ISIS_MilitantsJamaica, the wild wild west of Queens, seems to be the perfect environment for ISIS (the terror organization, not the Egyptian Goddess) to set up shop. Since anything goes in this community and there is such a lack of enforcement that you pretty much can do anything you want plus most people just ignore all the horrible things that are going on, ISIS could have a field day here and not even be noticed.isis2

1. Leave a commercial truck, with whatever is inside  on a vacant lot and it remains there for over a year, even though several complaints were filed. CHECK.

Would this be acceptable in Forest Hills? So why is it acceptable in Jamaica?

Would this be acceptable in Forest Hills? So why is it acceptable in Jamaica?

2. Park vehicles without license plates all over public streets and no one will do anything. CHECK.???????????????????????????????

3. Keep a truck without plates on a public street forever and nothing gets done. CHECK.

Abandoned vehicles on streets

Abandoned vehicles on streets

4. Keep vacant house wide open, so that anyone can go on inside and again, no one does anything. CHECK.

The notorious James Fobb house known for illegal dumping and criminal activity.

The notorious James Fobb house known for illegal dumping and criminal activity.

5. Tons of illegal apartments, that DOB pretty much ignores. CHECK.

A good ole Jamaica ghetto cook-out.

6. Launder money at the large number of 99 cent stores, nails salons, hair places, beauty supply stores that cannot possibly turn a profit in this community just based on the number of these places. CHECK.

Dress for Mess

7. Dump big clothing bins inside a LIRR Tunnel, which will stay for long periods of time, with nothing happening. CHECK.

This bin is actually under the LIRR overpass tunnel  on Merrick Blvd.

This bin is actually under the LIRR overpass tunnel on Merrick Blvd.

8. Sell drugs not only in front of a dirty disgusting deli, but inside as well. CHECK.

In the vicinity of the vacant house.

A hot bed of drug dealing.

The limits are endless for ISIS to come into Jamaica and conduct business. By the time anyone would maybe notice, it would be already too late. I mean the area already looks like some third word shit hole country, so ISIS would fit in nicely.???????????????????????????????

Don’t think this shit cannot happen here in Jamaica, read this article from 2012 where a young Bangladeshi man living in Jamaica was arrested for a plot to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Manhattan (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/man-arrested-federal-reserve-bomb-plot-article-1.1185825).



From Pamela Hazel:

The sidewalk, near our famous park, is in hospice. 109 avenue & Merrick Boulevard area has hit an all time low. The borough president’s office and sanitation could not care less. Constituents liaisons, Ms. Boranian
and Mr. La Mura are well aware, but have chosen to encourage the cave people silently.

Strewn garbage and garbage bags  have remained on the sidewalk since 9/23/14; sanitation has refused to dispatch its Litter Patrol Unit.

Team P/J and Queens residents will
NOT WAIT INDEFINITELY. We will react to these quality of life crimes, that negatively affect our well-being.

Photo was taken today, 9/29/14.

109th and 171st St off of Merrick Blvd

109th and 171st St off of Merrick Blvd


So if you all are tired of seeing Jamaica as a major garbage dump and tired of nothing being done about it, give the following people responsible for the clean up a call or email and state your concern and send this blog link as well):

Councilman I. Daneek Miller (District 27)




Anne Marie Boranian (Dirctor, Constituent Services)




Leroy Comrie (Special Assistant to the Borough President)




Kathryn Garcia (Department of Sanitation Commissioner)

Email here http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildos.html



I did not have to go very far for this Jamaica ghetto garbage mess, in fact this is just in one block, the block of 90th Avenue between 169th St and 170th, Councilman I. Daneek Miller’s district.

Garbage, toilet seats, tires, bottles and other assorted shit plus the “cash for cars” signs plastered on telephone poles.

As usual, the extremely low-class residents of Jamaica, lack of enforcement and useless leaders all contribute to Jamaica being in the ghetto toilet. So how appropriate we start with the first photo.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yes, something to be really proud of.

You might not be able to tell, but this is one big ass tire, certainly did not come from a car.

You might not be able to tell, but this is one big ass tire, certainly did not come from a car.




Now, you do not even have to be a Jamaica politician to be involved in shady shit or questionable behavior/tactics, you can start early as a candidate.

