pushing all the real true New Yorkers who actually made Queens what is was in the past (before you all claim “bigot”, my folks came of the banana boats, legally, learned to assimilate and took pride in their new country and did not turn their neighborhood into a mirror image of the shit place they came from).

If the powers to be did not let many of the charming neighborhoods in Queens become destroyed with third world dreck buildings, tearing down beautiful old homes, cutting down trees, paving over everything green, destroying our parks,  etc. yeah, then maybe you can sell this to tourist, but as it stands, FUCK NO. Way too many charming neighborhoods and streets have been destroyed for good and what we end up with this


or this

Retail crap

Retail crap

or this

In the vicinity of the vacant house.

or this

Dress for Mess

Dress for Mess

or this

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

or this

Over two years of continuous dumping at this dangerous falling down home at 89

or this???????????????????????????????

or this???????????????????????????????

or this.

Rufus King Park, doesn't quite look restored to its original beauty.

From Queens Courier:

‘The World’s Borough’ tagline added to Welcome to Queens signs

By Queens Courier Staff

Photo courtesy of Melinda Katz’s office Dalia Hall, the Queens Borough Commissioner of the city’s Department of Transportation presents Queens Borough President Melinda Katz with a replica of the new welcome sign on Oct. 10.

Photo courtesy of Melinda Katz’s office
Dalia Hall, the Queens Borough Commissioner of the city’s Department of Transportation presents Queens Borough President Melinda Katz with a replica of the new welcome sign on Oct. 10.

It’s official. Queens is where the world comes to live.

Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and Dalila Hall, the Queens Borough Commissioner of the city’s Department of Transportation (DOT), revealed the new Welcome to Queens street signs, which include the tagline describing Queens as “The World’s Borough.”

The phrase is meant to reflect the cultural diversity in the borough, which is home to residents representing more than 120 countries and speaking more than 135 languages, according to a statement released by Katz. “You haven’t really seen New York City unless you have experienced the diversity that is in Queens,” said Katz, adding that the new signs with the slogans will help “to get that word out.”

DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg praised the signs and said they “proudly highlight the level of diversity making Queens unique among the five boroughs and also nationwide.”

The new signs were installed in 10 key locations that act as a gateway to the borough by Oct. 7.

These include the Cross Island Parkway, Grand Central Parkway, Queensboro Bridge and Long Island Expressway.

Each 72-by-42-inch sign has retro-reflective letters that make them easily visible to drivers. Katz’s office funded the fabrication and installation of the signs. All the signs were made in Maspeth.



New York loves the motto, that can about after 911, “If you see something suspicious, say something, tell a police officer, blah blah blah………….”

But don’t always expect anything to be done though.

???????????????????????????????Case in point. Saturday, October 18th, a small apartment building is going up at the corner of 170th and 90th Ave (89-28 170th St) and they have been in the process of putting in water/gas lines. Now this past summer 170th Street was paved and an individual in Queens Borough DOT told me that once streets are paved they should not be torn up for x amount of time except for an emergency. Well the developer of this building in the past few weeks have torn up the road several times and this past Saturday was at it again from 7:30am to around 5pm (constant jack hammering, tamping down of asphalt, etc)  and  the whole time, the street was closed off. The permit is for work only on Monday through Friday. When I approached the man in charge and asked if he had a variance permit on Saturday, his answer was “Ah, yeah, I think it was done the other day, but I don’t have it with me. But we are working on an emergency.” Actually there was no emergency, they were just finishing up their job, which was probably behind schedule. Of course when you call 311 about this, they tell me DOB will eventually come out in x amount of days. Of course said work is already done, so they will see nothing and the developer gets off the hook.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????At the exact same time on the other side of the street at the notorious third world crap apartments (89-11 170th St, photo address is wrong), a crew of workers were redoing the roof with no permit, no safety net or any type of protection for tenants coming in and out of this building, carrying tar and other material up a shaky ladder, material falling down on the ground, etc. Pretty much a disaster waiting to happen. A call placed to 311, said that DOB would be out in a day and half to respond. I said that the job will be done by the end of the day. The operator said we can contact 911 then, which happened. 911 said “someone will be out there in a few minutes.” More than a few minutes past, more like about 15 minutes, when  a police car showed up going down the wrong way of 170th, since the developer without a Saturday permit, had 170th closed off. The police car drives down, stops, turn around and then leave. Now from a legal stand point, I am not sure exactly what police officer could do, but there was absolutely no effort on their part. Of course DOB is going to check out the situation in several days, several days to late. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Since the part of 170th Street was closed, the illegal trucks that use 170th then had to detour on another residential street, 90th Avenue, so then you had several of these trucks, many carrying chemicals barreling through several very narrow residential streets. A complete day of illegal activity and quality of life issues.

