Totally asshole MTA after five fucking years has ended one of the most idiotic pilot programs, one that removed trash receptacles from subway stations as a way to reduce station littering.  AND GOD FUCKING LAUGHED!

WELL guess what it did not FUCKING WORK. No shit. Let’s face it, NYC has one of the biggest slob populations in the entire country, people throw litter and garbage all over the damn place and really MTA, you think that removing trash receptacles from subway stations,  people will just take the litter/garbage with them to find a can  out on the sidewalks. FUCK NO, they are going to throw it right in the subway station.

Hell, just ask any of us civilized folks that live in Jamaica. No garbage can around, no problem ghetto slobs will toss it on the sidewalk, in front of your house, on the street or in a doorway. Shit, it does not even matter to those folks if a garbage can is only five feet away. Have an empty lot, you just created a full fledged garbage dump. Have a mattress lying on the sidewalk, why yes of course garbage will be dumped on top it. Have a flower bed in front of your apartment building, HELL YES. Ghetto slobs in this community , will change their babies/kids diaper in a parking lot in downtown Jamaica (which have several garbage cans), and 7 times out of 10 that fucking shit encased diaper will go straight on the ground.

What were you thinking MTA, I mean NYC is the third world country of the USA.


The state of Jamaica, Queens and eventually our country if we stay on this course.

Good old Downtown

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

One of Jamaica’s vacant properties.

Shoppers World in the background. THE REAL JAMAICA

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.

Miller’s District

Looks like this guy cannot believe what he is seeing.

March 8th, 2014

Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake’s parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church

More typical South Jamaica. As of 7.14.14, pretty much looks the same.

Comrie’s own backyard of St. Albans. This was under his watch as Councilman. The little league ball field, which he was one of the sponsors of the Little League Team.

This is the REAL Jamaica Revealed. Not too pleasant.

Not Bank of America’s problem, even if this is on the side of their building.

Is this street (South Road) worthy of the heroic Tuskegee Airman?

This is a fucking sidewalk, not a garbage dump.

NE corner of 163th & Jamaica Ave.


From AM New York:

The MTA has ended its trash can removal pilot program in subway stations. Above, a subway rider enters the Eighth Street R subway station in Manhattan next to a recently returned garbage can on Tuesday, March 28, 2017. (Credit: Charles Eckert)



Hey, Asim, we certainly could use some new blood that cares about the community in the local scene of politics, I mean look at some of the crap that is here in Jamaica now: Comrie, Cooks, Wills.


From Jean-Andre Sassine :

Longtime community activist Asim Deen of Jamaica Queens will be entering the mayoral race to bring community back to city government!  He will hold a press conference at the corner commercial plaza of Francis Lewis Blvd and Jamaica Ave. at 11 am tomorrow morning (3.30.17).  The same corner last year from which he called attention  to the delay of DOT’s repaving of South East Queens and called local elected to task.
More at:

NYCC Protests Condition Of Jamaica Avenue



Members of New York Communities for Change stood out at the corner of Francis Lewis Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue Saturday morning to protest the city’s repeated broken promises pertaining to torn-up roadways in the neighborhood.

Members of NYCC protest Saturday about the condition of area roads.

The Southeast Queens Chapter of NYCC announced last week that it collected over 400 signatures from the community, calling for action to fix the bumpy and destructive intersection of Jamaica Avenue and Francis Lewis. The chapter has been particularly active as of late. Back in August, the civic group protested a proposed 14-story building in downtown Jamaica.

Among those who attended were Republican candidate for the 24th Assembly District Ira Harris and Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional District Michael O’Reilly. Both of them are residents as well as supporters of the NYCC.

“This is not my assembly district,” Harris told the Queens Tribune. “But I’ve traveled this road frequently.”

Harris said that in his experience, he has seen the damage that the torn-up street has caused to the cars of constituents.

“This road has never gotten paved,” Harris said. “I always wondered why other roads get paved twice in two years while this road did not. As Mike O’Reilly said, these votes are usually guaranteed. I couldn’t understand why the people of this community would vote time and time again to re-elect officials that wouldn’t address their issues.”

The condition of northern Jamaica Avenue has been a long-time concern of residents and commuters alike for decades. Last year, during the race for the District 27 City Council, fixing Jamaica Avenue was one of the chief concerns of the candidates. In fact, the Queens Tribune took a tour of the streets with then city council candidate Ali Najmi last August. Many local businesses talked about how the torn-up streets have affected commerce in the area. They complained that their shops are often ignored since they are located in a spot drivers avoid at all costs.

Countless accidents have occurred along this roadway. In September alone, 10 accidents occurred at the corner of Francis Lewis Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue, according to Motor Vehicle collision data reports.

