Chipotle is planning to open its new restaurant at 160-02 Jamaica Ave. (DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska)

So having a Chipotle at the corner of Jamaica and 160th Street (SW corner) on “The Ave” in “DownTown Jamaica” in the section known as “DoJam” is the end of life as we know it in Jamaica for some folks ( causing laughable comments on Facebook like:

The Regentrification of Jamaica Centre, Jamaica has already begun. First Starbucks now Chipotle! Hmmmmm!

If I see one more post abt down town Jamaica. Mother fucker this isn’t manhattan it’s called the fucking ave dick heads. On another note cool chipotle gone be over there. Still another sign of gentrification.

Right lmao tryna make it sound sophisticated n shit


But the ghetto crap that was there before was just fine and dandy.

Classy! Jamaica Ave and 160th St

GET REAL FOLKS and as I said before, it is just a fucking Chipotle. You mean the Jamaica ghetto bar is so fucking low, that some of you are threatened by mediocre Chipotle. Oh, MY, it is the END OF JAMAICA. Have you ever walked along the entire length of “The Ave from 170th to Parsons, pretty much most of it already looks like the end of Jamaica, the shit back-end of Jamaica.

Jamaica in the box retail

Shit retail litter Jamaica Avenue. This display is totally illegal according to DOB rules, yet nothing is done about this.

Shit Jamaica Ave retail crap tossed out on the street.

NE corner of 163th & Jamaica Ave.

Jamaica Ave, although this looks even worse when I saw it the other day.



The other day, I posted about the attack on protesters in Washington, DC by Turkey’s thug security team of President Erdogan,  while Trump had a meeting with the Erdogan ( and now we know that this brutal fuck gave the orders. And what does Trump or the White House do, not a damn thing.

Below is another great post by the blog Impunity City.

While Trump is always good for laughs as is the rest of these elitists clowns in his administration, this is not funny but pretty damn frightening, but with this President, there is constant distraction from so much reality that is going on.

Never assume our freedom could never be  in jeopardy or that one will not be able to voice their anger at political figures.

Funny times, yes, Scary times, most definitely. Watch out for the clown, a scary clown to boot.


From Impunity City:

Extreme Precedence

By now, the world has seen the illegal violation of our nation’s sovereignty by the President of Turkey and his entourage, oppressing the first amendment rights and brutally assaulting of a group of protesters across the street from the embassy. Now it has been revealed that son of a bitch Erdrogan was sitting in his town car like a STD infected pussy giving the order to his goons to beat the crap out of the people picketing there.


The reaction to this has been swift from Americans, especially all those with social media accounts, but not enough to the greedy sycophant cowards in the House and Senate, with a select few like John “Return Of The Maverick” McCain, calling for investigations and even the ouster of the Turkish diplomat to the U.S..

While it is a fine thing to see punitive action, there is an underlying reason why that motherfucker Recep felt so comfortable bringing his authoritarian style of handling dissent here. And it’s not only that Figurehead Trump, with his mutual respect, admiration for the Wild Turk and Don’s obvious desire to imitate Erdrogan, the man and the tyrant. It’s that this similar abusive treatment and intimidation has been dished out regularly at any type of mass protest in the past 15 years by our own government, notably the militarization of local police forces in cities.

I recall when the Republican National Convention came to New York City, and the NYPD was deployed to cordon off protestors during marches and subjecting people into free speech zones. Anyone thought to breach these protocols instantly were placed in handcuffs, and that included passerbys and reporters. Since there were so many people detained for exercising their rights to free expression and assembly, the city, run by Mayor Bloomberg, set up a detainment center that was ignonimously called “Gitmo on the Hudson”.

Since those months of infamy, the last major national gatherings of public protest were the Occupy Wall St. movements and their nationwide spinoffs, standing ground and occupying plaza spaces and college campuses in major cities against the banking industry that ruined the economy and was rewarded with a socialist style bailout for their troubles. The people were subsequently met with injuries emitting from batons, rubber bullets, and pepper spray from the mass throngs of police depts. deployed to provide safety and security for them all.

But for the brevity’s sake and abject significance, there were two recent disgraceful events in the past year of government oppression committed that parallels the odious attack in D.C. the other day.

There was the mass protest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It stemmed from a shooting death of Alton Sterling, who was prone face down on the ground, by a cop who claimed that he was armed as the officer and his partner were attempting to cuff him. When throngs of people showed up to march on the streets, organized by the Black Lives Matter movement, they were confronted by cops in full military gear, advanced weaponry and actual tanks. As people were marching forward, the police suddenly attacked everyone. The most disturbing part was when a bunch of protesters went into a house of someone offering sanctuary, the cops broke inside, warrantless, and dragged people out and brutally arrested them.

