If Jamaica is a shit hole, then South Jamaica is a shit hole in hell, magnified 100 times. But while our elected leaders and other leaders in Jamaica talk (or should I say LIE) about “Jamaica being the next big thing”, one thing is for certain, Jamaica not only has a poor quality of life, which is not being addressed, but is also a dangerous place, especially in South Jamaica, a shit hole plagued by garbage strewn vacant lots & abandoned homes, crime, shootings, gangs, drug selling bodegas and horrible elected officials who do so very little in that area. It seems they have just given up on it without even trying. Now of course, the biggest problem are many of the low-class, bottom of the barrel residents who live there, but when upstanding and caring residents cry out to do something and their cries and complaints fall on deaf ears, then shit like this will continue to happen. So otherwise it is business as usual in the black community. But there is plenty of blame to go all around for the conditions of Jamaica.

Latest disturbing event, a 70 year old South Jamaica grandmother, Leta Webb, was shot point blank in the head when she answered a knock on the door in the early morning by some cowardly ghetto punk, who many believe was a gang member looking for retribution.

Until the powers to be be address all issues in Jamaica, clean it up, enforce laws and get better elected officials who are not lazy or crooks, Jamaica and especially South Jamaica will continue to be  a ghetto hell hole.

A horrible event took place where a 70 year old grandmother was shot point blank in the head in her own house and where are you Mayor de Blasio, where are you Melinda Katz, where are you Senator Leroy Comrie, where are you Councilman Ruben Wills (your ass in not in jail yet), where are you high and mighty Rev. Floyd Flake and some of you other charlatans hiding behind God, where the fuck is anyone with balls to stand up and say enough and actually do something, even something as little as taking care of quality of life issues as opposed to constantly ignoring them and doing nothing.

THEY JUST DO NOT GIVE  A SHIT. I wonder why, does it have anything to do with it being a black community. Certainly plenty of blame to go around, that is for sure.


The Daily News:

Queens woman, 70, dies after being shot in the head while answering door: ‘This is a gang retaliation thing’

Published: Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 7:27 AM
Updated: Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 4:13 PM
Leta Webb died at Jamaica Hospital Center after she was shot in the head and left arm when she answered a knock at her door on Tuesday. Courtesy of Eva Usher

Leta Webb died at Jamaica Hospital Center after she was shot in the head and left arm when she answered a knock at her door on Tuesday.

A 70-year-old Queens matriarch was shot to death for the sins of her jailed adopted son, her family said Tuesday.

Leta Webb was took a bullet in the head and another in the left arm when she answered her door in South Jamaica at 1:35 a.m., cops said. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and died a few hours later.

“This was a gang hit. This is a gang retaliation thing,” said Eva Usher, 50, one of Webb’s five children.

Police sources said they are looking into whether the criminal backgrounds of at least two family members played a role in Webb’s killing.

Webb’s adopted son, Arnold Webb, 27, is serving 25 years to life behind bars for manslaughter, records show.

Leta Webb's adopted son, Arnold Webb, 27, is serving 25 years to life for manslaughter. Her family says her shooting may have been retaliation from his enemies in prison.

Leta Webb’s adopted son, Arnold Webb, 27, is serving 25 years to life for manslaughter. Her family says her shooting may have been retaliation from his enemies in prison.

Leta Webb’s son-in-law Kevin McDowell, 53, said Arnold Webb was a member of the Bloods and may have been battling with the Crips in prison.

“He’s been having problems in jail with the Crips,” McDowell said.

Usher, Webb’s biological daughter, believes the shooter was out to kill whoever answered the door at the 119th Ave. home.

“They wanted to kill somebody, just anybody in the family,” she said.

