Imagine just how “ghetto” and shitty your community is when Starbucks opens a branch in ghetto third world Richmond Hill, not far from Jamaica, but says NO TO JAMAICA.

Pretty ghetto and pretty telling.

So leaders, fucking clean Jamaica up.???????????????????????????????



From DNAinfo New York:

Richmond Hill’s First Starbucks Quietly Opens on Metropolitan Avenue

 Starbucks opened its new location at 132-40 Metropolitan Avenue, near Jamaica Hospital.

Starbucks opened its new location at 132-40 Metropolitan Avenue, near Jamaica Hospital.

DNAinfo/Ewa Kern-Jedrychowska

QUEENS — Coffee giant Starbucks has quietly opened a new location in Richmond Hill.

The store, which opened late last year near Jamaica Hospital and the Jamaica—Van Wyck subway station on the E line — is the first Starbucks location in Community Board 9, which also covers portions of Kew Gardens, Woodhaven and Ozone Park.

But unlike in other neighborhoods, where new Starbucks stores often create a lot of buzz, some locals in the area said Thursday that they were not aware of the new location.

“There’s a Starbucks? Really?,” said Andrea Crawford who lives in nearby Kew Gardens and is a member of CB9. “I think it’s awesome.”

The store is part of a small retail complex at 132-40 Metropolitan Ave., which also includes Walgreens Pharmacy and Planet Fitness. A banner which reads “Starbucks Now Open” hangs above the store.

“Starbucks is always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of our customers,” a spokeswoman for the chain said in an email.

Lisa Gomes, district manager for Community Board 9, said she also didn’t know about the new location but noted that it’s a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

“It brings jobs and contributes to the economy of that area,” Gomes said.

Currently, the closest Starbucks store is located at the intersection of Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike, on the border of Forest Hills and Kew Gardens.

Local Business Improvement Districts in nearby Jamaica have been hoping to entice Starbucks to open a location in their neighborhood as well.

But the spokeswoman for the chain said Thursday that “at this time, we remain focused on serving customers in Queens at our existing stores and have no store-opening plans to announce.”



  1. Your posts over the years, barring the xenophobic and offensive language at times, would qualify you as a hero in some communities. But, you must understand that you are dealing with a plague. It is the plague of social death (see: Orlando Paterson) and the lack of a civic consciousness, which is the outgrowth of a healthy social psychology. Leadership has failed from top to bottom. The Black church leaders are basically parasites. The issues you have raised should also be made a top priority among the Black pastoral class; but, the vast majority of the them do not live in Black ghetto communities. The political class, at best, are clowns concerned about reelection (a job) and lining their pockets with cash. No sane community would elect these people to shine their shoes. The community that you write about will not change until there is a wholesale demographic shift. Until then, dear friend, you might want to consider Operation Exodus: a clarion call for sane and responsible people to create a safe and clean “ghetto” of their own. In other words, where can these people relocate to without their irresponsible Ghetto 101 kith and kin? Do you have any ideas about this? What the hell does Black and middle-class mean if one has to still live around people who don’t give a damn about how a community is maintained? Do you have the money to move to a community where people care and insist that a community is maintained? If so, why aren’t you packing your belongings and moving to Higher Social Ground? It is time for the Black middle-class to face reality: two dollars cannot hang out with five dollars. This means the day of preaching to low-class (lack of civic consciousness folks) is over. OVER! The Black middle-class needs to organize and do what is best is their interests. Their job is not to be social workers and babysit the wayward. The deeper question is why are they still living among the wayward? It is obvious that you have a high civic I.Q. But, you are in the wrong community. That’s all. Consider moving and writing a book.


    • As usual I could not agree with you more. You need to have a blog or website of your own. And your statement about middle class, I speak that all the time, what good is it to be middle class if next to us are bottom of the barrel folks who do not give a shit.

      I am on my way out, plans are in action, just takes time. By the way, xenophobic language, well to a degree, but I do come from immigrants. My father was the first to graduate high school and I was the first to graduate college, but my family had respect for their new country and their homes and community, even though they were uneducated. I guess that is why I am appalled by the behavior I see from some of the new immigrants coming here, plus their lack of assimilating. Why even come.


      • Well, things have changed since I first posted that back in April of 2015. Richmond Hill is getting more ghetto, while Jamaica is slowly cleaning up its act. And Jamaica got it’s first Starbucks almost a year ago on Sutphin Blvd and 89 Ave and it is doing well as is being used as a prototype across the country for putting Starbucks in lower economic areas that the company would have never thought of doing before. Not a Starbucks fan at all, but I have been to the one in Jamaica and it is nice, clean and very good customer service.


  2. I read your blog religiously. The issues that you raise are a template for dysfunction in a lot of communities of color where people do not give a damn. And after fighting the good fight (like you), I have come to conclusion that the answer is seeking Higher Social Ground (if you can afford to live in a better neighborhood). Your job as a citizen is not to act like a on-call social worker and unpaid psychiatrist for people (a good number of whom attend church) who don’t give a damn about the community where they live and, by proxy, pay taxes. I believe that the Black middle-class (whatever that means) needs to organize an Operation Exodus Movement (on par with the Civil Rights Movement) and recognize that all Black folks (folks of color in the main) do not have the same values and, thus, cannot live together. It is just that simple. The ghetto mentality folks need to be left to their own damn devices at this point. If so-called Black middle-class folks cannot move and are stuck living with and next door to socially wayward folks–well, they must acknowledge that they are going to have a tough road to travel. Why? Many of their ghetto neighbors are not going to change. Afterall, a person living in a show box can keep it clean. A neighborhood is an extension of a social psychology and ethos of a people despite the larger structural forces that created what we call the Black ghetto. I am tired of excuses. If you have the money, move and don’t look back. And write a book about your experiences.


  3. I visited New York and drove past the Starbucks a couple of month’s ago to get to Howard Beach .yes it is seriously Penurious area.The trainstation was full of people just standing around ,was a afraid to ask direction’s. Sheesh as I read above yes clean your neighborhood insanely ghetto.


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