The majority of Southeast Queens publications are truly awful forms of journalism, if you can even call them that. Most do not dig deep in exposing the corruption of our leaders, the ties between elected officials and big money, poor quality of life issues that do not get properly addressed and asking the big question. Why isn’t anything being done to address all these quality of life issues and why are local leaders doing nothing. The best reporting anymore comes from blogs like Queens Crap & New York Shitty the well written and in-depth reporting from Louis Flores of  Progress Queens. But for this sake of argument, I am focusing on local Southeast publications.

Queens Tribune and especially Queens Press are complete rags, hell, Comrie’s wife Marcia, is contributing editor of the Queens Press. Neither expose the bullshit going on in this community, don’t take elected officials to task and in fact go out of their way to kiss the asses of these phonies. Queens Times Ledger is so-so and Queens Courier is lightweight at best. Communities of Color is a major dissapointment, not holding our corrupt and useless elected officials accountable and does not cover the major quality of life issues. It seems more to prop up elected officials than anything else.

There is one, that I have been following for some time and that is the Queens Chronicle where Editor-in-Chief Peter C. Mastrosimone has covered many issues that both myself and community activist, Pamela Hazel have brought up and many of their articles have gone as in depth as a local paper can.

I know in a recent post, I slammed the useless local papers (hell most papers today are just shells of their former self), but I did want to bring up an exception in this field of shoddy reporting and so-called journalism. Do I expect these local papers to be The Washington Post or New York Times, of course not, but I do expect to expose the bullshit that has been going on way too long is this neck of the woods.

Here are a few examples from Queens Chronicle and this is just the tip of the iceberg of stories they have done on SE Queens and specifically Jamaica.



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