“We need to listen to the people, because they usually know what the solutions are to the problem better than Albany does and better than the city council,” Harris said.

The Department of Transportation has taken note of the issue in recent months. During a town hall last month when the issue was raised with Mayor Bill de Blasio, he brought up Borough Commissioner Nicole Garcia, who personally said that she had been working with Councilman I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans) and that the issue was being addressed.

As of last month, it was reported that the DOT would be repaving seven miles of road from Francis Lewis Boulevard to 225th Street as early as December. In the months to follow, the DOT will then repave 168th Street to Francis Lewis Boulevard.

NYCC, however, was not convinced they’d actually see the changes announced last month.

“I’ve been living here for the last 26 years,” Asim Deem, a member of NYCC, told the Queens Tribune. “This roadway has never been done. What they keep doing was just dumping some asphalt in certain parts of the roadway. That’s been going on for decades. There comes a time when you tell yourself enough is enough. Drivers have been paying hundreds of dollars for repairs of their vehicle because of this.”

He wondered when residents would see the completion of fixes that have been promised over the years.


I have said this many times before. Just like cancer, if you don’t reign in the criminals, hood rats, quality of life issues, the then ghetto cancer spreads to a nice area it spreads fast and once it got a foot hold, it is hard to control.

I have lost track of incidents like this in the supposedly “nice” St. Alban area. Looks like one of those ghetto clubs.

St. Albans, this is Leroy Comrie’s area and where the Burgermeister lives.

Senator Leroy Comrie, one of biggest do nothing elected Jamaica officials of the past couple decades.


From NY1:

NYPD Investigating Double Queens Shooting

By NY1 News
Updated Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 11:18 AM CDT

Police are on the hunt for the person behind a double-shooting in Queens early Wednesday morning that left a man dead.

It happened shortly before 4 a.m. on Merrick Boulevard near 127th Avenue in St. Albans.

Investigators say the shooter got out of the passenger side of a blue or black Nissan Maxima and opened fire on a 23-year-old man who had just left nearby Club Dubai.

The victim was hit in the torso and died at the hospital.

Another 23-year-old man was hit in the leg.

Police say he was a bystander who was putting flyers on cars at the time.

The shooter then got back in the car and fled the scene.

The man who was shot in the leg is expected to survive.


“In 2016, 64% of students at Richmond Hill graduated on time, compared with the city average of 73%.”

SO, are public schools really that bad as far as education or are students just FUCKING STUPID today raised by bad parents? AND why certain areas and not all areas.

Again the people make a community and the elected officials and city agencies help to create such an environment to allow this shit to thrive by allowing quality of life issues to nose dive, lack of enforcement and the rule of “do whatever the fuck you want” bullshit allowed in such communities.



From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: Queens’ Richmond Hill High School students fear for their lives as serious fights break out on campus

It’s becoming the school of hard knocks, and a safety agent union leader says students are scared.

Violence erupted at troubled Richmond Hill High School in Queens, as police responded to two incidents involving students — and a vicious brawl caught on tape.

School safety officials said a video recorded by students at the school on March 10 shows a gang initiation, with a crowd of students pummeling each other on campus.

Cops responded to the school after two girls struck another girl in the face, according to police records for that day.

Bronx high school brawl raises criticism of de Blasio’s policy

The victim didn’t report any injuries, but a shaky cell phone video that safety agents provided to the Daily News shows a melee with a mob of students punching each other.

The safety agents union president, Greg Floyd, said scared students gave the video to agents at the school in a cry for help.

“The de Blasio school violence coverup isn’t working,” Floyd said. “Students are afraid of the gangs, guns, knives. They came to us because no one at City Hall is listening.”

Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Mayor de Blasio, said “No truth to it. No evidence behind it. No idea where the suggestion comes from.”

NYPD school safety agent cuffed for choking daughter in fight

School officials wouldn’t say whether the video and the police incidents were connected.

Violence erupted at troubled Richmond Hill High School in Queens, with police responding to two incidents involving students — and a vicious brawl caught on tape.

(Farriella, Christie M, Freelance)

But nearly two weeks later, an 18-year-old student was removed from the school and taken to a hospital after screaming threats at staffers.

“I’m gonna get you all after school. I’m gonna f— you all up,” he yelled in the March 23 incident, police said.

That student, who is white, also hurled racist taunts at a black school administrator, cops said.

Violent brawl breaks out in lunch room of Maryland high school

The three students involved in the two incidents were charged with harassment, police said.

Education Department spokeswoman Toya Holness said only one of the incidents occurred on school grounds.

“We are providing the school with ongoing resources, trainings and support to address challenges that are taking place outside of school,” Holness said.

