CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

My sources tell me that CityRib Restaurant & Bar, which recently closed with a “Closed till Further Notice” sign may  reopen December 3rd with a new name and new management, but the same ownership.

Stayed tuned.

In the meantime leaders, clean this fucking ghetto trashed area up!!! People are sick and tired of this shit, we are not all low-class ghetto trash, sections 8, homeless, welfare cases, chronic unemployed, addicts and other bottom of the barrel folks in this community. So how about sticking up for US for a change.


Ghetto trash

Ghetto trash


America had another terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood yesterday and it was not a crazy radical Islamic person, it was a crazy religious American white man. If there is a mass shooting in this country at a school, a mall, anywhere, count on some crazy white asshole to be behind it. And in this latest case in Colorado Springs, it was of course crazy religious beliefs behind it, but not Islam, good old fashion Christian crazy batshit thinking.

When I first heard about the incident, the first thing that popped into my mind, crazy white man. And yep, that was the case.

Terrorism is here in this country in the form of crazy religious zealots made up of crazy white people and the fairy tale book this time was not the Koran, but that other crazy made up book, The Bible, that people love to twist and turn for their own evil, just like crazy radical Islam folks like to do with the Koran. But I feel even if you do not twist and turn, both this books are crazy anyway and it is hard for me to understand how educated people can take those fairy tales books seriously, when both have been the cause of much violence, even though they bring peace of mind to many.

And remember, it was a crazy white man AGAIN.

Latest Terrorist – American white man, Robert Lewis Dear


From The Daily News:

Three dead, including cop, after gunman opens fire at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs; 9 more wounded, shooter in custody: police

Updated: Saturday, November 28, 2015, 2:48 AM

Gunman in Custody After Opening Fire at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs
NY Daily News

A grueling five-hour standoff between Colorado police and a gunman holed up in a Planned Parenthood clinic ended with a police officer and two others dead, nine more wounded and the shooter in custody, police said Friday.

The slain officer was identified as Garrett Swasey, 44, a six-year veteran with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

The names of the two civilians killed in the Colorado Springs shootout weren’t released as of late Friday night, while a law enforcement official identified the gunman as Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina. Dear, 59, also has a Colorado address.

Swasey, the fallen officer, was married with two children, and he was active in the Hope Chapel Church, according to the church’s website.

Police Officer Garrett Swasey, 44, was killed in a standoff with a gunman at a Planned parenthood in Colorado. UCCS via EPA Enlarge
Garrett Swasey, pictured with his wife Rachel and children Elijah and Faith. Hope Chapel Enlarge

Police Officer Garrett Swasey, 44, was killed in a standoff with a gunman at a Planned parenthood in Colorado.  Garret Swasey pictured (r.) with his wife Rachel and children Elijah and Faith.


The nine other wounded victims, including five police officers, were in good condition Friday night, police said.

The chaos began at about 11:40 a.m. with a report of shots fired around the Planned Parenthood clinic, sending scores of people in nearby stores scampering for safety.


The suspect is taken into custody outside a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

And it ended just before 5 p.m. when the unnamed suspect was apprehended inside the facility — after several hours of trading bullets with cops.

Ozy Licano, 61, a retired musician, saw the moment the shooter entered the clinic, he told the Daily News.

The gunman was “seriously armed,” Licano said. At the end of the siege, authorities led the handcuffed suspect, a bearded white man, outside as a light snow fell.

The alleged killer is identified as Robert Lewis Dear, 59.  Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The alleged killer is identified as Robert Lewis Dear, 59.


Cops said he used a “long gun” during his rampage.

With the gunman’s motive unclear, it was not certain if he had deliberately targeted the Planned Parenthood office.

POOL PHOTO Christian Murdock/The Gazette via AP

Ozy Licano describes his encounter with the shooter.

“We don’t have any information on this individual’s mentality, or his ideas or ideology,” said Lt. Catherine Buckley.

Planned Parenthood was politically targeted around the country after a series of controversial videos from an anti-abortion group depicted officials talking about donating aborted fetuses for medical uses.

