FYI: In case you do not know, Leroy Comrie’s wife, Marcia Moxum Comrie, is Contributing Editor of the Queens Press. I am sure she is not biased AT ALL. NO NOT AT ALL.

Also check out the ads from the “so-called leaders of Jamaica including crooks like Congressman Gregory Meeks and Rev. Flake and his wife. Yes, upstanding Jamaica citizens who have helped to turn Jamaica around as much as Comrie and Marshall. What a  BIG LOAD OF FUCKING POLITICAL BULLSHIT COURTESY OF QUEENS PRESS.

Residents of Jamaica you are FOOLS!! At least most of you for falling for this transparent shit.

From Queens Crap (my favorite website):

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanks for what, exactly?

The Queens Tribune goes above and beyond the typical pol ass-kissing by a Queens weekly, seeing fit to “honor” 4 term limited Queens pols in their latest issue, and also at an awards ceremony.

Queens Tribune

Apparently the fact that all 4 ran for a 3rd term against the wishes of the voters does not mean much to Mr. Nussbaum, et al.

“Thank you” for what? Giving us the middle finger?Press Comrie

Here are a few comments, including one from yours truly:


Anonymous said…

What a bunch of Bozo’s! These people are a disgrace and many things they have done only benefited themselves or their buddies not this borough.

Joe Moretti said…

I find the most ridiculous was Helen Marshall, followed by Leroy Comrie, then Vallone. I guess you get honored in Queens just for being elected three terms, no need to accomplish anything, just get voted for a third term. Next time you will get voted for just walking and breathing.

When I saw Queens Press yesterday, I thought, no wonder Queens is the way it is.

Talk about your crap journalism and newspaper. Might as well call it the Queens Enquirer, it is all bullshit.

Anonymous said…

I’ll line my bird cage with this one.

Anonymous said…

Notice all the ads from developers thanking the tweeders…

Anonymous said…

The contributing editor for both papers is Marcia Moxam Comrie, wife of Leroy – her full-time gig is working in PR at York College. York paid for a full-page ad in the Press, and a smaller ad in the Tribune, “honoring” Leroy Comrie et al. for their service. That money could have been used for a better purpose.



Press ComrieThe cover of the Queens Press honors four individuals who have dedicated their lives to the people of Queens. On the cover Councilman James Gennaro (who I get), Councilman Peter Vallone (who I don’t really get) and the other two I am dumfounded by, Councilman Leroy Comrie and even more dumfounded by Queens Borough President Helen Marshall. You can read the article at

Helen Marshall, I will not even get into, the woman is a total idiot and for twelve years has pretty much destroyed much of Queens with her reckless behavior with developers. But I am totally baffled by the Jamaica community’s love for Leroy Comrie and as incoming councilman I. Daneek Miller stated “he’s like a rock star, the community just appreciates and loves him so much”.  REALLY. I get how they might love him, I have meet Mr. Comrie and he is a nice fellow and having been in office for 12 years, he has certainly grown on the community. But from an outsider, who has only lived in Jamaica for 3 years but am familiar with it since 2006 and beyond, I don’t see exactly how he has helped to improve Jamaica, especially his district.???????????????????????????????

In the article, it states “that since he took office in 2002, crime is down, unemployment and foreclosure rates have dramatically decreased and parks have been restored to their original beauty, economic conditions have greatly improved and opportunities for community residents have grown. It has always been particularly important for Comrie to ensure that the quality of life in his district is the best it can be.”???????????????????????????????

I cannot verify those figures of crime, unemployment or foreclosures, but certainly a councilman, any councilman for that matter,  has very little to absolutely nothing to do with those issues, especially unemployment and foreclosure. Sure he can help with crime in working in conjunction with police and other leaders and agencies, but  he has no effect on unemployment or foreclosures, what-so-ever.

Rufus King Park, doesn't quite look restored to its original beauty.

Rufus King Park, doesn’t quite look restored to its original beauty.

