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Constant illegal truck driving on 170th Street between Jamaica & Hillside Ave, a residential street.

Trucks 5.27.16 001Trucks 5.27.16 004Trucks 5.27.16 005Trucks 5.27.16 006

Continuous car alarm going off on this vehicle daily, today along from 7am as of the writing, 11:53am. A daily issue, neighbors have complained (I have filed several 311 complaints over the weeks). Last week it went off from 7am to 7pm.


This vehicle's (170-25 90th ave) car alarm has been going on and off since 7:30AM, it is now 6PM. 5.14.16

This vehicle’s (170-25 90th ave) car alarm has been going on and off since 7:30AM, it is now 6PM. 5.14.16. Today (5.27.16) 7am to right now, 11:57am. A daily chronic problem.



A hot, muggy Memorial Day weekend and in the ghetto like Jamaica, no doubt when I come back from my “fishin” trip far far away from this ghetto and state, I will read that some knucklehead shot or killed someone at a barbecue or family gathering, because well, that is how ghetto Jamaica rolls. I mean what would be a holiday without a shooting or killing.


Christ, can’t hear about a concert, a birthday party, a family gathering or anything anymore without some knucklehead taking a gun and killing someone.

I don’t know I have been to several concerts in my lifetime from Rock to R&B to jazz and never once saw a fight, let alone a shooting.

And here we go again, a particular outing and a shooting takes place and someone ends up dead at a damn concert and the culprit is ghetto thug rapper mentality, you know the business that made such folks as Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and countless others majorly rich, while all the while many of them promoted violence, disrespect of females ( the word “hoe” pretty much came from these folks) and wasting money on rims & big ass chains and now those early pioneers are sitting pretty in their fancy gated communities far removed from the ghetto.

Many readers have sounded off on this same old bullshit (but of course black leaders will be nowhere to be found on this at all, did not involve a white cop).


Are there any activities where you bring a lot of black people together and there isn’t crime involved? There are some good and very intelligent black people out there but so many are a bunch of thugs ruining things for the entire race.


Never remember any violence at a Temptations or a Four Tops concert during the day just listening to great MUSIC. White kids black kids dancing at the Garden laughing at Mom’s dirty jokes and never ever thinking for a second about violence or being shot, never ever. Wouldn’t go to a black concert today or for that matter a hard core white concert with the shootings, stabbings, ghetto criminal Thugging songs instead of the happy naive love songs from the Temp’s and the Tops. How life and society has changed in such a short time…


Back in 1976, I went on a senior trip to Arlington, Texas (Six Flags). We had about 50 students (small school). While we were there we attended a Kook and the Gang concert. Eddie Kendricks was also on the bill. It’s been a long time but I would say there were maybe 10,000 people there and it seemed we were the only white people in the audience. Guess what? We had a great time; there were no problems. Not even in the bathroom.  So… what does that tell you? Kool and the Gang crowds are nice? Black people are nice? Rap fosters violence? I don’t know… I just know what happened that night.

Just One Man’s Perspective

Where’s the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement on this? Why is this not being condoned by that organization? Can someone please help me understand which conditions and circumstances have to occur in order to invoke a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally? It’s all very confusing to me.

Jack Burton

Comes from upbringing, or should I say, lack there of. Correct the home and you won’t see these issues. It can’t be fixed in one day and will take decades or correction, if people were actually willing to call a spade a spade and accept responsibility.


The Daily News:

SEE IT: Rapper Troy Ave arrested after deadly shooting at T.I. concert at Irving Plaza


Video shows moment shooting started at T.I. concert at Irving Plaza
NY Daily News
An up and coming rapper from Brooklyn with a score to settle was captured on surveillance video opening fire backstage at Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert, killing one and wounding two others, police sources said.Troy Ave, of Brownsville, accidentally shot himself in the leg during the chaos, sources said.

He was charged with attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, cops said. He is expected to face a murder charge pending the results of a ballstics test, according to sources.

Troy Ave, who was to perform at the show, was feuding with Maino, who is based in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Maino had just left the stage when his rival blasted at least five shots with a 9-mm handgun in a green room above the stage, sources said.

