Many young people in Jamaica get a bad rap for no other reason than being from Jamaica, but that stereotype is being smashed.

I had mentioned in an earlier post ( that a new group consisting of young Jamaica residents who are fed up with the conditions of their community and lack of responsible leadership are taking matters in their own hands and cleaning up Jamaica block by block.

On Labor Day weekend this group calling themselves South East Queens Clean Up Group spearheaded by 22 year old, Christopher Peguero of St. Albans brought along others and with help from team P/J tackled the James Fobb vacant house eyesore, which as usual was piling up garbage all over.

NY1 reporter Agnes Chung was on hand to do a story on these smart, educated and socially conscience young people who want to make a difference in their community of Jamaica.

Click on the photo below ( or the link) to view the video (you must be a Time Warner Cable subscriber to view it).

NY1 Teen Cleanup



???????????????????????????????I reported a garbage mess at a problematic vacant lot at 169-13 90th Avenue a couple of times and this was the response I got on August 22nd from DOS. DOS is normally on top of issues, but someone slipped on this one, I mean how can you NOT notice it. Between the high weeds and garbage including the buckets, it is hard not to miss.

1 Service Request(s) Found

SERVICE REQUEST #: 2014WB0349810
CREATED ON: 08/22/2014 4:41:00 PM
REQUEST TYPE: Dirty Condition
DETAIL: Sidewalk Dirty
STATUS: The Department of Sanitation investigated this complaint and found no violation at the location.
LAST UPDATED ON: 08/27/2014 12:00:00 PM
NEXT UPDATE DUE: Closed – No Further Updates

As can be seen by the latest photos, this has hardly been cleaned and certainly would not be considered as “no violations at this location”. The front of this vacant lot has been problematic for years, since the owner is obviously not taking care of it. A constant issue throughout the community of Jamaica, there needs to be a much better way in dealing with these problematic properties, because the current way of dealing with them is not really effective. And because folks in Jamaica love to add to piles of shit, by next week I am sure more crap will be added.??????????????????????????????? And what about all that graffiti?

At least finally after about two years, the commercial vehicle without plates sitting on this property like this was some poor white trash place in the sticks of West Virginia, was finally removed. I mean, how was this vehicle allowed to sit like that (who knows what could have been in the inside) for so long. Something tells me this would have been a big no no in Melinda Katz’s community of Forest Hills, but since way too much bullshit is allowed in Jamaica, I am surprised it is still not there and someone was not selling tacos out of it. Why is such bullshit not only allow to fester in our community for so long,  but the same issues pop up over and over again, where anywhere else this shit would be not acceptable.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Senate Candidate Munir Avery and some of his supporters cleaning up another eyesore in our community.

Senate Candidate Munir Avery and some of his supporters cleaning up another eyesore in our community.

Community activist, comrade-in-arms and friend Pamela Hazel has been complaining to leaders, including those at Queens Borough Hall, about the filthy conditions of the bus stop underneath the LIRR overpass on Guy Brewer Road and Archer Avenue right next to York College. Filthy smelly walls and sidewalks along with garbage have to be endured by many people who wait here for various buses. So with little action or should I say no action from our leaders, this Labor Day weekend, Pamela gathered not only supporters of Clean Up Jamaica Queens, but Senate Candidate Munir Avery along with some of his supporters to help clean up yet another eyesore in Jamaica.  With gloves, masks, brooms, cleaning supplies, they took time out of their holiday weekend to do yet another job that our leaders and the city should be doing. By the way Munir Avery and his supporters have been tackling these kinds of projects in our community all over. Here is a leader who is not afraid to get his hands dirty and in a good way as opposed to the other ways we have seen some of our current leaders get their hands dirty.

I will let the video do the talking on this clean up. Very worth watching to hear what residents think about our leadership or lack of.




james fobbjames fobbThrow a rock in Jamaica and you are bound to hit a garbage mess without throwing it too far. Case in point,  the problematic James Fobb vacant house  located at 107-58 164th Street, which for years has not only been vacant but a crack house, a place for hookers to apply their trade and of course garbage, sometimes mounds and mounds of it, like the mounds of garbage this past Easter weekend, when Clean Up Jamaica tackled it.

This is what it looked like  before the Easter weekend cleanup

This is what it looked like before the Easter weekend cleanup

The hookers and crackheads are gone since the place was finally sealed up, thanks to Clean Up Jamaica Queens and some help from Senator Tony Avella, but unfortunately the garbage still continues being dumped. Sanitation has cleaned it up and given out plenty of summons (whatever good that does, the owner is confined to an elderly care facility) and the team of P/J and the Clean Up Jamaica crew have tackled it a few times, but unless our local leaders really start taking serious action with such places, this place will continue to be an eyesore.

