mary-immaculate-hospital-new-york-officeFrom Queens Press:

Developers Breathing New Life Into Extinct Hospital

A Personal Perspective

It once served Southeast Queens as a conveniently-located hospital, but soon it will be serving a whole new purpose in the community.

The old Mary Immaculate Hospital, which shuttered its doors in 2009, has remained boarded up for more than five years waiting for another shot at being an important part of the community.

Enter the Chetrit Group, a real estate development entity, which plans to convert the old hospital building, located 150-13 89 Ave., into a 300-unit apartment to the housing-starved area. Losing the hospital due to financial woes was a calamity. But repurposing the property into housing for this thriving neighborhood is a just outcome.

And I use the word, “just” advisedly. When housing is scarce it  is an injustice to those who are at a loss to find suitable residences where they can live with dignity. Downtown Jamaica is on the rise commercially, so it’s only fitting and logical that the community has the housing options it needs to accommodate new immigrant groups that infuse the area every year, as well as make it a viable and attractive option for those who teach and otherwise work in the area.

There is development going on everywhere in this once blighted area of our borough. This part of Jamaica, whichwas once the home of Rufus King, an American founding father whose house still stands today and serves as a museum anchoring the park named in his honor, deserves urban renewal as seen unfolding in so many other parts of our city.

Funny thing is that the more we attract new dwellers and workers, the more necessary it becomes to have viable emergency care options, so we will still miss having the hospital. The saying, “you win some, you lose some,” was never clearer in its meaning than it is in this situation. We’ve lost a hospital; we’re gaining housing in its stead.

It is almost a metaphor for the life of a hospital. Some patients live, some die. So why did our hospital have to die in order for there to be additional livable space around these parts? The juxtaposition is ironic but we’ll take it. Look at it this way, losing the hospital opened up the space for investment in housing, which we obviously also need. Supplying the demand for housing in this area makes good business sense and sensible “social policy.”

Since its unfortunate closing, the property had become blight on the neighborhood with broken windows, garbage, and just general decay; so it’s great to see signs of impending life for the spot again. Reportedly, there are also plans to tear down the old parking garage of the property to make room for additional housing as well.

This all bodes well for what the mayor, non-profits, academia and the general community have been working on over the past year.

The Jamaica Now Action Plan “outlines 21 strategic actions for the revitalization and growth of Jamaica, into a thriving residential and commercial neighborhood.” The plan is the culmination of a large scale community engagement with dozens of meetings with private and public stakeholders as well as general community members.

The plan calls for the addressing of myriad challenges that have stunted the area’s growth over the last 45 years or so. In addition to affordable housing, improved transit access and attracting commercial investors, there will also be workforce training and small business support,  new mixed-use development “and improving the livability of the neighborhood through investments in safety measures, green spaces and more,” according to reports.

And we will not have to wait decades to see all the initiatives come to fruition either. Some are predicted to happen over the next three years. Too bad the hospital couldn’t get rescued from bankruptcy, but the alternative is not a bad end result.

You win some you lose some.


The plan calls for the addressing of myriad challenges that have stunted the area’s growth over the last 45 years or so says Marcia Moxam Comrie, who happens to be the wife of one of the most useless elected officials in Jamaica, Leroy Comrie. Of course people think he is great, but see, the bar in Jamaica is set so low, that a useless and mediocre player like Comrie can be a star. And this is one of the biggest problems in Jamaica, a very low bar.

The biggest challenge that no one likes to talk about is the quality of many of the people who live here (especially the ones that Marcia eluded to in the article. The people who toss garbage all over the place, the slum landlords who do not take care of property, the behavior and noise issue by some of the people who hang out in front of bodegas or on corners causing issues. No one of quality wants to have to live in an area with these types of people who make up a good portion of the downtown area, plus how the whole area looks, it still looks blighted. Take a long walk on all of Hillside Avenue,  a mix of garbage strewn sidewalks, dirty food places and horrible retail and an abundance of overflowing public garbage cans, much garbage being illegally disposed by businesses and those living in the many illegal conversions.

People in this area are so conditioned to see all this crap in Jamaica, all these bad behavior by the “Jamaica element” and think this is all normal. Go to  normal civilized community like Forest Hills and then come back to Jamaica to see the difference. Civilized people vs low-class savages, cave people and slobs.

