More fucking money wasted on yet another useless fucking study about an issue that we already know about. We don’t need a fucking study, we need action. We need that area to be cleaned up, we need enforcement of litter laws, we need to hold business owners accountable for the clean-up in front of their place. The last time I looked, Hillside Avenue was in New York City in the USA, not some shit slum place in Bangladesh.

Studies are for cases were we do not know what the issue or problem is, not for issues we already know about. We know that trucks drive illegally on residential streets, we don’t need a damn study. We know there are tons of slumlords, we don’t need a fucking top ten list of slumlords produced by the Public Advocate.

WE NEED ACTION, something very unfamiliar to elected officials and leaders. And who is seated at the table of this useless study, none other than one of the biggest useless elected officials, Senator Leroy Comrie. Elected officials are like consultants, major scam artists.

I have done my own study of Hillside Avenue for several years, we all are just waiting for action. And by the way, do we need 10 fucking pharmacies all right next to each other in a three block radius.

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Hillside Avenue as it looks today

Hillside Ave

This is typical of the shit on Hillside Ave

This is typical of the shit on Hillside Ave

Jamaica crap11.21.15 001Garbage & Major Mark Park 016Garbage & Major Mark Park 012Garbage & Major Mark Park 018Garbage & Major Mark Park 017

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Right outside shitty Yummy at corner of Hillside Ave/168th. Typical of the Hillside Ave but perfect for the low class ghetto and low class third world folks.

Right outside shitty Yummy at corner of Hillside Ave/168th. Typical of the Hillside Ave but perfect for the low class ghetto and low class third world folks.


Yesterday on August 25th, this same spot not only looked about the same but worse.

Yesterday on August 25th, this same spot not only looked about the same but worse.

garbage 1.2.15 005garbage 1.2.15 006garbage 1.2.15 004


From Queens Chronicle:

Study planned for local businesses

Greater Jamaica Dev. Corp. chief reveals plan to crowd at forum

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation CEO and President Hope Knight revealed at a legislative forum in Hillcrest that her organization would study businesses on Union Turnpike and Hillside Avenue this summer.

“With respect to focusing on some of the Hillside and the Union Turnpike Merchants Association, I have talked with some of the folks,” Knight said at the forum, which was organized by the Jamaica Estates Association.

“And I think that we can work with a team of interns this summer to put together a map and some organization around the businesses.”

Knight, who was appointed to the City Planning Commission last December and started leading the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation last year, has worked to attract investment to the area.

“And I think that’s the start of creating some information that provides for consumers as well as the other businesses to know what’s on the strip,” she added.

The study, which is planned to begin in May, comes at a critical time for business in the area.

Jamaica Estates Association President Edward Toriello, who read questions on index cards from audience members, said that several people have told him that they are concerned about businesseses on the main thoroughfares, which are central to commerce in Fresh Meadows, shutting down.

“It’s clear to the Jamaica Estates Association board of directors that a strong business district at Union Turnpike and a strong business district on Hillside Avenue are good for this community,” Toriello said. “Invariably, they start with an active merchants association.”

The possibility of establishing a business improvement district was one idea discussed. BIDs provide sanitation and other municipal services that go beyond what the city can provide. They have also been used for projects like streetlight constructions designed to attract shoppers and boost economic growth. There are 52 of them throughout the five boroughs.

The Hillside Avenue business community, which is less unified than its Union Turnpike counterpart, might just get one.

“We are currently working with Greater Jamaica Development Corporation on potentially developing a business improvement district along Hillside Avenue,” Lancman said. “Hillside Avenue has many needs that the Union Turnpike side of Jamaica Estates doesn’t.”

Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Fresh Meadows) also offered some useful pointers for attracting more shoppers.

“As Ed pointed out, the issue with merchants on Union Turnpike, there have been issues that are constant over the years,” said Weprin, who said he went to the street often when he was growing up. “They used to have a regular street fair on the weekend on Union Turnpike, and maybe that’s something that we should look to re-establish as well.

Other concerns at the forum were voiced about issues that can inhibit business in the community along with general quality-of-life issues affecting people in the area, like graffiti and careless dogwalkers.



