Once the announcement was made FINALLY for Queens to get a full service animal shelter, many were concerned that it would NOT be a “no kill” shelter, but now it has been made clear that it will be a “no kill”, but read on. It still is good news though.

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From Queens Courier:

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

When Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Tuesday that the city’s executive budget proposal for fiscal year 2017 includes $10 million for two new full-service animal shelters in Queens and in the Bronx, many QNS readers asked if the shelters would have a no-kill policy.

QNS reached out to the Mayor’s office as well as to the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) who are under a contract with the city to operate existing animal shelters in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island, as well as the admission centers in Queens and the Bronx. In doing so, we learned that there is a lot of grey between “kill-” and “no-kill” shelter.

“There is actaully no such a thing as a no-kill shelter,” explained Katy Hansen, communications director at ACC. “It is basically a marketing tool.”

According to Hansen, any large metropolitan area will have several different welfare models to handle the over-population of animals. The animal shelters operated by New York City have an open-admission shelter model, which means that the shelter accepts any animal.

“When people refer to no-kill shelters, they are not open-admission. They pick and choose what animal they take,” said Hansen. “We take every animal that comes in.”

So-called limited admission shelters have the opportunity to say no to an animal. Other type of shelters are focused on rescue of a specific breed such as Golden Retrievers, or will take only animals with behavioral issues.

“These new shelters [in Queens and in the Bronx] will also be open-admission,” said Hansen. “A decision to euthanize an animal is a difficult one and sometimes because of sickness or behavior we have to make these decisions.”

Some shelters euthanize up to 10 percent of their animals due to health and behavioral issues, and still consider themselves no-kill. ACC’s live release rate in 2015 was 86 percent, and 94 percent in March and April 2016. (Full stats are available here.) Live release means that the animals were either adopted, returned to the owner, or they were sent to another nonprofit partner who then provides adoption services to people.

Accoding to NYCLASS, which is a nonprofit animal advocacy group dedicated to changing New York City’s laws to protect animals, ACC has changed their policy about three years ago. “They used to euthanize about 90 percent of their animals, and only 10 percent were sent to adoption,” said John Collins who works NYCLASS. “But because of this new policy they work with other nonprofits who are associated with ACC, they flipped that ratio — now they have about 90-percent adoption rate.”

According to Raul Contreras from the Mayor’s office, in 2015 the euthanasia rates plummeted – down 36 percent for dogs and 25 percent for cats compared to the previous year – with adoption rates rising by 17 percent.

“For us it’s really not about statistics and we don’t want statistics to drive the decision about individual animal. We put the animal welfare first,” explained Hansen.

“The real issue is that we will always have an overpopulation [of animals] until we start getting at the root of its causes,” she added. “We need to cut out the source of these homeless animals. We need to invest in low cost spay/neuter programs; we need to support trap/neuter/release programs for cats; we need to expand outreach and education; and we need to target areas where many strays are born and encourage people to adopt from shelters.”

Queens residents will have a chance to discuss the impact of the new full-service animal shelter with Council Member Vallone and NYCLASS this coming Monday, May 2 at 12:45 p.m. at Alley Pond Environmental Center, at 228-06 Northern Boulevard, Douglaston. To attend please RSVP to John Collins at




Next time there is a fire and your house burns down due to missing fire hydrant caps, you can of course place blame on elected leaders from the Mayor, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and many of our local elected leaders, except for Senator Tony  Avella who seems to be the only one who cares about this problematic issue which as usual is not being addressed or swept under the wrong. Next time you are walking around, take notice at the fire hydrants and you will notice, like I have that many are missing the caps.

One drug addict goes into a Jamaica Mosque and attacks two people (the only such incident in the area) and the elected officials come flying out the woodwork screaming “hate crimes” to make this incident a bigger incident than it really is ( and I mean coming out of the woodwork. A Maryland adult man was shot and killed by police after being stopped by police for drinking outside with an open alcoholic container, allegedly having a gun in his waistband, taking off and supposedly going for said gun. While all the information and all the fact are not in, already Senator James Sanders and others, including Al Sharpton are jumping on an early bandwagon with yet all the complete facts (

Yet, a major issue that can have major consequences and cause injury and even death, goes completely unnoticed, because fire hydrants with missing caps are not juicy enough for photo ops. One is a major issues that can affect everyone and two are not, at least at this point.