Recently Senate candidate in the 14th District, Munir Avery was revealed in a article of funneling more than $40,000 into his own law firm, not illegal, but a questionable tactic (http://observer.com/2014/09/malcolm-smith-challenger-poured-40k-from-campaign-to-personal-law-firm/#.VCQ7hbnHy-w.gmail).

Now there have been issues with another Senate candidate (District 10), Everly Brown, who seems to run for every office position out there in recent years.  According to the Times Ledger, his office has not paid some of the staff canvassers.

I have totally lost any kind of faith with the majority of our political leaders across this country, but especially here in Jamaica, not only the leaders but the candidates themselves. It seems that Jamaica, the wild wild west of Queens, where anything goes,  also applies to our elected leaders as well as to the candidates. I mean if this is how they start out just running, how would they actually be in office.


From Times Ledger:

Canvassers say Brown campaign struggled to pay primary day staff

Canvassers for Everly Brown's failed state Senate campaign say it was a struggle to get paid. Photo by Alex Robinson

Canvassers for Everly Brown’s failed state Senate campaign say it was a struggle to get paid. Photo by Alex Robinson

State Senate hopeful Everly Brown’s job creation stumping fell short long before he made it out of his campaign office, canvassers said.

Multiple canvassers for the Brown campaign said they did not receive the $150 promised to them on primary day in exchange for handing out literature on behalf of Sen. James Sanders’ (D-South Ozone Park) challenger from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Instead, workers Melsun Greyer, William Cox and Julie Tate said the campaign called police for backup, informed them it had run out of money and left them waiting without details about how to recoup their wages.

Tate said about four of the dozen she helped get jobs on Primary Day were paid about a week late, while others arrived at the office to find nobody there and no information about whether they would be paid.

Greyer and Cox said they received their money Monday.

Cox grew worried about not getting paid after he said Brown sneaked out the back door of his campaign headquarters Sept. 9 as about 60 people remained in line.

“Everybody was angry after standing on their feet for 15 hours,” Cox said. “And he didn’t even have the decency to come outside and talk to us. He left through the back door.”

Brown, a Rosedale developer, and Gian Jones, a Bayswater real estate executive, lost the Democratic primary to Sanders, who currently represents the 10th Senate District, running from Arverne to Far Rockaway and north through South Jamaica, South Ozone Park and Richmond Hill.

Brown denied having any knowledge of what transpired on primary night.

“I have no idea what is going on,” Brown said. “I left early.”

He instructed those with questions to contact the campaign treasurer at his 114-34 Farmers Blvd. office, which is technically outside the district he was seeking to represent.

Nobody could be reached at the campaign headquarters, but a message on the voice mail of Brown’s campaign manager instructed people seeking payments to fill out a form on Brown’s website.

A note posted on the candidate’s site under the header “Conflict resolution” alleges that the office was overwhelmed by people demanding money, some of whom did not work for Brown’s campaign, and that police had to restore order.

“Employees of the Brown campaign were escorted by officers into their vehicles. They were greeted by individuals carrying weapons and were followed by vehicles. Their lives were all in danger, and in fear for their lives they had to establish themselves somewhere safe,” the website said.

The Police Department confirmed officers were dispatched to Brown headquarters at about 9:30 p.m. based on a complaint that people were refusing to leave the area and a riot may be imminent. The NYPD said these issues had dissipated when officers arrived. The department said it had no record of weapons, injuries or police escorting anyone from the scene.


The landmark Former Lowe's Valencia Theatre on Jamaica Avenue. An unbelievable gem of Jamaica.

The landmark Former Lowe’s Valencia Theatre on Jamaica Avenue. An unbelievable gem of Jamaica.

It might be a little too late to attend this tour (Saturday, September 27th) of probably one of the most breathtaking NYC landmarks all around, the former Lowe’s Theatre on Jamaica Avenue in Downtown Jamaica, but there will be others, plus you can always call about upcoming tours of this amazing theatre, which is now the Tabernacle of Prayer Church, but completely intact.

This is a MUST, if you have never been inside this gorgeous theatre and it is 1), amazing that it is in Jamaica and 2)  it was not destroyed, like so  many other of the amazing buildings in the downtown Jamaica area on Jamaica Ave and the side streets. Many of these other amazing building are still standing, but due to neglect by our leaders, have been partially destroyed, modified or just allowed to fall apart. Next time you are walking along Jamaica Ave, just look up at some of the great buildings and take in the craftsmanship and you get a glimpse of the actual good old days of Jamaica, when it was truly vibrant, diverse and the place to be as opposed to what it is now, run-down low-class third world ghetto dreck and garbage.