Shooting at T.I. concert in NYC leaves one dead, three injured

Video shows the gunman barging into the backstage area around 10 p.m. sporting a gold chain and opening fire as people lunge for cover, knocking over barstools.

“He walks right out, women all around, and starts shooting his gun,” a police source said.

“It’s an ongoing rap group rivalry, him and Maino.”

A hip hop producer said that it’s no surprise the performers don’t like each other.

“Bed-Stuy and Brownsville, it’s like mixing oil and water,” the producer said.

The 30-year-old Troy Ave, whose real name is Ronald Collins was arrested at NYU Langone Medical Center, sources said.

It was unclear how Troy Ave allegedly shot and killed Ronald (Edgar) McPhatter. The victim’s mother said that McPhatter had known Troy Ave since they were in junior high school.

City Councilman Jumaane Williams and others who knew McPhatter, said he is shown in the video entering the green room behind Troy Ave and then running past him as the rapper blasts the room.

Earlier, McPhatter’s mother slammed Troy Ave for not calling to offer his condolences.ti2

McPhatter died doing what he’d done for many years — looking out for Troy Ave, the victim’s mother, Rose McPhatter, said at the Gowanus Houses.

“He actually cared a lot about Troy Ave. My wish is that Troy Ave cared as much about my son as he cared about him. I say that because I watched how my son would always bend over backwards to help him,” Rose said.

“If he (Troy Ave) cared about my son as much as he alleged he does, I would’ve received a call from him. He didn’t call me. He didn’t call any of my other sons.”

McPhatter’s brother is Shanduke McPhatter, a former gangster who now serves as the executive director of Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes.

The East Flatbush-based nonprofit seeks to end to street violence.

“There is no way I can answer all the texts and calls. … please give me a few,” Shanduke wrote on Facebook, along with a photo of his brother.

Court papers show that Edgar McPhatter had a pending charge for attempted murder in connection with a shooting at a Flatiron bar in November.

Detectives were combing through video from the venue and talking to witnesses — though many in the rappers’ entourages were not cooperating.

“The investigation is moving forward very rapidly, and we expect to close it quickly,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on “The Len Berman and Todd Schnitt Show” on 710 WOR radio.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Maino had just finished performing when a brawl broke out in the second-floor greenroom around 10 p.m.

An Irving Plaza employee told the Daily News the beef was between Maino and Troy Ave’s crews. Boyce did not confirm the two performers were at the center of the showdown.

The fight began as “fisticuffs,” Boyce said, before someone fired at least five blasts from a 9-mm. handgun.

ti3Ronald McPhatter, who worked as a bodyguard for the rapper Troy Ave, died in the shooting.


“It went on for about five minutes. People were shot,” Boyce said.

The gunfire turned the crowd into a stampede. Concertgoers scrambled over furniture, bolting for the exits.

“People were running and stomping over one another,” said Rodney Molina, 37.

McPhatter was shot in the stomach, stumbled downstairs and collapsed near a bar. He later died at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital.

Troy Ave, 30, whose real name is Roland Collins, was shot in the leg and driven to NYU Langone Medical Center in an SUV, sources said.“He’s part of the rap posse that was there last night,” Boyce said of Troy Ave, who had not taken the stage.

One bullet went through the floor and struck Christopher Vinson, 34, in the abdomen.

Reached on the phone at Bellevue Hospital, Vinson declined to comment in a hoarse voice.

Maggie Heckstall, 26, shot in the leg, was also treated at Bellevue, where she was visited early Thursday morning by 50 Cent.

Boyce said police were investigating how the firearm made it inside the venue. Metal detectors were in the building, he said.

A revolver may also have been involved in the mayhem, Boyce said.

Bratton lamented that investigators were not getting full cooperation from witnesses.

“It’s unfortunate the gangster rap world is still an issue we’re dealing with. The gangster lifestyle if you will.”

The entourages for the performers weren’t eager to assist investigators.

Boyce, on the other hand, said “People are coming forward with some stories.”

Mayor de Blasio was reluctant to say rap music was somehow a factor in the shooting.

“I think rap like any other genre is very, very diverse. I am relatively current because of the musical chooses of Dante and Chiara, so I hear a lot,” he said, referring to his children. “And some is thoughtful and socially conscious. And some I find distasteful. But I could say that about a lot of genres.”

