Yesterday while marching in the 1st clean-up Jamaica protest, we saw many unbelievable sights. But this one below seems like a simple one to handle. A trailer cargo, without the cab, pretty much just being storage on a city street, specifically 166th and 108th Ave. No only that, but do you notice the fire hydrant that is being blocked.


But yet when I reported it to 311, this was the response:

**This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message.**

Service Request #: C1-1-867445731
Date Submitted: 06/30/13 6:07:12 PM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was updated.

Your complaint has been received by the Police Department and it has been determined that a long-term investigation may be necessary. Additional information will be available at the conclusion of the investigation.

Visit 311 Online
Learn About 311 Service Request Emails

Really, a long-term investigation many be necessary. I know when I said yesterday on my blog that there could be dead illegal immigrants in there, even if there was,  this would not be a long-term investigation. It is not like you were taking down Pablo Escobar, it is an illegally parked vehicle without the cab, so it is pretty much storage and it is parked in front of a fire hydrant.

No wonder shit never gets done or enforced.

Your district Councilman Comrie!

****UPDATE: I have been told the reason for the long investigation, is that since it is just the cargo trailer and the cab is not attached, it is no longer considered a “vehicle”. Do you believe this shit. So what is it, some new Jamaica Queens third world street apartment. Oh hell here goes the neighborhood again!





Continuing the tour of the 1st Jamaica Clean-Up Protest  on Saturday, June 29th, not only reveals a very dark side, South Jamaica, but how totally ineffective our elected leaders have been in dealing with the horrendous quality of life garbage problem.

As we begin to make our way toward South Jamaica and then eventually to the downtown area, we encounter some sights that  look as if we are in some third world shit hole, not one of the richest cities in the world and as Mikey Bloomberg likes to state, “New York City, the greatest city in the world.” Hey Mike, come out to Jamaica, specifically South Jamaica and see what is going on.

Well as we walk along 108th Ave, we encounter yet again, another abandoned vehicle. ( I have already lost count at this point).


Yet again, another car or should I say cars, all along 108th Avenue, leading to Merrick Blvd. What the fuck, this is a residential area, not some storage unit for wayward cars.


Now some garbage, and in prime Jamaica form, garbage just dumped all over the street. Really why bother using your own garbage cans, just dump it on the street.


More cars.


After crossing over Merrick Blvd, we come to the combo of garbage(near the light pole) and a cargo trailer with no cab. Should someone check this out, there could be a bunch of dead illegals in there. Wow you think after 911, things like this would be checked out carefully.???????????????????????????????

Next stop, the notorious James Fobb abandoned home and crackheads & prostitutes summer Jamaica house. Two women from this neighborhood joined our march and began telling us about all the kinds of stuff going on in this abandoned home. I see a health violation and a sanitation one as well, not counting the backdoor that is wide open as you will see in the next photo.


The back entrance and as you can see, the door wide open to welcome crackheads, prostitutes, rapists and any other kind of riffraff.


And what was once a garage is now a big dumping ground. This was the site of the infamous hundreds of tires scene back in March.


In front of the Middle Eastern deli at Guy Brewer and 108th. Anyone in the mood for two eggs with cheese on a bagel?


Another corner at Guy Brewer and 108th.


And yet another corner at Guy Brewer and 108th. The Jamaica version of the Bermuda Triangle.


More garbage, well, like  lots more garbage.


Same block, different garbage.


Another deli.


In front of a Preschool. The future of America.


Here is what you get when you mix very low class ghetto black people, with low class Hispanics and then spread it all over with a huge heaping tablespoon of extremely low class Middle Eastern/Pakistani. “Vibrant and Diverse” enough for you? Ask yourself this, WOULD YOU LIVE HERE? Now before you scream why don’t you include white people. I can’t, none live in this area, otherwise I would include Honey Boo Boo’s family.


More shit.


I make a little detour on South Road, which I never even heard of. This is a major Shanty Town hell hole, in back of York College.


More of South Road.


Inside all of those high weeds.


Now next to all that shit, is a somewhat fixed up house that is home to three Pakistani families. I guess from where they came from they must feel like The Jeffersons, “Were Movin’ On Up”. Christ, what the fuck has happened to this community.

cleanup protest 6.29.13 067

The prerequisite outside mattresses, or as South Jamaica likes to say, “Ghetto Camping”.


And what would South Jamaica be without the long standing burnt out house, which will sit longer than former senator Shirley Huntley’s prison sentence.