Whatever happened to personal responsibility, whatever happened to being held accountable for ones actions, what happened to being careful before you sign on the dotted line.

It seems that many black home owners in Jamaica are still struggling with bad home loans that they themselves signed on for. Yeah, sure you can say that these lenders back in the early 2000’s were scum, BUT, an individual has to take responsibility for this mess as well because no one put a gun to your head to make you sign on that mortgage, many which were not fixed rates, but variable rates with a balloon payments later on.

YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for your actions, no matter how shady the other party is. As a homeowner,  before I purchased I made sure that I was buying a place that I was able to afford on my salary. I also made sure I had a decent down payment on it to help lower the mortgage payments. I made sure that I had a fixed rate, because I wanted no surprises down the road with balloon payments from variable rates.

Let’s face it, while buying a home is the biggest investment you will more than likely make, you don’t go in stupid, you  make sure you understand everything before signing, you do not buy a home or apartment that is too expensive and that you are going to have problems with down the road paying off.  So many of these homes in trouble always manage to have at least two very nice cars sitting in their driveway. Financial Responsibility!

Face it YOU and only YOU fucked up. In these damn day and age, no one wants to take responsibility for their actions and their choices. You are in a bad mortgage, you signed on and are responsible. A 15 year old girl gets pregnant by some knucklehead, you BOTH are responsible for that baby, not the government, not the tax payers. You end up at some shitty hotel turned homeless shelter over an over again, YOU are responsible for your actions, especially if you continue to stay in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Maybe society would be a little better if people took responsibility for their actions, their mistakes, their behavior as opposed to blaming every one else.

While buying a home or apartment is daunting, it is not brain surgery.

The article goes on to say “Jamaica is one of the only parts of the city where home values are lower than they were before the recession.” 

Of course, so many residents, especially renters, treat the community like one big fucking garbage dump, the area is a mess. Local elected officials do not do shit and allowed every piece of shit to be dumped here. So do you really fucking think the value of your home would have gone up when the area is pretty much a garbage ghetto with bottom of the barrel people that keep flooding the area.

Just wait till they finish gentrifying all of Brooklyn and the trash from East New York , Brownsville and Bed-Stuy get kicked out, where they hell you think they will end up, probably Southeast Queens, the official ghetto of Queens because people here do not give a shit, treat the area like a garbage dump (especially many of the immigrants, especially many of the Bangladesh folks (just look at Hillside Ave) and our leaders do SHIT about it.




From DNAInfo New York:

Housing Crisis Never Ended for Black Home Owners in Queens, Report Says

By William Mathis | February 26, 2016 5:09pm | Updated February 29, 2016 7:34am
 The Center for New York City Neighborhoods released an interactive map shows the prevalence of on underwater mortgages among majority black neighborhoods.

The Center for New York City Neighborhoods released an interactive map shows the prevalence of on underwater mortgages among majority black neighborhoods. View Full Caption

Center for New York City Neighborhoods

JAMAICA — While much of the city has recovered from the 2008 housing crisis, a disproportionate number black homeowners in southeast Queens are still struggling, according to data analyzed by the Center for New York City Neighborhoods.

“Black homeowners in particular are facing a crushing reality: many often owe more on their mortgages than their property is worth,” the report said.

“For home-owners who bought in the early 2000s, white home values have recovered while black home-owners have lost net wealth in that time,” said Leo Goldberg, a senior policy analyst at the Center for New York City Neighborhoods.

The hardest hit area of all is southeast Queens, particularly Jamaica.

“Jamaica is one of the only parts of the city where home values are lower than they were before the recession,” Goldberg said.

The data focuses on areas of the city where the majority of homeowners are black and where more than 10 percent of homes with a mortgage are underwater, meaning value of the loan exceeds the market value of the house. Large swaths of the Bronx and Queens, as well as parts of Staten Island are highlighted.

homes underwater

(Map courtesy of Center for New York City Neighborhoods)

In Manhattan, where the median price for an apartment passed $1 million in 2015, there are no areas where more than 10 percent of mortgages are underwater.

