Trucks5.5.16 002Despite Mayor dum Blasio majorly failed VISION ZERO (not properly implemented and not properly enforced) or in spite of it, the dangerous behavior of large trucks driving illegally on residential streets was NEVER properly addressed, implemented & enforced all over. Even though that is a major problem not just on my street of 170th, but many streets in Jamaica, Queens and this entire city, it is being ignored. This is an issue that has been widely know for years and in the case of Jamaica decades. Without mentioning names, a higher up told me “We have known about this issue in Jamaica for a very long time”. YET, not one leader or elected official has brought this issue to the forefront, including City Council, who can actually do something about this matter (past and present SE council members Comrie, Sanders, Miller, Wills and Richards of Southeast Queens). None of the Queens Borough Presidents have brought this up and so we have the out of control beast that will not go away. And city agencies like DOT drag their feet on this issue despite several fatalities of pedestrians being killed by these huge dangerous trucks (http://www.streetsblog.org/2015/03/03/no-easy-answers-at-city-council-hearing-on-trucks-and-bikeped-safety/)

I place no blame on NYPD and especially the 103rd precinct, who it is amazing what they do while being completely under-staffed (something that can also be changed). I mean I certainly do not expect them to post guards 24/7 on my block. But why doesn’t DOT have a unit whose entire focus is on ENFORCEMENT. Why not add a unit to NYPD, who focus is on this, especially in areas, where it has been documented for a few years, like my street of 170th.

But you so-called leaders , YOU CAN and you all have chosen NOT to. For one reason, it takes work and that would interfere with talks to girl scout troop, street naming ceremonies and all the other political bullshit that serves no purpose with quality of life issues.

Here in Jamaica it is even worse with these trucks, since some fucking moron allowed Royal Waste Service to plop their polluting business smack in the middle of downtown Jamaica, right near residents and across from Detective Keith Williams Park.

You all wonder why people like me, community activist Pamela Hazel, Amy Anderson and others have such little respect for you and think and call you all useless douchebags, THIS IS WHY. Most of you never respond, never show concern, never even lie and say you will do something, YOU ALL JUST IGNORE this shit. Leroy Comrie is the master of being an ignoramus while collecting a nice paycheck.

But see, besides being such poor and ineffectual leaders, NONE of you have this issue or the ones that Ms. Hazel brings up going on in your immediate area or on your block, some of you like the GJDC folks don’t even live here.  Isn’t that right Manshel. Isn’t that right Katz. Isn’t that right Comrie. Isn’t that right Flake. Isn’t that right Miller. And isn’t that right Fuhrer dum Blasio. Out of sight, out of mind.

Jamaica’s Clyde Vanel produces a weekly newsletter and video series, BUT I sure have not read or seen anything about this major issue or other quality of life issues not getting addressed. Communities of Color media, where are your stories on this. Local Medial outlets, where is your in-depth reporting on these issues not being properly addressed by leaders and city agencies in this community.

But keep cranking out crap like this:

Service Request #: C1-1-1246579891
Date Submitted: 05/05/16 8:13:26 PM
Request Type: Traffic
Details: Truck Route Violation

Your Service Request was updated.

Your complaint has been received by the Police Department and it has been determined that a long-term investigation may be necessary. Additional information will be available at the conclusion of the investigation.

As usual it is TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION because someone stole you spine and balls. And you wonder how someone like Trump can become the Republican nominee and how Sanders has been giving Clinton a run for her money.

COMING UP IN THE NEAR FUTURE: The hidden story of an elderly woman who fell at the corner of 89th Ave/Parsons Blvd on the horrible pot hole heavy and uneven and dangerous Parsons Blvd road between Hillside & Jamaica and died of her injuries in the hospital or the goons of Zara Real Estate who pushed long time resident and activist Amy Anderson, who approached them when they illegally cut down trees on her apartment buildings property and when she called NYDP, they came out, pulled the guy aside and then left. THIS WAS AN ASSAULT and they NYPD did NOTHING. But you would not know of this since there is no press on those incidents. BUT THERE WILL BE.

And why is this mess still here. THIS IS ILLEGAL. You can not store shit like this in a residential area, which is right around the corner from GJDC and Community Board 12 offices.



Trash 4.16.16 008

And now onto the photos slide of illegal truck driving on residential streets.

Trucks5.5.16 002Trucks5.5.16 001Trucks 5.4.16 004Trucks 5.4.16 0024.30.16 002

Royal Waste, a polluting business in our community that is not following proper protocol about using truck routes instead of residential streets and leaders NOT doing a damn thing about it.

Royal Waste, a polluting business in our community that is not following proper protocol about using truck routes instead of residential streets and leaders NOT doing a damn thing about it.

Trucks 4.7.16 001Trucks 4.6.16 004Trucks 4.5.16 002Trucks 4.5.16 001




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