While walking to CityRib to have their brunch on Sunday, I encountered the usual ghetto crap shit. So here we go again.

1. Slumlord house with multiple apartments (some I am sure are illegal). Garbage containers without lids. This has been reported numerous times, I have lost count.???????????????????????????????

2. Next to 160-11 89th Avenue and pretty sure belong to the shitty single room shelter (or whatever the fuck it is) for really low-class ghetto shit. You wonder why we have a rodent problem. This is just a block away from CityRib restaurant. Real damn nice folks.???????????????????????????????

3. Apartment building at 168-07 89th Ave. Saw a huge rat scurry by. Amazingly this shithole place has 17 apartments and three garbage cans and one recycle container. One definition of Ghetto.???????????????????????????????

4. Empty store front next to 89-41 164th St in downtown Jamaica. I have reported this numerous times and as can be seen this shit has been here awhile, so you all know this is a problematic area for dumping but no one checks it on a regular basis.???????????????????????????????

5. And what do we have here.???????????????????????????????

Ah, a closer inspection shows  a stream of some kind of liquid coming from this fine upstanding Jamaica resident’s penis.Garbage 10.20.13 014

Riddle: What do you get when you cross low class ghetto slobs, with major bottom of the barrel third world immigrants and useless dickwad leaders?

Answer: Jamaica


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