Yeah,  I know I will get slack, especially from some black people (and far left white liberals) on my take on the issue of George Tillman’s death by police officers in South Ozone Park on April 17th, so be it.

I have many issues with the rag Queens Press take on this starting off with “April 17th is just the latest date that marks the end of yet another valuable black life in our community”. Tillman was from Maryland, not this community first off, so let’s be a little honest with your so-called journalism. Wow, everyone including myself are weighing in on this, and to this day we still do not have all the complete facts. But so far what we supposedly know is that Tillman did have a gun on him and sorry, but considering this was all in the dirty wild wild west of Southeast Queens, I can believe that. I mean look how many shootings have happened in this community just this year alone.

Queens Press goes on to say As expected, questions began to rise. Did this happen the way police say it did? Can we trust them? Could that many eyewitnesses all be lying on behalf of Tillman? Can we trust them, can we trust the eyewitnesses? Can we trust questionable elected officials like Comrie and Sanders, considering that the truth bar for elected officials and especially SE Queens elected officials is rock bottom. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the police are telling the truth either, we have seen too many cases of lying on that end as well.

BUT, bottom line, Tillman was drinking outside with an an open container of alcohol and he allegedly had a gun and ran and allegedly reached for it. Does that justify him being shot 11 times, of course not, do the police have to come clean on this, of course, do we need to have all the facts, YES. But let’s also not make Tillman out to be some innocent bystander who was doing nothing wrong, just like Eric Garner, and especially just like Freddie Gray. Did they all deserve to die, no, but at the same time each one of these individuals were not 100% innocent and also ignored the rule of just doing nothing except yes, no, yes, no, etc when stopped by police. They conducted themselves in an inappropriate manner with police, police who have guns.

Look I am  not always a fan of police and I myself have been stopped by police a few times, a couple of times here in Jamaica and then a most awful time on some dark isolated road in Pittsburgh by two knucklehead officers in the community of Forest Hills in Pittsburgh late at night for supposedly hitting a curb when I made a right hand turn, which ended up with me falsely arrested for drunk driving, handcuffed, had my car towed (which I had to pay to get it), brought to a police station, given a breathalyzer test, not once, but twice with results of 0.00. The whole time these asshole police officers were attempting to push my buttons, but even though I wanted to scream out, “YOU ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES”, I didn’t and did the Yes Sir, No Sir with a neutral tone, otherwise who knows what could have happened on this dark, isolated road with these assholes. I was not going to give these idiots the satisfaction of trying to do some shit with me, especially with not one witness around.

And that is how people should deal with police, not mouth off to them, not run, not try to go after them, not call them names and certainly not have a weapon on you and then try and pull it, because you will get your ass shot, plain and simple.

So while, yes, we need more information and yes, there should be an investigation, considering that 11 bullets were fired, BUT, Tillman should not be considered some innocent victim either.

And just exactly why should Bratton get so much slack for saying something that is common sense and the truth. “Best way to not get shot by New York City police officers is not carry a gun and not raise their gun towards them,” Bratton said.

And one more thing, STOP lumping Trayvon Martin in the same group as Garner or Gray. First off, Martin was not shot by a police officer, he was shout by some asshole civilian. Second, Martin, did not do one thing wrong, which cannot be said for both Garner or Gray (again, not that they deserved to be killed). So stop the comparisons.

Sure, I am not black, nor do I know what it is like to go through life black and all the bullshit that one deals with all the time, but I do know that if you carry a gun or if you mouth off to a police officer or any other kind of nonsense, it it not going to end well and I don’t have to be black to know that, I just have to be an intuitive human being with common sense.

And maybe, just maybe both Sanders and Comrie, should start acting like leaders and doing everything in their power to see that proper services are had in Jamaica, that quality of life issues, which led to bad conditions, are taken care of properly and addressed and start serving the black community the way it should be served not just when you two think it would make good sound bites or photo ops.

And one final thing, yes, unfortunately black men will be treated differently than a white man from the police, so don’t give them the opportunity to do some shit.



From Queens Press:

George Tillman’s Death: Why Defend This?