Family and friends gather outside the 119th Ave. home where 70-year-old Leta Webb was killed in Queens.
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  • (Family and friends comfort each other at the scene) Police responding to shots fired found 70yr old Leta Webb inside of 152-22 119th Avenue in Queens with a gunshot wound to the head and left arm. Leta was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she died on Tuesday March 31st, 2015. 0139. Photos taken 0732. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News).
  • Police responding to shots fired found 70yr old Leta Webb inside of 152-22 119th Avenue in Queens with a gunshot wound to the head and left arm. Leta was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she died on Tuesday March 31st, 2015. 0139. Photos taken 0732. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News).
  • Police responding to shots fired found 70yr old Leta Webb inside of 152-22 119th Avenue in Queens with a gunshot wound to the head and left arm. Leta was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she died on Tuesday March 31st, 2015. 0139. Photos taken 0732. (Theodore Parisienne/for New York Daily News).


Theodore Parisienne for New York Daily News

Family and friends gather outside the 119th Ave. home where 70-year-old Leta Webb was killed in Queens.

McDowell said he was home and awake upstairs and Webb was in her downstairs bedroom when death came knocking.

“I heard somebody knocking on the door, you know like when the police come — ‘Boom! Boom! Boom!’ — but since her room is right there, before I came down the steps she opened the door,” said McDowell, who lives in an upstairs bedroom in the home.

“Then I heard the gunshots, and when I came down, she was laying back. She had a bullet in her head and one in her hand,” he said.

He said he looked around but didn’t see anyone.

They wanted to kill somebody, just anybody in the family.

McDowell said Webb’s biological sons Roger and Curtis, her adopted son Allen and adopted daughter Unique were home at the time, sleeping in the basement.

“Everybody was asleep except me,” he said.

Leta Webb emigrated from Belize more than 40 years ago and treated the kids in the neighborhood as her own, her family said.

“Everybody loved her. That’s why I can’t understand. This lady, she was the mayor here,” McDowell said.

Woman Found Shot To Death In Her Jamaica, Queens Apartment
CBS New York

Doleen Childs, 6, a great grandniece who lovingly called Webb “Nana,” wandered around with her family at the scene, seemingly stunned.

“I’m going to miss her,” the little girl said. “I love her 100%. I’m sad.”

Usher said her mom treated the house she lived in for more than two decades “like a day care for everybody.” Usher said her dad lived in the house too until his death in 2002.

Usher rushed to the hospital to be with her mom when she heard about the shooting.

South Jamaica, Queens, where 70-year-old grandmother was shot after answering a knock at the door.

South Jamaica, Queens, where 70-year-old grandmother was shot after answering a knock at her door.

“I was talking to her and I told to her if she wanted to go home, if she wanted to go with her husband just squeeze my hand and she did,” Usher recalled, breaking down in tears.

“I told her, ‘We’re going to be all right. Go with him,'” she said. “I walked out and it was over, 4:36 this morning.”

She said she believes somebody will pay for the crime.

“They’re gonna catch them, I know it,” she said. “They’ve got to go to jail, the electric chair, something.”



Just had to make a statement about this issue.

I love when you hear the saying “If you see something suspicious  report it to a police officer”, just don’t report it if it is trucks driving illegally on residential streets, because NYPD will see “no observable evidence” and state you are a “Chronic Caller”. Did not know that calling in for a chronic quality of life and ILLEGAL problem makes one a “chronic caller”.

Everyone by now is totally aware of large trucks driving illegally on 170th Street (between Jamaica Ave & Hillside Ave) in Jamaica and on other streets in Queens. Stories on this issue have appeared in papers and recently on WPIX with Mocker.  In fact EVERYONE is aware of this, our lackluster Mayor and his bogus Vision Zero for street safety, Department of Transportation, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz (she even was putting together some bullshit task force last October, which seemed nothing came out of that obviously), NYPD and elected officials, but to this day, very little is happening with this major quality of life problem here in Jamaica, where very little enforcement seems to be happening anymore. There seemed to be a short window, where NYPD was addressing the issue, but that no longer seems to be the case as the problem continues over and over again. I guess that window has closed.

Various large trucks drive on a non-truck route, 170th Street, a residential streets, which has two senior citizens building and where children are picked up by school buses, yet large dangerous trucks from oil tankers to waste trucks fly by at all hours of the day from early morning to late at night, 7 days a week, posing safety and especially noise issues. A simple problem that no one seems to solve, pretty much how the powers to be handle so many other quality of life issues by constantly ignoring them and doing very little to nothing.