Nothing like going for the issues that as usual divides the people and ignoring the other that has more serious consequences and would actually hold city officials accountable and cause city officials to actually do something that would require work.

Ever notice how elected officials always focus on issues that sometimes are not really issues or focusing on issues that they really cannot do much about, but looks good, especially for a photo op, but major quality of life issues that can be solved by HARD WORK and being held accountable for, like illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal conversions, illegal curb cuts, illegal garbage dumping, squatters, dumping of homeless shelters by the dozen in communities of color, political corruption, especially by the dirty Southeast Queens folks, seem to always NOT get addressed, talked little about or hear the phrase “it’s on our radar.”


From Queens Times Ledger:

Avella fumes over missing fire hydrant caps

By Mark Hallum

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) made the observation over the summer that many of the fire hydrants in his district were missing caps.

Without a cap, rust and trash can accumulate in the hydrant, obstruct the flow of water and hamper firefighter efforts to extinguish the blaze, he said.

“It’s really incredible just how many fire hydrant caps are missing. This issue is not localized to one or two neighborhoods either,” Avella said. “I’ve seen this throughout my entire district alone. Left unprotected, they become obstructed with gunk or trash, which may impede firefighters from accessing them during an emergency. If they don’t already, the FDNY needs the proper resources to proactively go about replacing them.”.

The senator believes scavengers, who prey on any scrap metal that is not secured, are taking the caps for extra pocket money..

Avella wrote a letter to the Fire Department and the Department of Environmental Protection to bring the matter to their attention.

The response did not please the senator from Bayside.

“An elected official may as well write their letters in crayons, for all the good it would do getting this administra­tion’s attention on a crucial issue. Fire hydrants all throughout the city have been left with missing caps,” he said. “According to the Department of Environmental Protection, what I should have done is call 3-1-1 to report each missing cap rather than attempt a direct discussion about this systemic problem.”

Avella went on to further blame the de Blasio administration for dismissing the issue and the lack of adequate response from the agencies. The lawmaker said this was just another failure by the administration to respond to the issues that matter.

“Am I supposed to physically survey every hydrant, phone them in, and re-survey again to see if the caps have been replaced?” Avella said.



Nine times out of ten, when a person gets shot (or killed) by the police,  as did George Tillman recently in South Ozone Park, people do stupid shit, they mouth off, they start running, they go after the officer or worse they have a gun out or in their waste band, which  more than likely will get you fact to face with the grim reaper. And many before this even happens are engaging in stupid ass behavior like drinking out in public, smoking a joint out  in the open or a number of stupid ass shit that people do, which catches the eye of the police.

In the article below:

“When are we going to stop talking about this and start being about it,” she later said. “What are we going to do different?” Bell also said “everyone” needs to be held accountable for their part in the investigation, turning to Sanders and adding “that means you, too.”

Well, Ms. Bell, what people can do different is STOP DOING STUPID SHIT like carrying a gun for once. Yes, everyone needs to be held accountable and that includes the victims in many of these cases.

My entire life, all my friends throughout my life, all the people I have worked with, all the people I have hung out with of all nationalities and races, NOT one of them have been shot by the police, not one of them was walking around carrying a gun, not one of them have been beaten up by the police or been stopped for doing absolutely nothing.

Well, you might not like what I have to say or you may disagree with me, but bottom line, many of these cases would have not happened if the victim did not do STUPID SHIT. Christ, we are talking about adults, who should know fucking better, but obviously do not.

With the Tillman incident, folks in Jamaica are up in arms, but this shit would not have happened if Tillman followed common sense (I mean the guy was a father of five, what the hell was he thinking) or listened to Chris Rock.


