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Not all issues are caused by the bottom of the barrel folks, some are due to neglect from the bottom of the barrel elected officials in Jamaica, all who just got a big ass raise. The issue of auto body shops all over Merrick Blvd placing junked, smashed cars on residential streets,  which are an eyesore, but pose health and safety issues,  have been ignored by both city agencies and our wonderful local elected officials for years. This issue has been brought up over and over and over again by community activist Pamela Hazel.

See many quality  of life issues in communities fall under City Council, but when your city council members are not being held accountable, pretty much like all of NYC officials and agencies (READ NYCHA).

Just more example of black on black crimes, this time perpetrated by local black leaders and their complete ignoring the issues.


From Pamela Hazel, Jamaica Community Activist:

Numerous residents called me last week. They wanted me to reach out to The Untouchables, (Sergeant Cedillo and his team) from the 103 rd. precinct. Residents were desperately trying to have the abandoned, smashed-up, embarrassing vehicles removed before Easter.

Sorry supporters, I will not put that responsibility on The Untouchables. I may call them for another location, but not this one and not this time. They have come to our rescue over and over and over. Meanwhile, Katz, Comrie and Miller; the highly tax paid political gangsters look the other way and pretend that the vehicles do not exist.

The abandoned vehicles are a symbol of neglect. They have been parked at 108th. Avenue, near  Merrick
Boulevard since Christmas, (Abandoned Vehicle Avenue). On every issue, the problem remains the same; which is “the lack of law enforcement.”

After reporting on this location many times, Boranian, the liaison at the borough president’s office is still asking for the details to find the location. Well Boranian, you are not fooling anyone. Your have no intensions of trying to have the vehicles removed. So you use the excuse, that I did not give you enough information.

If you cannot find 108th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard, get a GPS; or better yet, do not serve the Jamaica community. Your strategy is delay, delay, delay to deny. But  cleanupJamaicaQueens will provide updates.

Talking about updates, the back glass on the blue vehicle was smashed and the hood is now sticking up.

3/27/16 ( Easter Sunday) in Jamaica Queenssmashed car 108.jpg3

smashed car 108
































Before Easter weekend.

smashed car 108.jpg2smashed car 108.jpg4

Senator Comrie and Councilman Miller; ask yourself why Katz area does not look like primitive island. It is a damn shame that you all do a disservice to your own.

Keep tuned or not political gangsters.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


I don’t know what it is like to be a police officer or walk in their shoes, never knowing what to expect, but an officer responding to a domestic violence call shooting a dog in the head that posed no threat is unthinkable and shows that this officer should not be carry a gun and is obviously unable to deal with the stress of being an officer. Certainly not a cool level head was used at all.

It seems when responding to the call by a neighbor about a domestic violence case in a neighboring apartment, the neighbor opened the door as the police officer was going up the stairs and her dog got out approaching the officer but certainly what I saw, not in a threatening way at all and the owner stated the he was friendly, but yet this fucking knucklehead shot the dog point blank in the head for no damn reason. I mean why not use pepper spray if need be. From the awful video and photos, this officer seemed to panic and shot even though he was in no danger and this certainly was not the last resort. Cuesta just panicked in a non-violent situation.

For those who are not animal lovers or who have a pet, a pet is a family member, not a thing to just have. I cannot even imagine what the dog owner, Yvonne Rosado, is going through, especially since she saw this stupid fuck shoot her dog right in front of her.

Already some NYPD are making bullshit excuses for this senseless killing by saying such things as well, you do not know what is to be expected when going to a domestic violence call. But the officer was just going up the damn steps, he did not even approach that particular apartment.

FUCKING ASSHOLE. I am glad the owner is filing a lawsuit against some ass that should not even be a security guard for Wal-Mart.


From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD cop shoots, kills Bronx family’s beloved dog in incident captured on video (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

Updated: Thursday, March 24, 2016, 9:10 PM
dog shooting

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD cop shoots dog, family outraged, files lawsuit
NY Daily News

One minute Yvonne Rosado was dancing with her pet pit bull inside their Bronx apartment — and the next, her dog was dead in the hallway, a city cop’s bullet in its head.

A gruesome video captured the officer, responding to a domestic violence call at a neighboring apartment, pumping a fatal gunshot into beloved 4-year-old Spike.

