From DNAinfo New York:

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

QUEENS — Now you can have Mario Kart with your Macbeth.

A new teen section that recently opened at the Queens Central Library in Jamaica features a video gaming lounge and multimedia room in an effort to reach out to young people in the neighborhood.

The new facility will also have an area with computers boasting photo and video editing software — features that “are hard to find” at libraries, said Joanne King, communications director for the Queens Library system.

There is a gaming center at the Flushing library, but they are hard to find elsehwere, King said.library renovation

The Queens Central Library is undergoing a $10 million renovation, which includes a new computer center and the expansion of the media center with CDs and DVDs.

Most of the renovations at the 47-year-old building are slated to be completed by the end of the year. The branch is also getting the first ever cafe at a Queens Library branch, which should be ready to open sometime this winter, library officials said.

There will be three gaming consoles at the branch — PS3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii — with one large monitor. King said the library tries “to buy games with some educational value or exercise value.”

Current titles include Kinect Adventures!, WWE All Stars, Wii Sports and Mario Kart, she said.

The 4,000-square-foot area can fit about 600 teens and is designed to look similar to the nearby Children’s Library Discovery Center, which opened at Merrick Boulevard and 90th Avenue in 2011.

The new teen library will also include a quiet room, two conference rooms and a study area for doing school work, King said.

The collaborative area will allow teens to work in groups, which “used to be discouraged in the main library space,” King said.

Thanks to the editing software, kids will be able to “collaborate on multimedia projects and creative work,” she noted.


$10 million renovation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the meantime the surrounding sidewalks around the library have garbage all over and the entire Downtown Jamaica area is one big mess of litter, garbage, illegal apartments and other quality of life issues and $10 million is spent on the library renovation after several million have already been spent on it in the past, so that obese kids can sit their fat ass in a library playing video games. Talk about not having priorities straight in a community that has major quality of life issues.The fuck



Yes, I am a Democrat, but I do not always vote Democrat, I vote for who I feel is the best candidate who will serve the community and the constituents well.

After 12 horrible years of Democrat Helen Marshall, the worst thing that can happen is to elect an individual like Democrat Melinda Katz, who is deep into the pockets of real estate developers and states she is for the common person, even though she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. I trust this woman less than I trusted Helen Marshall, Katz actually has a brain.

And so this Democrat and many others are voting for the candidate who actually cares about Queens and cares about the people who live here and that candidate is Republican Tony Arcabascio. All one needs to do is listen to one of his Queens Borough President debates and realize that he is the best person for our community.

Tony Arcabascio is showing up for the “Jamaica Quality of Life Tour” with Senator Avella, myself and others at 10am, Friday, November 1st.  What about Melinda Katz………………………………..yeah, what about her. MIA.


Help make a difference in Queens.

You can read more about Tony at http://queenscourier.com/2013/republican-bp-candidate-arcabascio-outlines-plans-if-elected/.



Many people think that the 311 system in New York sucks and does not work. Sure it is not always perfect, but for the most part I feel that it does work, although my biggest complaint is with noise complaints, but that is not so much a fault with 311 as it is with the law which has a most ridiculous 8 hour window. Noise complaints need to be responded to immediately because many noise complaints can end up becoming more serious issues, especially those late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. But one is told that police will respond if there are not other more urgent matters, although I have an issue with that reasoning.

Bottom line,  the system does work pretty well. Case in point a noise issue in the wee early hours.

For some reason I got up early this morning, around 4am and could not fall back to sleep, so I made myself some coffee and went on the computer. As I am sitting there, I could hear some very loud ghetto music blasting a block away from me on 171st, but not sure where it was coming from, car, house, apartment,  more than likely at this time it tends to be a car, but who knows. I was going to give it a few minutes to stop and when it didn’t, time to contact 311 because I certainly know that the apathetic community of color folks were going to do the typical thing, NOTHING and not get involved (that is a whole other issue in itself). Figuring that at this time, there probably were not many if any emergencies, the police would get to this quick.