Trucks 3.31.15 001Trucks 3.31.15 003Trucks 3.31.15 004The above photos (a small sample of many that came through) were taken on March 31st while many trucks came through since 5:30am this morning, yet when complaints were filled with 311, several responses were:

Service Request #: C1-1-1085101471
Date Submitted: 03/31/15 12:45:19 PM
Request Type: Traffic
Details: Truck Route Violation

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.



Service Request #: C1-1-1085146911
Date Submitted: 03/31/15 2:40:10 PM
Request Type: Traffic
Details: Truck Route Violation

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.



Well, maybe the “chronic problem” is the act of the illegal truck driving, the lack of enforcement by NYPD and DOT & elected officials, including Queens Borough President Melinda Katz, ignoring the problem and then making a million excuses why nothing is being done. NOW THAT IS THE CHRONIC PROBLEM!


Read this and had to weigh in on this continuous bullshit from the mouths of Jamaica leaders who have no damn clue.


From DNAInfo New York:

Jamaica BIDs Hope to Lure Big Brands like Starbucks With New Workshop

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska on March 23, 2015 2:40pm

 Local business groups are asking residents to voice their opinion about their shopping needs during “My Jamaica Resident Forum,” a workshop which will take place on March 31.

QUEENS — Jamaica business groups are hoping to lure big brand stores like Starbucks and Macy’s by gathering information from residents about what kind of shops they want to see in the neighborhood.

“My Jamaica Resident Forum,” a workshop scheduled for March 31, will let locals discuss their shopping needs in an area that’s currently littered with fast food restaurants and discount stores, the organizers said.

“As new development takes place in downtown Jamaica and commercial vacancies need to be filled, we want to know what retail and restaurants you want to see,” the organizers wrote on the event page.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the change in your community.”

The neighborhood has transformed in the past several years, with more apartment buildings and hotels coming to the area, according to local BIDs.

The changes are encouraging retailers to move to Jamaica, including Raymour & Flanigan, which opened a location in the neighborhood about a year ago, the organizers said.

“There is a lot of interest that’s coming in from some major brands and from smaller businesses,” said Rhonda Binda, head of the Jamaica Center BID, which co-organizes the workshops with the Sutphin Boulevard BID and the 165th Street Mall Improvement Association.

So far, residents are welcoming chain stores into the area. Those who want to participate in the workshop are asked to answer questions about their shopping and dining needs during an online registration. Nearly 50 people were registered as of Monday morning, Price said.

In their responses, they indicated wanting to see Chipotle, Starbucks, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Macy’s opening in downtown Jamaica.

Currently, many of the businesses in the area cater to people working in the courts and government offices in downtown Jamaica, but the goal is to identify and attract companies that would serve local residents, said Simone Price, executive director of the Sutphin Boulevard BID.

The BIDs will use the survey results to approach new retailers during an annual “Jamaica Revealed” event for brokers, property owners and business owners, which will take place on April 23.

A survey conducted about two years ago revealed that the neighborhood was losing about $2.5 billion a year as local residents were opting to shop in other parts of the city and in Long Island because they couldn’t find what they needed in their own neighborhood.

“We really want to get [residents’] ideas on what type of retail they want to see,” Price said.

“I want people in the community to feel like [they are] part of the development that’s happening,” Binda said.

Those interested in participating in “My Jamaica Resident Forum” are asked to register prior to the meeting which will take place on Tuesday, March 31, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at JFK Corporate Square Marketing Center at 93-43 Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica.


Blah, blah, blah blah, S.O.F.S (Same Old Fucking Shit). Heard all of this crap four years ago at the same type of event and nothing has changed since then and no new businesses worth anything have opened except for City Rib, which is struggling to this day. Also pretty sad when the good news is a Raymour & Flanigan is on the Ave.