The National Abortion Federation, a pro-choice group, said the clinic where the gunman holed up was part of the Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain network featured in the videos released this summer.

MAGS OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT Daniel Owen/The Gazette via AP

Emergency personnel transport an officer to an ambulance after the shooting near a Planned Parenthood clinic Friday in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“Since that video, the affiliate has seen an increase in protesters and death threats against one of their doctors,” said NAF president Vicki Saporta.

The area was still on lockdown as night arrived because police weren’t sure if the gunman had left behind possible explosive devices — including propane tanks.

Bomb technicians also combed over the suspect’s vehicle in a parking lot, a law enforcement official said.

Tearful man describes family phone call during active shooting

Police evacuated as many of the clinic staffers and patients as they could during the standoff — hustling them into the nearby Veterans Administration building.

According to police dispatch records, the gunman entered the clinic at roughly 12:15 p.m. — and began firing out the windows at propane tanks placed around the parking lot. It was unclear if he had placed the tanks there.

For the first several hours, police could only pinpoint the shooter’s location as he moved about, firing sporadically.


Police officers and fire department personnel lead people who were in a Planned Parenthood center out of an armored vehicle after the gunfire broke out in Colorado Springs.

It wasn’t clear if he’d taken hostages. When officers finally braved the building and were able to get within shouting distance, they convinced the suspected killer to surrender, said Lt. Buckley.

Joan Motolinia told the Associated Press that his sister, Jennifer, was trapped in the Planned Parenthood facility as the gunman fired at police.

She called her brother from underneath a table where she was hiding, he said.

Women are escorted to safety by emergency personnel after the shooting broke out Friday. Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Women are escorted to safety by emergency personnel after the shooting broke out Friday.

“She was telling me to take care of her babies because she could get killed,” Motolinia said of the mother of three. He said he could only listen helplessly.

“People were shooting for sure. I heard someone shooting. There was a lot of gunfire. She was calm she was trying to hide from those people,” he said.

Denise Speller, manager of a nearby hair salon, said she heard as many as 20 gunshots in less than five minutes.

MAGS OUT; MANDATORY CREDIT Daniel Owen/The Gazette via AP

A person is transported to an ambulance in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

She told The Gazette newspaper she saw two officers near a Chase Bank branch, not far from the Planned Parenthood facility.

She saw one of the officers fall to the ground and the other one kneel down to help pull him to safety behind a police cruiser, she told The Gazette.

“We’re still pretty freaked out,” Speller said in an Associated Press phone interview. “We can’t stop shaking.”

Witness Shelley Satulla said she saw five or six people put on stretchers and placed in ambulances near a shopping center close the clinic.

Planned Parenthood said in a tweet that all its staffers emerged unscathed — but the organization mourned for Officer Swasey and the other victims.

The Colorado Springs office would be closed for at least the next several days, the statement said. But other clinics in the area would remain open.As a precaution, the NYPD sent Critical Response Vehicles to Planned Parenthood locations throughout the five boroughs.

“There are currently no specific threats to any New York City locations at this time,” police said


Five years in Jamaica (hopefully not too much longer) and the conditions in Jamaica have gotten worse not better as the powers to be will tell you (photos do not lie). More garbage, more litter, more noise from problematic people, more homeless shelters and th e nonsense that group brings, more illegal conversions, more crap third world apartment building being built by slumlords & crammed with problematic people and the garbage & noise they bring, more illegal truck driving on residential streets, more crime, just more nonsense in an uncivilized community that gets worse.

And here is another angry resident about this bullshit.