Or the abandoned home, complete with tires and outside mattress. A bargain, you probably would not even have to haggle with Mohammed the realtor.


Of course another car.


And another one, nice black crown vic.


And let’s not forget the empty lot, with an opening on both sides to cross over to 165th. Damn, these are some major major fucking disgusting human beings, well barely human.


And after going through the opening of the above lot, I come out the other end to see another empty lot with major amounts of shit, tree stumps, tree  branches and major amounts of garbage. But the really interesting part was what was directly across from it………………..read on.


This I found extremely interesting. This house which the above car is next to, along with a car in the front yard (not pictured) and tons of cars in the back yard (the red one is one of them) and lined up all around the street (most with no plates) is a duplex, but yet there is a small sign several feet away with an arrow pointing in the direction of this house, “Clyde’s Auto Repair”. Now I am not an expect on the laws, but can a house with people living in it also be an auto repair shop at the same time. This seems like something you would see in the sticks of Alabama. I do think we have at least one violation going on as well as a health violation.


This is just one of many cars with no license plate at this property.


Oh my GOD (and that is pretty bad considering that I am an atheist), I felt like I took a double dose of acid. Damn, this was one hell of a protest march and very revealing, kind of like the “Jamaica Revealed” event a few months ago. The South Jamaica area was, well I am at a loss of words, well not really. You want to talk about racism and black on black crime. Here we have an area, all people of color and not all of them “low class ghetto” (there are some long time residents from back in the day, when this was a relatively nice area, who have nowhere else to go) who have to suffer due to incompetence by our elected officials, all who are people of color and more specifically black (and that includes Helen Marshall). They have pretty much ignored this area and looks like they have done absolutely NOTHING for decades here.  REMEMBER: Cancer spreads all over if it is not caught or treated in time.

Now the actual March went down Guy Brewer to Jamaica Avenue and ended at an abandoned home on 168 Pl/90th Ave, but I had to see some of these other sites in South Jamaica.

Over two years of continuous dumping at this dangerous falling down home at 89

The Jamaica clean-up protest march ended here, a block away from the Police Station and the future sight of the $50 million retail project

Shit I cannot wait to get back to my own neighborhood, a few blocks from that abandoned home above…………………………..Oh shit, spoke to soon. Here is a major health and DOS violation that I reported over a week ago. I guess you folks did not get a chance to go to Shah Nowrose’s place. No big surprise here with that name. Sorry but this group of people are major pigs and they can really fuck up a neighborhood and lucky us, we got a shitload of them with our already low class ghetto people.Okay I apologize, pigs are actually much cleaner and do not like to live in filth.piggies

Unlike this crew.


And of course next door, the vacant lot that I have been complaining about and reporting and it still looks like shit.


Okay, excuse me for a minute while I go to the bathroom and puke my guts out and take a long shower.

Any wonder why we had a Clean-Up Jamaica Protest. Too bad we did not have more people or a presence of at least one of our political leaders.

Of course none of these loving sights could not be possible without all of the low class ghetto element in our community and our wonderful leadership of Queens Borough Helen Marshall, Councilman Leroy Comrie, Assemblymember Vivian Cook, Senator Malcolm Smith, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Assemblymember William Scarborough, Councilman Ruben Wills, Senator James Sanders, former Senator corrupt douche bag Shirley Huntley and all the business/community leaders who like to spout out that Jamaica is “Vibrant and Diverse”.

So, were these photos vibrant and diverse enough for you. And for you downtown head honcho folks, if you think that all this kind of shit, even in South Jamaica does not have any bearing on the downtown area, you have another thing coming, because this cancer is spreading and everyone is being affected by this. And along with all this shit is the crime that is attached with it. So you all better get off your asses and come up with some kind of action plan and solution.

Unless you like Jamaica having the reputation of not just Ghetto, but SUPERSIZED GHETTO!


A big thanks to those who came out, my friend and comrade, Pamela Hazel for organizing the protest, Agnes Chung from NY1, Michael Gannon from Queens Chronicle, Queens Borough President Everly Brown, Kew Gardens City Council Candidate Jon Torodash and Sondra Peeden, District 27 City Council Candidate.


The first Jamaica clean-up protest took place on Saturday, June 29th. Although small, it was a very vocal and very angry crowd about the garbage problem, the people who cause it and most importantly our elected leaders who have failed miserably with this issue and let the community really go to hell. Not one elected official turned up to march at the protest or even show their face, which was covered by NY1, the Queens Chronicle and the Queens Press.