The article states: There is a lot of interest that’s coming in from some major brands and from smaller businesses,” said Rhonda Binda, head of the Jamaica Center BID,

What interest Ms. Binda, the new Jamaica BID Executive Director.  Jamaica is a cesspool of filth and some very low class people, who obviously want cheap chain stores and crap retail that looks like it belongs in some third world shit hole. In the meantime Jamaica Avenue is filled with tons of 99 cent stores (just recently a Family Dollar opened next to the new Planet Fitness, sure that is something the community really needed, another shit 99 cent store) , low-class cheap retail and over 15 beauty supply stores and practically no decent places to eat. Is this considered progress, FUCK NO. Nothing wrong with a 99 cent store or a beauty supply store, but does a community need a huge amount of them, many right next to each other. The Avenue is littered with this crap which any decent Jamaica resident would stay away from.

The article went on to state: Currently, many of the businesses in the area cater to people working in
the courts and government offices in downtown Jamaica, but the goal is to identify and attract companies that would serve local residents, said Simone Price, executive director of the Sutphin Boulevard BID.

NO NO NO, currently the businesses  cater to the bottom of the barrel low-class residents, they do not cater to the middle to upper middle class residents of Jamaica, you know people who actually own homes and do not crowd 15 people into a rental two bedroom. Nor do they cater to the people working at the courts and government offices, because if they did, there would be a better quality of stores and food places. SO STOP FUCKING LYING about this shit.

Let’s BE REAL. JAMAICA IS A FUCKING MESS. Dirty, streets and sidewalks strewn with garbage from our resident slobs, crooked lazy elected officials and plenty bottom of the barrel people, who have helped make Jamaica a big mess. Now let’s add to this group, diffusional leaders not based in reality (but means well), like Ms. Binda.

Four more years from now, will you all still be having this same inane conversation about how you are luring Starbucks  or other big brand names to the area. How about first cleaning up the fucking mess and get some hard working moral elected officials and a better community board, otherwise it will be the S.O.F.S.

A ghetto mess!

A ghetto mess!

Just your typical dreck in downtown Jamaica area

Just your typical dreck in downtown Jamaica area

Beautiful Hillside Ave

Beautiful Hillside Ave

Shoppers World in the background.

Shoppers World in the background.


A Queens college teacher who reads my blog (and is a big fan of it) recently finished building an AMAZING website so that the students (or anyone else) can do research about their own neighborhoods all from one site… like look up nearby environmental hazards & neighborhood air quality, for example. This teacher also found out that since 2014, Jamaica had more 311 calls involving sanitation than any other district in the five boroughs. I guess you could chock that up to Clean Up Jamaica Queens and a shitty Jamaica community with poor leaders and bottom of the barrel people who have made the mess.

The site is:

And one of the very cool things you can do, is see what your property or another property looked like in the 1980’s before everything became “Third World Ghettofied”. Sometimes the property looks better now, but in most cases, it has become way worse which should be of no surprise to Queens residents. Our borough is filled with CRAP.

Take a gander at these properties near me.

A property (169-23 170th Street) that has appeared on my  blog several times, first as a garbage strewn lot, then some crap construction for some third world apartment. Before it became shit, it was a pretty nice two family home with grass, flowers, etc. One of the things you will notice, grass, flowers, and no illegal curb cuts or illegal parking pads.


A nice one family house back in the day.

A nice one family house back in the day.


Now a cheaply built third world piece of crap that will house at least 10 families.

Now a cheaply built third world piece of crap that will house at least 10 families.


Here is another one (89-24 168th Place),which has been a vacant mess for years, but back before the low-class third world invasion, a pretty nice little house.


A nice little house

A nice little house















A ghetto mess!

A ghetto mess!


Here is another one (88-13 171st), which now has illegal curb cuts, illegal parking pads and no grass, but before, again, a nice house with green.


Notice all the GREEN

Notice all the GREEN


SHIT, SHIT and a whole SHIT of Cement

SHIT, SHIT and a whole SHIT of Cement


So check out this great website and check out what some properties looked like before it all turned to shit. Wow, they don’t make teachers like this anymore or communities.