There was also this moment of clarity summarizing the asinine, excessive use of force and government ordered oppression:

The actual case against the cops was mired in controversy and chicanery by the Baton Rogue police dept, with a report of witness and evidence tampering involving a convenience store manager, breaking into store owners video cameras and taking the footage of the killing along with his cellphone. The cop has since been acquitted of all charges.

Then during last autumn and winter, during the waning days of the worst presidential campaign and election result the nation has ever seen and under the presidency of the insignificant Barack Obama, there was the DAPL pipeline protest at the river and lands of an Indian reservation in North Dakota. The people who set up camps to stop this grave atrocity and plunder which was made possible by lobbyist and legislative trickery and shameful subservience to big energy business by the Army Core Of Engineers. The protesters-the water protectors were initially being pushed around by hapless security contractors siccing dogs on them. When that didn’t intimidate the Standing Rock tribe, the cops in full stormtrooper gear came down with their tanks and humvees and after a few months, eventually forced them off, but not after shooting them with gas projectiles and water shooting from objects that would be more useful on forest wildfires. The latter which was used during frigid evenings.

Did I mention that this oppression on constitutional freedoms happened, as well as various other protests, under the tenure of President Barack Hussein Obama.

And now we got a guy in the White House who is salivating to use these resources to crush dissent and mass organizing that will surely come if his dystopian, oppressive budget and cultural and unconstitutional policies get enacted. Trump is off to a stellar start as he has appointed a tyrannical sadist rat bastard, Sheriff David Clarke, to DHS Deputy Secretary, who will gladly use his position to use his office to wreck any public assemblies rising up with any demands of accountability from our inherently corrupt administration, with all these dangerous military toys and state and city police depts. at his disposal.

So be prepared for more of this destruction of our civil rights and the transformation of our public servants to government tools of oppression. This is what you the people are paying for. So don’t be shocked when Putin and Kim Jong Un are leisurely strolling with the President Godfather and the disgusted and violated public yelling at them are being assaulted by their robotic, inhuman henchmen.

These policies, deployments and tactics were meant to deal with enemies trying to come here, but as recent history and Pogo has shown, the enemy, the preferred and considered enemy has been us all along.


TV host, author and  chef, Anthony Bourdain, will be eating his way through Queens in Sunday’s episode of “Parts Unknown” at 9pm on CNN. He will be visiting three places in the SE Queens area, Woodhaven (Neirs Tavern), South Ozone Park (Aqueduct Trace Track ) and Jamaica (Africana Restaurant on Liberty Avenue).

And don’t get your hood rat panties in a bunch like so many did when they heard that Chipotle was coming to The Ave( This is not the secret scheme to gentrify Jamaica, it is a damn TV show highlighting places in Queens.


From Queens Courier:

Photo courtesy of CNN/Parts Unknown
Anthony Bourdain visits Queens in the latest episode of “Parts Unknown.”

Queens residents know that the borough’s people and food are one of a kind. But on Sunday, the entire country will be in on the secret, too.

Television host, author and chef Anthony Bourdain will eat his way through Queens and chat with interesting people who call the borough home in his latest episode of “Parts Unknown,” set to air on May 21 at 9 p.m. on CNN.

 The host showcases several neighborhoods throughout his journey and illustrates how easy it is to explore a variety of different cultures with just a quick train ride.

Food writer Laurie Woolver, who is Bourdain’s personal assistant and cookbook co-author, has lived in Jackson Heights for nine years and knew that the borough deserved its own episode.

“I’m always kind of slipping in a reminder of just how great Queens is,” she said. “I would just kind of mention, ‘I ate at this great place’ or ‘this taco cart’ or ‘I went to Flushing,’ subtly sort of reminding [Bourdain] of this place across the river he had to take a look at.”

In the episode, he eats from a food cart serving Ecuadorian food in Corona and discusses the sometimes difficult permit process vendors must navigate with Sean Basinski, director of the Street Vendor Project. We’re also introduced to Evelia Coyotzi, a Mexican immigrant who lost her job after 9/11, but was able to carve out a living by selling delicious tamales from a food cart in Jackson Heights.

He also stops in Flushing at Yu Garden Dumpling House on Kissena Boulevard to feast on dumplings with Heems, a Queens born-and-bred rapper who is one-half of the rap duo Swet Shop Boys. Spicy beef and tripes and boiled pig tongue marinated in ginger and soy and served with chili oil are also on the menu.