From Queens Chronicle:


Looking for justice, but ready to ‘take it’

Community mourns George Tillman as they fight for special prosecutor


Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2016 10:30 am

The people who gathered in the basement of St. Anthony Clement Pope Church in South Ozone Park last Thursday know what it’s like to hear that a black man has been fatally shot by cops — they’ve seen it happen many times before.

But this time would be different, they said. The standing-room-only crowd vowed to get justice for George Tillman, who they say was unjustly killed by police April 19.

“If we stick together, there will be justice,” the family’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, told the crowd. “Either they’re going to give it to us, or we’ll take it.”

Tillman was stopped on 135th Street as he stood next to a double-parked car with an open container of alcohol, police and Lichtman said. The officers allegedly spotted a firearm in his waistband and attempted to approach him when he fled, cops said. Following a brief foot chase, Tillman allegedly reached for a gun and was shot by four officers “several” times in the torso, police originally said.

The Medical Examiner’s Office later said Tillman died of a gunshot to the head.

Lichtman, Tillman’s family, community leaders and civil rights activists deny parts of the cops’ tale of that night, saying he did not have a gun on him at the time and was shot in cold blood by cops.

“He was a young man who had an open container,” Lichtman said. “That was his crime. And for that, he got 13 bullets in the torso and one in the head.”

Some in the room charge the incident is another chapter in the black community’s sometimes strained relationship with law enforcement, alleging cops target the minority community.

“I see this a lot,” Au Hogan, associate director for Life Camp Inc. and president of the Baisley Park Houses, said. “I want our elected leaders to look at this in a way that it’s not a micro-problem, not a 135th Street problem, but that it’s a national problem.”

Led by state Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D-South Ozone Park), the people in the room are calling on Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to oversee the investigation of the case as a special prosecutor.

“Something is amiss in this particular case and we want to see some justice in our lifetime,” said Sanders, who added he is trying to meet with Schneiderman to discuss this particular case.

As first reported by the Queens Chronicle, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown last week issued a statement that he believes the calls for a special prosecutor are “neither helpful nor productive” and that his investigation will be “fair and impartial.”

Responding to that, Sanders said he has a “philosophical disagreement” with district attorneys looking into police-involved shootings.

“Nine times out of 10, the DA’s office works hand-in-hand with the Police Department as they go through their caseload,” the senator said. “They develop friendships, they develop relationships. In that less than one in 10 instance, they may find themselves investigating the very people they’ve developed friendships with.”

Last Saturday, the Rev. Al Sharpton joined the calls for a special prosecutor at the National Action Network’s weekly rally, which was attended by members of the Tillman family.

“The attorney general needs to take this case out of Queens,” Sharpton said.

On Monday, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton in an unrelated press conference defended the Queens cops’ actions.

“The best way to not get shot by New York City police officers is to not carry a gun and not raise that gun toward them,” Bratton said.

A spokesman for the attorney general said the office is still looking into the matter.

Lichtman said “the NYPD shouldn’t be afraid of an independent investigation.”

He later added that while he has great empathy and appreciation for the danger police officers face in their day-to-day duties, there is evidence that “you can’t trust the NYPD to police themselves,” referring to an ongoing investigation that alleges high-ranking police officials, who have since been reassigned, issued gun licenses in exchange for bribes.

Sanders and others say there is video surveillance that proves Tillman did not have a gun on him when he was shot.

The lawmaker said it will be released in due time.

“What is done in the dark will come to light,” he said.

He urged all those who may have footage of the incident to hold onto it until it is determined if Schneiderman or Brown will investigate the case.

He also urged them not to hand over evidence to “just any officer,” citing complaints of police intimidation regarding the case.

Officers barged into one woman’s house, Sanders said, and asked to see her tape after quickly flashing their badge.

“Now she says her VCR set doesn’t work that well,” he said.

Members of the family and the community were told by someone affected by a cop-involved shooting to persevere in their fight for a special prosecutor.

Nicole Paultre Bell — the widow of Sean Bell, who was killed in 2006 in Queens after cops fired 50 rounds into his car the morning before his wedding — said the Tillmans “have to make a movement for your loved one.”

