If you follow any Queens Borough news, you are constantly reading about how many communities just keep moving forward and improving. Long Island City and all their developments, luxury condos, restaurants, stores and green spaces. Astoria has another new quality restaurant and bar opening every other day. Jackson Heights has been in the news lately, with many Brooklynites, who can no longer afford the outrageous prices in that borough, coming to check out Jackson Heights. Ridgewood is being named the next Williamsburg. Woodside and Sunnyside are always being mentioned for some new restaurant and an alternative to the expensive Long Island City. Places like Forest Hills and Kew Gardens have always been a nice alternative to live.

But Jamaica, even though there is talk of development, is more likely to be mentioned in the news for the major garbage problem that has not been addressed, crime, garbage strewn vacant lots, abandoned houses, illegal apartments, bad zoning, poor quality of life issues and of course, corrupt local politicians and politicians who are just waiting for the next photo-op courtesy of the tax payers money.???????????????????????????????

You would think Jamaica would be a bundle of potential: a great history (jazz legends galore lived here like Coltrane, Waller, Lena, Ella), the most landmark building in all of Queens (approximately 18), close proximity to two major airports, the LIRR (which gets you into Manhattan in 20 minutes), 3 subway systems, the AirTrain and all the major highways near by.

Yet decade after decade, year after year, Jamaica keeps following way way way behind any of the other places and falls deeper and deeper into the ghetto abyss.  Unfortunately Jamaica is filled with way too many low-class ghetto slobs who think nothing of taking a piss in public in broad daylight???????????????????????????????, low-class slobs who toss any piece of garage and litter onto the sidewalks and streets of the downtown area???????????????????????????????, tons of useless and crappy 99 cent stores, cheap shitty retail

Dress for Mess

Dress for Mess

, too many beauty supply stores, one fast food joint after another (a big cause for the litter problem) and of course the worst local elected officials in one area. Either they are engaging in some illegal activity, heading off to jail or just doing the bare minimal while collecting a hefty paycheck courtesy of you and I.

Senator Malcolm Smith, the crook who could not shoot straight.

Senator Malcolm Smith, the crook who could not shoot straight.

Plus no leaders with any type of vision what-so-ever or initiative.

A big problem here is trying to attract quality businesses into our area, an  upscale retail store or a high quality restaurant. Sure we have had some small strides, Apple Bee’s , the first sit-down restaurant in downtown Jamaica, Rocoto Restaurant on Hillside Avenue/178th and the newly opened CityRib at Parsons Blvd/89th Avenue. We have also had in the last couple of years, the luxury apartment building, Moda, which houses CityRib.

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

CityRib at 89-04 Parsons Blvd, Downtown Jamaica

But unfortunately the area is rundown with too much garbage and too many low-class slobs who would rather shop at some shitty cheap retail store than to walk into the recently  opened clothing boutique, Premium House

Inside Premium House

Inside Premium House

. Merci Boutique, an upscale clothing store, which opened last year on Jamaica Avenue between 170th St and 169th, barely made it 6 months before shutting down. What is in that location now, some dirty crappy nail salon, like we need another one of those.

Of course blame goes to our low-class ghetto folks here, but more blame goes to our local elected leaders and other community leaders who have not stepped forward to address issues such as the major garbage problem and come up with solutions. How do you expect to bring in quality businesses with mounds and mounds of garbage all over Jamaica and I mean all over, including the downtown area. Where is the enforcement of all the litter laws for god’s sake.

Here are some comments I received in my email box from some leaders in the community who I will not reveal:

For a range of reasons (some of them completely unjustified), persuading quality retailers to open in the Downtown is a tough sell – and frankly, getting the community to actually support quality retailers can also be rough sledding. I’m concerned about the level of business being done at City Rib – where a huge investment has been made to create a really great amenity. The owners of the Applebee’s franchise in Jamaica complain bitterly, and (unfortunately) loudly, about their disappointment in the amount of business that they are doing. There is a great clothing new store at Sutphin and Jamaica Avenue – and I hope folks go to shop there, over the retailers who merchandise poorly. For example, the reason why the one bakery in the Downtown area closed a couple of years ago was because of a lack of business..”

“I just checked out your
website and I’m blown away.  Kudos. The rest of the community needs a
kick in the ass not only for adding to the filth, but the ones putting
up with it too. It’s shameful.”

“I ran for office and they knocked me off because I am for the people and I raised issues of garbage and resources along with other concerns from the people.”

I run into community leaders, business owners and other concerned individuals who are appalled by what is going on in the community and love what I am doing, even if they do not necessarily like the language I use or how I speak about others. The bottom line is no one and I mean no one benefits by keeping a community looking like shit for so long and then wonder why no one of quality wants to come live or do business in Jamaica.