Many of the people underwater on their mortgages took out subprime loans in the early 2000s and have struggled to pay them back since the housing bubble burst in 2008.

“Some of these homeowners have been able to keep these homes with loan modifications,” Robert Tilley, a foreclosure counselor at Neighborhood Housing Services in Jamaica, said. “But in some of the cases with balloon payments or deferred balances … there may be cases where people are never in the position to gain equity by the time they sell their home.”

Tilley said that most of the mortgage owners he works with are people of color. Many are low-middle income, but there are also middle income people who he said were steered into higher cost loans. Many of these people will be affected well into retirement.

“We have senior citizens who are in their late 60s and early 70s, couples who are working who can’t afford to retire because of this problem,” Tilley said.

“It’s kind of this American dream thing, purchasing a home is a way of building wealth and if you got one of these homes and you’re now upside down and underwater, you don’t have wealth,” Tilley said. “It may be many years before someone is in a position to be right side up again.”

Homeowners having trouble with their mortgage can call the Homeowner Hotline at 855-466-3456 to receive references to free and vetted legal services and counseling.


I mean why bother anymore filling a complaint in this city.

It gets very frustrating when you report a blatant illegal parking situation such as a car with expired out of state temp plates parked in a No Parking Zone and then you get the response:

Service Request #: C1-1-1215865741
Date Submitted: 02/20/16 2:55:19 PM
Request Type: Derelict Vehicle
Details: With License Plate

Your Service Request was closed.

The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.

AND, then go back a week later to see the car sitting in the exact same spot.

The car was sitting in front of this typical shit illegal converted house and some bottom barrel white female who pretty much looked like the typical Jamaica drug addict complete with walking cane and missing teeth who lives there told me it was her car and if I wanted to buy it. I believe it is her car, since she called in the house for another bottom barrel person. Funny, you live in some shit illegally converted home, more than likely have no job, probably collecting disability or welfare, but yet have a car. Only in America and ONLY IN JAMAICA.


garbage 2.27.16 001garbage 2.27.16 002 166-11 91


It is just mind blogging, how a community like Jamaica can look like shit and have so many problems not just for years, but for decades, yet people will sing the praises of elected officials and leaders (and give out awards), while the community looks like a major garbage dump, dozens of problematic homeless shelters have been dumped into this community for decades right near residents, churches & schools, polluting waste facilities like Royal Waste get dumped in the middle of residential housing and right in the downtown area causing pollution from their facilities and their diesel fueled trucks that use residential streets illegally, shady auto body shops on every block,  stolen and abandoned cars get dumped onto residential streets by the hundreds, gangs thrive in this environment, illegal conversions and shady construction litter the area, poor zoning that destroy neighborhoods and so much other shit, yet so-called leaders and lifers like Barbara Clark, Leroy Comrie, Malcolm Smith, Rev. Floyd Flake, Gregory Meeks, Carlise Towry and others past and present stood by and either did nothing, very little or was/is in bed with lobbyist, corporations and real estate developers. All while collecting big checks and for some big pensions at the tax payers expense, while indulging in the old adage of “taxation without representation”.  Jamaica is the perfect epitome of this.

Sure some of these folks over the years have done something, but when you take a good look at Jamaica, say compared to Forest Hills, LIC and  Park Slope, something is very very wrong with what is going on with Jamaica and blame has to be put on all of these leaders from Spigner and Clark to Comrie and Flake. I mean if they were all so great and did such wonderful things for the community, wouldn’t it be logical that the community would be great and wonderful, but IT IS NOT.

Marcia Moxum Comrie (Leroy Comrie’s wife), contributing editor of the Queens Press called the recently deceased Clark a fierce leader and advocate. Rev. Flake just recently received the Garvin award and was called a strong and influential leader in Southeast Queens. But how fierce, how influential, how strong are they really, when for decades the community has been going downhill and downhill BADLY. Again not to say neither of these two have done absolutely nothing, but did they and all the others so-called leaders really service the community to it’s full potential. While half the leaders in this community have done little to nothing and the other half are up on corruption charges or spent time in prison or going to prison, a few did something, but really, HOW MUCH.