Clean Up Jamaica and South East Clean Up group getting to work along with NY1 reporter Agnes Chung

Clean Up Jamaica and South East Clean Up group getting to work along with NY1 reporter Agnes Chung

On Labor Day Weekend, Clean Up Jamaica Queens was there to get our hands dirty along with the newest kid on the block, a group of concerned young, educated and political people calling themselves South East Queens Clean Up Group lead  by 22 year old, Christopher Peguero of St. Albans. These young residents in their twenties tired of seeing their community trashed and tired of ineffective leadership, decided to form this group to go around cleaning up eyesores that our leaders should be addressing and doing something about. Very ironic, that Councilman I. Daneek Miller happen to come by and pitch in, I was certainly surprised and still not quite sure how he knew of  this, since we had changed sites at the last minute, but never the less, I will give him Some credit for being there (and no this was not a photo op for him, he did not appear in the NY1 video at all BUT exactly why was he there, he has never once lent a hand when we cleaned other sites, I have my theories).  All of this was being filmed for yet another garbage story by NY1’s reporter Agnes Chung. The episode will be shown this evening, Saturday, August 30th and tomorrow morning as well as on the website beginning Sunday.

Community Activist Pamela Hazel giving Councilman I. Daneek Miller some major piece of her mind on leaders not doing enough

Community Activist Pamela Hazel giving Councilman I. Daneek Miller some major piece of her mind on leaders not doing enough

There was plenty of garbage to be cleaned up in the front, the sides and in the driveway of this property, which now has an abandoned car without plates sitting there (much more garbage than the photos taken last week show). This problematic property has been going on for years. Could you imagine this issue going on that long in Forest Hills, Park Slope or Long Island City. I highly doubt it, yet in Jamaica residents have to roll up their sleeves and do the job that our public servants should be handling. If existing laws are not working to deal with such eyesores then maybe the laws need changed and that is where are city council members can help, but these are the same laws in Forest Hills, Park Slope and Long Island City, yet again, this would not be an ongoing problem in those areas. Of course many of the people in that particular area of Jamaica (South Jamaica) are to blame for dumping the garbage and others who say nothing about it. I mean that section is most definitely the wild wild west to say the least.

South East Queens Clean Up Group (left to right: Christopher, Derek, Shanice, Calvin and LaToya. The future of Jamaica.

South East Queens Clean Up Group (left to right: Christopher, Derek, Shanice, Calvin and LaToya. The future of Jamaica.

So for the meantime, let’s see how long this property will stay clean before the next barrage of garbage piles up. And for those who stereotype the young people of Jamaica as thugs, gangstas, pants hanging off their asses standing in front of bodegas all day and night, think again. Sure we have those, but we also have plenty of educated, motivated, hard-working and socially conscience people, like Christopher and his friends, who vote with their own minds and know what the deal is here in Jamaica. Watch out Comrie, watch out Smith, these young folks and there are plenty of them, can make a difference this coming September. Wills, Cooks and some of you other ones, the “times are a changin”. The Jamaica Good Ol’ Boys Club is in expiration mode.


Navy Veteran Bernadette Semple challenges embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith in the Democratic primary for his southeast Queens seat and goes up against useless former Councilman Leroy Comrie

Navy Veteran Bernadette Semple got tossed off the ballot by Leroy Comrie and his goons

Inquiring minds want to know. Just how did bully Leroy Comrie and his machine manage to remove Navy Vet Bernadette Semple off the State Senate ballot for the primaries in September?

Here is a Laurelton resident, very articulate, highly educated with several Masters degrees and a Navy Vet, who served our country and saw combat several times including in the Horn of Africa, but yet got mysteriously knocked off the State Senate ballot this September, not by incumbent Malcolm Smith or candidate Munir Avery, but by one of the big Jamaica good ole boys, Leroy Comrie. She had more than enough signature, 3500 and even after Comrie contested some signatures was to be placed on the ballot by the board of elections and then all of a sudden Comrie and his goons somehow got her off the ballot.

We know why he wanted to do it, here was an intelligent educated woman (does Comrie even have a degree), well spoken, served our country well even seeing combat, well liked and respected in her community of Laurelton, an area with educated well to do people who see through the good ol’ boy’s bullshit and Comrie perceived her as a threat.

But the big question is just how did he do this? No one yet has asked that question of Comrie, no one including the media. Why? Something extremely shady and fishy seems to be taking place with Comrie and the Democratic machine. And since this is South East Queens politics, no doubt something extremely shady took place and the people of this community, which has not been served well by Comrie and some of the other leaders, want to know.