Yeah, I know, I ended the blog and in the planning stages of leaving Jamaica, BUT, sometimes I cannot help posting something I see fit.

???????????????????????????????As many of you know from previous posts that I have been fighting with the illegal truck driving on residential streets, many trucks from waste facilities and that there is a bill being introduced (Intro 495) by City Council, which wold reduce the amount of trash sent to the overburdened neighborhoods (Southeast Queens – Jamaica, North Brooklyn & South Bronx by 18 percent or about 2,700 tons per day until the city’s marine transfer station becomes operational. On a side note, these three communities are communities of color and lower economic communities, something that tells you the powers to be do not really give a shit to begin with. You can read more about this bill at

But it seems that a few council members are planning on voting against it and some are on the fence.  Ghetto thug politician and totally corrupt Ruben Wills is against it (Jamaica’s Richards and Miller are for it), even though the community of Jamaica has many of these facilities right near the downtown area in close proximity to residents, including a NYCHA Senior Citizen building and poses safety, noise and especially health risks to all.

If figures that corrupt and recently arrested Councilman Ruben Wills would be against a bill that would actually benefit the quality of life in the area. Wills has the moral and ethics of a child molester. This man is a flat out uneducated political thug who has several indictments against him (probably will be in jail by the end of the year), has an assault charge against him and is a dead beat dad, behind on child support payments ( Why would anyone believe what he states, which by the way is a lie as far as job loss or any of the other statements made by the dirty business, waste management. They have included not one fact or statistics and for good reason, they DO NO EXIST.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Obviously Wills is deep in the pockets of the waste industry as are the other council members who have voted against it or on the fence. Every time you think this ghetto thug politician sinks deeper into the sewage pit, he proves he can go even lower.

First off none of these waste stations should have been put in residential areas to begin with, so that just proves how little this industry has on these communities, which by the way are communities of color and on the lower economic end. Then they do not even follow the laws as far as having their trucks stay on truck routes and not residential streets.

As someone who lives several blocks from the Royal Waste facilities, the amount of trucks that travel illegally on 170th street is mind blogging. Not only a safety issue, but a major noise issue.

Waste facility truck barely squeezes by school bus.

Waste facility truck barely squeezes by school bus.

My question, what leaders gave the go ahead to dump these poisonous companies into the community to begin with many years ago? And who paid them off? An even bigger question, which assholes out there voted for this corrupt ghetto thug and dumb, uneducated Wills? For those who did, you are totally stupid fucks and this one of many reasons, why Jamaica is the shit hole capital of Queens.

How about asking these industry hot shots and these corrupt politicians if they would allow these places on their blocks or in close proximity to them.

This is the type of journalism we should be seeing from our news papers, not another story on big ass Kim Kardashian or some half ass nonsense on the fucking snow.

From Times Ledger:

This photo, taken by Cleanup Jamaica blogger Joe Moretti, shows of a waste truck passing through a residential neighborhood in Jamaica.

After a rally at City Hall, advocates and opponents of a bill that would reduce city waste transfers in southeast Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx attended a five-hour City Council hearing on the measure last week.

The bill, Intro 495, would reduce the amount of trash sent to the overburdened neighborhoods by 18 percent or about 2,700 tons per day until the city’s marine transfer station becomes operational.

City Council members Stephen Levin (D-Brooklyn) and Antonio Reynoso (D-Brooklyn), the chairman of the Council’s Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management, are the main co-sponsors of the bill and conducted the Feb. 10 hearing. About 23 council members support Intro 495, while Queens council members Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica), Costa Constantinides (D-Astoria), Mark Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens), and Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) either oppose it or have not taken a stance on the bill.

“North Brooklyn, south Bronx, and southeast Queen have their lives disrupted on a daily basis by a constant flow of trucks traveling to and from transfer stations and are forced to endure significant health risks from polluted air,” Levin said.

In 2006, the city passed a bill that addressed an environment-friendly waste processing system and the concentration of waste in Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. Yet waste reduction has been slow and concerned City Council leaders want action taken immediately.