“When are we going to stop talking about this and start being about it,” she later said. “What are we going to do different?”

Bell also said “everyone” needs to be held accountable for their part in the investigation, turning to Sanders and adding “that means you, too.”

The cops in Bell’s case were indicted, but later acquitted of all charges.


Smashed cars4.26.16From Pamela Hazel, Community Activist:

The blue vehicle and the new arrival, the white vehicle were removed from 108 Avenue & Merrick Boulevard (Abandoned Vehicle Avenue.) This is after months of relentless reporting the abandonment. The two culprits were removed on 4/27/16.

Many supporters encouraged me to call in The Untouchable, (Sergeant Cedillo and his team from the 103rd. precinct. I do not believe that is right. As I fore mention, they come to our rescue every time. However, The Untouchables have a lot more responsibilities. Meanwhile Senator Comrie, Council Miller and other political gangsters have neglected their responsibility. They are highly paid public servants.

Jamaica Queens voters had to endure the despicable site for: Christmas, New Years, Good Friday, Palm Sunday Easter Sunday and MLK holiday. What a shame! This episode will come back to haunt the political gangsters.

Comrie and Miller have betrayed voters’  trust, and they must pay a price. There is always a next election. The whole world knows about racism. It is time to make black on black political crime a national issue.

108 & Merrick Boulevard area is vacant; a tow truck was parked to the front of the spot.

tow truck

The platform for the next local election.

Smashed cars4.26.16.jpg2

Senator Comrie and Miller are the masters of self hatred. The world needs to know and CleanupJamaica will inform them.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice


Only in fucking Southeast Queens, would a corrupt, useless Councilman and a deadbeat father is giving advice and sponsoring an upcoming session on being a good father. Councilman Wills faced a civil warrant for nonpayment of child support and state tax officials said as of Feb.7, he owed $27,493 ( SOME FUCKING DAD.

As one of my readers put it:

LOL, you can’t make this stuff up! Sponsored by Ruben Wills, A guy who cannot even pay his own child support. Talk about being a responsible Father.

Wills, you are a fucking jack-ass, plain and simple.

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014

Councilman Ruben Wills being arrested in November of 2014


From Queens Chronicle:

Fathers, food and family

Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2016 10:30 am | Updated: 12:57 pm, Thu Apr 28, 2016.

Furthering Fathering and the office of Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Jamaica) teamed up again in their effort to teach fathers how to create quality family time through the planning and preparation of nutritious, inexpensive meals.

The April 21 session in the student kitchen at August Martin High School in Jamaica was run by retired Army National Guard chef Neno Morris and featured chicken marsala, roasted red potatoes and asparagus tips. Other sponsors included MetroPlus Health Plan.

Also on hand for the demonstration was Assemblywoman Vivian Cook (D-Jamaica), who originally secured state funding for the kitchen.



By now everyone may be familiar with the story of George Tillman, who was shot and killed by police in South Ozone Park on April 19th. The story goes that Tillman was outside of a party at 1am with an open container of alcohol, was stopped by police, who then saw a gun in his waistband, Tillman took off, grabbed his gun and police shot and killed him. Of course some of the folks in the area are in an uproar and want an investigation in the matter. Now relatives are saying that Tillman is a family man and man of God, but what the hell does that have to do with anything. Like religious people have never been involved in violence (ISIS come to mind). GIVE ME  A BREAK.

I am still not 100% clear of what exactly took place, but why would a father of 5, three his own, two from the woman he married and the one child is 7 with cancer, be out at 1am and carrying a gun. Want to to explain this before we give this guy Sainthood.

According to a New York Times article (, the friend of Mr. Tillman,  who was in the S.U.V. disputed the police account, saying Mr. Tillman had not been holding an open bottle of alcohol. The friend declined to give his name because he was dealing with an unrelated police matter. Oh, an unrelated police matter and we are to believe this guy.

I am so tired of this shit, where someone doing something illegal becomes the victim due to his behavior. I am over it.

