gentrificationWhy is it,  when the subject of gentrification is brought up, people immediately think that white people are invading to take over (and push others out) and put in fancy coffee shops, wine bars, nice sit-down restaurants, upscale retail stores, while property values go up, like those are such a horrible thing for a community. But when other ethnic groups come into a community (and take over say Pakistani people and Middle Eastern people in parts of Jamaica) and crappy retail and low class food places appear, one family homes are torn down to put up cheap low class three story apartment building to house 20 families, yards are cemented over, trees cut down, illegal curb cut and illegal parking pads appear, garbage cans overflowing with no lids and all kinds of garbage and litter are dumped everywhere, then this is considered “diverse and vibrant” from the powers to be.

This......................Moda Apartments

This………………….Moda Apartments

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

Or this……………….ghetto crap

Ask most people (of any ethnic group) and more than likely they will go with the former, gentrification. Because gentrification improves a neighborhood, standards go up, a better selection of stores and restaurants, a clean environment, pride in a community where people care. I mean who in their right mind wants to live in filth, garbage and high crime where you watch the value of your home drop.



This is typical of the shit on Hillside Ave

Or this…………………SHIT

This so-called “evil” of gentrification has recently been demonized by none other than super rich Spike Lee ( who has a multimillion dollar mansion on the Upper East Side.  Mr. Lee, as much as I love your films, you do not get a say so in this subject matter, maybe when you were a struggling artist in Fort Green, but no more, just as people like Jay Z, 50 cent and all the other mega rich rappers do not get a say so in this anymore while they live in their mansions in gated communities.

All communities want to better themselves, at least I hope so, even Jamaica, but to do that, if you cannot get your shit together like Jamaica, then it is time for gentrification. Jamaica has had decades to improve themselves on their own and they have failed miserably. Quality of life in Jamaica has just gotten worse, so now it is time for gentrification.

Inside Premium House

This…………………Premium House on Jamaica Ave/Sutphin

Dress for Mess

Or this………………..Dress for Mess

Sure some people will get pushed out, just like so many people over the ages have been pushed out of areas when change comes, that is the way of the world. But the benefits of gentrification certainly outweigh any negative as some people being pushed out. Take Jamaica for instance, if gentrification starts to take place, yes, some people will definitely have to look elsewhere, especially renters, but many who get pushed out are the same ones who are causing the issues in Jamaica, the ones who toss their garbage and litter anywhere they want. But most people benefit, especially the home owners and in the case of Jamaica, black home owners, who will finally see the value of their home increase as opposed to decrease.

This..........Addeleigh Park

This……….Addesleigh Park

Dangerous falling apart vacant homes with garbage

Or this…………………..SHIT

With gentrification, comes a decrease in crime, a higher quality of life, a cleaner community, better schools, an increase in choices of quality retail and restaurants where one does not have to leave their community in search of those things, a higher tax base which helps with improvements and more employment opportunities. It is a win-win, no matter how you look at it.

So yeah, for those like Spike Lee and other who want to condemn gentrification like it is some “evil white master plan”, tell me where you would rather live, garbage strewn high crime Jamaica with very few quality restaurants and retail shops or Mr. Lee’s former home, Fort Greene, with it’s clean streets, low crime, and many choices of fine dining and a sense of a prideful community?

It is not complicated.gentrification2



???????????????????????????????I reported the other day of the sidewalk in front of 89-23 170th that has been in disrepair for over three years, even though I have reported it to DOT four times (

Now that the snow has pretty much melted, today I got to see what was underneath all that snow, why it was all that garbage.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Jamaica, it just keeps getting shittier and more third world ghetto every day.


Jamaica needs to really get their shit together if they want to survive into the future, especially with people moving from high price Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City and Astoria to come deeper into Queens. They need to take a look at what is happening in Bed-Stuy, which back in the days was a great neighborhood, then fell into chaos during the 80’s like many places and in recent years is being revitalized.

With the exception of CityRib, which opened last year, we have not had a single new restaurant/bar open in the area, there are still no coffee places, not outdoor cafes, NOTHING.

But if you want to keep being a low-class shit hole ghetto, keep on the same path as you have been on. Remember a community is only as good as it’s residents and we need some new quality residents to come into the neighborhood, because we have too many low-class crap folks.


From DNAinfo:

Bed-Stuy New Hot Spot for City’s Top Bars Looking to Expand

By Paul DeBenedetto on February 24, 2014



Glorietta Baldy is a new Bed-Stuy watering hole from the owners of three South Brooklyn bars.

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT — When Calvin Clark decided to open a second bar, he didn’t look to expand in pricey Fort Greene, home of his popular drinking spot Mo’s.

Instead, he looked east. To Bed-Stuy.

With Bedford Hall, which opened at 1177 Bedford Ave., Clark became one of a growing number of established business owners who see moving into the neighborhood as a wise investment.

“It’s just a neighborhood that’s full of possibilities,” Clark said. “As the neighborhood is changing, people are demanding more restaurants, bars, more amenities.”

