Three easy steps to a cleaner, better and more prosperous Jamaica Queens.

1. Toss out all of low class ghetto savages.

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

2. Throw out all of the piss poor, lazy, corrupt Jamaica elected leaders (pretty much covers all of them) and replace with moral, hard-working, selfless and visionary leaders.

Leroy Comrie, another useless politician next to another Jamaica clown, Council Member Ruben Wills.

Leroy Comrie, another useless politician next to another Jamaica clown, Council Member Ruben Wills.

3. Throw in a good mix of white people.

Smiley Happy White People

Smiley Happy White People

If you do not follow these directions, then you will continue with this shit:

All this garbage and people just walking by, a fruit vendor next to it and the typical woman passing of literature of God. Only in Jamaica.

All this garbage and people just walking by, a fruit vendor next to it and the typical woman passing of literature of God. Only in Jamaica.


Ghetto MAX!

Ghetto MAX!



Would not allow to happen over and over again in a white community.

Would not allow to happen over and over again in a white community.

Jamaica is filthy, no way around it. Garbage, trash and litter everywhere. On sidewalks, in the streets, in the downtown area, in vacant lots, in front of businesses, overflowing garbage cans (city and property owners), no lids on garbage cans, abandoned cars with no license plates parked all over the community, illegal dumping galore. This has been going on for years and it is only getting worse. Factor in high crime, high unemployment, bad zoning, lack of litter enforcement, too many homeless shelters all over, abandoned buildings filled with garbage, is it a wonder why Jamaica has the reputation it does.  Is it a wonder why quality people are moving out. It is a wonder why many upscale businesses or corporations will not come here. Is it a wonder why no one really wants to come into the area since there is very little to offer.???????????????????????????????

Empty Lot next to 159-05 Normal Road

So exactly what have all of our black leaders done to fix this problem, what solutions have they come up with, what action plan have they proposed? NOTHING.

Would not take place in a white community.

Would not take place in a white community.

Black leaders such as Marshall, Meeks, Smith, former senator Huntly, Wills, Sanders, Scarborough, Richards, Cook, Caughman, Rev. Flake, Caughman, Flowers, Community Board #12, church leaders. Exactly what have all of you done. In my three years of living here, I have seen it just get worse, not better. I am sure long time resident and activist Pamela Hazel will say exactly the same, maybe even more.

168-07 89th Avenue Filthy Mess for several years.

168-07 89th Avenue
Filthy Mess for several years.

Do you think any of you leaders would get away with this in a majority white area? HELL NO. Your ass would be roasted on a spit and you certainly would not get elected a third time such as Comrie has. You would be held accountable for the conditions of the community.  But yet you feel no need to be held accountable in a majority community of people of color. So I assume you feel that it is totally fine for black people to live in filth, garbage, litter everywhere, to put up with nonsense such as music blasting from parked cars, violence, homeless people hanging out right near Citi Ribs bothering customers as they walk by, cheap apartments being put up where once a nice home stood. I guess it is okay for people to wait for a bus while garbage just overflows from a city trash can due to dumping of home garbage. I guess you feel that black people do not deserve the same quality of life as white people do  because if you did then you would have done something.

170th St LIRR Tunnel/Underpass

170th St LIRR Tunnel/Underpass

This is what I call MAJOR BLACK ON BLACK CRIME, perpetrated by black elected leaders who year after year after year make a million excuses why something cannot be on black crime

165th St Shopping Area. One hell of a big mess.

165th St Shopping Area. One hell of a big mess.

So people of Jamaica, when are you going to show Black Pride and Black Power and stop allowing your community to be turned into a major ghetto by do nothing leaders and you yourself standing up and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and begin to take matters in your own hands. Why wait for white people to move in like Harlem before something will be done. DEMAND BETTER FROM YOUR LEADERS AND FROM EACH OTHER.  Wake up folks, it is 2013 and a black man is in the White House!



We have a very important election coming up in the September primary which will determine what direction New York City, Queens and especially Jamaica go. Do you want the same old bullshit that has been going on for years:  over development, unaffordable housing, the city and parts of the boroughs only for the rich, dirty filthy streets and sidewalks and in the case of Jamaica, garbage and filth all over the place, dirty parks not well taken care of and a haven for homeless, crime, the attitude of do whatever wild wild west mentality and extremely too many years of poor leadership on every level.


Then people make that change and vote for a different direction. Enough of the career politicians who say one thing and do something else, enough of the corruption, enough of the PAC “Jobs for New York” and their smear tactics against good candidates, enough of people like corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks, incompetent Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, the way overrated Councilman Leroy Comrie with their constant phone calls about the candidates they are backing. Why would we want to vote for candidates that “Jobs for New York” and  these politicians (who have done very little for our community ) are backing.  We will just get the same tired old shit and status quo.


MAYOR:     Bill de Blasio








COMPTROLLER:   Elliot Spitzer




Everly Brown for Queens Borough President

Everly Brown for Queens Borough President


City Council Member District #27:    Greg Mays

greg mays






City Council Member DIstrict #28:    Eugen Evans, throw that hack Councilmember Ruben Wills out of office.