And they certainly did, while pulling up my bedroom blinds, I saw a police car with lights going zooming into that direction. Here is the 311 report:

**This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this message.**

Service Request #: C1-1-904451321
Date Submitted: 10/31/13 4:58:01 AM
Request Type: Noise – Residential
Details: Loud Music/Party

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department made an arrest in response to the complaint.

So, not only did the police stop the noise but for whatever reason an arrest was made and some inconsiderate low-class ghetto person or persons, got shipped off to the local precinct.

Things can work, but you must be INVOLVED and stop ignoring ghetto bullshit. A major problem in Jamaica and communities of color.getinvolved12


Now sign that damn “Improve the Quality of Life In Jamaica, NY” petition and start being the solution, not the fucking problem.




For decades residents have been appealing to our local officials to enforce quality of life laws, but to no avail. Despite years of: attending board meetings, calling, writing, protesting and media coverage etc., our officials have turned a blind eye to the enforcement of quality of life laws. We would like to get at least 1000 signatures by mid-November.

Help us to hold our government accountable. We are asking you to sign our petition to ask our governor to intervene and ensure that Quality of Life Laws are enforced.

Help us to hold our government accountable. We are asking you to sign our petition to ask our governor to intervene and ensure that Quality of Life Laws are enforced.

So many people complain about the conditions in Jamaica, but they will not even sign their name to a petition, which is not asking much.  We need to get 50 signatures so that MoveOn.org will send the petition out to all of their members. So please will you sign this petition or do you want to be the problem and not the solution and live in these conditions.

Empty lot at 107th Ave between 164th St and 165th St.

Empty lot at 107th Ave between 164th St and 165th St.

Not Bank of America's problem, even if this is on the side of their building.

We would like to get 1000 signature by mid-November. Just click on the below button. You only need to put your NAME, EMAIL and ZIP CODE. That is it. Thanks.sign the petition


I do not even need to say much about these majorly low-class ghetto slobs who live in South Jamaica. Savages at best.  Jamaica is the fucking laughing stock of Queens and New York City. Between all the low-class ghetto slobs and all the ebony clown politicians, this community is one MAJOR SHIT HOLE.  Makes me ashamed to say I live in Jamaica and if you live in Jamaica and do not feel the same way, something is very very wrong with you. I will certainly be looking at demographics and ethnics statistics in the next community I move into, that is for sure.

Empty lot at 107th Ave between 164th St and 165th St.

Empty lot at 107th Ave between 164th St and 165th St.

SE side of Guy Brewer Rd & South Rd

SE side of Guy Brewer Rd & South Rd

Guy Brewer Road near South Road

Guy Brewer Road near South Road


Every other day I am reading about the so-called “revitalization of Jamaica” but I am beginning to think it is just smoke being blown up our asses. blow smoke up my assThis is the latest news in regards to Jamaica.


From DNAinfo New York:

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska on October 30, 2013


QUEENS — It’s Silicon Alley…on Jamaica Avenue.

Downtown Jamaica will soon get a tax-free zone for tech startups, which local officials hope will help put the neighborhood on the tech map and create much-needed jobs in the area.

York College was recently selected to become a new center for startups and expanding high-tech businesses, as part of the new statewide Start-Up NY program.

York College has been selected to implement the new Start-Up NY Program in Queens.

York College has been selected to implement the new Start-Up NY Program in Queens.

It is one of five CUNY campuses in New York City — one in each borough — to be selected for the program. The other colleges are Bronx Community College in University Heights, the City College of New York in Harlem, Medgar Evers College in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and College of Staten Island.

The initiative, scheduled to launch in January 2014, will allow businesses to operate without paying state or local taxes for 10 years, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office.

Local elected officials said the program will potentially attract numerous business to Jamaica, creating the second area with a high concentration of high-tech companies in Queens, after Long Island City.

“As downtown Jamaica continues to grow, having York College selected for the Start-Up NY Program will help to continue the revitalization we have seen take place this past decade,” said Councilman Leroy Comrie in a statement.

Jukay Hsu, the founder of Coalition for Queens, a tech advocacy group, said the program will be “great for the Queens tech community.”

“There is a lot of talent around the borough and it’s great that there are different places where people can create their companies,” he said.

Businesses participating in the program won’t pay income tax. They also won’t have to spend money on business, corporate, sales and property taxes.

