??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????My favorite is when I report to 311 and get the following:



These shit holes have been cleaned up and a Do Not Enter sign on basement door.

These shit holes have been cleaned up and a Do Not Enter sign on basement door.

Vacate order and Do Not Enter by DOB. Goodbye low class ghetto folks.

Vacate order and Do Not Enter by DOB. Goodbye low class ghetto folks.

Asshole politicians are always stating or doing bullshit that they themselves would not want to deal with, things like putting waste removal facilities in residential areas or putting homeless shelters in communities or allowing 1 family homes torn down to put up crap cheap 4 story third world apartments filled to the brim with people or say  legalizing “basement apartments”.

Sure they vote yes for all these things, but none of them live near a waste facility or have a homeless shelter on their block or live on a residential street where trucks drive illegally 24/7 or live next to a house that has illegal conversions. So you see it is no skin off their ass when they push this shit through.

So here is the deal, if you as an elected official who wants to legalize basement apartments, then you must live in one for a year in Jamaica and your typical Jamaica basement apartment to boot. I think things would run a lot differently if elected officials had to experience the bullshit that they pass like waste facilities and homeless shelters in communities, basement apartments and the other quality of life issues that they always destroy with putting money first and being the bitch for corporations and real estate developers. But sitting in an ivory tower looking down at the serfs gives you a distorted view of something called REALITY.

Politicians without balls,  morals or any common sense. That describes de Blasio & Katz and well as most of Jamaica elected officials and a huge part of Queens as well. Plus ASSHOLES.

This city is bursting to the seams as it is with overcrowding, especially in Queens because of greed and poor zoning and this assholes want to make it even worse. The city cannot function properly as it is because of all the people, but sure let’s add more by making basement apartments legal when you  should be cracking down on all illegal conversions, not making them legal. Twenty years from now, powers to be will look back (as they usually do) and say, Wow, that was not a good idea. By then, too late, the damage has already been done.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Boro civics oppose legalization of basements apartments

The idea to legalize basement apartments in the borough and the rest of the city is not sitting well with several civic and community associations in the borough.

First it was Mayor Bill de Blasio, who resurrected the conversion idea as part of his affordable housing units plan to add 200,000 units in the next 10 years. And recently, Borough President Melinda Katz, who supports the measure, considered the plan to create new zoning districts for basement and cellar apartments.

At a news conference days before she delivered her State of the Borough Address Jan. 22, Katz said that “illegal conversions lack safety.” She said it was necessary for these converted spaces below ground to be safe.

Those who oppose the idea pointed out that fires in these units had proven to be deadly, and that increasing the capacity in single- and two-family districts overburden the schools, the sewage system and garbage collections.

The Bayside Hills Civic Association is one of the associations fighting to prevent widespread basement living from becoming a reality. The group disagrees with new zoning regulations being proposed to legalize these apartments.

“A basement is no place for someone to live,” said Michael Feiner, president of the civic group. “Zoning regulations are in place for a reason.” Yolanda Gallagher, of the Fresh Meadows Homeoweners Civic Association, said her organization also opposes these conversions.

“It’s just very unhealthy to live in a basement,” Gallagher said. “This is just a bad idea, a very bad idea.”

She noted that basement apartments do not have good ventilation, and most of them have very small windows. “It’s just dangerous to live in them,” she said.

The Queens Civic Congress, an umbrella organization representing more than 100 civic and condo groups in the borough, is against the legalization of basements “due to life safety, fire, congestion, school overcrowding, crime and overuse of city infrastructure, such as water treatment, sewage and transportation facilities.”

The organizations added, “We believe that most small homes with basements were not built for occupancy below grade.”

In a letter sent by Richard Hellenbrecht, the former president of the Queens Civic Congress, to de Blasio, he noted “legalization of illegal residences would encourage creation of new basements, cellar apartments leading to significant overdevelopment.”

But Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras (D-East Elmhurst), agrees with Katz’s and de Blasio’s plan to legalize basements and cellars.

“Overcrowding and overdevelopment are a challenge in Corona and the outerboroughs today,” Ferreras said. “If basement apartments are brought up to code, apartments that are already in use in many homes, it would address this shortage of housing while eliminating many threats those unregulated apartments pose to families in our community.”

She added, “Done right, it would be an innovative, sensible solution.”

And Basements Apartments Safe for Everyone, a coalition that favors adding accessory dwellings to the city’s zoning code, said last year that creating a new zoning category would improve an unaffordable housing market.