Now if it comes out that this was major wrong doing by police, fine, but in the meantime with the information we have, Tillman certainly was no innocent bystander.

As one person put it:

I’m a father of 1 with another baby on the way and I was in bed by 8pm because I had to get up to go to work in the morning.


From Queens Chronicle:

A family man, man of God and electrician

Community mourns George Tillman


Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2016 10:30 am

It wasn’t uncommon for George Tillman to visit his family in South Ozone Park.

The Maryland resident would like to visit his uncle, Anthony Tillman Jr., to talk “about God and how God was doing things for him in his life.”

“My brother and his mother raised him to be a fine young black man in this world,” Anthony Tillman said.

Tillman was once again visiting his family in South Ozone Park on April 19, standing next to a double-parked car with an open container of alcohol when he was stopped by cops, allegedly because he had a gun on him.

Police say Tillman ran away and, after encountering backup officers, reached for a firearm and was subsequently shot by the police in his torso.

The Medical Examiner’s Office later said he died of a gunshot wound to the head.

He was 32.

At a community forum arranged by state Sen. James Sanders Jr. (D-South Ozone Park) last Thursday, Tillman’s family and friends fought back against what they called the “narrative” that he would be the type of person to raise a gun at law enforcement.

Anthony Tillman Jr. spoke on behalf of his nephew’s family, who sat quietly during the event.

“George was raised in Jamaica and was raised in a Christian family,” he said. “He went to school, got an education. He was young and got married. He took care of his children.”

More than anything else, George Tillman was a devout Christian.

“You’re looking at a young man who was deeply religious and had morals and values that he lived by and that he was raised up with,” Anthony Tillman said.

George Tillman worked as a licensed electrician in a union in Maryland, where he lived with his wife and five children.

The family’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, said it “doesn’t make sense” that a man who so eagerly cared for his family would threaten to shoot at police.

“Does that sound like someone who is going to have a loaded weapon ready to shoot law enforcement?” Lichtman asked.

A woman in the crowd last week spoke of the Campbell family — Campbell is George Tillman’s mother’s maiden name — as hardworking people.

“Her father was a business man who had a barber shop,” the woman said. “Her brothers were carpenters. Don’t think [George] came from nowhere … he wasn’t a nobody, cause God don’t make nobodies.”

People in the audience said they’ve known the Tillman family for a long time, adding that they were active in the community. One man remembered how they would give out gifts around Christmastime.

Tillman will be waked on Friday, April 29 at New Jerusalem Worship Center, 122-05 Smith St. in Jamaica, from 7 to 9 p.m.

His funeral will be held the next day at the same place from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Beautiful street and community, till you walk down the block to the corner of 223rd Street and 130th Ave

Beautiful street and community, till you walk down the block to the corner of 223rd Street and 130th Ave

This was sent to me via email from a person who is obviously so fed up with this MONSTER EYESORE of a HOUSE  (130-06 233rd St) which has also become a garbage dump and junk yard on an otherwise pristine block. So this issue has been going on for 8 long years and you are telling me that not one city official, not one elected official in this area has stepped up to the damn plate and addressed this properly and see that the situation is remedied. I mean look at that wood, can you spell termites. Look at the garbage. Looks at the junked cars.

A stop work order was placed years ago, back in 2008, but since then NOTHING ( And look at the number of complaints that have  been filed as well (

HOW IS THIS ACCEPTABLE, FOLKS. I mean this is one of the worst sights I have seen, especially considering the rest of the street and neighborhood. So if any of you wonderful people in charge want to do something, you can contact this person at

Here is the email I received.

MONSTER HOUSE at 233 street and 130th Ave on the boarder of Laurelton and Rosedale, has haunted this Queens neighborhood since 2008.
Now this MONSTER HOUSE has given birth to a GARBAGE DUMP and a JUNK YARD.
The Queens Borough Commissioner has refused to do anything outside of the stop work order placed on the MONSTER HOUSE in 2009.
This blight has plagued this neighborhood for over EIGHT (8) YEARS.

Blight house street.jpg2













Blight house complaintsBlight house complaints.jpg2