The pet’s devastated owner says the cop needlessly lost his cool when the typically pleasant pooch, its tail wagging happily, wandered outside before the Feb. 13 tragedy.

“The officer just reacted badly,” a teary Rosado told the Daily News on Thursday. “I was screaming, ‘He’s friendly! He’s friendly!’ But he still did that to my dog.”

Rosado, 42, said Spike posed a threat to no one, comparing her slain dog to a fluffy Sesame Street favorite.

An NYPD officer is about to fire the one shot that kills Yvonne Rosado’s dog, Spike, who was wagging his tail while barking.

An NYPD officer is about to fire the one shot that kills Yvonne Rosado’s dog, Spike, who was wagging his tail while barking.

“He was like a big Snuffleupagus — a gentle giant,” she told The News. “He was a member of the family … He would wag his tail, letting everyone know he was friendly.”


In a weekly ritual, the 70-pound dog was standing on its hind legs and dancing with Rosado to a song by Kid Cudi just before the shooting.

“He’s right there when the music’s about to start,” Rosado said. “I dance around with him and I spin him with one paw.”

Rosario said 4-year-old Spike was "a big Snuffleupagas" who "would wag his tail letting everyone know he was friendly." James Keivom/New York Daily News

Rosario said 4-year-old Spike was “a big Snuffleupagas” who “would wag his tail letting everyone know he was friendly.”

But the dog started barking once the cops from the 46th Precinct arrived around 5:30 a.m. When Rosado opened her door to see what was happening, Spike slipped into the hallway — where the cop was standing near 16-year-old neighbor Serena Santiago.

The video captured the officer shooting at the doomed pooch from about 3 feet away. The cop fired almost immediately, as he scurried down a few stairs.

“What if he had missed the dog and shot my daughter?” asked the teen’s mom, Irma Sue Santiago. “She’s traumatized by the whole thing.”

Santiago, 46, said the cop was never at risk during the brief confrontation.

“Spike died wagging his tail,” she said.

According to Rosado, the police have never explained what happened or apologized for the shooting. A source identified the cop who fired as Ruben Cuesta, who joined the NYPD in 2008.

Police issued a terse statement about the shooting.

“The incident is being reviewed by our Force Investigation Division and the findings will be subject to a firearms discharge review board,” a police spokesman said.

The department also refused to say if the two cops were carrying the NYPD’s new, more potent pepper spray unveiled because the old version was ineffective on dogs.

The cop who fired the shot was taken to an area hospital for tinnitus — but Santiago had little sympathy for the shooter.

“I heard the cops had to go to the hospital for ringing ears, but my daughter has to go to psychiatric therapy for this,” she said of her daughter.

Rosario opened the door to see what the problem was when the officers were talking to a neighbor, and that's when Spike slipped out. She screamed at the cops, "He's friendly! He's friendly!"

Rosario opened the door to see what the problem was when the officers were talking to a neighbor, and that’s when Spike slipped out. She screamed at the cops, “He’s friendly! He’s friendly!”

Rosado has already filed a notice of claim for a possible lawsuit against the city. She was also planning to file a grievance against the officers with the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board.

“Did the NYPD learn nothing from Peter Liang?” asked Rosado family attorney David Thompson, referring to the rookie cop convicted of shooting an unarmed man in a darkened Brooklyn stairwell in November 2014. “Don’t fire your damn gun in an apartment house stairwell unless you absolutely, positively, 100% got to do it.”

Rosado claims the NYPD killed her legless pet cat, Bebe, about six years ago, breaking the kitty’s neck during a search of another Bronx apartment.

The startling video captured the cop who shot the dog sheepishly walking down the stairs. He re-emerges to poke his head out from the staircase.

Rosado has already filed a notice of claim about a lawsuit against the city. She was also planning to file a grievance against the officers with the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board on Thursday. Provided to New York Daily News

Rosado has already filed a notice of claim about a lawsuit against the city. She was also planning to file a grievance against the officers with the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board on Thursday.

Rosado’s panicked family is seen racing out to cradle the dying Spike, whose tail kept wagging as the life seeped from the pet. Hazel, another family dog, walked from the apartment, as if to check on Spike, but was quickly ushered back inside the home. Rosado, wearing only her undergarments, slipped down the stairs, her feet slick with the dog’s blood. She took a few swings at a cop and was restrained by police. Rosado wasn’t charged.