The 7 train is featured prominently in the episode and viewers can see just how drastically each neighborhood along the line can differ. In addition to showcasing restaurants, viewers are also treated to a dance by Korean senior citizens at Korean Community Services.

The historic Neirs Tavern in Woodhaven makes an appearance and Bourdain recounts the bar’s early beginnings as a tavern for gamblers visiting a local race track in the 1820s. The Blue Pump Room, The Old Abbey and the Union Course Tavern were just some of its previous names.

He speaks to the owner Loycent Gordon, a Jamaican-born FDNY firefighter, about the bar’s history and his own background as an immigrant whose mother was able to provide him a better life by moving to the borough. The bar was only three days away from closing before Gordon saved it.

“I think it’s pretty much the similar story of immigrants that come to the United States,” Gordon said. “They come to work hard because it’s the land of opportunity and they find a way to kind of make it out of the rut.”

Viewers also learn about the borough’s ever-changing demographics. Though Jackson Heights still contains a large Hispanic and south Asian population, an influx of Tibetans now call the neighborhood home. Lhasa Fast Food, sandwiched between cellphone stores and jewelry shops in Jackson Heights, introduces Queens to Tibetan cuisine like a plate of hand torn noodles with chilies and ginger.

Bourdain also visits the Rockaways to discuss the struggles residents faced after Superstorm Sandy and the city’s historic lack of investment in the neighborhood. He stops in South Ozone Park at the Aqueduct Race Track with Woolver to bet on horse number 2 and makes a pit stop in Jamaica to dine at Africana Restaurant on Liberty Avenue.

“Despite living here, spending my time here…I’m constantly amazed by what’s going on, the range of things that are happening, the restaurants I’ve never heard of,” Woolver said. “You’ll never really learn everything about it and it’s always evolving.”

Though the food is a main attraction in this episode, viewers will also take away how incredible it is that people who may have grown up thousands of miles away from the United States can proudly call Queens home.

“If the American Dream is alive, it’s alive in places like Queens,” Heems said in the episode. “There still are people coming here with nothing and making something out of it.”


OH MY FUCKING GOD.  While my recent post about the opening of Chipotle in downtown Jamaica (that some hate that term) on the Ave  ( had many liking that idea, there were, of course (it’s Jamaica), those who thought a 5 star fancy French Restaurant with valet parking was coming and that it was the end for Jamaica and major gentrification. One commented “They shutting Down The Ave

REALITY CHECK FOLKS, it is only a fucking Chipotle. A CHIPOTLE, owned by McDonald’s and a two notches above Taco Bell and a notch below AppleBee’s. Probably the same folks who were outraged that how dare an Applebee’s come into the  hood and ruin “The Ave” and all it’s crappiness.

That “Chipotle Armageddon” post on Clean Up Jamaica Queens Facebook page was shared like crazy and some of the Jamaica residents (mostly young) thought it was Armageddon Gentrification.  Many also hated the term “Downtown Jamaica”, which, was a term I coined when I first moved here to Jamaica, because, well, it is the business district with businesses, etc, so I would call it that, then down the road, I noticed the powers that be and developers were using it all the time. Again, get over the use of that, I mean it is a downtown area, small, but a downtown area, never the less. I am partial to “The Ave”, much hipper and cooler, so maybe you don’t want that because then you will notice developers and greedy real estate agency saying “Great apartment location and just a few blocks from  THE AVE, where you can work & play.”

This was one of the top highest posts since this blog was created, with the “Chipotle Armageddon” reaching 1,019 and 1,957 (readers, comments & shares). While as can be seen, most liked it, there were of course the ones, who cannot stand to see any type of positive progress in Jamaica and look at it as “gentrification”, which when you think about it is a sad state of mentality with some people here, they would be content to see Jamaica continue as a trashed, crime ridden, nonsense, crap retail/food ghetto place. While there are some things I like about the area and I do like that real urban feel (as compared to fake hipster cool), the area does need cleaning up and some sprucing here and there and that means some nice places to balance out the crap like 99 cent stores, cheap electronic stores, tons of beauty supply stores, crappy food choices and flea market type retail.

Anyway, I had to post some of the comments where folks were in an outrage and I found some of them to be funny, but my 5 top ones, be they negative or positive were these ones, of course #1 being my favorite, this person KNOWS REALITY:

  1. Yeah. But until this place gets gentrified, this is going to to be the ghettoest chipotle to exist.
  2. Yay white bitches in the hood
  3. They always gonna run out of chicken
  4. Trash ass food
  5. That’s what they’re putting there?! There’s already an overpriced Taco Bell across the street!



