Another great story on Jamaica’s rich history. Too bad for decades Jamaica has gone to shit, while no one did anything about it. I love the line in the article “They formed committees to aid in bringing better streets, schools and other municipal necessities to Jamaica.” Well, we certainly do not have any aid of betterment like that today, not from our community board or our useless elected leaders.

From Queens Browntowner:

Queenswalk: The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Building

Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Buidling, JHenderson for Wiki 1

Every city has a Chamber of Commerce, or at least they used to. The name doesn’t seem to be in as much use as it once was, although commercial interests certainly make their presence and power known today. The name has an almost nostalgic connotation, and for me, brings to mind a group of middle-aged business men in suits and fedoras who look like a central casting call for a Jimmy Stewart movie. That’s totally inaccurate today, where such organizations are now made up of all manner of folk, and include minorities, women, and business people of many different ages, professions and persuasions.

The Chambers of Commerce across the country can look back to the medieval European guilds as their forefathers. Then, as now, people have found it advantageous to organize as a united front in protecting the needs of their members and their larger business goals. While some may be very rich and powerful on their own, it still made sense to have a formal organization, so that business interests are protected and represented in the halls of government, whether that be under a king or Congress.

Here in the United States, the first Chamber of Commerce was organized, appropriately, in New York, in 1770, chartered by King George III. The United States Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1912 by President Taft, in part as a countermeasure to the labor movement. It is a lobbying group, a very powerful one, but is not directly affiliated with local Chambers. But about the same time the national group organized, local business groups were springing up in cities large and small, all calling themselves “Chambers of Commerce.”

New York, being a consolidated city made up of smaller municipalities and cities, with different needs and populations, has several local Chambers of Commerce. In Jamaica, that organization started out as the Jamaica Board of Trade, founded by 17 civic-minded businessmen in 1919. Their first meeting place was the Butler Building, on the corner of Parsons Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue. They formed committees to aid in bringing better streets, schools and other municipal necessities to Jamaica.

Jamaica, at that time, was growing fast, with a growing shopping and civic district along Jamaica Avenue, with important stores, banks and government buildings on its length. Jamaica had become the financial center of Long Island, with major banks, trusts and insurance companies along Jamaica Avenue. The LIRR had made the area a transportation hub, and the easy commute into Penn Station or Brooklyn made Jamaica one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Queens. The Jamaica Board of Trade was going to make sure that continued.

But growth meant they needed a larger meeting space. In 1927, the Board of Trade changed its name to the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce. A committee was formed and it was decided to build a building that would suit their needs and would be a powerful physical representation of the Chamber and its work. To raise money for the building, members were able to buy into 5,000 shares of preferred stock, at $100 a share. Rules were established so that no member could buy a controlling interest. A plot of land on 161st Street was purchased in 1928.

The committee chose the designs of architect George W. Conable for their building. He was a Jamaica resident, and a member of the Chamber. He designed a ten story office building that had a commercial ground floor and seven stories of rentable office space. The storefronts and office rentals would give the COC more operating capital for its programs. Two stories would be reserved for the Chamber’s offices, meeting rooms and dining/banquet rooms. Ground was broken in 1928 and the building was dedicated a year later, with great fanfare and praise for its design and function.

George Conable, as a member of the COC may have had a leg up on any competition for the commission, but he was a skilled and talented architect, and worthy of the job. He had attended Cortland State Normal School (now SUNY Cortland) and went on to get a degree in architecture from Cornell University. He then came to NYC and worked in the offices of C.P.H. Gilbert, Barney & Chapman and Ernest Flagg. He had prepared the drawings for Flagg’s famous Singer Building, once the tallest building in NYC, sadly long gone.

In 1908, he struck out on his own, and designed Trinity Lutheran Church on 100th Street, in Manhattan. That commission led to a partnership with Hobart Upjohn, the son and grandson of famed architects Richard and Richard M. Upjohn, both best known for their churches. Upjohn & Conable were in partnership from 1908 to 1914, during which time they designed many churches. Back on his own after 1914, Conable specialized in churches, schools and hospitals. In the NYC area he designed St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in the Bronx, Main Hall of Wagner College in Staten Island, and the Central Queens Branch of the YMCA. That building was one of the influences for his choice of the Colonial Revival style for the Chamber of Commerce Building.