Three candidates running for office did make appearances. Sondra Peeden, running for Councilman Leroy Comrie’s seat, Jon Torodash, running for City Council in Kew Gardens and Everly Brown, running for Queens Borough President. Both Torodash and Brown marched the entire way from 171st/109th Avenue through South Jamaica via 108th and Guy Brewer to Jamaica Avenue and ending at 89th Avenue/168th Place. Torodash, who is not even from Jamaica came to show his support, but no where to be found where Councilman Leroy Comrie (his district 27 is one of the worst), Assemblymember Vivian Cook (I still think she has been dead for several years), Ruben Wills, William Scarborough or the grand dame of incompetence, Queens Borough  Helen Marshall.

So let me take you on a most interesting tour of just what we saw on this march.

Before I even get to the beginning of the march at 171st St/109th Ave, I encounter these wonderful sights:

I step out my building and walk a few feet down 170th St near the empty lot at the corner of 170th St/90th Ave and encounter the classic low ghetto garbage, chicken bones galore, with a side dish of rice. Our little Teddy would have had a field day if he was with me.


Then at 170th & Liberty the “plastered all over the place signs” on telephone poles, fences and trees greets me about carpet cleaning and I am totally shocked by this sign…………………………….low class ghetto and low class third world immigrants clean their carpets.


Next the big Jamaica epidemic (and no I do not mean diabetes). I am talking about cars without license plates and/or registration stickers which is a huge problem in Jamaica as you will soon see by the photos. This one was at 170th St/Liberty Ave.


Then another one, with a South Carolina license plate and no registration sticker taking up space at 171st St/104th Ave.

cleanup protest 6.29.13 005

Yet another one at the corner of 171st/104th Avenue. By the way it is illegal to cover a car on city streets. This particular one has no license plates or registration, flat tires and the front is demolished. I reported this to DOS several days ago and it still sits along with another one a few cars down.

cleanup protest 6.29.13 007

Right across from the car above is an empty lot that just several days ago had garbage and several mattresses tossed on the street. I reported it, it got cleaned up and then just a few days later, more garbage. There is even more there , you just cannot see it with all the high weeds (and not the good kind). Keep in mind I am riding my bike and still have not even approached the initial protest spot at 171st/109th Ave.


Another sign.  A call to the number revealed a gentlemen of Middle Eastern descent who told me the company is Priceless Realty based in Florida. Do any of you leaders or city officials even look into this kind of shit.

cleanup protest 6.29.13 010

Another car, this time an out of state license, no registration. Again this is illegal. But this is Jamaica and Queens, where really nothing is enforced.


Ah, surprise, another car.???????????????????????????????

And another.


One more. This one with a California plate but no registration and it looks like it has been sitting here for some time.


And this beauty, which the woman who lives across the street has been complaining not only about this one, but all the others and the auto repair place next to this vehicle, which she stated they place many of these smashed up cars there, but alas her calls lead to no where. Hmmmm, wonder if this would be tolerated in Chelsea or the Upper East Side or Long Island City or Forest Hills or a white community?


And here is the auto repair that is responsible for some of these cars but not all. Hey Comrie, all this fucking shit is in your district. How about lifting a finger on this issue or are you too busy looking in the mirror at the not soon to be Queens Borough President job.


Wow, I finally reach my destination for the march, the notorious abandoned playground (owned by Crown Realty owner David Landau of Brooklyn) at 171st St/109th Ave to find garbage all over, high weeds and  a pile of something near the fence.


On closer inspection, the pile is broken up concrete and blocks,  dumped I am sure by Pedro the Handyman.???????????????????????????????

While waiting for my fellow protesters to show, I notice another “For Sale vehicle”, with no license plate and registration. But I am bored waiting for my comrades, so………………………………


I decide to give it the Clean-Up Jamaica Moretti treatment, broken wipers, broken side mirrors, and garbage to top it off. I think the value of the vehicle has dropped down, so if anyone is in the market…………… After my customized job, two police officers come by in a patrol car, I flag them down, tell them about this illegally parked car and the others. They tell me they have some other business to take care of down the street but will send someone to take care of it. It is 9am, by 4pm, it is still there. I call the number on the vehicle, but it is hard to understand the heavy accent, but something about his brother, blah, blah, blah.


My comrades in arms finally show (wow, I am already exhausted). Some interviewing with NY1 (it airs Saturday night) and the Queens Chronicle and meeting some people takes place and then we being the March up 171st St.