The officers were dispatched to the E. 183rd St. building after Rosado’s neighbor said a former boyfriend — the subject of an order of protection — tried to come inside. He was long gone by the time police arrived.

According to NYPD policy, cops can shoot at animals “only to defend themselves or others from threat of physical injury, or death.” They are only allowed to use their weapons “as a last resort to stop an animal attack.”

In 2014 — the last time the NYPD put out its firearm discharge report — cops had shot at 18 animals, most of them dogs. It’s one fewer than the 19 in 2013. In 2011, 36 animals were shot by police during animal attacks, officials said.

Spike has been cremated, Rosado said.


Friends and fans of Phife Dawg, who recently died are starting a petition to rename St. Albans Park in memory of Phife Dawg, who hailed from St. Albans.

Now, I am not into the whole “naming” thing after a person, just not into that, but considering how little most of this community does not appreciated the whole jazz and rap history, I say go for it. Wish people to that much initiative in cleaning up their community (now that would show great respect for him). There have been times, I have been in St. Albans Park, which is a nice little park, strewed with garbage.

Garbage in St. Albans Park, one of the nicer areas of Jamaica.

Garbage in St. Albans Park, one of the nicer areas of Jamaica.


From DNAInfo New York:

Phife Dawg’s Death Spurs Petitions to Name Streets and Park in His Honor

By Katie Honan | March 29, 2016 2:41pm
 The rapper from A Tribe Called Quest died last week. 

The rapper from A Tribe Called Quest died last week.

Vimeo/Mary Nichols

ST. ALBANS — Friends and fans of A Tribe Called Quest rapper Phife Dawg, who passed away last week, are pushing a series of petitions to rename a park and a street in his honor.

A petition to rename St. Albans Park after the rapper, born Malik Taylor, had already received close to 3,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning, after Jarobi White, a fellow member of A Tribe Called Quest who left the group in the early 1990s, wrote on Facebook that the park had been near and dear to Phife’s heart.

White’s post said Phife had his spirit “nurtured and entertained” at the park, which was located near his home. And he joked that the park could be renamed either “Malik ‘Phife Dawg’ Taylor Park” or “Tha Phiferdome” to remember his influence.

White also included a list of other venues that could honor Phife’s life, including Sayres Avenue between 180th Street and Merrick Boulevard or putting up a mural in St. Albans.

“Help me accomplish these things in his name,” White wrote. “Start a petition. I don’t know. Something…”

There is also another petition currently open seeking to rename a portion of the Boulevard of Linden “A Tribe Called Quest Boulevard.”That petition is sponsored in part by LeRoy McCarthy, who has also pushed to have the corner of St. James Place and Fulton Street in Brooklyn renamed for Biggie Smalls and the Lower East Side to get a “Beastie Boys Square.”



Yet another once nice neighborhood in Queens turned to shit due to our “vibrant & diverse” shit heads that Queens Borough President Katz loves to always talk about. Well, let’s talk about why once nice communities have turned to crime ridden shit holes.

Read into this whatever you want, I don’t give a fuck, but this is the reality. But remember I said BOTTOM OF THE BARREL diverse and vibrant folks.  And this is supposed to be the future of  America. Well, hear the flush, yep, down the shitter unless folks say enough and stop tolerating all this damn nonsense.


From Queens Times Ledger:

Teen arrested in Woodhaven assault: Police


Police from the 102nd Precinct have made an arrest in connection with a March 13 group-assault that left a 24-year-old man in critical condition.

A 15-year-old boy was taken into police custody March 15, the NYPD said, close to two weeks after the assault on the corner of 85th Street and Jamaica Avenue.

The teen faces several charges, including attempted murder, gang assault and criminal possession of a weapon, according to police. He is being held on $300,000 bond or $150,000 cash bail, police said.

“I don’t foresee that person coming out to the streets anytime soon,” Jose Severino, community affairs officer for the 102nd Precinct, told the audience March 19 during a meeting of the Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association.

The victim was found bleeding in front of Scaturro’s Food Market at 84-39 Jamaica Ave., but police said the stabbing occurred in front of a bodega on 84th Street and Jamaica Avenue.

Police said five to six males approached the victim, conversed with him, then stabbed him twice in the neck.

According to Inspector Deodat Urprasad of the 102nd Precinct, fast responding officers were able to save the man’s life.