Now I don’t know what the parks looked like before 2002, but have you seen Major Mark Park recently, garbage galore and homeless camped out there and this is a small park to maintain. Rufus King Park, while not bad, has a garbage issue and many homeless and drunk/addicts hang out there. Roy Wilkins Park is very well maintained and much has to do with the residents of that area, but have you seen the St. Alban’s Little League Ball field parking lot next to it, a huge illegal dumping ground that has been going on for some time till I reported it (check out the video I made:

St. Alban's Little League Field

St. Alban’s Little League Field. Mr. Comrie is one of the sponsors of the Little League.

Speaking of Roy Wilkins Park, across the street at the corner of Merrick Blvd and Foch is a vacant lot. When I first saw it back in 2006, it was a garbage dump and to this day, it is still that, even worse since the fence has been knocked down. ???????????????????????????????A few blocks north on Merrick, a vacant building was filled with mounds and mounds of garbage for years, again until I reported on this. ???????????????????????????????An abandon playground owned by a real estate person, David Landau, is an eyesore at 107th/171st St. ???????????????????????????????Mr. Comrie has been aware of this and more, yet he has not done a thing about any of these major garbage issues in his district. His district is a total travesty.

Now don’t get me wrong Comrie has done some good for the community, like with funding for the Merrick Blvd Library and the Jamaica Performing Arts Center, but as far as quality of life issues that the article states “it is important to Comrie to ensure that the quality of life in  his district is the best ever”, there is no truth in that statement, unless we are talking about sub-par quality of life.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Well I guess me and Mr. Comrie have different standards of quality of life. Because no matter where I go in Jamaica, all I see is garbage and mounds of it everywhere, sidewalks, streets, downtown Jamaica, Southeast Jamaica, parks, vacant lots, vacant homes and little enforcement of litter and garbage laws. Over 70% of building and home garbage cans have no coverings and are constantly overflowing with garbage, hence the problem of rats and other rodents. Public garbage cans overflow constantly with household garbage from illegal apartments and illegal dumping goes on constantly in the community. No matter where you go, abandon cars without license plates are parked all over streets. Yes, Comrie and myself have very different standards on quality of life.

A normal site in Jamaica

A normal site in Jamaica

All one needed to see was the NY1 four part garbage series in March and see the horrendous garbage problem in Jamaica, but hell you do not even need to see that newscast, you just need to take a walk all around Jamaica and in Mr. Comrie’s district. It is right in your face, up close and personal.

Downtown Jamaica

Downtown Jamaica

Don’t want to believe a newbie Jamaica resident like me, speak to long time residents like community activist Pamela Hazel or Amy Anderson, who was born in the former Mary Immaculate Hospital (which has been an eyesore since it closed in 2009). Speak to these folks and some other residents and get the real story on Jamaica’s quality of life and the accomplishments of Councilman Comrie, because this Queens Press article is nothing but a bunch of political propaganda for a leader who is well liked but has not done a whole hell of a lot in terms of quality of life issues in Jamaica.

Well at least this guy is watering the plants

Well at least this guy is watering the plants

WOW, talk about being bamboozled!!

So excuse me if I don’t ride the “Kiss the King’s Ass Amusement Park Ride”, I happen to like to KEEP IT REAL!  My rose colored glasses broke a long time ago.keep it real



Ms. Yvonne Reddick, District Manager of Community Board 12 stated recently in a Queens Chronicle article when hearing that the former Mary Immaculate Hospital was going to be turned into residential housing, “the decision to make it residential rather than a shelter is at least an improvement. Ten shelters already exist in the area.” And that is just that local area, that does not cover all of Jamaica which is littered with as many shelters as low-class third world apartment buildings.

Block of 171st Street in Jamaica.

Block of 171st Street in Jamaica.

Many beautiful homes line this block

Many beautiful homes line this block

???????????????????????????????Yet on the residential block of 171st Street between 90th Ave & Jamaica Ave, which sits some many nice big houses (some with wrap around porches) a couple of well taken care of pre-war apartment building and christ, one shit-hole third world apartment building, Ms. Reddick and Community Board allowed a monstrous 7 story non-profit with sleeping accommodations to be built on two lots which housed 2 one family houses (unfortunately they had been sitting vacant for years due to a fire). ???????????????????????????????