We march up 171st, turn on 108th, work our way across Merrick Blvd into the hell hole called South Jamaica, that our elected leaders have totally abandoned all together.

Tomorrow, in Part Two of the March, more abandoned cars, a hell of a lot of garbage, abandoned homes, a crack/prostitution house, and some majorly low low low class ghetto people mixed in with the even more low class third work  immigrants of the Middle Eastern and Pakistani background.

Tomorrow you will enter the hell hole known as South Jamaica, that even Lucifer himself would not dare enter.

Sneak Peak:

The notorious abandoned home and crack heads and prostitution hangout.

The notorious abandoned home , the crack heads and prostitutes hangout.

Your typical Middle Eastern Deli. Damn our delis really went down hill when the Koreans sold them to the low class Middle Eastern/Pakistani slobs.


All of this “Vibrant and Diverse” Jamaica  brought to you by Leroy Comrie, Helen Marshall, Vivian Cook and Senator Malcolm Smith.





Next week Cityrib, a high-end barbecue restaurant, is finally set to open on the bottom floor of the very nice luxury rental apartment Moda at 89-14 Parsons Boulevard. I have seen the inside of the eatery and it is very nice indeed, will seat up to 200 people, have a full service bar, prices just high enough to keep out riffraff and it is being run by a high-end Manhattan restaurant group. You can read more about it at DNAinfo New York (http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130627/jamaica/high-end-barbecue-restaurant-slated-open-jamaica-next-week). This is good news for those who have been dying for a nice sit-down restaurant in Downtown Jamaica (the only one right now is the chain Applebee’s, which does not scream out “Come Visit Jamaica”, but is better than the usual fast food shit all over the place. But Cityrib just might be the ticket for some much-needed fresh blood and a better class of people to Jamaica.

Moda Apartments2

The site of the soon to open restaurant, Cityrib.

Also in the works, two brand new hotels near the Airtrain/Sutphin Blvd/LIRR station, a Four Points by Sheraton and another unnamed full-service hotel with extensive food services (http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20130628/jamaica/sheraton-hotel-planned-for-downtown-jamaica). There is also talk of a Denny’s Restaurant, BUT WHY THE FUCK, we are trying to get rid of the low-class ghetto folks and the ghetto image, not bus more of them in, not to mention shitty food.

A Future Sutphin Blvd

A rendering of a future Sutphin Blvd, we can only hope

The nice sit-down restaurant, A Plate of Soul (http://www.plateofsoul.com/) at 110-46 Merrick Boulevard are considering opening up a second restaurant in downtown Jamaica.

A Plate of Soul on Merrick Blvd.

A Plate of Soul on Merrick Blvd.

With all of this, plus the plan to bring a department store to 168th St and 90th Avenue as part of a $50 million retail project, maybe Jamaica can start to work its way up from the bottom and eventually remove some of the element that has been destroying the community for a long time and making Jamaica the “must have low-class ghetto stop for shitty food and crappy retail”. See the key to success with Jamaica is to bring in quality people, quality businesses, increasing property values and tossing out the low-class riffraff that is so prevalent all over Jamaica.

But my big question, what  about all the fucking garbage, the abandoned homes and vacant lots used as illegal dumping grounds, the litter all over Jamaica including downtown, the crappy shitty low-class ghetto/third word immigrant stores, what about all this SHIT that our leaders have done NOTHING ABOUT. Is this going to be taken care of and go the way of the do-do bird.


I want a “low-class ghetto/low-class third world immigrant free zone”.

Hey low-class people, you might want to start packing your bags and head to Brownsville or East New York. I am sure you will all be comfortable living with your own kind, low-class slobs. Then you can all throw garbage all over the place, shop at 99 cent stores, eat shitty fast food and get fat and develop diabetes, blast loud rap music out of your cars, hang out in front of apartment building with your bagged can of beer and toss your babies diapers out of car windows. Okay so maybe  I am jumping the gun, but I can at least DREAM.

This is right next to the site of the future $50 million retail project. Thinks the developers are going to allow what our leaders have been allowing for years.

This is right next to the site of the future $50 million retail project. Thinks the developers are going to allow what our leaders have been allowing for years.




Jamaica Billboard


Please come out and join us for the 1st Clean-Up Jamaica Protest this coming Saturday. We want to have a big turnout to show our so-called elected leaders  that we have had enough of the garbage problem in our community and we want the culprits to be held accountable for their actions (and our leaders as well) and we want solutions, permanent solutions not bullshit band-aid solutions that do not do jack shit.