The COC Building is inspired by the symmetry and style of Georgian architecture, a part of the great Colonial Revival style that was popular from the turn of the 20th century well into the 1930s. This was “America’s architecture,” based, often rather freely, on the colonial styles of America in the 18th century. The building is in many ways, a typical late 1920s office building, with a tripartite massing, that is, Conable designed the building in three parts. The verticality is realized in the lower base, slightly projecting middle section three stories up, and the top pavilion above the seventh floor.

The materials are good old Colonial American red brick and cast stone. The white stone quoins at the sides and paired lines up the front help guide the eye upward to the setback on the top two floors, accented by the pedimented temple at the top, complete with pilasters and a large center cartouche flanked by two pairs of Georgian style ornamental urns. Downstairs, the entrance is designed as a triumphal arch. “Jamaica Chamber of Commerce” is carved into the frieze, announcing to all the strength of Jamaica’s business interests and the organization’s civic interests.

The building is really an interesting combination of Art Deco style setback office buildings and a Colonial Revival school or hospital building. It works, especially for the times. Jamaica continued to grow, especially after the construction of the Grand Central Parkway and the extension of the IND line to 168th Street. But the area was not immune from change. After World War II, the suburbanization of Queens began taking place. Suburban white flight, changing demographics and the popularity of suburban shopping malls changed the Jamaica shopping district for good.

In the 1980s, the city began investing in government projects designed to revitalize the Jamaica Avenue hub. The construction of the Archer Avenue station was the lynchpin of the effort. The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce instituted the Greater Jamaica Redevelopment Corporation and set up smaller Business Improvement Districts to spark business creation and growth. In 2010, a new Jamaica Chamber of Commerce building opened on Rockaway Boulevard, the building also housing a business incubator for eight start-up minority and women-owned businesses. This building was sold in 1999, and remains an active office building. Its address is 89-31 161st Street, between Jamaica and 89th Avenues. The building was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1983 and was designated a New York City landmark in 2010. GMAP

(Photograph:Jim Henderson for Wikipedia)

Photo: Christopher D. Brazee for Landmarks Preservation Commission

Photo: Christopher D. Brazee for Landmarks Preservation Commission



Asshole Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks

Asshole Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks

Assemblyman William Scarborough

Assemblyman William Scarborough

Would anyone like to challenge the statement “Jamaica, The Worst Elected Leaders around in a Community”. If you feel we don’t, then say so, but gives FACTS why they are not. If you feel your community has the worst elected leaders, then let me know. But Jamaica no doubt has the number one spot for worst leaders of all time. Let’s face it, our community looks like a huge garbage dump with litter and illegal dumping all over  (courtesy of some of the worst low-class ghetto slobs outside of some backwoods hick town in Mississippi). Our quality of life, due to lack of leadership, is poor compared to other communities. Our businesses (retail stores, restaurants, shops, etc) are with the exception of a few, the bottom of the ghetto barrel). Crime is higher than any other place is Queens, with shootings, murders, robberies and assaults a daily thing.  While every community in Queens sees property values rise and new quality businesses appear, Jamaica just keeps sliding down the shit scale.

Councilmember I. Daneek Miller & Deputy President Leroy Comrie

Councilmember I. Daneek Miller & Deputy President Leroy Comrie

Crook Senator Malcolm Smith. Would you even buy a used car from this guy.

Crook Senator Malcolm Smith. Would you even buy a used car from this guy.

So go ahead attempt to defend our elected leaders for the bang up job they have been doing for years. Leaders like former Senator Shirley Huntley (in prison on corruption charges). Senator Malcolm Smith (who has the balls to run for re-election while his trial for corruption charges approach).  Congressman Gregory Meeks, voted most corrupt leader in Congress two years in a row by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Councilman Ruben Wills, who has  been under investigation for corruption charges and was a protegee of Shirley Huntley. Assembly Member William Scarborough, recently under FBI investigation. Former Councilman Leroy Comrie, who for three terms did very little to help improve the quality of life in Jamaica. Sure he provided $6 million dollars of funding to the Queens Central Library, but now that we know about the fiasco with Tom Gallante there, just exactly where did every penny of that money go. Then there is Assembly Member Vivian Cook, in office for decades and what exactly is she doing besides drawing a hefty paycheck that we the tax payers provide.