“My community has suffered for too long from the negative effects of handling almost 40 percent of the waste processed in the city,” added Reynoso.

North Brooklyn and South Bronx bring over 30 percent of the city’s waste, while Queens handles almost 10 percent, according to Reynoso. One of the main waste facilities in southeast Queens is located within a residential area close to downtown Jamaica.

“Industrial businesses such as waste facilities operate in close proximity to residential communities [which] suffer the most from constant bombardment by heavy truck traffic,” said Crystal Ervin, a member of Southern Queens Residents Environmental Justice Council.

Some of the concerns cited were related to environmental health issues that could arise from the constant flow of diesel-fueled trucks into residential neighborhoods.

“Diesel exhaust is dangerous for the health of residents—especially children,” said Dr. Geoffrey Collins, Pediatric Environmental Health Fellow at the Children’s Environmental Health Center of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Over a dozen advocacy groups in attendance thought that a more efficient sanitation system and increasing recycling would create more jobs, plus benefit the environment. Yet opponents of the bill, who also attended the rally and hearing, contended that reducing waste before the opening of the 91st Marine Transfer Station would create more traveling time for the trucks and job losses, defeating the purpose of the bill.

“If Intro 495 becomes law, garbage trucks will have to travel further to the transfer stations in northern Queens, western Brooklyn, and Staten Island. These trucks will then have to travel back to their yards, most of which are located in northern Brooklyn and western Queens. This will actually increase truck traffic,” said Tom Toscano, president of the New York Chapter of the National Waste and Recycling Association and Chief Financial Officer for Mr. T Carting Corp.

Tom Toscano along with others, testified in opposition to the bill, citing job loss, increased traffic, and higher costs for local businesses.

“While it seems that this bill has good intentions, it amplifies the problem it seeks to solve,” said Chris Hickey, regional director of the New York State Restaurant Association. “This law simply moves garbage from one place to another which will only exacerbate the problem and cause the loss of jobs in the process.”

Wills spoke out against the bill, citing job losses, during the hearing. Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia did state that despite opposition there is an opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of the bill.

Reach Reporter Sadef Ali Kully by e-mail at or by phone at (718) 260–4546.



Although I have retired this blog, this was passed on to me and felt it was important to put up. As usual asshole Councilman Ruben Wills, he of the child molester ethics and morals code, is voting against this bill, citing job loss, which is absolutely FALSE. Wills is a crook and his loyalty is to money.

This will also be brought up at Community Board 12 meeting Wednesday, February 18 at 7pm. The main objective at this point is to get community members to call a few key Queens council members to push them to support Intro 495:  Ruben Wills, Costa Constantinides, and Mark Weprin.

So I guess for those who give a shit, attend or call these assholes that are sitting on the fence or opposed to it. But if you do not care how shitty black and brown communities are (and they are pretty damn shitty, Jamaica is the perfect example), then continue doing what some of you do best, NOTHING. Your community is being poisoned, but why should you care, certainly Forest Hills does not, it would not tolerate such bullshit. In the meantime, we know what side is putting money into these council member’s pocket, of course the waste industry.


Waste Caps: Protecting New York City Communities
From Overburdening (Intro 495 of 2014)

New York City creates 35,000 tons of garbage every day. Nearly three quarters of this waste is trucked to waste transfer stations in a small handful of neighborhoods where it is loaded into long-haul trucks and transported to distant landfills and incinerators. This system pollutes our air, clogs our streets and highways, and damages our roads.???????????????????????????????

The impacts of this system are greatest in three communities where old, truck-intensive transfer stations have clustered – the South Bronx, North Brooklyn, and Southeast Queens. Half a million New Yorkers live in these community districts and suffer from a number of negative health outcomes, including high rates of asthma. These health burdens are known to be worse in overburdened areas where exposure to
pollutants is highest. Noise pollution from trucks and industrial facilities is also linked to insomnia, stress, heart disease, and hearing damage.???????????????????????????????