We want our leaders and the city to hold slumlords/absentee property owners, illegal dumpers and the  low class  bottom of the barrel people accountable for their actions. We are sick of leaders letting these people affect the quality of life in Jamaica and getting away with it with barely a smack on the wrist.

Like this property owner. I have complained about this (along with the other vacant lot up from this at the corner of 170th St/90th Ave) to Sanitation for two weeks now and look at it. This is a repeat big littering and dumping ground and our leaders have done shit about it.

169-13 90th Avenue. Every day it is garbage, garbage, garbage and our leaders the DOS is not holding this owner accountable.

169-13 90th Avenue. Every day it is garbage, garbage, garbage and our leaders DOS are not holding this owner accountable.

Or these scumbags putting their cars without license plates and registration stickers all over our city streets. It is bad enough we have to deal with all the garbage and the low class ghetto slobs and the low class third world immigrant trash, now we have to deal with these illegally parked cars all over as well. A shit load of police and traffic enforcement walk the streets every day and yet this type of thing still goes on.

I called this person to let him know that  this nice car no longer has windshield wipers, they were ripped completely off. I don' think they will be parking on my street anytime soon.

I called this person to let him know that this nice car no longer has windshield wipers, they were snapped off completely and right before the big rain. I don’t think they will be parking on my street anytime soon.

Or this notorious property owner, James Fobbs.

This is the notorious property owned by James Fobbs that was the subject of the NY1 four part garbage series that had hundreds of tires. The tires were removed but it still continues to be a dumping ground and our leaders and the city does NOTHING.

This is the notorious property owned by James Fobbs that was the subject of the NY1 four part garbage series that had hundreds of tires (see below). The tires were removed but it still continues to be a dumping ground and our leaders and the city does NOTHING.

Property located at 107-58 164th Street owned by James Fobbs who lives at 60 Doughty Blvd, #205 in Inwood (Long Island), NY  11096. March 2013.

We have had enough bullshit with these culprits and enough bullshit from our “public servants” who have done SHIT about this horrendous issue. Our leaders are taking down 6 figure incomes and look at our community, very “vibrant and diverse”, yes vibrant and diverse with garbage. This is the true “Jamaica Revealed”, because I have not seen any other kind yet.

So come out and as Spike Lee says “DO THE RIGHT THING”.

DATE: JUNE 29TH, 2013

Comrie, Marshall and company, we are not done yet. You all have failed miserably as leaders and the photos  prove it. We not only have some of the worse low class ghetto slobs/disgusting people in our community, but we also have the worse bottom of the barrel politicians. They should not be in charge of a restroom, let alone a community. JAMAICA, the worst of the worst in everything and you all must love that, because you certainly have not change that “PERCEPTION.”

Over two years of continuous dumping in front of this empty lot at 170-19 89th Ave.


Jamaica Billboard

Are you tired of all the garbage everywhere, tired of absentee landlords/slumlords doing whatever the hell they want with no repercussions, tired of absentee property owners not taking care of their properties including the major banks who hold many of the foreclosed homes,  tired of all the low class ghetto slobs affecting our quality of life, tired of our “public servants” protecting the rights of the culprits while ignoring the decent hard working people of Jamaica, tired of their excuses, tired of seeing this shit  lower your property value and affecting your well-being and our community…………………………….


165th St Shopping Area. Damn what a mess. This is the type of people who inhabit our community.

Property located at 107-58 164th Street owned by James Fobbs who lives at 60 Doughty Blvd, #205 in Inwood (Long Island), NY  11096. March 2013.

……..then make SOME NOISE and join our protest march this coming Saturday.

DATE: JUNE 29TH, 2013

Below are our elected officials and ask yourself, what have they actually done to deal with the horrendous garbage problem that has been going on for years in our community. Here is where they stand.

1. Mayor Mike Bloomberg – NOT A DAMN THING.  He barely recognizes Queens, so, hell just forget about Jamaica, it might as well be the island.