Former Senator Huntley, The Grand Dame of Jamaica Crap

Former Senator Huntley, The Grand Dame of Jamaica Crap

The ebony Laurel & Hardy, Councilman Rueben Wills (l.) and Councilman Leroy Comrie (r) doing what they do best.

The ebony Laurel & Hardy, Councilman Rueben Wills (l.) and Councilman Leroy Comrie (r) doing what they do best.

Huntley, Cook & little Pookie. "I told you bitches not to be so greedy, now my ass is going to the dog pound."

Huntley, Cook & little Pookie. “I told you bitches not to be so greedy, now my ass is going to the dog pound.”

???????????????????????????????Jamaica is crap and looks like crap due to low-class people living here but more importantly, corrupt, useless and lazy elected leaders who have long overstayed their welcome and who have done little to justify their paychecks. But the bigger problem are the asshole residents who keep putting in the same old shit.

Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake's parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church

Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake’s parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church



Why let a little something like facts get in the way when a politician opens his mouth. Just the fact that he or she is saying something, means that it is the God’s honest truth. Right, and the check is in the mail and I will not cum in your mouth.

Leroy Comrie (left) is planning to challenge State Senator Malcolm Smith in the Democratic primary in September.  Just one of several candidates. Leroy, might want to update that photo, I mean who was president when that was taken, Regan.

Leroy Comrie (left) is planning to challenge State Senator Malcolm Smith in the Democratic primary in September. Just one of several candidates running, Leroy, might want to update that photo, I mean who was president when that was taken, Reagan.

Case in point Representative Joe Crowley of New York’s 14th congressional district. In an article from the DNAInfo website about Leroy Comrie’s run for corrupt asshole Senator Malcolm Smith’s seat, Crowley had this to say:

“Leroy has been on the forefront of building better schools for our children, protecting our seniors, and helping to create thousands of jobs across New York,” said Rep. Joseph Crowley, who backed Comrie, in a statement.

Rep. Joe Crowley stating his facts without actually stating facts.

Rep. Joe Crowley stating his facts without actually stating facts.

REALLY Crowley, what better schools (name just one), exactly how has he protected seniors (examples) and what thousands of jobs across the state (exactly how many, what companies and how did he do this). He certainly did not create any jobs in Jamaica, which has a high unemployment rate and he was councilman there for 12 years.

How about some facts to back up that statement, one instance, just one piece of fact to support that statement. It amazes me, that we have this Fox News mentality, we can just say anything and it makes it automatically true without backing up the statement with facts. I mean why let something like facts get in the way, they  just cause issues and problems, who needs them.

Oh and by the way, I have a 12.5 inch dick hanging between my legs.



From my comrade-in-arms and community activist Pamela Hazel:

A resident, Mr. H., enlists assistance from team P/J. He said, tree cutters came some time ago and cut down an ailing tree. He said, “the damn tree trunk is now being eaten by termites and soon the termites will eat my home.”

The termite-infested tree trunk is on the side walk, just a few feet away from Mr. H’s home. In the first photo, the tree cutters were captured demolishing the tree about five to six weeks ago. Location, 171 street between 108 & 109 avenues, off Merrick Boulevard. Tree being cutTree cut

Residents  on both sides of the street said, that they have called 311 and Deputy Leroy Comrie numerous times.  They said that they were given the run-around and Deputy Comrie has remained unavailable.tree cut 2

Ms. Boranian/constituents personnel at the Borough President’s office; can you please contact the appropriate agency and have this plague removed?
Please hurry, Mr. H. is living in fear and the termites are desperate for food.

This infested tree is also a health hazard and an eyesore.