Nice prewar apartment building

Nice prewar apartment building

And then of course the lone shitty third world piece of crap.

And then of course the lone shitty third world piece of crap.

I mean how did this huge building which pretty much amounts to some kind of shelter (don’t really know the complete details of this facility) since it has “sleeping accommodations” get the go ahead to be put on on this residential block and really destroy the esthetic of the block more so than the small shit hole low-class third world apartment dwelling.

How did Community  Board allow this monster to be built in this block?

How did Community Board 12 allow this monster to be built in this block?

Now I am not completely verse in the laws, but I cannot imagine such a place being built on an all white block.

So why did this pass muster? Can someone explain this to me? Because I sure don’t get this bullshit. Why must so much of Jamaica constantly be so destroyed that you would have to level it to make it attractive again.



Jamaica residents, culture featured as ‘unsung greats’

Creator Brian Tate launched the Queens Royalty website with the Jamaica Center BID, and member Melissa Hodge, to promote the culture of downtown Jamaica.

Creator Brian Tate launched the Queens Royalty website with the Jamaica Center BID, and member Melissa Hodge, to promote the culture of downtown Jamaica.

The development of downtown Jamaica is no longer limited to new buildings and facilities. A website dedicated to revealing community art and neighborhood loyalty is making a buzz.

Queens Royalty, the site launched earlier this year, came from “a desire to counteract some of the negative perception of downtown Jamaica,” said Felicia Tunnah, executive director at the Jamaica Center BID, the group that sponsored the project.

“The idea is to celebrate the history but also celebrate the people who are here now and who are doing great things,” she said.

The Jamaica-centric site features residents, the “unsung greats,” and their stories, as well as photos of both local celebrities and community members. It also focuses attention on iconic buildings throughout the neighborhood, such as the landmarked Jamaica High School.

“They are our neighbors and loved ones, who always push forward and reach back. They are our elders and youth, who have experienced history and beckon the future,” the website’s description says.

Brian Tate, creator and producer, wanted a heavy emphasis on the area’s youth.

“Sometimes, the young people are seen as a problem. So I wanted to start there,” he said. ”The youth aren’t a problem. They’re the future.”

Queens Royalty commissioned four acclaimed photographers – Barron Claiborne, Delphine Diaw Diallo, Russell Frederick, and Jamel Shabazz – to capture a mix of local artists, entrepreneurs, students, and families.

Tate said he wanted to make these people “a part of the story, to shape what the story is and how that story is told.”

“I think there’s a lot of love among the people in Jamaica,” he said. “It’s just having a vehicle for them to express that. It’s promoting a place from the inside out.”

To make the vision a reality, Tate and the BID partnered with Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, NYS Small Business Services, the Economic Development Corporation, Borough President Helen Marshall, the 165th Street Mall and Sutphin Boulevard BID.

Tunnah said the website is “a place for people to share their own stories and really just to continue the dialogue and celebrate what’s happening here.”

Visit to discover more and submit a story of your own.


Very interesting. I don’t want to be so egotistical to think that this came about due to my “CleanUp Jamaica Queens” blog, but hey, good for them. But of course I will not only continue to write about the Jamaica gems and good things going on in the community but of course I will be giving my usual dose of reality that somehow I don’t think “Queens Royalty” will be covering. So if there is a pile of garbage lying around, a vacant house not sealed off, a corrupt local leader or any other Jamaica nonsense, you will be sure to read about it here. Queens Royalty, I don’t think so, they will shield you from that reality.

But I must say I wrote about the Jazz history way before Queens Royalty did, hell most people were not even aware of this magnificent bit of Jamaica history.

But kudos to the new kid on the block, the Jamaica website,



From DNAinfo New York:

Jamaica Taps into Tourism With Hundreds of New Hotel Rooms

Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

By Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska on November 25, 2013 7:07am |

QUEENS — Jamaica is becoming a hotel haven.