The current system is fundamentally unfair. Most of our garbage is trucked to these three communities regardless of where it is  generated, creating miles unnecessary diesel truck traffic throughout
our city, and severe concentrations of trucks in overburdened neighborhoods.

NYC’s landmark 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) included measures to make waste collection more efficient and equitable.

 DSNY will use marine- and rail- based transfer facilities for waste export, allowing the City to significantly reduce truck traffic in NYC.

 When fully realized, the Plan will eliminate nearly 6 million truck miles in NYC every year.

 By using facilities in all five boroughs, the plan helps to ensure that each borough handles its fair share of residential waste.

Now is the time to ensure relief for the three communities that handle 75% of NYC’s garbage through
Trash Cap Legislation. Intro 495 will realize the SWMP’s long-delayed commitment to reduce the amount of waste handled in these overburdened communities, and ensure that no other communities suffer this burden in the future:

 Relief for Overburdened Communities by reducing the daily tonnage of waste handled at transfer
stations in the South Bronx, North Brooklyn, and Southeast Queens.

 Truck Reductions by tying capacity reductions to the opening of the City’s marine transfer stations, which will eliminate thousands of long-haul truck trips in NYC every year. This will benefit public health, reduce wear on our roads, and increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists in communities with truck-intensive transfer stations.

 Fairness for All NYC Communities by capping the percentage of the City’s waste that any
community can be permitted to handle at 5 percent, which will protect all NYC communities from
overburdening in the future.

 Maximizing Public Health Benefits by targeting facilities according to public health criteria (the
proximity of a transfer station to homes, schools and parks), the station’s environmental track record, and the station’s worker safety track record.

Intro 495 will provide significant, but modest relief for overburdened communities. After reductions, these communities will still handle the bulk of NYC’s waste*.


How: to build a veto-proof majority, Intro 495 (Waste Caps) will need support
from the following council members who have not made their position clear:

1. Ruben Wills 718.206.2068 and 212.788.6850

2. Mark Weprin (leader of Queens Council Delegation) 718.468.0137 and 212.788.6984

3. Costa Constantinides (Queens member of Sanitation committee): 718.274.4500 and 212.788.6963

4. Karen Koslowitz (district near Southeast Queens) 718.544.8800 and 212.788.6981

Our Message: Reducing the burden of garbage transfer facilities and diesel trucks in Southeast Queens is very important to me and my family. I want to urge council member________ to vote in favor of Intro 495, which will bring some relief to our community and ensure that our garbage is handled in a
more fair and equitable way.

For more information contact: Justin Wood (


jamaica sucksClean Up Jamaica Queens has finally run its course.

Time to head to greener and much cleaner pasture and time to finally say goodbye to Clean Up Jamaica Queens and eventually good riddance Jamaica and all its ghettoness. I feel that way too much of my time was wasted in a community where way too many people do not give a shit, too many bottom of the barrel types live and some of the worst, corrupt and lazy elected officials ever are in office. I would look around this community and just shake my head and say “what the fuck am I doing here and fighting for”. Look at many parts of this “community”, if you could call it that, it is one big total mess with very little to offer anyone outside of low-class ghetto trash and immigrants who do not know better. Every time getting angry at Jamaica is time that I wasted and can never get back, so time to move on and end this.

My goal from the get go was to bring major awareness to the horrendous garbage problem and other quality of life issues here in Jamaica and throw them into the public’s eye and especially into the many useless, corrupt and lazy politicians faces of the Jamaica community who have done such a disservice to this place.  So in that sense, I have accomplished the goal that I had always set out to do, I never had visions of grandeur nor did I think I would ever carry this out for as long as I did.  But like everything in life, all things come to an end and my part has ended.