In the last year, Bed-Stuy has seen an increase in bars and restaurants opened by established restaurateurs and bar owners who are catching up to a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, business owners and officials said.

In addition to Bedford Hall and Clark’s new rock venue Olivia, at 1073 Atlantic Ave., last year saw the opening of Glorietta Baldy, a craft beer place at 502 Franklin Ave. from Bar Great Harry and Mission Dolores owners Ben, Seth and Mike Wiley; and Oaxaca Taqueria, a Mexican restaurant with locations across Manhattan and in Brooklyn, at 1116 Bedford Ave.

Further east, Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel, who opened their first restaurant Smoke Joint in Fort Greene eight years ago, continued their expansion into Bed-Stuy with a new Little Brother BBQ location at 407 Lewis Ave. The partners have already had a foothold in the neighborhood with Peaches, at 393 Lewis Ave.,  and the HotHouse at 415 Tompkins Ave.

And then there’s Doris, at 1088 Fulton St., which is owned by a husband and wife team but counts Andy McDowell of Williamsburg’s Pete’s Candy Store as an investor.

Much of the change has to do with the price of commercial real estate in the neighborhood, which has stayed reasonable even as rents have climbed, Clark said.

The 3,000-square-foot Bedford Hall, for example, rents for about half as much as the modest 1,000-square-foot Mo’s in Fort Greene, Clark said.

“There’s a demand, there’s available commercial space and there’s affordable commercial space,” Clark said. “I tell people, ‘If you’re looking for a good investment, come to Bedford Avenue while you can.'”

For others, the decision to move was more organic. Seth Wiley, one of the brothers who owns Glorietta Baldy, said the three settled on Bed-Stuy because it was a neighborhood they found themselves drawn to in their personal lives.

“If we’re thinking about somewhere, it’s usually somewhere we spend a good amount of time,” Wiley said. “And for some reason we’d been spending more and more time [in Bed-Stuy].”

Glorietta Baldy, which opened in October, serves an ever-changing craft beer menu, along with some light food from vendors like B’klyn Burro. It’s already become a popular choice in the neighborhood after a string of good press.

The more new businesses such as Glorietta Baldy become succesful in the neighborhood, the more other bar and restaurant owners will follow suit, Wiley said.

“It becomes a self-reinforcing kind of thing,” Wiley said. “When they hear, “OK, you’re doing OK over there? Great, maybe I can do that, too.'”

Brooklyn Community Board 3 member Richard Flateau said he’s already seen the demand increase “dramatically” in his five years as the board’s economic development chair.

Flateau, who has lived in Bed-Stuy for most of his life and owns a real estate business, cites a more affordable commercial real estate market and a demand for services, along with access to public transportation. Glorietta Baldy, for example, is just steps from the Franklin Avenue C train and shuttle.

But he also said the increase in business is a natural and positive development.

“When you take a long view of how communities develop, it’s not unusual,” Flateau said. “Overall, I think the fact that you have more businesses and a greater variety is probably a plus.”

That community development is something Clark said he’s seen first hand. As a Fort Greene resident for 27 years, the business owner said he remembers a time when a night out meant hopping on the train and heading to Manhattan.

Now he hopes he can help add his own mark on Bed-Stuy’s development.

“Communities are always changing,” Clark said. “It’s an opportunity to grow, and to grow with the changes that are going on in the neighborhood.”


One of our fine upstanding tax payers

One of our fine upstanding tax payers

From DNAinfo:

MTA Suspends Monday Plan to Remove Homeless for Train Cleaning

By Gustavo Solis on February 21, 2014

NEW YORK CITY — The MTA canceled its plan to remove homeless people from the E trains on Monday in order to clean cars for the morning rush hour, a spokesman said Friday.

“It’s been canceled because it’s been portrayed as something it isn’t, and we want to eliminate any potential for confusion,” said MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg.

The program, announced Wednesday at a community meeting in Queens, was a response to increased complaints of an upswing in homeless people in the subway system during the exceptionally cold winter.

There were more than 1,800 people living on the subways in 2013, up from 1,000 in 2009, according to the city’s annual HopeNYC street survey.

The MTA planned to assist the NYPD in temporarily removing homeless people from the E train at the Jamaica Center and World Trade Center stations starting Feb. 24 at 3 a.m. as an outreach program.

People who did not want to leave the subway system would not be forced to do so, an MTA spokesman said.homelessonthetrain 2


Sure, have millions of tax payer suffer at the hand of about 2000 plus smelling, deranged and filthy homeless who use the subway as a roach motel. Yeah, that makes sense. Exactly who has the rights in this city anymore. It seems the mega rich, homeless, illegal immigrants and low-class people have all the rights, while the rest of us have to suffer.

For you bleeding hearts out there that feel sorry for the homeless and feel it is their right to be in the subway, why don’t 2000 of you each take in a homeless person into your place.