Researchers said Queens has the most unregulated housing in the city. A report released by BASE in cooperation with the Pratt Center for Community development in 2008 found that South Jamaica and Hollis are in the top-five of the list of neighborhoods with the biggest illegal home market in the city.

Jackson Heights-based Chhaya Community Development Corp., part of BASE, has been working on the issue for the past 10 years.

Its interim executive director, Tenzing Chadotsang, said the group supports legalizing basements in an effort to provide affordable housing “for certain segments of the population and it also gives a source of income to homeowners.”

Chadotsang said the group hopes to work closely with Katz “to determine which are the best areas” to legalize these apartments.


avenue of deathWhat will it take for this Mayor, City Council and our local elected officials to do something about our dangerous streets in Jamaica, which has been come a place for illegal truck driving, illegal vans and the whole area has become one big bus terminal.

More failure of de Blasio’s Vision Zero.


From The Daily News:

Bus driver doesn’t hear pleas, crushes woman to death in Queens: witnesses

The N6 Nassau Inter-County Express Bus was turning right onto Hillside Ave. from 165th St. Thursday night in Jamaica when it hit a woman in the crosswalk, witnesses said. The driver apparently didn’t see the woman in front of him and didn’t stop until after she’d been knocked over and hit by the back wheels.

Friday, January 30, 2015, 1:16 AM
Police are on the scene where an N6 Nassau Inter-County Express Bus struck and killed a woman Thursday in Jamaica, Queens. Sam Costanza for New York Daily News Police are on the scene where an N6 Nassau Inter-County Express Bus struck and killed a woman Thursday in Jamaica, Queens.

A Nassau County bus crushed a woman to death in Queens on Thursday night, despite horrified passengers hollering for the driver to stop, witnesses said.

“Everyone (on the bus) was screaming ‘Stop, stop, stop!’ and he didn’t stop until after the fact,” said Dwayne Gray, 44, a passenger on the N6 Nassau Inter-County Express Bus.

The bus was turning right onto Hillside Ave. from 165th St. in Jamaica, but the driver apparently didn’t see the woman in the crosswalk in front of him, witnesses said.

He also didn’t hear the woman’s blood-curdling cry as he hit her, continuing to drive after the 9:30 p.m. collision, witnesses said.

“I see the bus hit the lady and then the bus went 15 feet more,” said Jose Valleo, a chauffeur who was in his car at the stop light on Hillside Ave. and saw the accident from across the street.

Witnesses said the bus driver had a green light, but did not yield to the woman, who had the signal to walk.

“I don’t understand how he couldn’t see her, that’s unbelievable. He didn’t even realize he hit somebody until afterwards,” a shaken Gray said. “I heard her scream.”

The unidentified woman let out a heart-wrenching wail, screaming “Oh, my God,” as she was rolled over by the front of the bus and narrowly missed by the front tires, witnesses said.

The driver of this bus apparently didn't see the woman in the crosswalk in front of him.
The driver of this bus apparently didn’t see the woman in the crosswalk in front of him.
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  • This N6 city bus ran over an unidentified female on the corner of (in the crosswalk) of Hillside Ave at 165th Street. The body of the victim remained under the right side rear of the bus. This picture was made 10:05pm on 1/29/15.
  • Spectators observe and photograph the scene where an N6 city ran over an unidentified female on the corner of (in the crosswalk) of Hillside Ave at 165th Street. The body of the victim remained under the right side rear of the bus. This picture was made 10:05pm on 1/29/15.
  • Highway Patrol officer examines the scene where an N6 city bus (pictured here) ran over an unidentified female on the corner of (in the crosswalk) of Hillside Ave at 165th Street. The body of the victim (seen here in colored garb) remained under the right side rear of the bus. This picture was made 10:05pm on 1/29/15.(Sam Costanza for New York Daily News)


Sam Costanza for New York Daily News

“She got lucky the first time and went between the front wheels, but when the bus was turning, the back wheels hit her,” said a 15-year-old witness who only gave his first name, Tanvir.

Emergency responders said the woman was dead at the scene, police sources said.

The driver remained at the crash scene. He was not immediately charged or ticketed, according to cops.

Long Island-based Nassau Inter-County buses connect commuters to transportation hubs at Jamaica Center and Far Rockaway in Queens.

In 2012, a woman was fatally struck by a NICE bus on the N6 route as she crossed the street with her daughter at Merrick Blvd. and Hillside Ave. She also died at the scene.