Richmond Hill High School has struggled for years with academic and safety issues, earning a place in Mayor de Blasio’s controversial Renewal Schools program for troubled classrooms.

Just four out of five students said they felt safe in the school hallways in a 2015 city survey. In 2016, 64% of students at Richmond Hill graduated on time, compared with the city average of 73%.


AND is this REALLY LEGAL.  I mean is there a zoning ordinance (law) in effect for that neighborhood? I see nowhere in this article where the so-called journalist asked this question.

It also  figures this would be in Greater Jamaica. Like there are not enough BULLSHIT churches in the area, like every other block. Can you say AVOIDING PAYING TAXES. What a SCAM, this whole fucking church crap in Queens. Think about the number of churches from big money makers like Floyd Flake’s Church of the Almighty Dollar to shit store front churches to bullshit like this garbage church AND think about all the lost revenue since churche & religious institutions are not taxed. AND what do these churches and there “leaders” really do for the community, how do they help improve it, because from where I am standing, Jamaica is a FUCKING MESS of Biblical proportions.

What a FUCKING SCAM. Probably in a few years you will hear some shady thing with this and her non-profit Radikal 4 Kidz, which was started last March. Considering all the scam non-profits in this area and all the bullshit and nonsense, I would not be surprised.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Correction officer opens church in her Laurelton home

Tina Booker holds services in the garage of her home in Laurelton.

In the spacious garage of her Laurelton home, Department of Correction Officer Tina Booker has established a new calling in addition to her work with inmates and fellow corrections staff and her role as the head of Radikal 4 Kidz, a non-profit organization.

Since October 2016, Booker’s garage has been home to the “Full of Faith Christian Center,” where she ministers each Sunday to a small but growing congregation. The opening of the church marked a new chapter in Booker’s spiritual life. She was called to the ministry in 2009 and was ordained as a reverend in 2012.

“I just started seeking a closer relationship with God and knew I was called to something greater because I love people,” she said. “The Bible helped me. Everybody has their different religious beliefs, but it helped me grow, and even encouraged me when coming to work.”

Booker has been with the Correction Department for 18 years, working in security and administrative positions with a wide variety of inmates and staff. In January, the DOC opened a Chaplain’s Office for DOC staff, and Booker is the first officer established as a Correction Department chaplain. In her role, she offers guidance and counsel, comforts ill officers and grieves with those who have experienced loss on the staff.

In addition to her Correction work and her ministry, Booker runs Radikal 4 Kidz, which hosts town hall meetings to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities, and also organizes family-friendly activities for youth and parents. The organization received its 501(c)(3) status last March.

“These young guys are so creative, these young women are so creative in the things they can do — drawing, writing, it’s phenomenal. And I ask, ‘Where did we drop the ball?’” she said when speaking about the inmates. She hopes her work can help reach younger individuals in the community to keep them out of the criminal justice system. “That could be one less young person that I see behind the gate,”she said.

Booker’s church services typically begin with about 15 minutes of peaceful music and meditation and she said sometimes tears of joy flow from the faces of parishioners. There are scripture reading, a sermon and songs in a relaxed environment Booker said is always buoyed by humor.

 “I always say God has a sense of humor. How could there be comedians if we didn’t?” she said. “So many people are scared of church and spirituality. But you have to be you and strive to be the best you.”

Booker is looking for a donated space in Brooklyn or Queens that she can use as a safe haven for neighborhood adolescents to peacefully gather. She continues to work as a correction officer and chaplain, counseling inmates, staff, her parishioners and her community. She said the many hats she wears have made her life very busy, but she was nevertheless joyful about her own call to service.

“I just think people should know when it comes to ministry, there’s an open door of love to receive anyone that walks in through the door,” she said. “Love, care and concern.”

Reach reporter Patrick Donachie by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4573.



Democrats, Republicans, most are a notch below child molesters.


From New York Post:

Indicted bathhouse owners gave $206K to Queens Democrats

The owners of a steamy Queens bathhouse indicted on tax-fraud charges last week showered $206,400 on borough Democrats over the past decade, according to campaign filings.

Spa Castle CEO Steven Chon and several members of his family gave $31,300 to Queens Democratic Party Chairman Joe Crowley; $35,200 to Rep. Grace Meng; and $12,350 to Queens Borough President Melinda Katz since 2006, according to federal, state, and city campaign filings.

Crowley welcomed Chon as his guest to see South Korea’s then-President Park Geun-hye address Congress in 2013. The invite came six weeks after Chon and four relatives pooled $12,700 for Crowley’s campaign coffers, records show.

A rep for Crowley did not return messages.