Neighbors of McPhatter’s mother in the Gowanus Houses lamented the death, praising the ripped personal trainer and bodyguard as kind-hearted and thoughtful.

“He was a really good dude. He was one of the good guys out here. They were trying to get guns off the street,” Miguel Collazo, 37, said.

“It’s sad to lose someone like that, especially doing what they were doing, just going to a concert.”

Emanuel Thomas, 48, said McPhatter was well known around the neighborhood and generous with his time. McPhatter had tried to help him land a job.

“He was real kind-hearted like that. He doesn’t look for recognition, he doesn’t look for anything. He wasn’t judgmental. It’s a big loss to the community,” Thomas said.

Rose McPhatter said she did not always care for the people her son — one of five kids, including two sets of twins — hung out with.

“He was raised in the church but sometimes you meet the wrong crowd,” she said. “He loved everybody he had a big heart but having a big heart sometimes can be a curse. Sometimes it will lead you to the wrong people.”


I mean what more can I saw. This community is a ghetto mess and “leaders’ are not doing shit and the poor civilized people have to do with not only ineffective leaders, but the way too many low-class ghetto fucks and the low-class third world immigrants that have invaded the area.

Well, remember the names like Leroy Comrie, Vivian Cook, Gregory Meeks, I. Daneek Miller, Alicia Hyndman, Ruben Wills and the rest during election time and stop putting “shuck and jive” leaders in office.


From Queens Chronicle:

Residents want their block back on 199th

St. Albans homeowners say neglect, squatters harm their neighborhood

Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016 10:30 am | Updated: 12:28 pm, Thu May 26, 2016.

Longtime residents of 199th Street in St. Albans say two homes on their block have become squatter-occupied eyesores for different reasons over the years.

But they now believe that only the city can help them get the owners to evict squatters, and, in one case, to clean up and repair a garage that has become a dumping ground and a safety hazard.

Police officers from the NYPD’s 113th Precinct were interviewing neighbors and assessing both properties last week when Charlotte Thornton and Diane Dyal of the 199th Street Block Improvement Association gave the Chronicle a view of the homes that they say are ruining the neighborhood.

The home at 114-44 199 St. belongs to the daughter of a woman who died about 11 years ago.

The view from the sidewalk shows overgrown grass and shrubs, odd litter, and, under a front window, what appears to be a discarded television set.

The current owner “never sealed the house,” Thornton said. “She doesn’t want to sell or rent. She keeps paying the taxes.”

“We used to come and cut the grass and clean up,” one neighbor said. “We got tired of doing that.”

Another neighbor said the daughter’s taxes, like his own, are not cheap.

“This is a working-class neighborhood,” he said. “Young families, people just starting out … She just doesn’t care about the neighborhood.”

Neighbors said the house presently is occupied by squatters, though no one answered the door when police officers knocked. A piece of paper bearing what appeared to be a Con Edison logo was conspicuously in the handle for the screen door.

Records obtained on the website of the city’s Department of Buildings state that the owned is an El Gibson, though no address was available. The DOB lists one active complaint for having a “vacant, open and unguarded abandoned building; not closed/sealed.”

Up the street at house 114-04, located on the southwest corner of the intersection with Murdock Avenue, is what both neighbors and the DOB say is a health and safety hazard.

Dyal and Thornton said the owner was a woman who has not lived in the home for three to four years because of what they believe are medical issues.

The yard, particularly on the Murdock Avenue side and to the rear is heavily overgrown.

Pieces of paper that neighbors say include at least one DOB violation notice and real estate agent business cards adorn the front door. Again there was no response when officers knocked. Neighbors say there is a history of squatters throwing loud parties there, but that the house now has no utilities and very little left inside.

“They sold all her things — even two cars,” Thornton said. “They ripped out all the metal pipes.”

As bad as the house is, the major concern is around the corner on Murdock, where the garage for 114-04 has become a dumping ground for all kinds of refuse and debris.

The garage door, long smashed in, hangs precariously from its overhead frame in a cinderblock structure that is open to the elements.

Neighbors of both houses say the only animals they have seen coming from either property are opossums.

One neighbor of 114-04 said Department of Sanitation inspectors who recently responded to his complaint took one look at the garage and refused to enter.