All I ever see are drawings of what the area will look like, yet very little takes place. Major corrupt official Congressman Gregory Meeks was involved in the “Shops at Suthphin Blvd across from the LIRR train station. Two years later, nothing in it and this is what is looks like.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? The retail space on Jamaica Ave between 170th and 169th seems to have been stalled for whatever reason and one of the tenants going in beside Planet Fitness Gym is a Family Dollar, like a Family Dollar is going to attract quality people. What has happened to the $50 million dollar retail project, whatever happened to the possibility of getting a H&M on Jamaica Avenue.

This is a wake up call (a wake up call that has been sounding for some time) and some of you people really need to get your shit together. Extreme conditions call for extreme measures. Time to go out on a limb, time to speak the truth and stop with the fake bullshit, time to call people (residents and leaders) out on their shit. If you cannot do that then it is time for the old guard to step down and let the young visionaries take a crack at it. Because the old guard has been doing a piss poor job for way too long and it shows.

So instead of worrying about my fucking language or calling Helen Marshall a douche bag (which she is) or calling some people what they really are low-class ghetto slobs and low-class third world immigrants, you need to worry about something very important like the conditions in Jamaica and how you are going to resolve it.Garbage 7.28.13 003



Although our local elected leaders do pretty much nothing to improve the quality of life in Jamaica, you certainly cannot say that they will pass up  any opportunity for a photo op.

Councilman Comrie along with that crook and shit eating grin, Senator Malcolm Smith at a street naming ceremony for the late Jefferson Diggs

Councilman Comrie along with corrupt and shit eating grin, Senator Malcolm Smith, at a street naming ceremony for the late Jefferson Diggs

This past Saturday, Councilman Leroy Comrie, along side others, including corrupt and crooked senator, Malcolm Smith (isn’t it time to just step down from office instead of making a bigger ass out of yourself than you already have) hosted a street naming ceremony, which Comrie unveiled, Jefferson Diggs Way, named after the late Jamaica civil rights activist, Jefferson Diggs, who lived at the corner of 88th Avenue and 178th Street. While this ceremony was taking place, 2 blocks away, I was doing my own photo-op, a garbage strewn street near a vacant lot.

While Comrie and Crew were doing their photo-op street naming ceremony, I snapped this photo just two blocks away.

While Comrie and Crew were doing their photo-op street naming ceremony, I snapped this photo just two blocks away.

Diggs was an aide to former Councilmember Archie Spigner and then later Comrie. Comrie went on to say about Diggs “He helped to improve the quality of life for many residents and I am pleased to have been able to honor him with this street co-naming”.  Improved the quality of life for many residents, something that our dear Comrie has not done in 12 years in office nor the arrogant Senator Smith or any of the other local motley crew of elected officials.

What I do not get, if Diggs was so much for improving the quality of life for so many residents, why has Jamaica looked like shit for so damn long. And Mr. Comrie and crew, before you do another street cleaning ceremony, how about first cleaning up all the streets in Jamaica of all the garbage, trash and litter. Now that would certainly  help improve the quality of life for many residents, not some damn street naming ceremony. Hopefully the street named after Mr. Diggs was not littered with bay diapers, fast food container, Arizona Ice Tea cans and dog shit, like the  streets two blocks away.

Just another bullshit ceremony, while our quality of life in Jamaica keeps going down hill.???????????????????????????????

You can read this article in the Queens Courier at http://queenscourier.com/2013/jamaica-street-co-named-for-civil-rights-activist-jefferson-diggs/#comment-464264


Le’s face it, Jamaica Queens is a mess, no matter what some people will say.

It is a mess, it has hit below rock bottom, it is a garbage dumping ground, it is filled with low class ghetto people who do not give a shit???????????????????????????????, it is filled with “so called upstanding citizens” who also do not give a shit and do not take any kind of action, it is filled with totally useless and corrupt elected leaders who not only do not give a shit, but do very little or nothing at all to help improve the area

Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.     Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.

Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.
Twelve Years of Councilman Leroy Comrie and what does Jamaica have to show for it: LOTS OF GARBAGE.

and it is pretty much the wild wild west where anything goes and there are very little consequences for behavior.  Want to put a car on the street without a license plate, go right ahead, because very little will happen.??????????????????????????????? Want to toss your baby’s diaper or fast food containers on the sidewalk, well go ahead, you will not receive a littering summons. ???????????????????????????????Want to create illegal apartments in your building, no problem, Department of Building is as useless as 12 years of Councilman Leroy Comrie.  Want to keep your vacant lot a garbage dump, go right ahead. ???????????????????????????????Want to………………………………well you get the point.