Please develop all you want but if these same people are here and it looks like we are getting more of an influx of these low class people, nothing changes. Jamaica continues to be GHETTO, it is just a few group of people like developers and some others make big bucks.

A ghetto mess! Just a few blocks from the downtown area.

A ghetto mess! Just a few blocks from the downtown area.

"Jamaica's Element"

“Jamaica’s Element”

Yes, this man in the downtown area is pissing in  broad daylight near on private property. Nice.

Yes, this man in the downtown area is pissing in broad daylight near on private property. Nice.


Trucks 5.22.15 001Trucks 5.22.15 002Trucks 5.22.15 003So have you figured out what is wrong with this photo, besides the obvious illegal activity.


This is what they really mean by THE BROKEN WINDOW THEORY.


And this is why Jamaica will stay FUCKING GHETTO: Slob low-class ghetto folks and the corrupt, lazy and asshole politicians who love them.



From Pamela Hazel (Social Media Journalist for Justice):

Our borough president, Melinda Katz and her staff: Ms. Velazquez, counsel
and Ms. Boranian, liaison have  allowed a large coloured television at the park. This is just in time for memorial holiday.

Residents in Jamaica Queens have a free, panoramic, but unwanted view of a television that was placed at our famous park at 109th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard.TV

The cave people that normally strike at night have the full support of the B/P, and her staff; who do nothing to
enforce laws to prevent quality-of-life abuses.

Ms. Velazquez and Ms.  Boranian continue to be missing from office. Furthermore, the few minutes they are in the office they remain unavailable to speak to constituents.

Residents have no choice, but to take action. So, in the near future residents will make plans become  a reality.

Photos were taken today, 5/21/15.
Sidewalk at 109th Avenue & Merrick

In addition to the television, the B/P’s office has provided a chair for comfort. The chair is just around the corner. Residents just have to bring the items together.TV2

108th Avenue & Merrick Boulevard.

The B/P and the two obstructionists employees, have totally failed law-abiding residents/voters. They have given the rights and privilege to the cave people who reign without fear of punishment.

Madam Katz, Jamaica Queens residents are still waiting for at least one of your campaign promises —- to put cameras at the corner of 108th. & Merrick Boulevard and 109th. & Merrick Boulevard.

You all need to do your damn tax paying job.


Saw this the other day, when they were first opening. Have not tried it though.

Good to have a decent place, but Jamaica is a long way off from being de-ghettoized. Too many low-class people who do not care and shitty politicians and community leaders.


From DNAInfo New York:

Handmade Dumplings and Noodles Bring New Flavor to Downtown Jamaica

QUEENS — A new restaurant serving up handmade dumplings and noodles opened in downtown Jamaica Tuesday, bringing new flavor to an area dominated by fast-food chains.

Everything at Beijing Dumpling House, a new eatery at 88-38 Sutphin Blvd. near the Queens Civil courthouse, is made from scratch, according to manager Amy Zhang.

“It’s a lot of work,” Zhang said. “But everything is fresh, natural and very tasty.”

The restaurant specializes in dumplings, either pan fried or boiled, including chive and pork, cabbage and pork, vegetable, shrimp and chicken and basil varieties.

Four pan fried chive and pork dumplings cost $1.50 and eight boiled shrimp dumplings go for $5.

 Beijing Dumpling House opened at 88-38 Sutphin Blvd. Tuesday.

New Dumpling House Opens in Downtown Jamaica

The 36-seat eatery also offers house-made noodles, served with various sauces or in soup, Zhang said.

Prices are $3.75 for noodles with sesame sauce and $5.50 for beef noodle soup.

Also on the menu are mushrooms and pork ban and sesame pancakes with different toppings like egg, Peking duck and vegetables.

Bubble teas are also available for $2.50 and smoothies for $3.

On its first day, Zhang said, the restaurant served well over 200 customers, he said.

Wanda Howell, who was dining on Tuesday, said she was glad the menu includes a number of boiled options.

“I try to watch what I eat,” said Howell, who works at the courthouse.

Local business leaders called the new spot a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

“It’s something that we are constantly looking to have in the area — better sit down restaurants,” said Simone Price, executive director of the Sutphin Boulevard Business Improvement District.