In addition, their employees will pay no income taxes for the first five years, according to Cuomo’s office. For the second five years, employees will pay no taxes on income up to $200,000.

“With new businesses and affordable housing units opening around York [College], creating this tax-free zone in the community will help entice tech entrepreneurs to Queens, bringing jobs in this developing industry with them,” Comrie noted.

Rob MacKay of the Queens Economic Development Corporation said that Jamaica, where there have been a number of new housing developments, hotels and restaurants in recent years, is a perfect location for the program.

“There is a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit in the area, and it’s much safer than before,” MacKay said. “I predict the program will have positive, noticeable and long-term impact.”

The businesses will operate on campuses or land affiliated with colleges selected for the program. Colleges will also provide companies with research laboratories, development resources and experts in high-tech, according to Cuomo’s office.

“We are excited by this tremendous opportunity,” said Dr. Marcia Keizs, president of York College, in a statement. “We look forward to working with our partners to bring emerging or expanding businesses to downtown Jamaica, Queens.”

Similar tax-free zones will be created in other boroughs as well as throughout the state.

To learn more about the new program go here.


This sounds like it could be great news, but what about cleaning up an area that is known for its horrendous garbage problem which has not been addressed by any of our local elected leaders. To me it just sounds like more bullshit in this ghetto community. More than half of what they have said lately about Jamaica has not even materialized and I am wondering if it will

Councilman Comrie stated “to continue the revitalization we have seen take place this past decade.”

What planet is Comrie on or what drugs (because I want those drugs). What revitalization is he talking about. I have seen nothing in that sense of the word, just more and more garbage, which is unbelievable. Comrie is out of his mind, one of the many useless elected officials in Jamaica.

Face it the only way Jamaica will improve is by tossing out 3/4 of the low-class ghetto trash that live and shop in Jamaica and then remove  everyone of the useless black local leaders , otherwise is will still be just low-class Jamaica ghetto, period, not no fucking Silicone Avenue.






When I met with Senator Tony Avella last month in regards to the horrendous and filthy conditions in Jamaica, he mentioned to me about doing a walking tour of Jamaica and noting all the various violations, something that he did with a group of people in College Point.

The big dog, Senator Tony Avella, giving "Clean Up Jamaica Queens a hand.

The big dog, Senator Tony Avella, giving “Clean Up Jamaica Queens a hand.

We are very thankful that Senator Avella is taking time out of his busy schedule to do this with us.

We have schedule this “quality of life” walking tour of Jamaica on Friday, November 1st at 10AM going throughout the day. We will meet at the corner of 109th Ave & 171st street, right off of Merrick Blvd across from the Auto Zone. There is an abandon playground (which has dumping problems) and an apartment building across from it. So we will meet in that area.

We will take a look at all the various problem areas, violations, garbage, building issues, etc and make note of them.

We have a few people coming including my comrade in arms, hard working community activist Pamela Hazel as well as Queens Borough President candidate Tony Arcabascio. Now here is the difference between Tony Arcabascio and candidate Melinda Katz. When I first meet Tony at a debate, he talked to me about Jamaica and then set up a meeting with me and now is attending this event. When I meet Katz at a Jamaica street fair, she looked at me uninterested when I mentioned the garbage problem and gave me a look like “what garbage problem”. So who do you think has the best interest in Queens?  Both Tony Avella and Tony Arcabascio are what true leaders are, they care, they get involved, they roll their sleeves up and do what needs to be done, not skirt the issues or avoid their constituents like many of Jamaica’s leaders do or Helen Marshall.

There is also a chance that NY1 might come out to cover this. NY1 reporter and Jamaica friend, Ruschell Boone is seeing what she can do.

So please let me know if you would like to participate in this (you do not need to do the whole day, whatever you would like). I think this can be a very good thing for us here in Jamaica. Certainly many of our own local elected leaders do not care.

You can contact me at cleanup.jamaica_queens_ny@yahoo.com  if you would like to get involved in the Jamaica “quality of life” walking tour.

Also if you have not yet signed the “Jamaica Quality of Life” petition, please think about signing it:


We are totally fed up with this nonsense.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ghetto MAX!