This does not just pertain to Jamaica, but all over our country and with many elected officials, who for the most part do SHIT. But here in Jamaica, a community of color, it is even ten times worse (take a look at any community of color across the country). Leaders are truly to blame for either doing shady shit, doing very little, not standing up and speaking out for what is right or just worrying about the ladder of success they are going to climb.

Yes, I know that politics is such bullshit and is this crappy big bureaucracy (BUT IT DOES NOT-that is just an excuse for accountability), but still that is no excuse for corruption, apathy, laziness and not properly serving your community and constituents to the best that you can.

But then people are to blame for allowing the same leaders to get into office year after year, believing all their bullshit and lies,  not questioning them or standing up to them (they do work for you). This is a big problem in black communities where people just line up behind these charlatans for whatever reason. People say how Democrats are for the people and much better than Republicans, but are they really. One only needs to look at Jamaica for decades and all the Democrats who have been in office.

Let’s be fucking honest here, if all of these leaders, past & present, dead or alive , were really at the top of their game and serving the community the best they can, it would not look like this.

Garbage 2.25.16 013Garbage 2.25.16 015Jamaica 2.20.16 010Cars Illegal Parking2Garbage 2.15.16 001Trucks 1.26.16 001cars1.16.15 010cars1.16.15 008Homeless encampmentgarbage 1.2.15 026Garbage 12.31.15 003

Right in the downtown area of Jamaica. This is the symbol of Jamaica, DECAY.

Right in the downtown area of Jamaica. This is the symbol of Jamaica, DECAY.

Is this an example of being on "the right track".

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Garbage 12.5.15 003Jamaica crap11.21.15 007Garbage Merrick and 108th October 2nd NEW

Supportive housing

Supportive housing

homeless shelter El CaminoGarbage 2.25.16 001Church2.6.16 006three card monteGarbage 12.31.15 003

The epitome of Jamaica.

The epitome of Jamaica.

Garbage and flea market 9.6.15 003

Ghetto trash

Ghetto trash

Garbage & Major Mark Park 017garbage7.21.15 019garbage7.21.15 021garbage7.21.15 010

107th Ave & 171st Street. Not the first time this has looked like this as Pamela Hazel has documented time and time again.

107th Ave & 171st Street. Not the first time this has looked like this as Pamela Hazel has documented time and time again.

garbage6.7.15 019

Downtown Jamaica

Downtown Jamaica

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.

Polluting solid waste company, Royal Waste, dumped into a residential area, a few blocks from Downtown, thanks to elected officials.

Just your typical dreck in downtown Jamaica area

Just your typical dreck in downtown Jamaica area

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Beautiful Hillside Ave. The REAL Jamaica.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Shoppers World in the background. THE REAL JAMAICA

Shoppers World in the background. THE REAL JAMAICA

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake's parking lot.

Millers district and in front of Rev Floyd Flake’s parking lot.

171st PL & 107th Ave 10.16.14

171st PL & 107th Ave

WE ARE AWARE OF IT. Miller's District

Miller’s District

No this is not a quality of life issue that destroys a neighborhood's quality of not at all, this is just ghetto parking in the hood.

No this is not a quality of life issue that destroys a neighborhood’s quality of life…………no not at all, this is just ghetto parking in the hood.

March 8th, 2014

March 8th, 2014

Flake's garbage strewn lot, always an eyesore

Flake’s garbage strewn lot, always an eyesore


Comrie's own backyard of St. Albans. This was under his watch as Councilman. The little league ball field, which he was one of the sponsors of the Little League Team.

Comrie’s own backyard of St. Albans. This was under his watch as Councilman. The little league ball field, which he was one of the sponsors of the Little League Team.

Senator Malcolm A. Smith being carted off by FBI agents. Another douche bag Jamaica local leader.

Senator Malcolm A. Smith being carted off by FBI agents. Another douche bag Jamaica local leader.

Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha's bitch in prison.

Former corrupt Senator douche bag Shirley Huntley, one of the local leaders who only looked out for herself. Now she is Big Bertha’s bitch in prison.