My question. Who exactly benefits by keeping Jamaica a low class rock bottom ghetto community?

The answer. No one. Not a damn soul. Not one of our greedy useless politicians, not any of our businesses, not any home owners, no one. Everyone suffers when a community become a ghetto. Property values go down, quality businesses do not want to come into the area, businesses in the area suffer, social services get cut, good people move out while more low class shit moves in, crime rises and quality of life goes completely down hill.

So why keep Jamaica this way. I wish I had an answer.

Of course the huge disparity of income between the haves and the have nots does not help, even that concept leads to disaster, just like it did in the depression and just like it does in the present. When huge groups of people move from middle class to lower class or when people have no money to spend, nothing gets put into the economy, it stagnates and even the rich lose out, because they are not making huge strides as well as they would in a healthy economy.

So, again I will ask, why keep Jamaica a ghetto?

The local elected leaders, business leaders, preachers, ministers and other leaders of the community, you need to get your shit together and do something. Think Jamaica cannot get any lower, dead wrong, because if you do not do something now, Jamaica will become even worse than it is now. I do not think there is any bottom to hit, is just keeps going down into the abyss.




More Jamaica bullshit nonsense in regards to zoning, Department of Buildings (a pretty fucking useless agency, similar to our local elected leaders) and the crap that happens in our community courtesy of life long resident and activist, Crystal Evans. This bullshit deals with that horrible stretch of crap know as Liberty Street, not only a major eyesore but also a health hazard and issue. In usual fashion, NOTHING is being done about this.


My issue is with Department of Buildings and its failure to enforce Zoning Resolutions.  This failure contributes greatly to the Quality of Life issues of land use and many new property owners believe they have exclusivity of use of property.  I have included a  type of Zoning 101 (File for you to read for basic understanding of how and what zoning is about.  We should all know what zoning district we live in and what is not allowed.
My issue is as follows: the south side of Liberty Ave. between 172 Streets west to Merrick Blvd. has been zoned R4 since 1961.  The passage of the “Jamaica Plan Zoning” changed 2 blocks (172 to 170 Streets) to R5B and west of that remained R4.  The commercial overlay of (C2-4) for 2 blocks does not allow for what you will see in attached pictures and DOB drags their feet.  These eye sores are next to homes.

169-16 Liberty Ave

169-16 Liberty Ave

adjacent to 171-02 Liberty Ave

adjacent to 171-02 Liberty Ave

Auto Repair crap that litter too many of our residential areas.

Auto Repair crap that litter too many of our residential areas.

Liberty St at 169th St

Liberty St at 169th St

Welcome to fucking Jamaica where anything goes and our local elected leaders are as useful as hemorrhoids. Can you imagine this nonsense in all white area? ME NEITHER.



The typical Sunday morning walk to Blink Gym revealed these lovely sites:

1.  The normal overflowing garbage can that has not been picked up for two days.???????????????????????????????

2. The twin brother of the above site.???????????????????????????????

3. In front of a shitty crappy nail salon. Really why should a business clean-up in front of their property, I mean it is Jamaica, the wild wild west with do nothing leaders.???????????????????????????????

4.  In front of a church. I guess the new God Is GARBAGE.???????????????????????????????

5.  Clinton Apartments (no not Bill and Hillary’s).???????????????????????????????

6. 90-20 161st Street???????????????????????????????

And don’t forget the caretaker of this property watering the plants, Jamaica Style.???????????????????????????????

7. Next door from the  above.???????????????????????????????

8.  A few doors down from the above. The “New Downtown Jamaica Revealed”.???????????????????????????????

9. The usual downtown dumping ground.???????????????????????????????

10. The other usual downtown dumping ground (this has actually gotten worse from yesterday).???????????????????????????????

11.  And of course the typical no license plate car, because that is how we roll here in Jamaica. “License Plate, I don’t need no stinkin’ license plate”.???????????????????????????????

So there you have it another garbage filled walk courtesy of our low class ghetto slobs and our totally inadequate elected officials and leaders. You elected leaders would not be into trying something completely radical like……………..oh say……………um…………DOING YOUR FUCKING JOB?

I did not think so.Give a fuck


The other day I reported that two smashed cars (one pretty much demolished) were in two separate location in my neighborhood, one on 90th St, the other on 168th St, both right near the 103rd precinct station ( https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2013/09/28/why-the-fuck-would-a-long-term-investigation-be-needed-for-these-smashed-up-cars-on-the-street/). Both were reported to 311 and then I received a totally fucked up notification that said for both:

Your complaint has been received by the Police Department and it has been determined that a long-term investigation may be necessary. Additional information will be available at the conclusion of the investigation

Really, a long term investigation.