I had moved into the area Almost 10 years ago . i had seen some improvements happen in the first year or 2 and then things went swinging the other way very fast . I like most other residents( home owners, i bought into a co op ) in the area are fed up and feel trapped with the element that has settled into the area .
Who would want to buy here and how can one sell and leave in hopes of finding a new home without taking a major loss on their investment . I have voiced out may times to 311 and the police wth things going on outside my building in the streets in the area and it’s like putting a small band aid on severed leg ,just not enough.
Its sad that the Homeless situation is so bad but their conduct and disregard for others ( who are hard workers and spending most of their lives away from their home to do so during the day trying to better their lives ) has become a plague with a blind eye for a solution from the powers that be.
there is a sad loss of respect, humanity and kindness for others not just here but world wide and the saddest part is that those out there are NOT teaching their children these very valuable qualities that is desperately needed today. the next generations are being more defiant to authority with false beliefs that they are untouchable and above others .I hope and pray that others in the community can and will unite to attempt , yes even attempt, at a solution instead of adding to the problem .

The quality of people here are losing the battle against the bottom of the barrel folks which are multiplying like bottom of the barrel folks multiply.

And if you are offended by this, you either belong in the latter category or you are some white liberal who lives in a nice clean community that does not deal with this bullshit or these folks but always likes to stick up for them as long as they are not in your neighborhood.

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Another shelter

Another shelter

James fobb house

The epitome of Jamaica.

The epitome of Jamaica.



Received the weekly email from the Jamaica BID, “What’s Buzzing in Jamaica” and for the most part, there is not much buzzing at all in this low-rent community, sales at crap retail stores on the Ave, “shop, dine & play” on the ave (WHAT???).

What I found interesting, amusing and incorrect in this particular email, was the section below describing night life in downtown Jamaica, I mean WHAT FUCKING NIGHTLIFE. The only somewhat nightlife was CityRib, but that is closed and I certainly do not count Ghetto Applebee’s.  But it is really pushing it when the downtown nightlife is Resorts World Casino. Pushing it when is says “downtown Jamaica”. It is not in Downtown Jamaica, far from it and hell, it is barely even in Jamaica.

Truth in advertising.

But then when you don’t have a downtown nightlife (due to probably all the nonsense that would happen with the Jamaica element), I guess you have to make up something.

nightlife jamaica




Jamaica is not only an ugly strewn garbage dump and unhealthy for you, but there are statistics to back it up. Jamaica leads Queens in filthy garbage conditions (one needs only walk out their door to see that, no stats are needed), but it also leads statistically in poor healthy, infant  mortality rate, obesity, poverty, poor schools, asthma and other diseases, but does this come as a surprise, ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I am sure it has the most uneducated group of people and a high percentage of non-English speaking residents as well. And with uneducated people, come high rates of poor health, disease, poverty, infant mortality rates and crime, oh and don’t forget GARBAGE, lots of it oh, and useless elected officials and too many shady churches with shady preachers.

Jamaica, the rotten apple of Queens.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Southeast Queens falls behind in health

Photo by Mike Shain -In Jamaica and Hollis, 17 percent of the residents live below the Federal Poverty Level, according to recent data from the city’s Health Department.

The Jamaica and Hollis neighborhoods have unhealthy profiles due to high rates of disease and crime, according to the city Health Department’s report on 14 districts across the borough.

Overall, the health profile for Queens showed that in many neighborhoods, the level of health was good. However, it found significant health inequities in Jamaica and Hollis, where death rates due to diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and homicide are higher than the citywide rates. The infant mortality rate of 9 percent in the two neighborhoods is almost double Queens’ overall rate of 4.7 percent.

“The Health Department’s Community Health Profiles represent the most comprehensive picture of neighborhood health that we have ever produced,” Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett said in a release.

According to the report, each profile outlines the health of a Queens community district using indicators of neighborhood conditions, social and economic conditions, healthy living, health care and health outcomes.

But this year, the city Health Department integrated non-traditional health indicators, such as housing quality, the number of tobacco retailers per 10,000 people, and the supermarket square footage per 100 people to each of the neighborhood profiles.

In Bayside and Little Neck, 9 percent of residents live below the Federal Poverty Level—one of the lowest poverty rates among city neighborhoods. The CB 11 community district has a lower percentage of homes with maintenance defects than does the city overall. The air pollution level is lower than for Queens as a whole as well as for the city overall. Residents in Bayside and Little Neck smoke at a similar rate to residents borough-wide or for the city as a whole, according to the area’s health profile.