Nothing but shit stores galore

Nothing but shit stores galore

“Thanks Joe for exposing The Real Jamaica.
I was by the Jamaica LIRR station last week and could not believe how run down and disgusting that area still is.
And it’s not just the trash and cheap storefronts , it’s the filthy people walking around asking for money, drunk and drugged, cursing, etc
What’s with the new “shopping mall” under the LIRR overpass? Who was the brainless idiot who thought of that?
More money wasted on a neighborhood with no direction or control…”

The operative phrase from that quote: A NEIGHBORHOOD WITH NO DIRECTION OR CONTROL……………..and that is what happens when you put a bunch of clowns in office, career politicians and individuals with no interest aside from what they can get out of the job.

So Jamaica residents keep voting for assholes like Ruben Wills, Vivian Cook or put people in  like Manny Caughman,  Joan Flowers or people that the “almighty false gods” like Councilman Leroy Comrie ,Rev Flake, Congressman Meeks, the PAC “Jobs for New York” endorse. Then Jamaica will continue into a directionless downward spiral. Now how can you trust your “leaders” who have done very little to improve the community to tell you who to vote for.

Remember the fish stinks from the head down. And from the look of Jamaica the head is completely rotten! Time for a change in leaders and direction.

Take back your community!

sutphin Blvd2

I thought the "Shops at the Plaza" were to be high end retail, not some damn bus terminal. The funded money was to be used for that purpose only.

I thought the “Shops at the Plaza” were to be high end retail, not some damn bus depot to the casino. The funded money was to be used for retail only, not to take people with dreams of riches to the casino. What will be next to that place, Crown Fried Chicken?

Racing toward reform, does not seem to be like a race to me, more like a slow  shuffle.

Racing toward reform, does not seem to be like a race to me, more like a slow shuffle.


It seems that all you hear as far as the Democratic candidates for Queens Borough President are Melinda Katz and Peter Vallone, even from the media. Councilman Leroy Comrie dropped out for “personal reasons”,  but we know the real reason was to make room for Katz. Senator Tony Avella just recently and unexpectedly dropped out with really no reason at all, a big disappointment. So now all we have been hearing about are Katz and Vallone, two of the worst possible people to be the Queens Borough President, especially after 12 horrible years of that douchebag Helen Marshall. If you want Queens to become even worse than it already is, then go ahead and  vote for either one of these two evil and unscrupulous individuals.

BUT, there is another candidate for all those people who are saying I will not vote for either Katz or Vallone. The other candidate is a real grass root candidate, Everly Brown, so please check out his website and read up on him ( or his twitter page (

So instead of either picking the lesser of two evils (and with Katz and Vallone, both in the pockets of real estate developers, the evil meter is the same, plus both voted to overturn term limits for Bloomberg, allowing a third term against the people’s wishes) or not voting at all, vote for the other candidate, Everly Brown. A vote for Everly is a no vote for Katz and Vallone and the right choice for Queens. Do you really want a Katz or Vallone Queens?

We do not need more career politicians in office who care little about the people and community and only care for their best interests and big money. So vote for an independent candidate who will not kowtow to the powers to be and roll over and fetch.


Everly Brown for Queens Borough President

Everly Brown for Queens Borough President


Give it a fucking break Manny and “Jobs for New York” (the PAC consisting of New York Real Estate Developers). Every fucking day I get some slick piece of shit political flyer from you touting how great Manny (Manny fucking who) Caughman is or a brochure smearing another candidate for District #27 with false claims. Hell with all the money “Jobs for New York” has spent on slick brochures and sending them out every day, they could have actually created some jobs here in Jamaica, paying people to clean up all the filth and garbage everywhere or giving some of that money to sanitation to hire some more workers and sanitation officers in our community.

Today I received this slick piece of shit political brochure today.

Looks like the casting session for the old friends of Fred Sandford

Looks like the casting session for the old friends of Fred Sandford



















I love the line “If Reverend Floyd Flake, Congressman Gregory Meeks, Assemblyman Bill Scarsborough and District Leader Archie Springer are supporting Manny Caughman, then we know he’s our best choice for City Council”. FUCKING REALLY, the crooked Reverend Flake and crooked corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks. Then we know our community is getting a big fucking 12 inch dildo up the ass without lube . Since when are these fools from the casting couch of Sanford & Son, leaders in our community. Have you taken a good look at our community, garbage and litter all over the place and I mean all over the place, high crime, high unemployment, foreclosures galore, neighborhoods destroyed by shitty development. Please, you fucking clowns are anything but leaders and all lead by the head clown of this bunch Rev Flake, whose only god he answers to is the cash god.  Enough with the bullshit Grady, Bubba, Leroy and Skillet, I hear they are doing a remake of Sanford and Son, get in line for the casting.
