The neighborhood, once plagued with crime and despair, is now profiting from its proximity to JFK airport, the AirTrain station that opened in 2003 and access to express trains to Manhattan and the Long Island Rail Road.

It’s set to double the number of hotel rooms in the area.

A new Howard Johnson hotel that opened earlier this month on Archer Avenue, directly behind the AirTrain station, is the latest major chain to open an outpost in the area, joining Quality Inn, Ramada and Super 8.

“The reason we chose this location is that it’s easy to commute to the airport,” said the owner, Vipul Patel. “It also takes only 30 minutes to Manhattan by subway and it’s even faster by the LIRR.”

The new seven-story hotel brought 61 new hotel rooms to downtown Jamaica, increasing the total number of rooms in the area to about 350, according to statistics provided by the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, a local nonprofit development group.

“Hoteliers are learning what we have always known, that Jamaica is uniquely well-situated for travelers who don’t want to pay Manhattan prices but want easy access to the city, and in increasing numbers, are taking advantage of AirTrain to JFK,” said Carlisle Towery, president of Greater Jamaica.

Two additional hotels planned for downtown Jamaica are expected to double the current number of rooms.

Rendering of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton to be built a block away from the AirTrain Station.

Rendering of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton to be built a block away from the AirTrain Station.

Four Points by Sheraton is being built on 94th Avenue, near 147th Street, only one block away from the AirTrain station. The 150-room hotel is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.

A rendering of the 210-room hotel that is slated for construction in 2014 in downtown Jamaica next year. The hotel will be located across the street from the AirTrain station.

A rendering of the 210-room hotel that is slated for construction in 2014 in downtown Jamaica next year. The hotel will be located across the street from the AirTrain station.

The construction of another $35 million hotel planned near the Jamaica AirTrain station, is expected to begin early next year. The 24-story hotel will bring 210 new rooms to the area, a sit-down restaurant and a business center.

Rob MacKay, director of public relations, marketing and tourism at the Queens Economic Development Corporation, said the neighborhood has been changing and attracting more businesses.

“Jamaica in general has become safer and more viable place to stay and to do business, and as a result hotels and other companies are putting their money into Jamaica,” he said.

He also noted that there have always been hotels in the area, “but some of them have been really low class, including places where there is prostitution and where they rent rooms by the hour,” he said.

Now, as higher-priced hotels are moving in to the neighborhood, Jamaica joins Long Island City and Flushing, which have a high concentration of places providing accommodations for tourists, MacKay said.

Each of the neighborhoods, he noted, caters to different types of travelers.

Long Island City, which according to MacKay went from one hotel six years ago to 21 right now, attracts mostly tourists from Europe, Canada and Australia, who stay about six days on average. “The reason why they go to Long Island City is because it’s only one stop from Manhattan, but it’s $100-150 a night cheaper,” he said.

The Flushing area, MacKay said, caters mostly to travelers from Asia, while Jamaica, because of its proximity to the airport, meets the needs of people who missed their flight or have a layover, but it also serves travelers attending business meetings. The average stay in the area is 1.2-1.5 nights per customer, according to MacKay.

Prices in chain hotels in Jamaica are often similar to those in Long Island City.

Lexington Inn on Jamaica Avenue, which opened about seven years ago, offers rooms for $89. At a nearby Super 8, which was built in 2004, travelers can find rooms for $120 during peak season, and at the new Howard Johnson prices start at $109.99.

But people staying in Jamaica pay much less for getting to the airport, Vipul Patel said.

Carl Winter, 63, from Barbados, came to New York for two weeks with Shirley Marsh, 54. The couple is staying in Super 8, where they had also stayed during their previous trip to New York.

“It’s close to the subway, close to the airport, close to a shopping district and there are many restaurants and fast-food places to eat,” said Winter, who works as a musician and cook on cruise ships. “Everything we need is here. It’s a very convenient location.”