It seems that the quality middle class people who are in the majority have no rights compared to the small number of homeless, non-speaking English people, illegal immigrants, ghetto slobs and low-class immigrants. The city caters to these small number of people who pay little to nothing in taxes, do little to upgrade the standard of living in their community and just plain cause the downfall of communities and put a major strain on the system.

It is a big fuck you to the rest of us.


Being a Democrat and considering myself pretty liberal, it is not all Republicans that need to be out, there are several useless Democrats in Congress that need to be out as well.

So my pick is Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-New York 5th District which encompasses Jamaica Queens). He has been in office since 1998 and has totally useless in helping the community he represents, Jamaica Queens, which has one of the worst quality of life issues in the richest city in the world, New York City. Mounds of garbage/litter all over the place, garbage strewn vacant lots, many abandoned homes in poor condition, abandon cars all over the place, tons of illegal apartments, shootings, high crime, high unemployment, high poverty, the community is a mess and any more looks like a third world country. ???????????????????????????????

Meeks supposedly worked on a deal, to turn this parking lot into a $50 million dollar retail space several years ago, but that has not happened. Just like his deal with the millions of dollars spent on the “Shops at Sutphin Plaza” several years ago, across from the Sutphin Blvd Train Station that was to have upscale retail and to this day still sits empty.

I thought the "Shops at the Plaza" were to be high end retail, not some damn bus terminal. The funded money was to be used for that purpose only.

I thought the “Shops at the Plaza” were to be high end retail, not some damn bus terminal. The funded money was to be used for that purpose only.

In late 2009, and ongoing through 2010, Greg Meeks has been investigated by a House ethics committee on loans with New York Senate Temporary President Malcolm Smith and his pastor, the local Jamaica Rev. Floyd Flake. Meeks has also been investigated about his mortgage loans to a Guyanese immigrated real estate tycoon Edul N. Ahmad of Century21 Ahmad Realty and Ace Mortgage, Inc. Meeks has denied this, although being investigated by the New York State Attorney General’s office and the House Ethics Committee. In 2010, Meeks faced Republican Asher Taub and won reelection despite his investigation.97c56-garbage-12-8-13-008

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) named Meeks one of the most-corrupt members of Congress in 2011.[18] It was subsequently reported that Meeks’ continuing ethical and criminal probes would cause his premature exit from Congress, but despite all of his corrupted behavior, he is still in office and still gets re-elected.

In reality, the whole crew of Jamaica’s elected leaders need to be flipped because they have done a shitty job for this community and it shows.

A common site, vacant lots that have become garbage dumps.

A common site, vacant lots that have become garbage dumps.

Communities like Jamaica,  which has  been neglected is where effort needs to go.

Communities like Jamaica, which has been neglected is where effort needs to go.



This is what happens when you have bad zoning, which allows a nice 1 family house to be torn down to put up a shitty cheap third world apartment building (88-23 170th St), fill it with bottom of the barrel low class people (mostly third world immigrants), a landlord who does not give a shit, a community board and leaders who allowed this shit to be built and a lack of enforcement. Unfortunately so much of Jamaica and other parts of Queens has to deal with the influx of low-class people coming into communities turning them into shit and no one doing a damn thing about it.???????????????????????????????


Illegal parking by your typical low-class third world immigrant.

Illegal parking by your typical low-class third world immigrant.



???????????????????????????????How long does it take to get a sidewalk fixed in Jamaica? Well who knows, a year, two years, three years, more. At this point it is anyone’s guess. I had reported a broken sidewalk four times in front of a property located at 89-28 170th Street, when it was a vacant lot back in 2008 (now there is some construction for some low-class 10 family shit hole third world apartment). ???????????????????????????????DOT stated that the owner had 45 days to repair it and if not, then the city would fix it and bill the owner.  Several months went by nothing. Reported it again. This time Sandy Hurricane struck about a month after reporting so I was told that DOT will not be taking care of any sidewalk complaints at that time. Reported much later on, back to the old 45 days routine, nothing.

Service Request #: C1-1-916455721
Date Submitted: 12/08/13 8:34:42 PM
Request Type: Sidewalk Condition
Details: Broken Sidewalk. Your Service Request was closed.


UNDER SECTION 2904 OF THE New York City Charter and Section 19-152 of the New York City Administrative Code, the property owner is responsible for maintaining, repairing and installing sidewalks adjoining their properties.  The Department of Transportation has inspected the location and issued a violation to the property owner.

???????????????????????????????So here it is February 2014, three years later and the sidewalk has gotten increasingly worse, especially with the snow. A phone call to the Queens Borough Commissioner told me that “There are tons of sidewalks in New York City and that we cannot get to everyone of them in a timely manner. We are on a cycle and this sidewalk will get taken care  of when DOT gets out to Community Board 12.” So I said can that take 3 years and he stated “No”. I said “Well, it has been 3 years since my first complaint.”???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????In the meantime, someone falls and sues the city, it would have been much cheaper to just fix it three years ago instead of making a million excuses of why it is not getting fixed.

So would it be taking this long in Forest Hills?