And here are some of the “doomsday” Facebook comments:

they really making jamaica white again smh

There ain’t no downtown Jamaica

Downtown Jamaica ?🤔🤔 Its Called The Ave

First Starbucks now we getting chipotle to ? 😭

I knew it son I was like they either gonna put a shake shack or chipotle 🤦🏾‍♀️



They “downtown ing ” everything right?

Gentrification on the way

The Regentrification of Jamaica Centre, Jamaica has already begun. First Starbucks now Chipotle! Hmmmmm!

opened a Starbucks and now this, I peep the game now

Downtown added to anything other than manhattan means “gentrification, coming to a hood near you”

oh man remember when we used to joke about a chipotle on the ave…it’s really happening 😩😩😩😩

The part that’s killling me is they said downtown Jamaica.
They shutting Down The Ave
Nah the Dallas BBQs that’s going to be on parsons is going to shut down the Ave

Stop trying to gentrify Jamaica Queens.

Just stop. 🙄🙄

Downtown Jamaica. Stoppppp

Tf is going on here


Yeah. But until this place gets gentrified, this is going to to be the ghettoest chipotle to exist.

If they add a chik fila it’s gonna get noticeably gentrified real quick


Gentrification. They trynna fix the area up so more white people will invest in it and push the minority’s out


If I see one more post abt down town Jamaica. Mother fucker this isn’t manhattan it’s called the fucking ave dick heads. On another note cool chipotle gone be over there. Still another sign of gentrification


Right lmao tryna make it sound sophisticated n shit


The bar is set high as to the people who live there set it high enough to be gentrified no? so please STFU… when it comes to knowing what is bad and what is good for a community…last time I checked the places that had Chipotle or a trader joes…there was less and less black folk to be found… so shove all that 1…


Nothing like making a shitty area, even more shitter with  the a so called “safe haven” and drop-in center, which will house 50 adults for an average of nine months and serve a maximum of 75 clients coming off the street for a day to eat and shower.

The center says they will have a robust 24/7 staffing with on-premise security. YEAH, RIGHT. Expect loitering, drug dealing, increase in crime and other nonsense that this population brings to communities.

I wonder if Breaking Ground’s Executive Director has shelters on his/her block or in his/her community.

The bullshit NEVER ends in SE Queens.

How about a “safe haven” for hard working tax payers who own their property and want a decent quality of life. How about that.


From Queens Tribune:

Ozone Park Drop-In Center Opens

on: May 18, 2017In: 

The Drop-In Center site on Atlantic Avenue. Photo by Jon Cronin

By Jon Cronin, Editor

The Breaking Ground Drop-In Center has partially opened its Ozone Park location.

Marian Molina, chairwoman of Community Board 9’s health and safety committee, announced at the board’s meeting last week that the homeless center had debuted in the community.

However, a spokeswoman for Breaking Ground said that the residential “safe haven” portion of the center is not yet open.

“Breaking Ground Queens Street to Home staff are currently working out of the building and seeing some of their existing clients there,” the spokeswoman said. “The building is not yet open for walk-ins. Psychiatrists and street medicine nurse practitioners are available to Street to Home clients as needed. The opening of the full facility will be in phases.”

Breaking Ground’s mission is to get homeless persons into permanent housing with the aid of on-site social workers and psychiatric and medical staff.

The nonprofit’s plan includes a “safe haven” and drop-in center, which involves the housing of 50 adults for an average of nine months. It would also serve a maximum of 75 clients coming off the street for a day to eat and shower as well as those in need of education and services that aid in the prevention of losing housing.

In the safe haven portion, residents would get their own room or private space and have no curfews or check-ins. The center would also have a robust 24/7 staffing with on-premise security. Residents would not be kicked out during the day as they are in shelters and are encouraged to stay inside and not loiter outside.

The site has drawn protests from local residents and parents of the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture, which is less than 1,000 feet away.  If the site were a traditional shelter, it would be in violation of state law, which prohibits shelters from being within 1,000 feet of a school.

Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) held a town hall in December, during which residents vociferously demonstrated that they are against the opening of the drop-in center.


Christ living in SE Queens is like living in the Trump White House, every other minute it is some shitty breaking news story.

Kind of scary that lately there have been several shootings in broad daylight. The only good thing a Latin King gang member was taken out of this world in that Ozone Playground shooting the other night, but an innocent person could have easily been shot due to these scumbags.