My thoughts:

I am for anything that will help to improve and clean-up Jamaica, which then will help to bring in quality businesses and also create jobs.

As long as these hotels pump money into Jamaica’s economy and cause the community to clean up it’s act and bring in quality businesses and stores and especially redo the area near the AirTrain station, I am all for it. But if it does not do any of those things, then this can be a disaster. So think these through all the way and do not do a  half-ass job with it, like so many other things in Jamaica.

I feel that that Sutphin Blvd and near the AirTrain/Subway Station if redone properly, could make for a very good area not only for tourists, but residents and people from other communities due to the access to the various transportation in that area.

Already just a few blocks away, are several Portuguese/Spanish restaurants like the amazing Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant at 9541 Sutphin Blvd(which I will put against any Manhattan restaurant),  A-Churrasqueira Restaurant & Bar at 9529 Sutphin Blvd, a Portuguese Social Club right next door and a little west, O Lavrador Restaurant & Bar at 9529 Sutphin Blvd. This was a very big Portuguese area back in the day and there is still a Portuguese presence there.  I think if done properly and cleaned-up,  this area could be a nice nightlife with various restaurants, cafes and bars, something if I am not mistaken that one of our useless leaders, Councilman Ruben Wills stated he would like to see a “restaurant row”.

Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant

Sangria Tapas Bar & Restaurant

But for that to happen that entire area needs done over and maybe some of these proposed hotels will do it. Because for this to happen not only must the area be cleaned and removed of some of the shit stores and quickie food places there now, but people must feel safe as well.

The Four Points By Sheraton and the big 210 room hotel with restaurant can help with the change. The Super 8, Quality Inn and Ramada, which have already been up for some time (but not really near the station) are not the type of hotels that will attract the people or businesses that are needed for this particular revitalization. Nor is this recent Howard Johnson that does not look to be in such a great area. But when I lived in Long Island City, the plopped a Holiday Inn Express in no man’s land near the Queens Plaza, which was very desolate and now that section is booming.

The new Howard Johnson on Archer Avenue

The new Howard Johnson on Archer Avenue

This is certainly moving Jamaica into a better direction, but only time will tell if everything falls into place.



The really great gem Peruvian Restaurant  Rocoto on Hillside Avenue, along with some other businesses in that area are being hit by a huge $5000 fine for some bullshit with their outdoor sign, such as the lettering is too big, the sign is too big, you can’t have a phone number on it and other nonsense that has not a damn thing to do with quality of life.

My big question, where are our damn local leaders on this, Helen Marshall, Leroy Comrie, Ruben Wills, Senator Malcolm Smith, Yvonne Reddick, Community Board 12, Andrew Manschel of Greater Jamaica Development, all who are touting about the “revitalization of Jamaica”, what a great potential is here and how they are all saying we need more quality businesses, especially nice sit-down restaurants.

Well, we have a nice sit-down restaurant, Rocoto, who is getting hit by a huge $5000 fine for some bullshit thing, while the actual violators of quality of life issues get away with murder, the property owners of vacant lots & houses that have become dumping grounds and places for squatters, the carwash/auto place on Merrick Blvd that spews toxic chemicals into the street, the number of shitty  businesses along Hillside and Jamaica Ave that do not clean up in front of their stores,the numerous garbage cans without lids that are overflowing, I mean I can go on and on about these issues.

Watch the WPIX video with Greg Mocker in regards to this issue.  Just click on the photo below or click here

Rocoto Restaurant, another welcome addition to Jamaica

Rocoto Restaurant, another welcome addition to Jamaica


So why aren’t you all doing something about this? I bet if they were going to change the name of Hillside Avenue to Ely Whitney Way, you all would be out there smiling for the camera.

Maybe I need to put up a missing poster sign:

“Local leaders missing backbone”.


By the way if you have not visited Rocoto, do so, amazing food with some amazing owners, Jesus and Jenny.  They are located at 178-27 Hillside Avenue.

Cozy and romatic

Cozy and romantic