Other photos were taken yesterday (4/28/14) tree cut3

Clean-up Jamaica, Now!



This is not the first time that tree parts have been left in Jamaica. Could you imagine this being left in a white community. As usual no one gives a shit about the black community, including the snake oil black politicians like Comrie.

Comrie for Senate, really, he obviously could care less about the Jamaica community, a community he was councilman for 12 years. Comrie, cares about one thing, COMRIE.


The Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks.

The Corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks.

Jamaica has been going down hill for years and some years it is just stuck in neutral. At this same time, the same old elected leaders keep getting elected, staying in office for long terms or moving into different positions. Leroy Comrie, three terms (12 years in council), Queens Borough Deputy President and now he is planning on running for Senate (Malcolm Smith’s seat). Senator Malcolm Smith in the senate since 2008. Congressman Gregory Meeks will be running for his 9th term. Assembly Member Vivian Cook, in office since 1991, unbelievable!   Assembly Member William Scarborough in office since 1991, plus was Community Board 12 President as well. Ruben Wills won a 2nd term after a very mediocre 1st term of doing very little.  Then Jamaica has had leaders such as Rev. Floyd Flake and Archie Spigner moving all over the Jamaica political chessboard for years.

Councilmember I. Daneek Miller & Deputy President Leroy Comrie

Councilmember I. Daneek Miller & Deputy President Leroy Comrie

WAKE UP JAMAICA. There is a major pattern here. Very little gets done in Jamaica over the years and it pretty much goes downhill year after year, while the same political people keep getting into office year after year. So for decades very little has changed as far as the elected leader go and the community does not get better. Same names, same faces. Even people like Wills who has not been in office too long was a protegee of corrupt former Senator Shirley Huntley. New Councilman, I. Daneek Miller, was handpicked by Leroy Comrie.  Senator Malcolm Smith was a protegee of Rev. Floyd Flake when Flake was  Congressman from 1986 to 1991.

Scumbag Senator Malcolm A. Smith "OH SHIT!"

Scumbag Senator Malcolm A. Smith

It is the exclusive Jamaica political club and you the Jamaica people keep putting these cheats, liars, crooked, useless and lazy leaders in office over and over again. You had a chance to toss out Wills in this last election and you didn’t. You had a chance to put a fresh face in a council seat, but instead you choose Leroy Comrie’s handpicked candidate, I. Daneek Miller. You are all so damn lazy and complacent.

Wills playing "homeless" with his glowing skin, pearly whites, a watch and a wedding ring. What utter bullshit.

Wills playing “homeless” with his glowing skin, pearly whites, a watch and a wedding ring. What utter bullshit.

For Jamaica to change and change for the better, new blood, fresh faces, people who actually care about the community instead of the paycheck, power and prestige, need to be put into office. Sure some of them might not do such a great job, but you don’t know if you do not put them in, otherwise you are just putting in the same folks, who have proved year after year that they are not worthy or doing a great service for the community. Case in point:  Huntley, Smith, Meeks, Cook, Wills, Comrie.  I mean what great changes have they made. Huntley in is jail, Smith is more than likely heading there after his trial and please point out the major quality of life improvements that Comrie has done all of his time in office. I mean just look at all the scandals and corruption charges in the last few years by Jamaica elected officials.

Assemblyman William Scarborough

Assemblyman William Scarborough

Time to wake up folks, because you are being played as fools by our elected fools who want to hold on to power as long as they can and they will feed you as much bullshit as they can to keep those high paying jobs with benefits that you folks pay for.

Not so cool

Huntley Mug Shot

It pretty much is Master and Slave here in Jamaica.

Huntley, Cook & little Pookie. "I told you bitches not to be so greedy, now my ass is going to the dog pound."

Huntley, Cook & little Pookie. “I told you bitches not to be so greedy, now my ass is going to the dog pound.”



From The Queens Times Ledger:

Marthone returns to challenge Meeks

By Rich Bockmann

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (l.) is facing a potential primary challenge from Joseph Marthone. Photo courtesy Joseph Marthone

U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (l.) is facing a potential primary challenge from Joseph Marthone. Photo courtesy Joseph Marthone

A southeast Queens accountant who brought up the rear of a four-way Democratic congressional primary two years ago is returning for Round 2.

