Jamaica is filthy and dirty, but compared to South Jamaica, especially the area West & East of 165th street and Guy Brewer Road and North & South of South Road and 107th  which make the rest of Jamaica look like the Upper East Side. This section of South Jamaica, a haven for drugs, prostitution, crime and murder is a disaster of such huge epic proportion that Comrie, Wills and other leaders should be totally ashamed for how this area is. I have never seen anything like this outside of some backwoods section of Mississippi or parts of Detroit. The conditions are appalling to say the least. Sure you can blame this on many of the residents, but come on, not all the residents who live here  are doing this and unfortunately do not have the means to move, so they are stuck here while our leaders and the city do absolutely nothing about this. There seems to  be no intervention what-so-ever from the city. Is this how some of our residents should be living. Wow, talk about your black on black crime. And I am supposed to be the bad guy..

Take a look, a hard fucking look, because this is even appalling for Jamaica standards.

1. Vacant house at 164-22 South Road. I reported this mess with the abandon car in the beginning of summer and again in September and here it is December and it still sits but even more stripped, plus garbage is piled up around it including a mattress.

December 2013

December 2013

September 2013

September 2013

2. House at 164-18 South Road. Both the van in the driveway and the commercial truck on the street have no license plates.???????????????????????????????

3. Next to 104-72 165th St, is a typical house with a wooden fence surrounding the front and back, but when I climbed up the fence, this is what I saw, over 12 abandoned cars, some that have been there probably for years. Would anyone care to check why these are here and if  maybe there are some bodies in any of them. This was unbelievable, right on a residential street, but of course you would never know what is behind the fence.????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

4. The back of an empty house across from 104-15 164th Pl.Garbage 12.8.13 046

5. Vacant house at 104-39 164th St. Garbage galore, mattresses and broken basement windows that you can enter.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

6. Empty lot next to 104-44 164th St. Garbage all in it and the ironic no dumping sign with fines up to $20,000. Really $20,000, is that enforced in this area, because these signs appear all over, including one for $40,000.???????????????????????????????Garbage 12.8.13 071

7.  Empty Lot next to 104-20 164th St. Garbage sits in the background with the no dumping sign on the fence. I mean is this a joke.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

8. Empty lot on 107th Ave (between 164th/165th St) next to a very nice house owned by an elderly lady at 107-02 165th St. This lot has been reported so many times and even Senator Tony Avella sent out several letters after seeing it on the Jamaica Quality of Life Tour. It did get cleaned up, only to have garbage dumped again. I talked to a few people who live near there and they are very angry about this and why it is not being taken care of. They said that people in that neighborhood are actually dumping their garbage there because they do not want to pay for it. They said the fence is always being cut open. So maybe another type of fence needs to be put up there. People should not have to live next to this, like the elderly  woman with the nice house right next to this. I love the rat poison sign on the fence. Ah, if the garbage was not there, there would  be no rats.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

9. South Road between Guy  Brewer and 164th St. Would this be acceptable anywhere else, but I guess you folks figure, who gives a shit, it is just black people,  because that is the message this is all saying. And I am the one called racist.???????????????????????????????

10. A nice kind of Brownstone at 104-54 164th St is connected right next to the vacant building that is falling apart, you can see right through the roof.???????????????????????????????

11. Vacant house at 164-20 107th Ave, which has the windows on the upper floors completely opened.???????????????????????????????

12. James Fobb house at 107-58 164th St has a stove in the back that was dumped, plus the back door is completely open that I was able to enter it.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

13. Abandon building next to 107-46 Guy Brewer has all kind of wood and other shit dumped right in the lot.???????????????????????????????

14. Beauty Supply Store at 107-02 Guy Brewer with overflowing garbage cans.???????????????????????????????

15. Deli at 106-59 Guy Brewer has major garbage.Garbage 12.8.13 022

16. Beauty Shop at 106-11 Guy  Brewer, more major garbage.???????????????????????????????

17. Empty lot at 106-41 Guy Brewer. Again, love the no dumping signs.???????????????????????????????Garbage 12.8.13 066

18. Corner of 107th Ave and Guy Brewer. Garbage all on the corners. The deli across the street that I walked into to get batteries for my camera hardly had any products on the shelf, the four refrigerator containers were mostly empty, no milk, water, pretty much nothing. Four extremely shady looking men just hanging inside with the owner were so majorly drugged out, most could barely stand. By the way, many of the delis in this area not only have major amounts of garbage on the outside, they are dirty inside, very few products, shady people hanging out inside and outside and oh, by the way, all owned my Middle Eastern men, just saying. Looks very suspicious to me.???????????????????????????????

19. And why are all these cars parked all over the sidewalk on South Road and 165th?Garbage 12.8.13 069

What a FUCKING MESS. You all should be ashamed, do not any of you leaders go there, I know you have, since you are renaming that horrible stretch of South Road to Tuskegee Airman Way, a total disrespect for those brave men. Also there are so many churches all over that area ( I counted about 15-20), where are the leaders of the churches in regards to the living conditions in this area. I was totally appalled as was the college graduate student who was with me doing a project on Jamaica, part of which is vacant buildings and crime. Well, I knew exactly where to take here.




  1. It’s time to arrest Leroy Comrie and the other Jamaica dickwad politicians for dereliction of duty, for collecting a big buck salary while permitting conditions such as these in these areas. If D.A. Brown wont handcuff these bastards maybe it’s time to get the Federal authorities involved.


  2. What does the RO and a box with an X through it mean? I know it means the property is abandoned or something like that, but does anyone know the exact meaning?


    • It is used to warn fire fighters what they may encounter should the structure catch fire. The RO and a box through it means:

      Indicates that structural or interior hazards exist to a degree that consideration should be given to limit fire fighting to exterior operations only, with entry only after a risk-versus-reward assessment has been completed.


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