I mean isn’t the reason to have an election with as many candidates as possible is so that the public can pick the best person for the job, not just one or two people or in the case with several Jamaica elections, no one running against an incumbent.  Yet when a candidate feels threatened, they will do whatever it takes to remove that threat, in this case, Bernadette Semple.

The community of Jamaica needs to know the exact reason why Ms. Semple was knocked off the ballot, not by Smith, not by Avery, but by their false idol, Leroy Comrie. Leroy Comrie, who boasts about his great track record as councilman for 12 years, ah, want to be very specific, Mr. Comrie or is it just truth because you say it.  Comrie, who boasts about all the jobs he created in Jamaica yet in another sentence on another day tells about the high unemployment rate in Jamaica. I mean which is it,  because the two do not go hand in hand. Comrie cannot even keep track of his own bullshit. President Obama does not have the power to create jobs for the country, how does a lowly councilman from Jamaica manage to have that kind of power. Next time he brings that subject up, ask for specifics, what jobs, how many, where, how.

Somehow I do not think we have heard the last of Ms. Semple, a person who has much potential and like many others,  does not like the state of Jamaica politics, which has done little to help improve this community. As she stated in a Daily News article (,  “This district needs a fresh start.” You have some people who are greedy and selfish,” They only want to help their friends and certain interest groups.”

My my, she could have easily been talking about both Comrie and Smith.

Bernadette Semple, a person in Jamaica to keep an eye out for. I doubt we have heard the last from her.


doe fundYou have all seen The DOE Fund crews helping to keep clean certain neighborhoods, they are the guys in blue (the majority, formerly homeless and incarcerated men, mostly of color) wearing blue with “Ready, Willing & Able, The Doe Fund” on their shirts, cleaning sidewalks and streets that our slob & disgusting residents create. Council Members in each district have the option of setting aside funds to have this group help to clean up their districts. Right now,  several Queens districts have this group cleaning up areas including District 31 (Councilman Donovan Richards and Senator James Sanders, Jr.). Just recently Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (District 26 ) has added his name to the list to help clean up his area (Read: .

Here are the districts and the councilmembers who have gotten on-board with this great program:


 Daniel Dromm , District 25 – Jackson Heights and Elmhurst
Julissa Ferreras, District 21 – Elmhurst, East Elmhurst, Corona, and Jackson Heights
Karen Koslowitz, District 29 – Forest Hills, Rego Park, Kew Gardens, and Richmond Hill
James F. Gennaro, District 24 – Fresh Meadows,Briarwood, Hillcrest, Jamaica Hills, Jamaica Estates,and Kew Garden Hills
Donovan Richards, Jr. and James Sanders, Jr., District 31 – Laurelton, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens, Bayswater, Hammels, Arverne, Edgemere, and Far Rockaway
Eric Ulrich , District 32 – Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Hamilton Beach, Howard Beach,Lindenwood, Neponsit, Ozone Park, Rockaway Beach, Rockaway Park, South Ozone Park, South Richmond Hill, and Woodhaven
Jimmy Van Bramer, District 26 – Woodside, Sunnyside, Long Island City, and Astoria
Doe Fund workers along with Councilman Donovan Richards

Doe Fund workers along with Councilman Donovan Richards

Noticeably missing are some of the worst garbage strewn, filthy, litter everywhere districts, District 27 (Councilman I. Daneek Miller, formerly Leroy Comrie’s district) and District 28 (Councilman Ruben Wills). These two areas are probably the filthiest garbage strewn areas in all of Queens, yet neither of these leaders or past leaders like Leroy Comrie have bothered to get on board with this program to help clean up Jamaica, yet Comrie knew how to throw away $5000 toward a bogus clinic, Angeldocs. On top of cleaning up filthy Jamaica, they would be providing jobs to formerly homeless and incarcerated men, which Jamaica has a big population of those). Yet neither of these useless leaders have utilized this program or have been pro-active with the major garbage issue in Jamaica. So there is definitely a correlations between garbage and ineffective community leadership.

You can read more about the DOE Fund at 107th avejames fobb

Ordinary residents are forced to clean up area due to little action by our leaders

Ordinary residents are forced to clean up area due to little action by our leaders



Shitty fly by night daycare centers in homes are prevalent in Jamaica and other communities of color and immigrants, which no doubt some are not even licensed, poorly managed and not a place that I would drop off a goldfish. They stick some sign up on their house and just like magic, a daycare center. You see many of these shit hole places come and go, especially in Jamaica. One that was in a crappy house that was also apartments on 170th Street below Hillside Avenue caught fire about two years ago on a Sunday morning. Luckily there were no children in it at the time, but after that,  the place was closed down.