For Jamaica and Hollis, the study found that 17 percent of residents live below the Federal Poverty Level. It also found that about one in seven Jamaica and Hollis adults aged 16 and older are unemployed, and over half of residents spend more than 30 percent of their monthly gross income on rent.

Flushing and Whitestone had the highest number of deaths related to heart disease at over 3,000 in the past year, while Woodside and Sunnyside had the lowest number of deaths related to heart disease at an estimated 894, according to their respective profiles.

In Elmhurst and Corona, 69 percent of residents describe their own health as “excellent,” “very good,” or “good.” Adults in that district are less likely than adults citywide to get tested for HIV, but are more likely to receive flu vaccinations. The rate of infant mortality in Elmhurst and Corona is higher than the citywide rate; however, the rate of premature death in the community district is the seventh-lowest in the city, according to the area’s health profile.



And this is the kind of trash that is way too prevalent in Jamaica and especially South Jamaica.  No doubt we will read some nonsense tomorrow that took place on Thanksgiving as some asshole shoots or stabs someone over a turkey wing.

Happy Jamaica Thanksgiving, Ghetto Style.


From The Daily News;

Man, 49, stabs his ex-girlfriend, 2 others in Queens home

Thursday, November 26, 2015, 7:31 AM
NR Sheila Paras/Getty Images/Flickr RF

Two women were stabbed in the chest and a man was knifed in the shoulder during the violence in the house on 140th Ave. in South Jamaica, Queens, late Wednesday, according to cops.

An ex-boyfriend went on a stabbing rampage in a Queens home Wednesday night, leaving one woman gravely wounded and two other victims hospitalized, cops said.

The 49-year-old man stabbed his 44-year-old ex-girlfriend in the chest during a fight in the house on 140th Ave. in South Jamaica at 8:48 p.m., according to police.

He then plunged the knife into a 26-year-old man who tried to intervene in the shoulder and a woman in her 30s in the chest, authorities said.

The younger woman was in critical condition at North Shore University Hospital.



As usual a little to late. Community Board 12 & 13, local elected officials and residents are finally saying enough is enough with supportive housing (read homeless, addicts, etc) being dumped in their community, they want it spread out to other communities (which is only fair), since Jamaica and Southeast Queens has taken it’s fair share over the decades. But where have the community boards and  people like Congressman Gregory Meeks, Senator Leroy Comrie and Councilman Ruben Wills been for decades (especially lifers Meeks and  Comrie), when homeless shelters, methodone clinics, poisonous waste facilities like Royal Waste and every other shit thing was dumped into this community. I mean does the community have to be destroyed (which is what Jamaica pretty much is) till they all stand up and say something. Why do black lives only matter when a white cop shoots a black person, what about all the other times.

I mean let’s face it, we know the type of people that supportive housing brings to a community and the Jamaica community not only has a shit load of these places, but also has  shit load of bottom of the barrel people in the community doing a bang up of job of bringing the community down to begin with. Mix them with the supportive housing crap and you can really kiss this community good-bye. It is already a big fucking mess.

I think that Jamaica Now Action Plan’s goal is to turn Jamaica into a complete ghetto territory to dump displaced people from other communities like East New York, when they start getting gentrified. Hell, that is one of the reason’s Jamaica is the way it is, when a majority of Brooklyn was being gentrified, the crap came to Southeast Queens.

And so the downfall of Jamaica continues and continues while leaders live in a bubble.

Supportive housing

Supportive housing

Another shelter

Another shelter

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

Typical Jamaica trash


From Queens Press:

Community Says ‘No More’ To Supportive Housing

By Trone Dowd

The fight for equitable distribution of supportive housing across the borough continued in the City Council Chamber of City Hall last Thursday, as residents and elected officials of the Southeast Queens community were present to express concerns of overdevelopment in their neighborhoods.