“They were afraid [the door assembly] might collapse,” he said.

City records list the owner an H. Walker. Neither owner could be reached for comment.

The DOB had an active violation for “unsafe buildings.” Records show a complaint about garbage being dumped in the garage was resolved as of April 20.

As of the Chronicle’s deadline this week, there were two active complaints, one recorded on May 19, the day the Chronicle visited the site, and another about garbage being dumped in the garage recorded the following day.


Jamaica knows this problem too damn well and the bigger problem is a lack of enforcement and local elected officials not doing what they should be doing on this issue. And when you have a lack of proper enforcement for years and decades, when you have inefficient leadership, then everyone knows that they can pull this crap all the time, which is what those thug auto body shops on Merrick and other places in Jamaica know.

But if you are going to add this bill and it passes, which I doubt it will, too many of these auto places put money in useless and corrupt elected officials pockets, are the laws going to  be properly enforced.

Me, I am more for vandalizing these cars, which I have done several times on my blocks. Believe me, you do that on a regular basis, they will think twice before putting a car on a sidewalk or an unlicensed car on the street. It has been a long time since I have seen this unlicensed cars on my blocks.


Service Request #: C1-1-871281201 With the clean-up Jamaica tag

Service Request #: C1-1-871281201
With the clean-up Jamaica tag











From Queens Times Ledger;

Van Bramer seeks to curb sidewalk parking

Bills would hit businesses ‘where it hurts’ for blocking pedestrians’ way


Posted: Thursday, May 26, 2016 10:30 am | Updated: 12:42 pm, Thu May 26, 2016.

For most people, parked cars on city sidewalks are a regular inconvenience. But now, it may no longer be so easy to get away with.

City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) recently introduced two bills aimed at cracking down on businesses that park cars on sidewalks.

“When businesses use sidewalks as parking lots, it puts communities in danger,” the councilman said in a statement.

Van Bramer cites pedestrian safety as one of the main reasons for introducing the bills.

Often, he said, people are forced to walk out around the cars into some of the busiest streets in Queens, endangering their safety. He said that can be especially dangerous for the disabled or parents with children.

Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Forest Hills) said that she’s always been an advocate for not parking cars on the sidewalk.

“Sidewalks are for walking, not for parking or leaving cars on the sidewalks,” she said. Koslowitz said while she hasn’t received a tremendous amount of complaints regarding the issue, she does support the measures.

Problem areas exist all over the borough, though, from Northern Boulevard to Flushing Avenue to Merrick Boulevard. In a statement, Council Member Rafael Espinal Jr. (D-Brooklyn), chairman of the Council’s Consumer Affairs Committee, said the legislation is “simply about pedestrian safety.”

Espinal is the co-prime sponsor of the bills.

“I value our small businesses and the services they provide to the local community, but people shouldn’t have to walk on the street or through a maze of cars to get from point A to point B,” he said. “Our city’s sidewalks are made for pedestrians, not for businesses to park their cars. This is an issue that has plagued many neighborhoods, especially in the outer boroughs and it’s time we take action.”

Parking on sidewalks is already illegal, but the $115 fine that comes with it has not stopped city businesses from doing it.

“Too often, these establishments figure in the occasional parking ticket as just a cost of doing business. We need to hit them where it hurts,” Van Bramer said. “My bills, introduced with Council Member Espinal, will increase fines and allow the Department of Consumer Affairs to suspend or revoke the business licenses of repeat violators. By punishing businesses in a real and tangible way, we can get cars off the sidewalks and keep communities safe.”

Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association in Middle Village, agrees.

“A $115 ticket is not a deterrent; most businesses who park vehicles on the sidewalk either don’t pay the fine or write it off as the cost of doing business,” Holden said.

One of the main issues with existing law, people say, is that it appears to not be enforced well.

In an email to the Chronicle, Joe Moretti, writer of the “Clean Up Jamaica Queens Now” website, said what is needed, as with most quality-of-life issues, is enforcement.

“And that we don’t have,” he said.

Van Bramer has also called the current laws “underenforced.” Moretti doesn’t think the new bills are necessary.

“This has been a problem for years, decades,” he wrote. “We don’t need a new bill, we already have laws on the books regarding parking on sidewalks.”