Joseph Marthone is vying to get his name on the ballot for the June 24 primary to challenge U.S. Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-Jamaica), who is seeking a ninth term in office.

Marthone could not be reached for comment.

He earned slightly more than 8 percent of the votes in 2012, when he challenged Meeks in the primary for the 5th Congressional District, covering southeast Queens and parts of Nassau County. Meeks triumphed in that contest with 9,400 votes — good for a 55-point margin of victory over former City Councilman Allan Jennings.

This time around, Marthone submitted an unusually large number of petitions to the city Board of Elections — 800 pages compared to Meeks’ 257 — though the number of pages submitted does not necessarily correlate to the number of signatures.

Nigel Loncke, whose LinkedIn profile lists him as a community liaison in Meeks’ office, has filed challenges to Marthone’s petitions.

Marthone had not filed any contributions for the first quarter of the year with the Federal Elections Commission by the April 15 deadline and shows no contributions from his 2012 run.

Candidates are not required to file if they do not meet the $5,000 fund-raising threshold.

Marthone did file a statement declaring his candidacy last year, which the FEC said was missing information such as party affiliation, state, district and office sought.

A spokeswoman for the commission said it is possible Marthone provided the information over the phone, in which case there would not be a record on the FEC website.

The day following the 2012 primary, a volunteer for Marthone’s campaign, Ricardo Brown, sent a letter to Washington requesting a 60-day extension to file a report of campaign contributions and expenditures.

The agency’s website has no record of the report being filed.


We need someone to challenge one of the most corrupt, crooked and do nothing Congressman in the USA (READ HERE:  I mean really, 8 fucking terms, what exactly have you done Meeks in those 8 terms to better your community that you represent?  Why are dim-bulb Jamaica residents putting Meeks, one of the most corrupt congressman around, in office over and over?  Why did you dim-bulbs put Comrie in office for three terms as Councilman?  Why have the dim-bulbs put Assembly Member Vivian Cook in office like forever?  Why did dim-bulbs give useless Councilman Ruben Wills a 2nd term (it is not like he did such a bang up job in his first)?

The dim-bulbs of Jamaica just keep putting the same shit in office over and over again, just moving them around  the board like chess pieces. And then you wonder why the community is a big ghetto garbage mess.

It is the same players over and over again.




In the OH SHIT department, Queens Borough Deputy President Leroy Comrie may challenge Senator Malcolm Smith for his seat. Like Comrie did such amazing things for Jamaica in his three terms as councilman, that you would want  him for Senator. The community looked like a garbage dump when he came in and looked worse when he left.

But of course dim bulb Jamaica residents will more than likely jump on his bandwagon, just keep mediocre politicians in office forever. It is the typical crap over and over in the political game of musical chairs,  just keep shifting shit all over the place. It seems like Comrie’s goal is not the betterment of a community, but the betterment of Comrie.

Comrie allocated $5000 of tax payers money to his shit hole.

From The Queens Time Ledger:

Comrie will challenge Smith for Senate seat: Report

By Rich Bockmann

Deputy Borough President Leroy Comrie could announce later this week his plans to challenge indicted state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Hollis) for Smith’s southeast Queens seat, according to several news reports.

Comrie plans to challenge Smith, who is awaiting trial on federal corruption charges, and may announce his run later this week, several news outlets including–leroy-comrie-to-challenge-state-senator-malcolm-smith-in-primary&ei=XWpeU9fQDZDjsATx_IK4DQ&usg=AFQjCNHQqQCKKNz1n3BHSfJhb9rWDckVFw&sig2=iFAuv4ItYyFzoEryU6rJpQ&bvm=bv.65397613,d.cWc”>NY1 have reported.

A number of candidates have already thrown their hats into the race, including Democratic operative Munir Avery, Navy veteran Bernadette Semple and attorney and small businessman Clyde Vanel.

Comrie, who represented a large portion of the Senate district when he served three terms on the City Council, is considered to be heavily favored in the contest.