Makes you wonder sometimes about reporting anything anymore, especially in Queens and especially in Jamaica.

So do you think this worker is in deep thought.???????????????????????????????

Hell no, not just moving some liquid through his penis on the roof of the building he is working on, so that everyone in my building can see this.Quality of life10.18.14 003


Again, I remind folks, there is a general election coming up November 4th that the incumbents and the entrenched leaders don’t want you to know about and believe,  many do not. The most important vote is not for some of the asshole leaders, but for Prop 1, which if passed will weaken state legislators from continuing drawing their own political districts (gerrymandering), which constantly keeps the corrupt and useless, like a Leroy Comrie in office forever and ever until they die, in Comrie’s case with his obese weight, could be any day.

But as usual you will have to look for this proposition on the ballot, which of course is on the back (see how much our leaders do not want you to see this). So not only make sure you get out and vote (and write any anyone’s names as opposed to voting for the useless Comrie, hell put down Daffy Duck, Jesus Christ, Mel Gibbons, anybody, but Comrie), but vote for this important measure unless you want to see the same old shit in office over and over again. The downside to this measure, legislature had the final approval (makes no fucking sense, since they are the problem to begin with), but still, vote YES for Prop 1. Read what my one of my favorite political analyst, Errol Louis had to say about this in The Daily News.

From The Daily News:

Scrap the map to fix N.Y. democracy

Vote yes on Prop 1

Errol Louis

nysenate districtWhen New Yorkers head to the polls in less than three weeks, the single most important Election Day choices will appear on the often-ignored back side of the ballot, where a “yes” vote on Proposition One will offer a subtle but tangible step toward draining the polluted political swampwaters of Albany.

The very fact that you’ll need to hunt to find the ballot question signals its importance: The powers that be would prefer that nobody discuss, debate or vote on Prop 1, because the measure would weaken the power of state legislators to draw their own political districts — a power that all but ensures the same old faces return to Albany year after year.

Even a cursory glance at the state’s political map reveals one politically engineered district after another, clearly drawn to protect incumbents from facing true competition. In Long Island, for instance, Democrats hold a slight registration advantage over Republicans in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. But all nine Senate seats on the island are held by Republicans, thanks to the convoluted way the boundaries are drawn.

The Democratic incumbents who control the state Assembly have their own incumbent-protection racket: Heavily Democratic districts, on average, have 900 fewer people than normal, while mostly-Republican districts are oversized, with 2,600 more residents than normal. The practice, spread across a state of 19 million, creates more Democratic safe seats and fewer Republican ones. (The Republicans play an equivalent trick in the Senate.)

These sorts of shenanigans have been going on for half a century, with results that are all too familiar: incumbents who cruise to reelection every two years, and potential challengers who don’t bother to campaign against nearly insurmountable odds.

In 2012, an incredible 97% of Albany lawmakers won their general election contests. This, in a state where half a dozen of those incumbents ended up in prison or under indictment.

A little competition would go a long way, which is why Prop 1 is so important. If it passes, the current system — in which legislators draft their own district lines behind closed doors — would be replaced by a 10-member commission that would include no legislators, lobbyists or elected officials.

The commission would be required to draw districts without regard to protecting incumbents before submitting the lines for public hearings and comments, and to the Legislature for final approval.

Critics say that giving lawmakers final approval power means they’ll be up to their old tricks again. That’s a valid concern, but it’s no excuse for inaction.

“A vote ‘no,’ against Prop 1, will result in preserving the status quo. Plain and simple,” thundered Dick Dadey, executive director of the Citizens Union, at the good-government group’s annual gala earlier this week. (Disclosure: My wife, Juanita Scarlett, sits on the board of Citizens Union.)

“An unholy alliance has emerged between the forces who want legislators to continue controlling the entire redistricting process and those who want to hold out for the promise of something better down the road,” said Dadey. “Prop 1 is not all that we want, but it is far better than the status quo that stands in the way of reform.”

Exactly right. It would be nearly impossible — and frankly, undesirable — to strip duly elected lawmakers of all power to shape political districts. What’s needed is a balance between the politicians and a disinterested body that isn’t beholden to them.