That same year, a NICE bus in Hempstead swerved to avoid a pedestrian and instead crashed into a house, killing a 6-year-old boy and injuring his 7-year-old brother.


Truck barely squeezes by school bus.

Truck barely squeezes by school bus.

I wish I had a dime every time I received this notice from 311 about illegal truck driving on 170th Street, a residential street, which is NOT designated a truck route and posses both noise and safety issues.

Yes, this truck carrying chemicals almost sideswipes car.

Yes, this truck carrying chemicals almost sideswipes car.

Service Request #: C1-1-1061419851
Date Submitted: 01/29/15 9:09:43 PM
Request Type: Traffic
Details: Truck Route Violation

Your Service Request was updated.

Your complaint has been received by the Police Department and it has been determined that a long-term investigation may be necessary. Additional information will be available at the conclusion of the investigation.

What “long term investigation. You are not hunting the next big Jihad terrorist, a Colombian drug cartel or looking into Jamaica elected officials or the Rev. Floyd Flake’s church and properties.  You are dealing with a relatively simple problem. Large trucks (many waste service trucks) driving on residential streets in Jamaica (specifically 24/7 on 170th street between Jamaica Ave & Hillside Ave). Melinda Katz back in October was supposed to be together some task force, but we will see that when our elected leaders grow some balls.

Here are a few steps:

1). Place a NO TRUCKS (except local deliveries). DOT still refuses to do what they call “negative signage”. This is just plain idiotic. Here is where our local elected officials can apply some pressure, but we would not want you to get a hernia by doing some heavy lifting.

2). For about a month or two, place a traffic patrol car on 170th Street / 90th Ave a couple times a day for about 1/2 hour, 45 minutes. Monday thru Friday – mornings around rush hour, afternoon, evenings between 8 & 11pm and then around the 4:00am – 6am time. Saturday somewhere between 8am and 3pm and Sunday after 7pm, when Royal Waste Services start barreling through. Ticket both driver with points against license and fine the truck company.

3). Visit or call the truck companies where trucks have been pulled over. All trucks have company name, address and phone.

4) Have our elected officials, including City Council, which can do much about this, put pressure on. But then it was City Council who gave the go ahead to have many of these waste facilities dumped on our community. I mean why are these elected officials being paid if they are not addressing quality of life issues.Trucks and garbage 1.19.15 007

Bad situation here

Bad situation here


It is not fucking brain surgery folks or curing cancer. It is trucks driving illegally on residential streets. Stop making excuses because no one really wants to do their job and put some effort into it.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

A long term investigation is needed alright, but into our local officials and the various city agencies not doing their jobs while squandering our tax dollars.

Large tractor trailer trucks barrel through 170th St and other residential streets daily

Large tractor trailer trucks barrel through 170th St and other residential streets daily

Illegal truck driving on residential streets.

Illegal truck driving on residential streets.




I just loved the title of this article, perfect.

By why is the guy popular and popular with who. Other politicians since  he is a “Yes Man” and who will rollover, fetch and sit with little regard to the community he serves and popular with idiot Jamaica residents who do not know better too.

Speaking of old habits, Comrie should try to dump fast food, fried chicken and 3rd helpings of dessert. At the rate he is going, a few more years he will be underground in a piano box.

I have to say this good to show you the world of politics, do very little and just keep moving up the ladder.


From Queens Chronicle:

Old habits are new again for Sen. Comrie

Popular former councilman has new job, new responsibilities, and same old fire

With the opening of the new session of the state Senate on Jan. 7, state Sen. Leroy Comrie (D-Hollis) was back doing what he loved in the City Council, and admittedly missed in his brief term as deputy Queens Borough president — the people’s business.

Comrie still is hiring staff, looking for new office space in the district and planning an aggressive agenda for 2015. Speaking Friday during a sit-down meeting with the editorial board of the Queens Chronicle, the veteran city legislator said a lot of the old is new again.

“Of course, I’m a freshman, “Comrie said. “Now I’m no longer in the leadership. “I’m in the minority party. I have to find new ways to get things done.”

“It’s fun work,” he said. “If I was just interested in the pay, I could have stayed in my office in Borough Hall.”

Comrie said he has not yet introduced any bills, but that the Capitol still has been keeping him busy.

Comrie asked for and got appointment as ranking Democratic member of the Senate’s Consumer Protection Committee. He chaired its counterpart committee on the City Council.