The stabbing came only 12 days after a 39-year-old man and a 32-year-old woman were shot inside the Rico Chimi hamburger restaurant located at 80-01 Atlantic Ave.

Lt. Estrella of the 102nd Precinct said police were looking for an individual who came from Brooklyn and that the restaurant shooting was likely related to gang activity or a personal dispute.

“This was premeditat­ed,” Estrella had told the February Woodhaven Residents Block Association meeting. “The suspect went after a specific person.”

Estrella said the investigation was ongoing, but that the main aggressor in the Rico Chimi shooting had been arrested.

In 2010, directly above the scene of the March stabbing crime, Dario Paiva was fatally stabbed on an elevated subway platform at the 85th Street-Forest Parkway station on the J line.

Three years later, Natasha Martinez was stabbed on 85th Street in a suspected gang attack.

Both incidents occurred within a one-block radius of the March 2 attack.

Estrella said in February the precinct had enjoyed recent success in combating gang activity within Woodhaven.

There are two active gangs in the area known to police, he said, and both of them have large numbers of members who have recently been incarcerated.


Passing this along for those of you in the 103rd precinct district. Good chance to meet the council member and folks from the 103rd precinct or as a reader of mine said:

Good opportunity to ask some of these people some of the questions that you continuously pose, like:
– spotty – if at all – enforcement of trucking/traffic laws.
– absolutely NO enforcement of NYC EPA noise ordinances against high-volume sales barking/huckstering and endless tape loops on Jamaica Ave.
– permitting frequent red-light running, bus-lane blocking/stopping of unlicensed livery ‘black-cars’.
– what the status of a dedicated ‘clean-streets’ crew for the downtown Jamaica area is
and many more that I’m sure you could ask.

Detective Marc Costa is a good guy and has helped me out many times.



This is a great opportunity to meet the 103rd Precinct staff and 103rd Precinct Community Council in a SOCIAL SETTING. Get to know us on a more personal level. Come and enjoy refreshments with us.

We are looking forward to this. We hope to see you there.


Detective Marc Costa
Community Affairs

103 Precinct, New York Police Department

Jamaica, NY 11432

103rd meet and greet103rd meet and greet.jpg 2


I am sure you see this all the time. I know I do, whether riding the ghetto E train to Jamaica or walking down Jamaica Avenue, stupid parents giving their babies in strollers Cheetos, potatoe chips, McDonald’s and Pepsi in their bottles, etc and you wonder (if you even do that) why your kid as he or she gets older has health problems such as diabetes or is just plain fucking fat.

The article below states you see this more with lower economic parents or less educated, but you know what, you don’t need a college degree to know that feeding your kid (or hell adults for that matter) Cheetos or McDonald french fries is not good, it is just common sense. And if you cannot cook, then don’t have a baby unless you can afford a cook then.


Life expectancy: 15 years old. These little fat boys will never see their dicks.


Senator Leroy Comrie, one of biggest do nothing elected Jamaica officials of the past couple decades.

Senator Leroy Comrie


From The Daily News:

Babies living on junk food at just five months old: study

Monday, March 28, 2016, 9:04 AM
Babies are getting into sweets too soon. Perboge/iStock

Babies are getting into sweets too soon.

Can you have a sweet tooth before you start teething?

Researchers have found babies living on junk food in the U.K. before they can even chew.

Scientists at Leeds Beckett University studying the diets of 1,250 infants in Bradford found that many parents give chips and soft drinks to children as young as five months old.

One child’s first baby teeth came in black because the infant had been regularly given soda in its bottle.

Lead researcher Pinki Sahota noted low-educated mothers in the community were dishing out the worst diets.

While older, more educated moms and dads knew to put more fruits and vegetables on their kids’ plates, she said, teenage mothers were turning to French fries and potato chips.

“A lot of them have not got the cooking skills,” Sahota told the Daily Mail. “Parents are giving kids junk food because they are eating it themselves.”

One mother told researchers she didn’t cook much at home because it was quicker and cheaper to feed them fast food. “We send [the kids] down the road to get burger, chips and a drink for 99 pence,” she said.

Professor Sahota, the chair of the Association for the Study of Obesity, is calling for more education for parents, and for the food industry to reformulate its high-fat and high-sugar products to be healthier.

“Childhood obesity is a growing problem, she told the Mirror. “More than a fifth of children starting school are overweight or obese.”