In 2011, the Chronicle followed the community’s issues with the practices at Star Nissan in Auburndale, including cars parked on the sidewalk. While the owner promised to make changes in favor of the community’s demands, cars are still parked on the sidewalk five years later, according to Henry Euler, first vice president of the Auburndale Improvement Association.

He said the issue is not limited to Star Nissan, claiming that multiple businesses in the area are guilty of the same offense.

“I have been told by the police that these dealerships have been repeatedly warned about this illegal practice and that vehicles have been towed at times,” Euler said. “The problem persists, however.”

Holden said similar problems exist in his area, where American Towing and Collision in Maspeth has been parking cars on the sidewalk for a long time. The civic organization has fought against it for over a decade, to no avail.

“Despite tickets, towing and a ton of press, they continue to block sidewalks in the community. Pedestrians have to walk through a maze to simply walk past the area,” Holden said. Company representatives could not be reached prior to the Chronicle’s deadline.

“Kudos to City Council Majority Leader Jimmy Van Bramer for identifying a longstanding problem and for coming up with a solution to remedy it,” Holden said. “Unfortunately, our Councilmember Elizabeth Crowley, whose district has been plagued with this kind of situation, has not addressed it in her over eight years in office.” A spokeswoman for Crowley said she has not received any such complaints.

The first bill, Intro 1179-2016, would make parking on sidewalks or crosswalks a violation for several Department of Consumer Affairs-licensed businesses, including used car dealers, parking garages, parking lots, tow companies and car washes. The commissioner would suspend or revoke the licenses of businesses found in violation more than twice in one year.

Under the second bill, Intro 1180-2016, the commissioner of finance would implement increasing penalties for those who are repeat violators. Brian Zumhagen, spokesman for Transportation Alternatives, also praised the legislation.

“A city sidewalk is supposed to be a place where people can be without having to worry about dangerous traffic …” he said. “If we tolerate sidewalk parking, we’re just reinforcing the idea that there’s no place where pedestrians can be safe from cars.”

Aside from safety, Van Bramer cites structural damage to sidewalks as another danger, as they are not designed to hold the weight of vehicles.



Talk, talk, talk. Studies, studies, studies. Meetings, meetings, meetings. More time and money is wasted on TALK, STUDIES and MEETINGS, yet not a damn thing changes in the downtown area. The area is still a garbage mess, with litter and other assorted garbage all over the place blowing down the Ave or piled in some corner somewhere. The stores are still mostly crap, just store after store of beauty supply stores (about 20), beauty salons (a gazillion), 99 cent stores (some two and three next to each other), shitty electronic stores complete with jackass ghetto Mr. Microphone blasting in every body’s ear, these combo third world crap retail of assorted crap in big boxes out on the sidewalks, stores crowding sidewalks with displays that stick out illegally too far, run-down falling apart store fronts, livery cabs honking their damn horns constantly on the ave, I mean the list just goes on and on and then they wonder why “we actually haven’t seen that growth” as stated in the Times Ledger Article below.

Well, you are not seeing growth, because the area is a ghetto mess that pretty much caters to the lowest common denominator low-class ghetto folks including many of the new low-class immigrants. What civilized people want to shop in an area that is just a big outdoor third world ghetto flea market and total chaos with too much nonsense, not too mention, very few decent places to eat, VERY FEW. I mean nothing wrong with having a 99 cent store or a beauty supply store, but do we need dozens of the same crap. Not too mention several homeless shelters and big one, just a few blocks from the downtown area.

But go ahead and waste more money and time on studies, surveys and meeting, but don’t get to the crux of the problem, the cleaning up of the downtown area, enforcing litter laws and enforcing laws with businesses that block sidewalks with their crap merchandise. The business leaders and representatives for elected officials have FAILED this community, yet have spent a ton of money and for what and on what.

Just the same old bullshit, never changes.

Salvation Army at Archer and 149 St 5.23.16

Salvation Army at Archer and 149 St 5.23.16



Garbage 5.2.16 015Garbage 5.2.16 023

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

148 Pl and Jamaica Ave, sitting since almost beginning of May 2016

148 Pl and Jamaica Ave, sitting since almost beginning of May 2016

Downtown Jamaica, UNACCEPTABLE

Downtown Jamaica, UNACCEPTABLE

Stuff5.14.16 019Stuff5.14.16 015Stuff5.14.16 042garbage3.13.16 023

Good old Downtown

Good old Downtown

And they are dumping 1+ million dollars in this park, really. Does that include the removal of the bottom of the barrel folks.

