You can put a fancy CityRib restaurant in Jamaica, talk about a $50 million retail project that is to go up at 168th St,  get Sheraton to put up a Hotel near the Sutphin Blvd train station, but if you keep all the low class ghetto people of every color and nationality and let them do whatever the hell they want while our elected leaders wait for the next photo op, well at the end of the day Jamaica is still a low class ghetto because obviously nobody gives a shit as these photos show.

See this is what I have to see every single day I walk out of my place, go to the gym or store.

This vacant lot at 170-19 89th Ave has been an eyesore for two years. No matter how many complaints I make (and I have lost count), the owner seems to be getting away with this while our low class ghetto citizens toss everything from bottles, cup, cans, meat and every other piece of shit that low class ghetto slobs throw away in their own community.


And of course what ghetto would not be complete without the prerequisite mattress tossed on the street.


Finished with your busted up bike, well , just toss it on the sidewalks of Jamaica because no one gives a shit and you can pretty much do whatever you please here.


And guess our Post Office is not required to clean up in front of their parking lot and  just let low class slobs toss garbage wherever. By the way, this was the place (well across the street) where some 33 year old knuckle head got a hole blown through his chest at 5am this past Saturday morning.  A few weeks back another knuckle head got his lights turned off on Shore Road at around the same time. Must be something about that early weekend morning in Jamaica.

Garbage 8.6.13 005

Where is your anti-blight bill that you mentioned on the NY1 garbage series, Mr. Comrie? I might have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot.

I will give you your dues Mr. Wills, it certainly is the people. You get rid of these types of people and you have a clean Jamaica.

I have my shit in my hood and my comrade in arms, Pamela Hazel  has her shit in her hood, but this is not a contest on who has the most ghetto hood, because we all lose on this one.


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