“Enough is enough,” Chairwoman Adrienne Adams said about the supportive housing issue at Wednesday’s Community Board 12 meeting. “The Mayor can dress it up, he can put a bow on it, he can put lipstick on that pig. But we all know that that pig is still a pig. We’ve have enough of the slup in this community.”

Residents from all over New York City including members of CB12 and 13 attended the City Hall hearing last Thursday to voice they’re opinion building supportive housing units in their area.

Residents from all over New York City including members of CB12 and 13 attended the City Hall hearing last Thursday to voice they’re opinion building supportive housing units in their area.

Supportive housing, which consists of shelters and correctional facilities, has become a big issue in Southeast Queens neighborhoods. The region holds more than 50 percent of the homeless shelters in Queens, more than any other region in New York City. For years residents have been wondering why their neighborhoods have become a supportive housing hotspot while other parts of Queens see half as many development plans being proposed.
Thursday’s hearing came about as a bit of a surprise to district constituents, as they were informed about the meeting less than 12 hours beforehand. Residents were not happy about being told so late and many urged those who could afford to make it to attend on behalf of those who had prior engagements the next morning.

In total, 10 residents and eight members of community boards 12 and 13 attended the meeting, alongside Council members Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica), Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) and I. Daneek Miller (D-St. Albans). State Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans) and Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica), both sent testimonies on their behalf sharing their concerns.

Both Miller and Adams clarified that they were not against what supportive housing is trying to accomplish, but wanted to see further developments happen outside of the already oversaturated Southeast Queens area.

“We feel for the homeless,” Adams said. “God forbid a lot of us are one step away from being homeless. But we can not bear the burden of an entire borough any longer. There are community boards out there with zero percent homeless facilities and supportive housing residences. Zero. We bear the majority. It is wrong, and it is unfair. We have to fight this.”

According to Miller, many times in the past, people who don’t live in affected communities have helped make decisions that have long term effects on those who do.

“There are people who are wholeheartedly and emphatically in favor of this plan but at the end of the day, their communities aren’t really being impacted,” Miller said. “If you have not had that experience, it is difficult, and would be downright inhumane not to feel the plight of these folks. But by the same token, while Southeast Queens where we have […] a majority of it in Community Board 12, our counterparts in Bayside and other places aren’t being impacted in the same way.”

Despite this, one developer in particular, the Bluestone Group, is still pushing for the development of supportive housing in Southeast Queens according to Miller.

The Bluestone Group has been fingered for poor ethics when it comes to developing in minority areas. In fact, according to Miller, development firm has been indicted by the federal government for predatory lending in communities of color and fined $5 million for overbuilding in urban areas. Most recently, the developer has already showed interest in opening more supportive housing properties in neighborhoods like Hollis.

“These are certainly not people we want in our community,” Miller said. “[They] have said, quite frankly and to me, that they’re not interested in being a landlord and chasing checks. They want to provide supportive housing and get a government check.”

Miller said that he has introduced a bill requiring agencies that have provided contracts for supportive housing to inform the community of agreements within 30 days. He hopes that this would prevent last minute hearings like last Thursday’s from happening again. The bill currently has 11 sponsors.

“What we’re trying to do is put together some tools so that way we are not fighting off these unscrupulous developers and providers time after time and fighting the same fight without resources,” Miller said.

Miller said that it would be smart to address the need for programs that would help individuals who need it in whatever form they may need, instead of relying solely on supportive housing to solve all of the issues.

“I don’t think that there’s no one that doesn’t understand that there’s a crisis in the community,” Miller said. “They are very vulnerable, whether they are homeless because of mental health issues or substance abuse issues. They need more than housing per say. The numbers show that this population, if you put them in some form of housing and don’t provide the services, they are apt to return to those lifestyles where they were before. So certainly if we’re going to address this crisis, we have to do it in a way that we demonstrate that we are invested in providing the proper resources to address it.”

Reach Trone Dowd at (718) 357-7400 x123, or @theloniusly.


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