April 17th is just the latest date that marks the end of yet another valuable black life in our community. It was on this night that 32-year-old Maryland man George Tillman, a husband and father of five, was killed by police.

According to reports, the police stopped Tillman in a routine stop when he was caught holding an open container of alcohol outside of a party. When police discovered a gun on Tillman’s waist he fled. Tillman fled until he was intercepted by other officers about a block away.

Police say Tillman reached for the gun rather than yielding to their demands, thereby justifying the next course of action: The five pursuing officers confronting Tillman shot at him a total of 11 times.

However, elected officials began to question police reports when conflicting eyewitness reports began to flood the media. As expected, questions began to rise. Did this happen the way police say it did? Can we trust them? Could that many eyewitnesses all be lying on behalf of Tillman?

In a post-Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray America, it is hard to choose whether an occurrence like Tillman’s death is shocking, typical or just paranoia on the part of the black community. After all, black men dying at the hands of police has seemingly become the new normal as seen all around the country.

While it is safe to say that most police would like to see relations with minority communities thrive in a way that is both beneficial to police and their respective jurisdictions, it hasn’t been reflected as such in their department’s leadership. In the aftermath of Tillman’s death, New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton came out to defend the actions of the officers responsible for Tillman’s death.

“I’m very confident, very confident that our version of that story will stand up. That suspect was armed,” Bratton told the Daily News. “My cops go out there every day and put their lives at risk.”

His response is a sensible answer for a situation as controversial as this one. It is only fair for Bratton to defend his fellow officers. Considering that their lives were on the line, they responded accordingly which unfortunately resulted in Tillman’s death. But as he continued to address the situation, it did not do him any favors.

“Best way to not get shot by New York City police officers is not carry a gun and not raise their gun towards them,” Bratton said.

This is where things are a little questionable. So many black youths, sons and daughters of residents in black neighborhoods like South Ozone Park, make or have made the same mistake that Tillman did. Many of those individuals, given the opportunity after an encounter like Tillman had the night he died, have since turned their lives around. A chance at redemption is something that every person, regardless of race, color or religion should have. This is an ideal that most officers working today would likely agree with. For Bratton to imply that death is the only solution for an individual who was clearly making the most unsound of decisions on what could be the worst night of his life is too much.

We should be using our justice system to turn lives around, not end them. Unfortunately, Tillman was not given that same opportunity when he began to run. Because of the conflicting reports, we’ll never know what truly happened when Tillman was stopped by police. And because of his death we’ll never know if he would have redeemed himself after such a chaotic night. And unfortunately for his family, the Commissioner would rather try and justify a man’s death to the public instead of trying to reassess and maybe seek more non-lethal ways to keep an offender from hurting the hardworking men and women of the city’s finest and the people they’re trying to protect.

For a department that has been  progressive in the ways it protects its people, why Bratton would take an incident like Tillman’s death and write it off as a routine response is insensitive. What happened the night this man was taken away from his friends and family is unfortunate and surely the officers that shot him aren’t happy that this resulted in the end of his life. However Bratton’s comments are not reflective of any officer’s reluctance to use such force.




  1. Notice #blacklivesmatter has not even paid attention to this. Which is probably what those electeds are “gunning” for. And why, because the guy was drunk, armed and possibly suicidal.

    On the other hand, with the amount of bullets sprayed, the cops need to show a bit of restraint and better aim. It’s almost like they got their firearms training from playstation games. Things would be a lot easier to defend if there wasn’t a predilection for excessive force.

    Outstanding job writing about this issue. Because this would have blown up something fugly if it turned into a civil rights cause.


    • I still do not know why all the facts are not in on this and I don’t know why the local papers have spent so much time on this story, especially considering that Tillman was not from this area, yeah, he was if not mistaken born here and lived here as a kid, but then moved away a long time ago.

      And yes, 11 rounds from the police is way too excessive, which makes matter worse in these cases. Also, doesn’t anyone shoot for the leg anymore, a leg shot will put someone down on the ground quickly. I have no idea who is training these officers today in firearms, but they are doing a fucked up job.


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