If the new redistricting process called for in Prop 1 goes into effect after 2020, we might start to see real competition.

“We must not let this, our only chance in 50 years, pass us by. For if we do, this issue will not come back for change for a generation,” Dadey warned.

At a time when politicians are ducking debates, breaking promises and distracting the public, the best move for New Yorkers is to take a step, however small, toward ushering in a better class of public servants.

Louis is political anchor at NY1 News.


Twelve years as council member knowing this issue as well as many others.



??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I have reported on the tractor trailer trucks and other large trucks that travel on residential streets, which by law they are not permitted on. But here in Jamaica, instead of traveling on designated truck routes, many are taking short cuts by traveling on residential streets such as 170th and 175th. Read http://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2014/10/12/danger-tractor-trailer-trucks-some-hauling-chemicals-barreling-through-residential-streets/.

I had a meeting at the 103rd precinct with Officer Sgt. Cedillo (of The Untouchables) and Community Affairs Officer Mark Costa about this issue and other quality of life issues, where we discussed putting up signs and enforcement. Sgt Cedillo recently went to a meeting with Community Council where it was discussed about different changes and putting up signs regarding trucks illegally using residential streets instead of truck routes.  Their (Community Council) answer was that they really do not like putting up negative signs like “NO TRUCKS PERMITTED” and that it was basically up to the precinct or traffic enforcement to enforce this law. As Sgt Cedillo stated, they do not realize the severity of the matter and the fact that it would take at least 5 months to sort of slow this down since at least a hundred of trucks pass by on the residential streets every day. So to me why not at least for starters put up a sign.

Considering that the 103rd precinct is already stretched to the max, they would never be able to focus continuously on this issue like it would require. Department of Transportation, which is actually in charge of this issue has totally dropped the ball on this and is just passing the buck. Community Council as usual is doing jack shit for an issue that has been going on for a very long time and that everyone on every different level is well aware of, but is just passing the buck. And of course our local leaders are doing shit, their typical response to any quality of life issue.

Let’s see Community Council does not want to put up a “negative sign” like “NO TRUCKS PERMITTED” but yet they allow the actual “negative behavior and illegal behavior” of driving trucks on a non-truck residential street. Does this make any fucking sense. Also from this asinine logic, we should not have signs, that say “DO NOT ENTER”, “NO PARKING” or “NO LITTERING” or “DO NOT SMOKE”.

The sign we really need is “NO DUMB ASS LEADERS”.Dumbass5




???????????????????????????????On October 5th, I took some photos of some major quality of life issues, including a horrendous sidewalk (at 171 Pl & 107th Ave so high with weeds, that you could not even see the sidewalk, let alone walk on it (http://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2014/10/05/jamaica-quality-of-life-violations-galore-block-after-block-after-block/). I notified all the Jamaica leaders and agencies on these issues, including the sidewalk you could not walk on. Well, I guess none of these issue are too important to our local leaders since Pamela Hazel, community activist, is reporting on this sidewalk issue and how young children on their way to school are forced to walk out on the road.


From Pamela Hazel:

Sidewalk, bush-walk remains dangerous, as bush-walk gains more territory. The bush is now bending into the street. Hopefully, a child does not get injured under our borough president’s watch.  Melinda Katz you will be personally held accountable.

Borough president, you are deliberately looking the other way, while the community’s most vulnerable (our children) are at risk. 

PS 116 students/children, especially those who live on 171st. Place are forced to walk in the street. They have no choice. Even children have the common sense to avoid a scary, filthy area.

Parents/residents said, that they have exhausted and have given up trying to get help from the borough president’s office,  Yvonne Reddick/District Manager, and many other local leaders.

One woman said,”I  tried to reach Leroy Comrie, by phone, but all I got was a series of numbers, none of which helped. “

I told her that Comrie will be standing at the E train station on November 3rd. She retorted “why,”; I replied because election is on November 4th.  She shook her head, tightened her grip on her child’s hand and walked away.

Boranian/liaison, LaMura/liaison and Velazquez/ counsel, as employees of the B/P, you are responsible for serving the community.

Please send out a landscaper  as soon as possible? We do not need a butcher.

You will not be able to bear the recuperation, should someone get hurt because you fail to act.

*** You are still on NOTICE.

Photos were taken on 10/14/14.

Location, 107th. Avenue & 171th. Place.