Well, I guess it was not that long term. And just when I thought this situation could not get any more ridiculous, on Saturday (September 28th) morning at 7:30am, I received these notifications:

Service Request #: C1-1-894470641
Date Submitted: 09/28/13 7:23:33 AM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.

Service Request #: C1-1-894470621
Date Submitted: 09/28/13 7:21:17 AM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.

Really, do you believe this shit. Funny considering today, Sunday, September 29th at 11:30am  both were still there. Does this look like “no evidence of a violation”???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Talk about a fucked up system.

Do any of you “powers to be” actually do your jobs or at the minimum, a little something?

Our tax dollars at work!Money-down-the-toilet1


Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant 95-41 Sutphin Blvd

Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant
95-41 Sutphin Blvd

It had been awhile since I have been to my favorite restaurant, Sangria’s Tapas Bar & Restaurant located at 95-41 Sutphin Blvd, a couple of blocks south of the LIRR/AirTrain/Subway station. Their food is the best around, hands down. Last night I chowed down on the Sangria Salad (the very large mixed greens with apples, walnuts, feta cheese and basil vinigarette) and one of my favorites, the grilled calamari. If they ask if you want olives and bread, take both, especially the marinated olives with garlic and hot red pepper. For drinks I ordered their made on the spot White Sangria (they also have Red and Tropical), and probably the best and most potent Sangria all around.

Nice casual atmosphere, you would not even know you were in Jamaica

Nice casual atmosphere, you would not even know you were in Jamaica

In the past they would have live music (jazz) on some Saturdays and Wednesdays, but the times I was there, no band. But last night when I walked in a band was setting up and they told me since about two months ago, they have the jazz band, The Freddy Dugard Hit Squad,

Freddy Dugard on drums

Freddy Dugard on drums

playing every Saturday from 8pm to 11pm. Of course I stayed to hear them and so damn glad I did. This quartet, (consisting of Freddy Dugard on drums (kick-ass),  bass player Mark Bass, keyboards Keico Kato, and bad ass sax player Kazuki Kitamori )  not only plays traditional jazz but also kicks it up a notch with some R&B and funk. Last night some of the tunes they cranked out were the classic “Take Five”, The Delfonic’s “La La Means I love You”, Herbie Hancock’s “Maiden Voyage, “I Wanna Rock With You” and my favorite, Grover Washington’s classic “Mister Magic”. This band is tight and they can tear it up at times. ???????????????????????????????

I was very impressed, so impressed I got their business card and passed it on to the manager of the newly opened CityRib, which has recently started live music.

If you have not been to Sangria or it has been awhile, I suggest heading over there, especially on Saturday night to hear The Freddy Dugard Hit Squad.  The place was packed last night and people were waiting for tables.

The Freddy Dugard Hit Squad

The Freddy Dugard Hit Squad

I wish our totally do nothing and useless leaders would clean up that stretch of Sutphin Blvd and begin to revitalize and develop it. Hopefully with a 24 story hotel going in across the train station, that will be the start of much need development in that area. While I feel totally safe walking along their, even late at night, outsiders might not and this would prevent them from coming into this area. That is a shame because a place as good as Sangria’s should be packed every night. NOTE: Don’t you get it numbskull leaders, businesses thrive when you clean up an area and revitalize it as opposed to keeping it ghetto shit.

If our leaders and powers to be had any vision or initiative, they would develop, clean up and market the Jamaica area as a jazz destination in Queens. With Jamaica’s rich jazz history and some of the most iconic legends residing here (John Coltrane, Fats Waller, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne to name a few) there is no reason why Jamaica cannot be a destination spot for live jazz. I know of no other area in Queens where you can see live jazz (Sangria, CityRib, Smoke BBQ Pit in Springfield Gardens, where The Freddy Dugard Hit Squad plays every Thursday evening, The Proper Cafe in Cambria Heights and Southern Girls Soul Food in Laurelton). There should be jazz cafes/clubs all around the Downtown area. Talk about making Jamaica a destination spot and pumping money into the economy, it could be New York’s answer to New Orleans.  The former La Casina, now a landmark, which was built in the 1930’s and for a period of time was a jazz nightclub, is up for sale. This would be a good time to return it to its former state of live jazz.

Come on lazy ass do nothing non-visionary leaders, I have now given you ideas, now put them into motion.

In the meantime listen to the band tear up the classic Chick Corea “Spain”.