From The Daily News:

Woman, 21, shot in the back on Queens street

Paramedics rushed the victim to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition.

(Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)

A 21-year-old woman was shot in the back on a Queens street Friday afternoon, police said.

The victim was shot in the lower back on Guy R. Brewer Blvd. near 107th Ave. in Jamaica about 2:15 p.m., police said.

Paramedics rushed her to Jamaica Hospital in stable condition.

Cops were searching for a black Nissan Altima which fled the scene. There were no immediate arrests.

From The Daily News:

Gang battle outside Queens playground leads to Latin Kings member’s shooting death

Bronx resident Joshua Flores, 23, was shot in the shoulder about 9:30 p.m. The bullet ripped through his body and lodged into his jaw, sources said.


A fatal shooting outside a Queens playground occurred during a gang rumble involving baseball bats and guns, officials said Friday.

When cops arrived at the scene of the Thursday night shooting on 88th St. near Atlantic Ave. in Ozone Park, three shell casings and several baseball bats were found scattered on the ground, police sources said.

Bronx resident Joshua Flores, 23, was shot in the shoulder about 9:30 p.m. The bullet ripped through his body and lodged into his jaw, sources said.

People close to him rushed him to Jamaica Hospital in a black 2009 Honda, medics told police. He died there about 45 minutes later.

“My brother’s been shot!” a woman inside the car screamed to hospital emergency personnel.

Cops reached out to Flores’ brother in the Bronx, who said he last saw his sibling 4 p.m. Thursday when Flores left to hang out with friends in Queens.

Cops reached out to Flores’ brother in the Bronx, who said he last saw his sibling 4 p.m. Thursday when Flores left to hang out with friends in Queens.


The brother told cops he and his brother are members of the Latin Kings gang, police sources said.

 Video surveillance recovered at the scene shows two groups of men fighting and chasing each other before a muzzle flashes.

A Latin King was shot and wounded during a beef with the G-Fly Bloods nearby Thursday’s on May 22, 2016, police sources said. Two Bloods members were arrested for that shooting, cops said.

It was not immediately clear if the two incidents were related.

From The Daily News:

Queens teen busted after he spits on Muslim classmate, tries to yank off her hijab

Cops questioned the teen and charged him with aggravated harassment and disorderly conduct as a juvenile.

(RTimages/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Cops busted a 15-year-old Queens high schooler they say spit on a Muslim classmate and tried to pull her hijab off, officials said Friday.

The boy was riding an elevator with the 16-year-old victim inside the High School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Jamaica when he called her a “Muslim b—h!” and spit on her about 11:15 a.m. Thursday, cops said.

He then tugged on her hijab in an attempt to rip it off her head, officials said.

The girl told school officials, who reported the incident to police.

Hijab victim wants better anti-bias training at NYC schools

Cops questioned the teen and charged him with aggravated harassment and disorderly conduct. He will be charged as a juvenile and so his name was not released, officials said.

His victim was rattled but not physically harmed, cops said.

School officials said the incident was “immediately reported.”

“We are providing the school with additional support to ensure appropriate follow-up action is taken,” Department of Education spokeswoman Toya Holness said.

“This incident is troubling, and this type of behavior has no place in our schools.”

As of Sunday, police had investigated 12 hate crimes against Muslims in New York this year — compared to nine during the same period last year, a 33% jump.



A few notes of interest, not related to garbage, crime, crooked & do nothing elected officials and other typical Jamaica ghetto bullshit and nonsense.

The Jamaica Ball still has tickets for tonight’s event (5.20.17). Went a few years ago and it was a good time, although you have to see some of the smiling bullshit artists known as “our elected officials” there. But for a worthy cause. Presented by A Better Jamaica run by Greg Mays, one of the upstanding players in our community and overall good guy.

The Third Annual Jamaica Crawl and certainly some good restaurants on the list. Sangria happens to be one of my favorites, not just in Jamaica either and O’Lavrador is an old school restaurant with good food and a very friendly nice bar next door.



Free tennis lessons at Detective Keith Williams Park (too bad this nice park has to sit across from that polluting, poisnous Royal Waste Dump. Time to DUMP that business the hell out of here.

JOBS. For those who complain “our young kids have no jobs, so that is why the hangout” bullshit. APPLY. Sure it might not be the best paying job around, but if you are good, you certainly can make nice tips if you are a wait stuff. Just make sure to check your crappy Jamaica attitude at the door.