2. Queens Borough President Helen Marshall -NOTHING. Twelve, yes, count them, twelve long years of incompetency by someone who can barely speak an intelligent sentence. When approached by NY1 in regards to the garbage problem, she was not even aware there was one. What idiots voted for this village idiot and three times to boot.
EMAIL: info@queensbp.org
PHONE: 718-286-3000

3. Councilman Leroy Comrie, District 27 – VERY LITTLE, nice guy, but very little action from him regarding the Jamaica garbage problem. His district is a mess, but yet he wants to be Queens Borough President. He mentioned on the NY1 Jamaica garbage series that he was working on an anti-blight bill, but have not heard a word about it.  Still waiting on that one.
EMAIL: comrie@council.nyc.ny.us
PHONE: 718-776-3700

4. Senator James Sanders Jr, 10th Senate District – Pretty silent on the issue. I really thought he was going to be an advocate on this issue.
EMAIL: sanders@nysenate.gov
PHONE: 718-523-3069

5. Assembly Member Vivian Cook, District 32  – Hell, is this woman even alive. Have not heard one damn thing from this “been in office too damn long” incompetent boob. A sighting of her is like a sighting of Bigfoot.
EMAIL: CookV@assembly.state.ny.us
PHONE: 718-322-3975

6. Assembly Member William Scarborough, District 29 – Pretty silent on this issue, though he could stand up among the pack and make some noise about this.
EMAIL: scarbow@assembly.state.ny.us
PHONE: 718-723-5412

5. Councilman Ruben Wills, District 28– Not Much. I do give him credit for saying on NY1 garbage series that it is the people in the community. And he is right, Jamaica is filled with low class ghetto/third world immigrants who have destroyed Jamaica (If they would all disappear tomorrow, we would all be better off). But that does not get our elected leaders off the hook, I mean they are our leaders and are elected to lead and to solve the hard problems.
EMAIL: Ruben.Wills@council.nyc.gov
PHONE: 718-206-2068

6. Councilman Donovan Richards Jr, District 31 – A newbie, so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He did appear at the Springfield Garden Town Meeting on the garbage problem there, but one of his solutions was a band-aid approach of setting money aside to bring in the Doe Fund to help clean-up areas. Like I said a band-aid solution that lets the culprits get away with any responsibility, while someone else cleans up their messes.
PHONE: 718-527-4356

7. Congressman Gregory Meeks, 5th District – Useless on this subject
PHONE: Phone: (718) 725-6000

8. Senator Malcolm Smith, District 14 – Useless in so many ways and a disgrace to the office, just like his douchebag friend, former Senator Shirley Huntley.
EMAIL: masmith@nysenate.gov
PHONE: (718) 454-0162

If you care about Jamaica and what is going on, the least you can do is show up for an hour or so on a Saturday to show your support for a CLEANER JAMAICA. Remember we are stronger in numbers, especially with this rogue gallery of players.

Here is what our little Teddy has to say.

Here is what our little Teddy has to say.


Some of you know that we suddenly lost our beautiful little Pomeranian, Foxy, this past February and were devastated by her passing.

Foxy with Mommy and Daddy at Cunningham Park

Foxy with Mommy and Daddy at Cunningham Park

We now welcome into our lives, another cutie Pomeranian, Teddy, who  is 10 months and a rescue dog. Teddy lived with a hoarder in Alabama along with 51 other dogs, spent most time outside in appalling conditions and when rescued, was all dirty and matted. I guess you can say he was a ‘Bama ghetto doggie.  He recently lived on Long Island with his foster mom and Delinda fell in love with him while volunteering on Long Island at an event for rescue dogs. Out of several applicants, Delinda was picked to be Teddy’s mommy and was  brought to her house this past Sunday.

Teddy, too damn cute!

Teddy, too damn cute!

It did not take Teddy long to find a discarded chicken bone while going for a walk. Discarded chicken bones are a way too often common site in Jamaica (as common as air), along with every other piece of shit garbage that the low class savages toss with abandon and Teddy found one right away.

Teddy 6.23.13 001

Like Foxy, who loved Jamaica garbage, Teddy might just fall into her footsteps unless our damn good for nothing elected leaders start coming up with permanent solutions and see that sanitation laws are enforced.

I have an idea, why don’t all the low class Jamaica ghetto slobs move down to Alabama and live with the hoarder, I am sure they will all feel right at home with all the appalling conditions where Teddy came from.  Hell they might even think it is an upgrade. We can start a fund for a shitload of one way Greyhound bus tickets and throw in a bucket of Popeye’s Fried Chicken. You can stop over at  corrupt Senator Malcolm Smith’s office for your complimentary bucket. Tell him Joe sent you.

Senator Smith's office shares this space with a well know chain.

Senator Smith’s office shares this space with Popeye’s Chicken