From Brownstoner Queens:

Closing Bell: Tours of the Loew’s Valencia Theatre Coming Up

The former Lowe's Valencia, one of only 4 Wonder Theatres built in NYC during the 20's

The former Lowe’s Valencia, one of only 4 Wonder Theatres built in NYC during the 20’s

This is one of our all-time favorite buildings in Queens (see here, here and here) and if you haven’t seen it in person yet, you need to. Tabernacle of Prayer Church is offering a free tour this Saturday of its incredible Jamaica home, the former Loew’s Valencia Movie Palace. The theatre closed as a movie house in 1977, but the Tabernacle of Prayer has kept the building — and its extravagant interior — in immaculate condition. The tour begins at 11 am and is by appointment only. Call Sister Forbes at 718-657-4210 ext. 20 to sign up.

Then on Saturday, October 4th at 11:30 am, the Historic Districts Council is offering another tour of the theatre. This one is ticketed: $30 for Friends of HDC, $40 for the general public. For more info and to buy tickets, go here.

Valencia's Magnificent Entrance

Valencia’s Magnificent Entrance



Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake's parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church

Jn front of one of Rev. Floyd Flake’s parking lots directly across from his church, Greater Allen AME Church

I will say this again, if any community needs money allocated by city council to bring in the Doe Fund to clean up their area, it is filthy, garbage  strewn and disgusting Jamaica, specifically District 27 (Councilman I. Daneek Miller) and District 28 (Councilman Ruben Wills), two of the worst and most filthiest areas in all of Queens. Hell, Wills office is located on a garbage strewn block, two blocks away from the LIRR train station on Sutphin Blvd, that is disgusting.

109th & Merrick 9.26.14

109th & Merrick

But why bother actually allocating money to something that can actually benefit the community and improve it as opposed to dumping millions into something like the horrible “Shops at Station Plaza” under the LIRR at the Sutphin train station that after almost three years, sits completely empty of any kind of retail (one space is the waiting room for folks heading to the World Resorts Casino). I am sure Congressman Meeks had his wheels greased nicely on that wasteful project when he was involved in that really bad idea to put retail space in a dark,  grungy, traffic congested area. Was anyone even thinking on that one. That money could have been put to much better use in this community.

And why didn’t the great Leroy “The Fixer” Comrie bring in the Doe Fund, I mean he was in office for 12 fucking years. But he certainly knew how to allocate $5000 dollars to a bogus women’s clinic (https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/leroy-comrie-supported-shady-doctor-with-tax-payers-money/). And if anyone of you out there can tell me exactly and very specifically what Comrie did in all that time to really help improve his district, let me know,  because I really cannot find a damn thing.

So another Queens leader, Councilman Paul Vallone,  gets the Doe Fund to come help clean up his area, while Jamaica stays filthy dirty and keeps it’s crown of  “The Low-Class Ghetto of Queens.”



Hey Leaders, get your fucking shit together and enough with the ghetto politics in Jamaica, it serves no one, excepts yourselves.

From Queens Times Ledger:

Clean streets coming to northeast Queens

By Kelsey Durham

Council Member Paul Vallone speaks at a press conference to announce a $68,000 allocation through the NYC Cleanup Initiative for the DOE Fund to clean and maintain large segments of Bell Boulevard and College Point Boulevard. Photo by Chris Palermo

Council Member Paul Vallone speaks at a press conference to announce a $68,000 allocation through the NYC Cleanup Initiative for the DOE Fund to clean and maintain large segments of Bell Boulevard and College Point Boulevard. Photo by Chris Palermo

City Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) joined workers from the DOE Fund in College Point this week to announce a $67,000 funding allocation that will allow the organization to clean up the streets of northeast Queens.

Vallone stood beside community leaders and local business owners Monday morning as he formally announced the initiative that designed to remove garbage and debris from two main stretches of road in his council district. The money will provide clean-up programs for Bell Boulevard in Bayside, between 35th Avenue and 45th Drive, and College Point Boulevard between 14th and 23rd Avenues.