“It’s exciting to have different types of eateries in the area,” Price noted.dumplingdumpling3dumpling4dumpling2dumpling5


Bottom line, everything about Jamaica sucks. After living here a little over 4 years (and hopefully this is my last year in this ghetto hell), I have come to the conclusion that everything about Jamaica sucks, I don’t care which neighborhood you live in from Springfield Gardens to St. Albans it all SUCKS GHETTO BIG TIME. Yes, some areas are worse than others, South Jamaica the worst, followed but the third world ghetto downtown area, but overall one big fucked up community and the people are too blame along with the useless ghetto ass elected officials who pretty much suck and helped add to this mess.

Which brings me to my point, that the people have made this community a disaster of biblical portions. I am sure everyone has been to a Marshalls Department store (168-23 Jamaica Ave). But to experience a true ghetto mess, visit the one on Jamaica Avenue. APPALLING. Dirty, disorganized, shit thrown all over the place like a bomb went off and to top it of, ghetto asshole workers to match the disgusting place. Rude and stupid.  Once was enough for me at this shit place. Don’t believe me read some of the reviews on Yelp (, which it scored a 1 and 1/2 out of five stars. Pretty fucking bad. Here are a few snippets:

“The most disorganized store in the chain.”

“ahh where to begin with this ghetto fabulous store. For being a nationwide department store, this has to be one of the worse locations in NYC. The shelves are always disorganized with stuff everywhere, nothing is in order and employees are in some sort of disappearing act.”

“I’ve been to a couple of Marshall’s and by far this is the worst. The cashiers are rude, the place is messy and half the stuff is broken. It’s a mess in there.”

“There was nothing in here, the prices were decent but the store was a mess, it seemed as if a hurricane had hit. The pillows covered the floor and made that aisle impassable. It was near the end of the day on a busy Saturday, but OMG….at least repack stuff at some point, it wasn’t that busy in the store.
Couldn’t one able bodied employee life the oh so heavy pillows and put them back on the shelves?
I’m certainly never going here again!”

“They just dont bother – they might as well not even bother calling this a store- store is a disaster and I am amazed that people working there like this actually got hired but are also working.”

Good job Marshall’s is winning the Jamaica Ghetto Mess of Chain Stores Award.

What is it with most black and third world immigrant communities. They are always a mess.

Yep, JAMAICA SUCKS! And this is why most quality people of Jamaica do not go to Jamaica Avenue or anywhere in Jamaica, we all go outside this shit hole place.


Trucks 5.19.15 001Mayor de Blasio, Queens Borough Katz, Senator Avella, Senator Comrie, Councilman Miller, DOT and other assorted lazy asshole leaders:
DO YOUR FUCKING JOBS when constituents have legitimate quality of life issues like the long, ongoing issue of illegal truck driving on residential streets in Jamaica.
March 19,2015 3:00AM – woken up by loud noise from dump truck driving illegally on 170th St. (yesterday it was 3:30AM).
March 19, 2015 6:00AM – woken up a second time from dump truck driving illegally on 170th St
March 19,2015 6:45AM – same bullshit and over and over and over 24/7 each and every morning, day and night.
YET not of you have done anything, in fact I have not heard from any of you, only from the 103rd precinct. The 103rd precinct is doing what they can with little personnel on this issue, but it is not enough. DOT needs to step up to the plate and put signs up of “No Trucks Allowed”, you know like you would do in a rich white area. An aggressive patrol by NYPD Traffic Enforcement needs to be done, including summons and points against these truck driver’s license. You so-called leaders need to do what you get paid for and stand up. Not one of you spoke to any newspapers, Ruschell Boone  (NY1) or Greg Mocker (WPIX) about this illegal truck driving issue on 170th St or other streets such as Foch Blvd, which are NOT truck routes. STOP IGNORING THE PROBLEM, even though that is what you are all good at and doing extremely well.Trucks5.15.15 009
In Rosedale at an dangerous intersection at Brookville Park ( residents complained for 10 years to have something done (10 FUCKING YEARS) and when it finally gets done, Katz comes out for a photo op and states  “There was a clear need to take action for the kids, seniors and families of Rosedale here in Brookville Park,” Katz said. “This is an example of what results when a community continues to press and doesn’t give up, and when government works together.”
Obviously there was NOT a need to take action, since it took 10 years. Obviously the safety of the people did not matter. AND why does a community need to press or not give up (because government does not do its job and the government people involved are lazy). If there is a problem FUCKING FIX IT.???????????????????????????????
No more excuses such as the make believe task force that Katz stated back in October of 2014 she was going to put together. And enough of this shit when I file a complaint:
Really, I have been receiving this “long term investigation” shit forever. No long term is needed, it has already been documented by me, WPIX News, NY1 and Queens Progress. We have already done your fucking long term investigation. You all need to do your fucking jobs.
Service Request #: C1-1-1104224881
Date Submitted: 05/18/15 7:34:01 AM
Request Type: Traffic
Details: Truck Route Violation
Your Service Request was updated.
Your complaint has been received by the Police Department and it has been determined that a long-term investigation may be necessary. Additional information will be available at the conclusion of the investigation.