And if that stupid douchebag bitch Queens Borough President Helen Marshall is endorsing someone, you know they are the fucking wrong choice.

Also how can “Jobs for New York” be an organization supporting candidates committed to creating good jobs, affordable housing and strengthening the middle class, when this PAC is made up of powerful real estate developers, investment bankers and other corporations. Hell they make themselves out to be some kind of non-profit social service agency. We still do not know who the individuals associated with this PAC are.

“Jobs for New York”, Manny Caughman, Reverend Floyd Flake, Congressman Gregory Meeks, not only bad for Jamaica, but just plain old bad. People with no morals, scruples, who would steal the gold teeth out of their dead grandmother’s mouth while lying in a casket if they knew no one was looking, hell probably even if they were looking.


Every day I, as well as everyone else,  gets very slick political ads or even phone calls from this sleazy PAC “Jobs for New York”, which has absolutely nothing to do with jobs. Ads like this:

A "Jobs for New York" smear ad.

A “Jobs for New York” smear ad.

“Job for New York” is nothing more than a group of powerful real estate developers whose only agenda is their own agenda to over develop New York for their own interest and fuck the people.  Of course to do this they are trying to get their “puppet candidates” into city council.  Their smear tactics are unbelievable and base on untruths. Today I received one of their smear campaign brochures on City Council District #27 candidate Clyde Vanel. Why, because they are backing their own puppet from that district, Manny Caughman.

So take a stand against this PAC “Jobs for New York” and vote for whoever is not endorsed or backed by them (but not for Joan Flowers in District 27, she carries too much scandal baggage).

Jobs for NY  Anti Poster

Check out what Senator Tony Avella and some others had to say about the smear campaigns run by “Jobs for New York” and their candidates:

Read more about this extremely questionable PAC at The Real Deal:

The political action committee backed by the city’s strongest landlord organization, the Real Estate Board of New York, has doled out more for City Council candidates than most of them spent on their own behalf, a review of campaign filings by The Real Deal reveals.


Click to enlarge

The PAC, called Jobs For New York, has pledged to raise $10 million. So far, the group has doled out $1.34 million to candidates in 14 City Council races, data from the New York City Campaign Finance Board reveals.

The PAC has thrown its heaviest support — in the form of independent expenditures — behind candidates such as Sara Gonzalez, running for reelection to represent neighborhoods with booming development such as Red Hook and Sunset Park; and Vanessa Gibson, who is running for a seat that includes the South and West Bronx.

The PAC has spent $167,341 during this 2013 campaign cycle on behalf of Gonzalez, about double the $83,589 that her campaign alone has spent so far; and $122,726 on behalf of Gibson, who has spent just $64,556 on her own behalf.

Rounding out the top five recipients of the PAC’s largesse were City Council member Margaret Chin, running for re-election to represent Lower Manhattan, including Soho and Chinatown, with $121,108; Alan Maisel, running for a seat in South Brooklyn covering Sheepshead Bay and Canarsie, with $120,451; and Paul Vallone, an attorney running in a crowded contest for a seat in northeastern Queens, including Bayside and Whitestone, for whom the PAC has spent $113,134.

Virtually all the money was spent on printed campaign literature either for mailing or for handing out, city campaign records show.

Some chafe at the federal law allowing unlimited independent expenditures by groups not connected to campaigns, while others see it as freedom of expression. City campaign regulations require that the independent organizations, which must not coordinate their expenditures with the candidates, must disclose the source of the money.

The law allows big real estate players such as Brookfield Office Properties, the Durst Organization and Fisher Brothers to each contribute $425,000 to Jobs For New York this year, as The Real Deal reported.

A spokesperson for Vallone, Austin Finan, called the use of outside expenditures “an unfortunate reality,” but the campaign did not oppose the assistance, noting that he was backed by unions, Democratic clubs, elected officials, as well as business groups.

“He is happy to accept the support of anyone who wants to lend a hand to his campaign,” Finan said.

In contrast, Laurie Cumbo, who had received at least $79,715 in independent assistance from Jobs For New York during her quest for a Brooklyn seat covering the gentrifying Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhoods, asked the group on July 29 to stop spending on her behalf, the campaign said in a statement to The Real Deal.

A spokesperson for Mark Treyger said, the campaign in accordance with the law had no contact with Jobs For New York, or other independent groups, and added, “endorsements do not shape policy, or priorities.”

Overall, Jobs For New York, which had taken in $6.35 million as of Aug. 5, according to the most recent expense reports filed last Friday, has spent $4.4 million. The vast majority of that, some $4.2 million, was sent to the influential lobbying and consulting firm Parkside Group, based in Midtown.

The Parkside Group, in turn, has reported spending $1.34 million of its revenues as independent expenditures in 14 City Council races, mostly for mailers and palm cards.

Correction: A previously published version of the chart accompanying this article incorrectly identified Manuel Caughman as a candidate for a council seat in Brooklyn. In fact, he is running for City Council District 27, representing neighborhoods such as St. Albans and Hollis, in Queens.