“When I first took office, I said that College Point will always have the same seat in the district as the other neighborhoods,” Vallone said, standing in front of Cascarino’s Pizza on College Point Boulevard. “So when we were asked where we wanted to put this clean-up initiative, where better than in the heart of College Point with all these great businesses?”

Vallone called the section of College Point, along with the stretch of Bell Boulevard that will receive maintenance, two “thriving economic sectors” of northeast Queens and said the funding will go a long way toward helping the hundreds of businesses in the area continue to succeed.

“Our brothers at the Sanitation Department can only do so much, and this is a way to assist them with the work they do every day,” Vallone said. “They can’t be out here every day, and this is a way for us to do it together.”

The street clean-up by the DOE Fund, which is set to begin in October, will help beautify the sidewalks in front of more than 300 businesses located along both boulevards.

Lyle Sclair, executive director of the Bayside Village BID, said the cleanup will ease some of the concerns from business owners along Bell Boulevard who worry that the increasing amount of litter in front of their stores will result in fines and citations for them. He also said it would bring much needed assistance to the BID workers who already clean the streets of Bayside, who will continue working along sign the DOE Fund for the duration of this initiative.

“In these economic times, to have someone outside sweeping at all times of the day is someone who could be selling or doing books for you,” Sclair said. “This will bring us additional support. The BID does what they can, but we need all the help we can get.”

Chuck Apelian, vice chairman of Community Board 7, thanked Vallone for securing the funding allocation and said the money would help provide great improvements to the neighborhood.

“This is a thrilling day to know we are able to bring this type of funding and attention to this part of our community,” he said.

Reach reporter Kelsey Durham at 718-260-4573 or by e-mail at kdurh‌am@cn‌gloca‌l.com


Jamaica is one big shitty mess and as time goes by, it just gets worst, thanks to bottom of the barrel people who live here (and I mean bottom of the barrel, not even sure if they are considered human  beings anymore), lack of enforcement, a community board that does not have its shit together and of course useless political leaders. But, bottom line these low-class ghetto slobs are the major problem in Jamaica, no doubt, but it does not help to have useless leaders either who do not do their jobs.


From Pamela Hazel:

109th and Merrick Blvd 9.23.14

109th and Merrick Blvd

September 23, 2014, garbage was picked up, but once again, strewn garbage was left on the sidewalk. Ms. Boranian,
Ms. Velazquez  and Mr. La Mura,  you are all constituent liaisons under the leadership of Borough President Melinda Katz.

This issue of leaving garbage on the sidewalk has been reported several times. Months ago, Ms. Boranian said, that she would alert the sanitation department and have it resolved.

Up to this day, the garbage on the side walk at our famous park remains intact. Location, the corner of Merrick Boulevard & 109th. avenue.

This morning, I spoke to an employee, Mike, after the receptacle was emptied. He said, ” that is NOT our job, the department has to send out the Litter Patrol Unit, to remove garbage that is not placed  in garbage bags.”

Ms. Boranian, Ms. Velazquez and Mr. La Mura, can you please alert sanitation department again?  Please impress upon the bosses, the importance of this hazard.

Animals compete for food; which make matters worst. Meanwhile, the Cave People cannot change; their primitive behaviour is apart of their DNA. Hopefully, surveillance cameras will change their code.

However, Friday is the next garbage pick up for this week. It is too long to wait. Please give immediate attention to this quality-of-life crime.

Well,  come Friday, Ms. Hazel had this to say:
109th & Merrick 9.26.14

109th & Merrick

The strewn garbage from 9/23/14 is still laying on the sidewalk today, 9/26/14. The location at 109th. &  Merrick Boulevard has taken a turn for the worst.

As expected, the cave people have struck again. More strewn garbage and large bags added. A sanitation inspector was near the garbage area this morning.

Sanitation Officer just zooming by, oblivious to all the garbage

Sanitation Officer just zooming by, oblivious to all the garbage

I informed him about the situation.  He said, that he is responsible for another area, and was in Jamaica because a sanitation employee had gotten hurt.

Ms. Boranian and Mr. La Mura you are the constituents liaisons; where the borough president is Melinda Katz.

Can you please tell your accomplice (sanitation) to stop violating Jamaica Queens residents? Sanitation must send out the Litter Patrol Unit to clear strewn garbage as per it’s policy.

109th and Merrick 9.26.14

109th and Merrick