171st PL & 107th Ave 10.16.14

171st PL & 107th Ave

171st PL & 107th Ave 10.16.14

171st PL & 107th Ave

171st PL & 107th Ave 10.16.14

171st PL & 107th Ave


Where is Leroy Comrie on this issue? But yet he will want your vote come November. Where is Councilman I. Daneek Miller on this issue (this is in his district)? Where is Community Board 12?

Can you imagine any of this in Forest Hills,  but as usual anything goes in the Wild Wild West of Queens and our leaders of Jamaica as usual have yet again failed the community and the children as well. This pretty much tells me our black leaders could give a flying fuck about children of color in this community, let alone the community.





On Sunday, October 5th, while riding my bike, I came across several quality of life issues from illegal garbage dumping to unlicensed cars on the streets to a very large filthy Winnebago not only parked on a narrow street, but halfway up on the sidewalk in front of 164-11 108th Ave.

My comrade-in-arms, Pamela Hazel, while coming from church in that area on Sunday, October 12th, noticed a gentleman named Francisco, washing the vehicle. Being sly, Pamela inquired to the guy about the Winnebago and right off the bat, Francisco asked her if she was interested in buying it. Well, that lead to a conversation, which revealed that Francisco started working as a handyman about two weeks ago for Roberto, who owns the Winnebago and lives on Long Island, but is selling the Winnebago on the streets of Jamaica. Why, you may ask, because on Long Island, you cannot keep a vehicle stored on the street, but since Jamaica is the Wild Wild West of of Queens, where anything goes and Roberto knows this, he keeps the huge Winnebago on 108th Ave to sell it. Actually, there is a law here in NYC, that you cannot keep a vehicle in the same spot for 7 days, otherwise it is considered “storage”, but in Jamaica that rarely gets enforced.

Francisco cleaning down the Winnebago from LI parked in Jamaica.

Francisco cleaning down the Winnebago from LI parked in Jamaica.

Pamela asked if Roberto owns the house the Winnebago is sitting in front of, but Francisco did not know.  Actually the house at 164-11 108th Avenue is owned by a Mukhtar Singh and as a side note was given a summons for an illegal basement apartment in 2007, which I am sure today, it more than likely is again an illegal basement apartment. But this is not quite the matter at heart right now, but in a way it really is.

The matter at heart is that everyone and I mean everyone, knows they can pretty much do any type of bullshit in Jamaica and for the most part get away with it, from parking cars on the streets without plates, illegally dumping garbage to illegal apartments to storing a Winnebago on the street and even putting it up over the sidewalk. Again I will use Forest Hills as an example since they have the exact same laws as Jamaica, but do you really think that Winnebago would last even one hour on a residential street there, let alone weeks, which is what this vehicle has been doing, since Pamela has seen that Winnebago there way before I took the photo a week ago. How many cars without license plates are in Forest Hills?  How many illegal apartments are in Forest Hills?  How many tractor trailer trucks are driving on residential streets in Forest Hills? I would venture to say the answer to all three is ZERO. We have the exact same laws as Forest Hills, but in Jamaica the outcomes are completely different.

The reason is not just that we have plenty of bottom of the barrel folks, but we have extremely poor elected officials, a community board that spins around in circles,  lack of any type of leadership, especially from many of our thousand of church leaders (Amity Baptist Church sits right across from his Winnebago) and a major lack of enforcement. The 103rd precinct does what they are capable of doing and Sgt. Cedillo and the Untouchable are doing one hell of a job dealing with quality of life issues. But the 103rd does not have enough police officers considering the size of Jamaica and the high number of crimes that go on daily. So unfortunately, Sgt Cedillo’s crew cannot always focus on quality of life issues,  because they are being pulled in other directions because of being short staff and that is a major NYC administration problem that begins with our Mayor. So when there is a noise problem in low crime area Forest Hills, the police are able to respond quickly, but here in Jamaica, you are lucky if the officers can get to a noise complaint within 8 hours. And that is a broken system that needs fixed. On top of that, the other precinct in Jamaica, the 113th, does not have an “Untouchables Crew” that we are so very lucky to have in Sgt. Cedillo who actually cares about  his job and who actually does something and I am sure gets paid way less than do nothings like Leroy Comrie, Ruben Wills, Malcolm Smith, Vivian Cook, William Scarborough and the other ass wipes of Jamaica.

So seeing a Winnebago stored on the streets in Jamaica and parked halfway on the sidewalk is just par for the course.system fucked up 2