Garbage & Major Mark Park 017

James Fobb vacant house, a continuous eyesore that no one is doing a damn thing about

James Fobb vacant house, a continuous eyesore that no one is doing a damn thing about




Now this would have been the kind of skit that Saturday Night Live would have done back in the days when the show was actually funny and actually relevant.

You folks just give me so much material to work with, I don’t even have to try.



Just another reason to leave this shitty city. We already have people living on top of each other, we deal with mounds of garbage & filth, we have to walked over a shitload of homeless or worse be in the same fucking subway car as one, we have to deal with a house on our blocks that are filled with at least 30 immigrant families, the noise and all the low-life folks that are scattered all over the rotten apple.

Hell, not only does Jamaica and Queens suck, NYC sucks as well.

Time to start planning on the next move. It is not worth it anymore to be here.


From DNAinfo New York:

7 Reasons Why Your Daily Commute Is Slowly Killing You

By Nicole Levy | February 25, 2016 3:04pm
 Your commute isn't just annoying; it's killing you.

Your commute isn’t just annoying; it’s killing you.

Thinkstock/Mike Watson Images

We’ve all griped about the stalled trains, closed stations and crowded cars that make us seethe with indignation and fantasize about living anywhere else but here.

And we’ll continue to complain, with good reason: New Yorkers commute an average of 6 hours and 18 minutes per week, longer than workers in any of the nation’s other 29 largest cities, according to a 2015 report by city Comptroller Scott Stringer.

The toll our daily commute takes on us has long-term implications on our mental and physical health, research shows.

Here’s what researchers like Richard Wener, a professor of environmental psychology at NYU and longtime tri-state commuter, have taught us:

1. Commuting can raise our cortisol levels, which is definitely not a good thing.

In a 2004 study of suburban rail commuters taking the train from New Jersey to Manhattan, Wener and his co-author Gary Evans found that the longer their test subjects’ journey was, the higher the levels of cortisol (the primary stress hormone) in their saliva, and the more difficult they found to focus on the task of proofreading assigned them at the end of their commute.

Invasions of personal space had an affect on cortisol levels, too, Wener and Evans concluded in a follow-up paper.

“What our data showed was…that crowding made a difference, although the measure that was important wasn’t how many people were in the car,” Wener explained. “It was the likelihood that somebody was bumping into you.”

Chronic stress and overexposure to cortisol — which increases sugars in your bloodstream, alters your immune system responses, suppresses your digestive and reproductive systems, and communicates with that part of your brain that controls mood, motivation and fear — puts you at risk for mental health problems like anxiety and depression, and a whole host of physical health issues.

2. Having to make transfers during our commutes raises our stress levels.

Wener and Evans’ research also supported the theory that the fewer transfers a commuter has, and the easier they are, the less stressed he is.

That’s because transfers add an element of unpredictability to our travels.

“Everybody who’s ever ridden a train system knows this intuitively: Every time you have to transfer, that reduces your predictability,” Wener said, and each unexpected missed connection adds on to your projected travel time.

Waiting for subways and buses is particularly exasperating when we have no idea how long the delay will be. That’s why the MTA’s countdown clocks, while often inaccurate, can provide such relief: They cancel out the stress of uncertainty.

“You’re sitting there and not wondering if the next train will be in 20 minutes,” said Wener, who had hoped to test the clocks’ effects on straphangers’ stress levels. “You can look at it and see pretty much what’s happening.”

3. Long commutes are shown to reduce how much we sleep and exercise.

Each minute spent commuting translates into a 0.2205 minute sleep time reduction, according to 2009 study based on data from the American Time Use survey. If you commute an hour each way, you’re losing 26.5 minutes of sleep each day and 2.2 hours a week.

One third of Long Island Rail Road commuters surveyed in 1999 complained of “at least moderate difficulty falling or staying asleep,” and another third reported “at least moderate difficulty staying awake” during the day. Those with long commutes, of greater than 75 minutes, said they slept an average of 97 minutes longer on weekends than weekdays; they also napped more en route than commuters with trips 45 minutes long or shorter.

4. Ninety-minute commutes are correlated with high cholesterol and BMI.

Nationwide, one in three employees commuting more than 90 minutes, surveyed by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index in 2010, said they had experienced recurrent neck and back pain in the past 12 months. Only one in four with commutes of 10 minutes or less complained of the same symptoms.