This one does not even make sense (This is NOT a DOS matter):

Service Request #: C1-1-1104537741
Date Submitted: 05/18/15 7:32:05 PM
Request Type: Traffic
Details: Truck Route Violation
Your Service Request was closed.
This complaint does not fall under the Police Department’s jurisdiction.
FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM, that is what you all get paid for.
Here is your long term investigation of how government DOES NOT WORK.Trucks 4.7.15 004???????????????????????????????

Yes, this truck carrying chemicals almost sideswipes car.

Yes, this truck carrying chemicals almost sideswipes car.


Waste facility truck barely squeezes by school bus.

Waste facility truck barely squeezes by school bus.


Don’t let the Jamaica Good Ole’ Boys Club pick a replacement for ousted  crook William Scarborough’s assembly seat . We have already seen what happens when the Jamaica Good Ole’ Boys club take power or stay in power, nothing gets done for the community, tax payer’s money gets wasted or worst stolen, they lie, they cheat and they end up doing shady shit that does not benefit the community. Already the vultures like Senator Leroy Comrie and former Councilman Archie Spigner, both part of the Jamaica Good Ole’ Boys Club are already trying to handpick their own candidates if an election is held to replace crook Scarborough. Although Governor Cuomo has the final decision if an election will be held.

But if one is, folks, don’t get bamboozled by the likes of Comrie (who has done so little for the community of Jamaica yet spent so much time in office) and Spigner. Neither of these clowns have served the community well and all they want to do is keep that Jamaica Good Ole’ Boys Club train running as long as possible. You know the club, make money for themselves and their friends while fucking the community up the ass without lube.

Just ask yourself (and be honest), what has folks like Leroy Comrie, William Scarborough, Shirley Huntley, Malcolm Smith, Ruben Wills and Vivian Cook truly done in all this time to help improve Jamaica. I mean look around at all the quality of life issues that have been going on for years and ask what these clowns have really done to change that. Many of these asses have been in office for decades and have shit to show.

WAKE THE FUCK UP FOLKS. We already have criminals on our streets, now is time to clean up the criminals in public office in this community.

Useless Senator Leroy Comrie. Fat, Uneducated and Lazy.

Useless Senator Leroy Comrie. Fat, Uneducated and Lazy.


From Queens Chronicle:

After Scarborough: Let the games begin

Veterans see scramble for empty seat

Posted: Thursday, May 14, 2015 10:30 am

Former Councilman Archie Spigner chuckled last Friday when asked if anyone had yet approached him seeking his advice — or his endorsement — in what may shape up to be a battle to replace Bill Scarborough in the state Assembly.

“Only about 20,” Spigner replied.

Scarborough, who held the seat for two decades stepped down on May 7 as part of a plea bargain with state and federal prosecutors on corruption charges.

State law allows Gov. Cuomo to decide how and when the vacancy will be filled. Spigner and state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-Hollis) believe he will allow candidates to fight it out in a primary this September. A special election in November likely would be won by a Democratic candidate.

“The governor doesn’t need another Democratic vote to pass the budget, and you already have a primary and general election for District Attorney,” Comrie said.

Neither Cuomo’s office nor Queens Democratic Party officials responded to multiple requests for comment.

Comrie himself won his office in the wake of a political scandal that ensnared former Sen. Malcolm Smith, who is expected to be sentenced to prison in July.

Comrie said it is too early for him to make any commitments, but acknowledged that some potential candidates also have approached him for advice and support.

The senator’s district overlaps with Scarborough’s and he does expect an increase in constituent service calls. He said Scarborough’s office still is open with staff in place and should remain so at least for the immediate future. Comrie said his own staff is more than equal to the task.

“I’ve always told my staff to try and respond to requests for service no matter what district people are in,” he said.

As for whom he would support, Spigner said his ideal candidate will be someone with a record of hard work and service to the community who works well with others.

“And a good Democrat,” he said.