Garbage, useless black leaders, slob ghetto folks and a thief. Pamela reports it all.


From Pamela Hazel, Community Activist:

On Saturday May 1st,  a supporter and I went to our famous park; located at 109th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard. Our purpose was to secure the material that we placeD on the fence last year; to obscure the eyesore inside. Some of the clips were detached from the fence due to winds.

As we entered and began re-attaching the material; we noticed garbage inside the park. Well, do not be surprised. We live among primitives who DO NOT appreciate cleanliness. They threw garbage inside the park.


Do you know who are at fault? The local leaders, two in particular. Borough President Katz, who promised via NY1 to install surveillance cameras. The other aider and abettor  is Senator Comrie who vowed to clean up the area, according to the Queens Chronicle.

However, after a short pause we continued working on the material. We noticed that a large piece of material was missing; about 20 – 30 yards.

We pondered, who ripped off the material and why. It belongs to CleanupJamaicaQueens.  As we glanced, there was the material at the adjacent yard. It was neatly draped over a vehicle and secured by bricks. After the shock we reclaimed our possession. The thief will have to answer to the police.

park 2park 3

Outside the park was another plague. Garbage strewn on the sidewalk. Never mind that Friday is garbage pick-up day. In clear view was a red chair. It bears  a yellow label to Withesspoon 28-98 th. Street Elmhurst.

park 4

Oh yes, Jamaica is a dumping ground. Long Island residents can use our neighbourhood to dispose of their garbage. Our local leaders are not interested in stopping the violators. Can you imagine what will happen if garbage is identified in Long Island from residents in Jamaica Queens!

This is happening as Senator Comrie remains comatose; that is until the next election. What a disgrace that blacks cannot count on blacks for services. Comrie, sooner or later you too will be under investigation.

Councilman Miller this area is also your responsibility. Boranian, you are the liaison in B/P Katz’s office. Can you please contact DOS to remove the garbage. The scent is disturbing; another health risk.

P. Hazel: Social Media Journalist for Justice.


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