Employees with lengthy commutes were more likely to report a diagnosis of high cholesterol and a body mass index that categorized them as obese, the report said.

That’s in part because the time we spend on the subway or the road is time we aren’t using to exercise or prepare food at home: each minute devoted to commuting correlates to a 0.0257-minute reduction in exercise time and a 0.0387-minute reduction in food preparation time, the 2009 study found.

Those who commute long distances are also more likely to buy food at restaurants, not grocery stores, and engage in less strenuous exercise.

The stresses of commuting are also associated—surprise, surprise!—with elevated blood pressure levels.

5. All that travel back and forth to work makes us lonely.

According to Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam, the author of a best-selling book about the disintegration of American civic life, commuting is a strong predictor of social isolation. 

“There’s a simple rule of thumb: Every 10 minutes of commuting results in 10 percent fewer social connections,” he told the New Yorker in 2007. “Commuting is connected to social isolation, which causes unhappiness.”

6. Commuting might even make us more likely to divorce our spouses.

After sifting through 10 years of records for 2 million Swedes, Umea University‘s Erika Sandow found in 2011 that married and unmarried co-habitating couples were 40 percent more likely to divorce if one partner was commuting for longer than 45 minutes each day.

The risk of a break-up decreased after five years of long commuting, as families adapted to a routine that kept them apart and assigned more household responsibilities to the stay-at-home partner.

7. Those with the longest commutes could actually be shaving years off their lives.

Looking at data from Statistics Sweden covering the period from 1985 to 2008, Sandow and her colleagues at Umea also found a statistically significant link between commutes longer than 31 miles one way and an earlier death for women with low incomes or limited education. The lengthier the commute, the stronger the correlation.

At a 2013 meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Sandow said her team couldn’t explain why commuting disproportionately affected women’s life spans, but she suggested that women’s greater household obligations made limitations on their time at home more stressful.


I love this shit. Brings me back to the days when cars without plates were parking in my hood and I decided to do some artwork.

This is what this fucking city does to people.



From DNAInfo New York:

‘I’m Stupid’ Is Spray-Painted on Car After Driver Parks on Sidewalk: Police

By Leslie Albrecht | February 25, 2016 5:55pm

GOWANUS — This scofflaw got a taste of sidewalk justice.

Vandals lashed out at a driver who parked his car illegally on a Brooklyn sidewalk, spray painting “I’m stupid” on the rear of the vehicle and deflating all four of its tires, according to a police report.

The incident happened earlier this month on Baltic Street between Third and Fourth avenues, where cars have long clogged sidewalks, to the dismay of locals. The city’s 311 records show seven calls in the last year about illegally parked cars blocking either driveways or the sidewalk on the block.

The 26-year-old driver parked his 1986 Chevrolet on the sidewalk on Feb. 13 at 8 a.m. while he was working nearby, according to a police report. He returned to the vehicle at 12:45 p.m. and found a picture of a penis spray painted on the hood.

“Do not park here” was painted on the passenger side door, and “I’m a scum bag” was scrawled on the driver’s side door, according to the report.

Sidewalk parking has been a chronic problem on the block for years, said street safety advocate Doug Gordon, who lived on the block in 2012 but has since moved away.

He chronicled the nuisance — and he and his neighbors’ fruitless quest to get it addressed — on his blog.

Back then Gordon was frustrated by a lack of police response to the problem, but he said Thursday that’s no longer an issue. Police from the 78th Precinct are now “very responsive” and crack down on sidewalk parkers when residents point out the problem, Gordon said.

Gordon even tweeted a thank you to local police recently, who responded that they’ve been “working hard” on the problem.

The NYPD’s recent attention to the problem makes the vandalism all the more shocking, Gordon said. The angry graffiti artist probably would have had better luck getting the illegal parking taken care of by contacting the 78th Precinct, Gordon said.”I don’t have any sympathy for someone who parks on the sidewalk and gets a ticket or towed, because it’s illegal,” Gordon said. “But I don’t think citizens should become vigilantes. It’s just wrong, period.”