Chon, 57, and his siblings, Victor Chon, Daniel Chon, and Stephanie Chon, were indicted on 11 felony charges Wednesday for allegedly failing to pay $621,000 in sales taxes, $207,000 in withholding taxes, $610,000 in corporate taxes, and $131,000 in MTA-surcharge taxes. All four pleaded not guilty.

The College Point complex had quietly become an underwater warren for X-rated activities, The Post reported last March. One staffer said “there is a big problem with customers having sex in the pools, and the management doesn’t know how to handle it.”

The city temporarily closed the spa for two months last year after a 6-year-old girl nearly drowned in one of its pools.



The chicken or the egg, which came first or in Jamaica terms: The ghetto residents or the conditions that created the ghetto and the ghetto residents?

Do residents of Jamaica Queens created ghetto and deplorable conditions OR do elected officials and city agencies create ghettos by doing nothing to improve quality of life issues and have residents get used to their surroundings of garbage, filth, poison and crime.  After 6 years of living in the hell ghetto, no doubt the later. Frankenstein could not have been created without Dr. Frankenstein, plain and simple, something our media refuses to bust wide open. Where are the multi-part stories by local media on this issue? You can title it:


Kind of ironic how every single day, you read an article or hear the Mayor, the Queens Borough President and city council talk about illegal immigrants, which there are only 1 million in this entire city, BUT does not talk about the conditions in Jamaica that not only affect illegal immigrants, BUT ALL THE RESIDENTS in Jamaica on a daily basis. So Katz, would you allow a waste facility to be brought in on your block, two blocks from you, 10 blocks from you or anywhere in Forest Hills?

Ms. Hazel goes through another list of the same old issues not being addressed from the Mayor and Public Advocate to the Queens Borough President and city council members. BUT HEY, Jamaica is the HOT hood, that is if you believe all the bullshit and manufactured hype. Besides her issues, don’t forget the illegal truck driving on residential streets along wit the illegal truck parking or the take over of Merrick Blvd by thug auto bodyshops and the grand daddy of them all, the dilapidated, poisonous Tony Soprano goomba company, ROYAL Waste located in downtown Jamaica by thousands of families and a park, which is slowly poisoning the residents. How many waste stations are in the hoods of the owners of Royal Waste?

Royal Waste Disaster at the 170th Street/Douglas location where 3 workers were killed by toxic chemicals in 2009


From Pamela Hazel, resident & community activist:

Katz & her gang are terrorizing black residents, part 1.

Borough president Melinda Katz has been in office for more than three years. What has she accomplished for Jamaica Queens, the black neighbourhood? Well, she and her gang members are terrorizing residents; because they ignore the quality-of-life terror we face everyday.

Despite their fake news about revitalization, initiative, bullshit; residents are terrorized on a daily basis:
Residents are terrorized by the sight and stench of the homeless in the Jamaica Center Station bathroom and in the trains.  Taking the e-train, in-particular is a health risk. Residents are terrorized by the fear of diseases. Straphangers have to stand; but the homeless have the fundamental right to occupy four to five cars. An increase in fare has not improved services.
Bathrooms are closed most times.

Bathroom Gate June 2

Residents are terrorized by two legged animals who use James Fobb’s abandoned garage. They dispose of toilets and its contents, bedbug laden mattresses  syringes, and unwanted foods. Then residents are terrorized by the four legged animals that prowl for survival.
Photo was taken yesterday, 3/27/17. The garbage runneth over. There are four churches within 3 blocks.
Residents are terrorized by Metropolitan Lumber Store’s shabby appearance and unkempt sidewalk. The lumber stands about 20 feet high over the fence on the Jamaica site. In Steinway Queens and other areas the lumber is enclosed.
Metropolitan sidewalk.  Photo was taken three weeks ago.
Residents are terrorized by the church leaders who set-up churches and prey on the weak and poor. The political gangsters support the spiritual terrorists who rob our community of tithes and offering to build God’s kingdom. Yet, our neighbourhood is broken down. Some of the spiritual terrorists refuse to live in the hood.

About three years ago, Joe & I began exposing the gangsters. Then, New York 1 Ruschell Boone’s camera began to roll on the plight. Suddenly the conditions  were improved. Some time thereafter, the political terrorists came back in full force. But Ruschell’s camera is on again. As for Joe & I,  we will keep the fire up your ass.

Katz, these issues will not disappear, so get off your ass; you, fatso senator/Comrie and your terrorists group. Call MTA and all the agencies that are responsible for terrorizing the black neighbourhood of Jamaica Queens.

You are always talking about serving all people and all neighbourhoods fairly. Can you explain why your neighbourhood, Forest Hills is clean and well kept?

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.