And they are dumping 1+ million dollars in this park, really. Does that include the removal of the bottom of the barrel folks.

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

A few years back Jamaica BID made a big deal about this store, Cool Cats (cheap jewelry) you see in various neighborhoods, one was in the Village. Here in Jamaica it barely lasted a year and a half, now just a shit store of assorted crap inside with the loud microphone asshole in front (see this shit all on the Ave). Of course owners of this third world flea market leaves the old sign up. SO GHETTO.

This is the shit you see when you leave an event at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center

This is the shit you see when you leave an event at the Jamaica Performing Arts Center

three card montegarbage 1.2.15 025jamaica 12.5.15 028

Jamaica in the box retail

Jamaica in the box retail

jamaica 12.5.15 026jamaica 12.5.15 020jamaica 12.5.15 019jamaica 12.5.15 017

Is this an example of being on "the right track".

Is this an example of being on “the right track”.

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave

Homeless shelter with local residents hanging out all day. Two blocks from downtown Jamaica Ave

Jamaica crap11.21.15 007Jamaica crap11.21.15 003

A mess, plus another shitty deli that we do not need

A mess, plus another shitty deli that we do not need

The epitome of Jamaica.

The epitome of Jamaica.


From Times Ledger:

Business leaders talk downtown Jamaica development

By Patrick Donachie

Photo by Michael Shain

Jamaica’s opportunities in business and transit are vast, according to a presentation made by the New York director of the Regional Plan Association to the directors and members of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation.

Business leaders and representatives for elected officials attended the program at the Harvest Room in Jamaica Market at 90-40 160th St. May 18 to learn more about the RPA’s history and mission. The organization began as a collection of business leaders in the tri-state metropolitan area in 1922 to create “regional plans” that would chart the long-term future for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The RPA has produced three such plans in its history, with a fourth scheduled for release in 2017. RPA New York Director Pierina Ana Sanchez was on hand at the meeting to detail Jamaica’s projected role in that plan.

“Since the 1960s, when we proposed there would be a lot more growth in Jamaica, we actually haven’t seen that growth, that promise,” she said. Sanchez cautioned, however, that many disagreed with the premise that Jamaica had not capitalized on opportunities.

Sanchez said the RPA conducted a market study in collaboration with Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and found several areas of untapped opportunity. Since office rents were lower in Jamaica compared to other areas, she said businesses might consider utilizing the second floors of office spaces along main streets like Jamaica Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard as co-working spaces for people who do not work out of an office.

“The economy is changing,” she said. “Folks don’t have the same 9-to-5 jobs they may have had a generation ago.”

In the market study, the RPA also proposed finding ways to better use space on the grounds of John F. Kennedy International Airport by moving cargo transportation businesses onto the airport property. Sanchez noted that the RPA had not yet completed its research of the area but wanted to present a snapshot of the organization’s progress.

“This is a midpoint report, our research is far from complete,” she said. “But we wanted to bring it to you to ask are we going in the right direction? Are we asking the right questions?”

In addition, Sanchez detailed the RPA’s analysis of transportation options in downtown Jamaica. Initial proposals included complete fare parity between the Long Island Rail Road and the subway system, and a transformation of the LIRR’s Atlantic Avenue branch into a new subway line.



This is a Chase Bank branch located in Jamaica at 175-62 Hillside Avenue. Yes, it is in ghetto Jamaica, yes it is on Hillside Avenue, yes it is near a bus stop and fast food joints, not too mention that wonderful Methadone Clinic up from it, yes many of the folks in the hood are slobs,  BUT that is no excuse for that bank to have constant daily trash in their parking lot and their surrounding sidewalk. First thing in the morning, a person should be outside cleaning that crap up.

GHETTO CHASE, just like everything else ghetto in Jamaica. DISGUSTING & UNACCEPTABLE.Chase BankChase Bank2Chase Bank3Chase Bank 4Chase Bank 5