After the recent incident, when a 20 month year old boy was thrown down on the ground by a total shit bag, Athena Skeeter, 40, who also goes by Athena Cross, and died at one of these shit hole home day care centers, it is time for the city to take major action on this problem that preys on lower economic people and mostly people of color, who unfortunately put their child’s life in these shoddy places hands.

From The Daily News:

Bronx woman claims she was ‘wrestling’ with baby before he died at her day care center; police arrest her

Athena Skeeter has been charged with manslaughter and child endangerment in the death of little 20-month-old Cardell Williamson. She allegedly threw him on the floor and stepped on him.

Cardell Williamson, who was 20 months old, died while in the care of Athena Skeeter, who ran a home day care in the Bronx.

Cardell Williamson, who was 20 months old, died while in the care of Athena Skeeter, who ran a home day care in the Bronx.

A state-licensed day care provider was hit with manslaughter charges Sunday stemming from the death of a Bronx toddler she admitted throwing on the floor and stepping on in a twisted “wrestling” match.

Athena Skeeter, 40, who also goes by Athena Cross, described to cops the gruesome details of how she delivered lethal blows to 20-month-old Cardell Williamson and put him in a bath of scalding water.

“She was supposed to provide child care. All she provided was the death of my child,” Cardell’s devastated father, Carlyle Williamson, 56, told the Daily News on Sunday.

The father said city officials forced him to take his son to Skeeter as part of a back-to-work program he qualified for under city welfare rules.

“She took a presence from my life that can never be replaced,” said the father, a recovering drug addict who won sole custody of Cardell about seven months ago.

Williamson, who is being trained as a landscaper after completing a court-ordered drug education program, said he hasn’t seen his son’s drug-addled mother, Tomasina Cheatham, 31, in months.

Skeeter, who according to records has been a state-licensed day care provider since 2005, was arraigned Sunday in Bronx Criminal Court on charges of manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child.

“I was wrestling with Cardell,” Skeeter told detectives in a blow-by-blow of what occurred Friday afternoon inside her home day care center on College Ave. in Claremont, the Bronx, according to a criminal complaint.

“I flipped him on to the bed. I had a lot of stuff on the bed. I lifted him by one arm and one leg and threw him to the floor. The floor was hardwood. I stepped on his stomach three times,” Skeeter told police. “I didn’t use full force. I then threw my son on top of Cardell and stepped on his stomach three times.”

She said Cardell suddenly “acted different” and began to throw up, according to the complaint. “His head kept tilting,” Skeeter told cops. “He couldn’t walk on his own.”

She said she put the boy in the bathtub and put cold water on his face to revive him.

“I step out of the bathroom to put the bath chair outside of the bathroom,” Skeeter said. “I turned around and Cardell was slumped over with his head in the water and steam was coming out of the water.”

She said the child was unresponsive and had burns on his arms and face.

Cops responding to Skeeter’s 911 call just after 2 p.m. Friday rushed the boy to Bronx Lebanon Hospital in their squad car, but doctors were unable to save him.

The city medical examiner’s office ruled Cardell’s death a homicide caused by blunt force trauma to his head and torso.

Skeeter was being held without bail Sunday. She was to return to court Thursday.

State records show no violations were found during the last inspection of Skeeter’s day care on April 18, 2013.

Carlyle Williamson said he was preparing to find a new day care provider after his son suffered several injuries since he started leaving him in Skeeter’s care three or four months ago.

“I just didn’t feel comfortable leaving him in the care of this person, but you have to comply with the rules to be a part of the back-to-work program,” he said.

He told The News his son came home before with bumps and bruises, but the day care operator always had an excuse.

“Two weeks ago he came home with a bump on his head and split lip. She told me he slipped and fell in the kitchen,” Williamson said. “Another time, he came back all scraped up and she said he fell down some steps because his shoes were too tight. She always had a story for what had happened.”

A source familiar with the back-to-work program run by the Human Resources Administration of the Department of Social Services confirmed the city agency offers clients free day care with city- or state-approved providers.

Williamson’s brother said the death of his nephew was especially heartbreaking because the father worked so hard to get custody and be a responsible dad.

“This man has done a complete (180) in the last four or five years,” James Joyce, 54, said of his brother. “He’s been clean, won’t even take a drink. He’s a great father. He’s been a model citizen.”

Williamson said the city Administration for Children’s Services took custody of Cardell from Cheatham after the baby was born.

He said that when he filed for custody, Cheatham showed up in Bronx Family Court to fight for the child. He said he was awarded custody when she stopped appearing for hearings and disappeared from their son’s life.

“We are deeply saddened and concerned by the news about toddler Cardell Williamson, and our agencies are collaborating with the investigation of his tragic death,” said Maibe Ponet, a spokeswoman for Mayor de Blasio.