I found living in this community of Jamaica to be extremely draining and depressing not only on the visual level, but from the attitudes of the many residents who just seem to not give a shit or have any kind of pride in the community, the leaders who have failed on so many different levels as public servants and the total lack of any kind of quality of life enforcement that allowed Jamaica to be the wild wild west of Queens where anything goes and it certainly does, from the mounds of garbage and litter that many of the low-class slobs just toss anywhere to the level of crimes and shootings. I call it the “Jamaica Mentality”. Such shame to see a once bright community (way before my days) and amazing history pretty much reduced to ghetto rubble  for the most part, with not too much hope of change and a horrible reputation that keeps all kind of quality out. I have a feeling as long as Jamaica is plagued with so many low-class people, so many lazy, useless and selfish leaders and so much corruption in every corner, Jamaica will always be, well Jamaica, The Ghetto. Not enough people care, not enough pride and very little people willing to stand up for what is right.

I first off thank Delinda for believing in me and standing by my side in this endeavor, even when some of my words made her cringe at times and my mood could make me unbearable at other times.  There are others who I would like to thank who have helped me achieve this goal. NY1’s Ruschell Boone, who has been so instrumental in bringing this garbage problem to light, especially with her 4-part garbage series. NY1 did numerous stories on the poor quality of life here in Jamaica as did other media from Help Me Howard, Greg Mocker, WPIX to the various newspapers such as Queens Times Ledger and the Queens Chronicle (who were always keeping this issue in the spotlight) to the great website Queens Crap, which pretty much helped to put Clean Up Jamaica on the map. Thanks also to Senator Tony Avella who stepped in, when our other leaders would not,  Bruno Iciano from the Department of Sanitation who always responded quickly to my numerous complaints, Sgt. Cedillo and The Untouchables from the 103rd precinct who in a short period of time became a force to reckon with and helped to remove all the illegally parked cars that were scattered all over the community, especially from the biggest culprits, the “Thug Auto Body Shops” when none of the useless leaders lifted a finger on this issue or any other issue for that matter. The Untouchables who were also responsible for removing those eyesore clothing went well beyond the call of duty. I just hope they tackle the illegal truck driving on residential streets as well. The so-called leaders (read: elected officials) in the community proved to be even more disappointing than the culprits of this garbage mess with their lack of initiative, their constant excuses, their corrupt actions and mostly their total ignoring of the issues at hand and pretty much dismissing the constituents who they vowed to help.

Of course  big thanks go out to community activist, long time Jamaica resident and comrade-in-arms, Pamela Hazel, who waged this battle before I even came into this community and who was right by my side the entire time and who will continues to do “whatever the hell it takes”. We did have some small victories to say the least and we put everyone on notice, there pretty much was no escape from us, we were relentless. I certainly know we pissed people off and I know damn well I offended many in the process,  and if I had to do it over again, would do it exactly the same fucking way.

And a real big thanks to all my followers and supporters during the run of the blog, you helped to keep this blog going and thank you for your support and all your comments.

It is a pretty sad state of affairs when an educated young attorney, Clyde Vanel and Harvard graduate and founder of A Better Jamaica, Greg Mays,  lose an election against Comrie’s boy, I. Daneek Miller, who has no track record in helping this community at all, even though the machine will tell you otherwise.  Even sadder is that a highly educated, Navy Vet and Wounded Warrior Bernadette Semple was thrown off the Senate ballot by Comrie and his goons, who felt totally threatened by this smart, strong black woman. The people had a chance to vote in new blood with promise and they blew it. Just like they blew it by putting back into office that clown Ruben Wills or keeping dreck like Malcolm Smith, Gregory Meeks, Vivian Cook and William Scarborough in office year after year after dreadful year while a community kept falling into the abyss. We have trash on the streets and also in public office.

I do hope one day, Jamaica will make that comeback, because is deserves to and many people who have lived here a long time deserve a much better place, but if this same path is allowed to continue, if the same old leaders keep getting put into office, if people don’t once and for all say ENOUGH BULLSHIT, well, all bets are off. And now with the threat of “gentrification” in the not too far distant, I am afraid the pendulum will swing way far to the other side.

I have met some interesting people on this bizzaro journey and have certainly pissed others off in the process, but as Winston Churchill said, “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” I at least walk away saying that I gave it my all. But walk away I must for my own sanity.

So at this moment I wipe my hands of all things “Jamaica”. So that pretty much wraps it up…………….