During that time, the Council helped move initiatives that included the green carts that now sell fresh produce in low-income areas of the city and established tax incentives for supermarkets that set up shop in so-called “food desert” areas.

A new member of the Senate’s Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee, he applauded Gov. Cuomo for calling last week to build an AirTrain connection to LaGuardia Airport. He said he is looking forward to seeing details of the governor’s budget proposal once negotiations open up in the coming days.

As for the projected $5 billion surplus, Comrie would prefer spending it on things such as infrastructure.

“I wouldn’t want that to fund [the city’s] pre-K program, which is an ongoing expense. Use it to fund one-shot things, because it’s one-shot funding.”

Comrie’s other committee assignments include Civil Service and Pensions; Judiciary; Racing, Gaming and Wagering; and Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs.

In regard to the arrest days earlier of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), Comrie said that the Assembly members would have to act carefully. As of Wednesday, the lower chamber is expected to either remove Silver from the speaker’s post on Monday or accept his resignation from the post beforehand.

The crux of the federal government’s case against Silver appears to be millions of dollars in outside income apart from his salary and bonuses in Albany.

“They seem to be saying all his outside income was gained illegally,” Comrie said.

With a base salary of $79,000, Comrie said legislators with law practices or other ways to earn outside income should be allowed to earn it.

And while the state considers assemblyman and state senator to be part-time jobs, Comrie believes otherwise.

“I consider it a full-time job,” he said. “By the time you get to all the meetings and things you have to do in the district, it’s very difficult not to do it in 40 to 50 hours per week.”

And three weeks into office, Comrie acknowledged that he already is being forced to think about 2016, at least in terms of fundraising.

“I haven’t had any fundraisers yet, but people are telling me I have to get started,” he admitted.

With jobs and education his two top priorities, Comrie likes what he has heard so far on President Obama’s call for free community college.

“I hope it happens,” he said.

Comrie campaigned this past summer to engineer the ouster of former state Sen. Malcolm Smith. Aside from his current legal troubles, Smith two years ago upset Senate Democrats by joining the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, which caucused with Republicans and cost Democrats numerical control. Smith was kicked out of the caucus but Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) later joined them.

This year, even with Comrie as a staunch Democratic vote, the GOP took numerical control without the IDC. Comrie said that story will have to play out.

“It’s too early to tell what kind of influence they’ll have,” he said.


Jamaica Colosseum Mall selling for $45M

| lguerre@queenscourier.com |

Photos courtesy of Jamaica Colosseum Mall

Photos courtesy of Jamaica Colosseum Mall
Jamaica Colosseum Mall’s prized jewelry exchange

In another big sign that Jamaica is changing, the more than three-decade-old Jamaica Colosseum Mall known for its hip-hop clothing stores and huge jewelry exchange is being marketed for sale.

The mall, which was a Macy’s until 1978, has been listed by Epic Commercial Realty for $45 million.

The site at 89-02 165th St. has nearly 50,000 square feet of space and up to 250,000 square feet of buildable potential for a commercial or residential development, New York YIMBY reported.

The mall could be sold for about $180 per buildable square foot at its current asking price, which would be significantly higher than many other listing sites in the neighborhood.

But as some experts have noted, now is the time for owners to cash in on Jamaica while the market is hot.

A few blocks over from the mall at 168th Street, developers are also working on an $85 million retail and residential complex.

Jamaica Colosseum Mall was founded in 1984 and began with an indoor flea market, according to its website.

Jamaica Colosseum mall 2


GOOD. The Jamaica Colosseum Mall is one big piece of shit (the first photo gives a good example of that), with mostly crap stores and 99 cent junk. Has one ever been in it, a bottom of the barrel ghetto mall and I mean bottom. In a civilized community, that place would have nice stores, cafes, nice places to eat with outdoor seating, but here in this community it is just ghetto shit caught in some time warp, a bad time warp.

It is neighborhoods like Jamaica (run down for decades, crime ridden, etc) that need to be gentrified.

It is fine for a community to have a little bit of shit, a 99 cent store here, one beauty supply store, etc, but when you have so many of them and everything is on this level, it just becomes one big pile of shit which just attract shit and then you end up with a community like Jamaica, the worst in all of Queens.

Bring on the gentrification, because it sure beats the ghettofication that has destroyed Jamaica for decades.


The City Council Meeting on Wednesday, January 28th at City Hall on the intro of 495 (Trash Caps: Protecting NYC Communities from Waste Overburdening has been cancelled due to the weather.

It will be rescheduled sometime in February and I will let all know.