Saturday, May 7, 2016 reveals a most epic Jamaica walk of CRAP brought to you by useless elected officials like Senator Comrie & Councilman Miller, Queens BP Melinda Katz, the crew at Community Board 12 & Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (whose office block has an ongoing bit of CRAP) & city agencies like Parks & Recreation, oh and our low-class ghetto folks that our elected leaders so desperately want to protect from being priced out of the neighborhood that they have made into a dirty, disgusting “hood”. Let’s take a look, shall we, but you have all seen this before. SOS – Same old Shit.

A. Rufus King Park with such great history has been reduced to a multi-million dollar garbage dump. How much, well counting 2006 $2.3 million dollars ( and this years $2.2 million dollars (, we are talking close to $5 million dollars, yes $5 million dollars is a major amount of money for a garbage dump and complete mess. How messy:

Well, first off, there is the major garbage and litter problem galore, thanks to the Jamaica low-class slobs (but let’s not offend some of our slob third world immigrants, we do need their votes), but those slobs also include our home grown low-life folks, you know the kind that would never think to put garbage like a dirty diaper in a near by garbage can when the ground is right is close at hand.

Who needs a garbage can, even if it is in striking distance.

Who needs a garbage can, even if it is in striking distance.

garbage and teddy 5.7.16 009



garbage and teddy 5.7.16 008

Yes, the new symbol of Jamaica Ghetto!

Yes, the new symbol of Jamaica Ghetto!

How about big broken branches that have fallen from trees months ago and just lay on the ground like it is the wilderness untouched by man.

garbage and teddy 5.7.16 011

And with garage comes rats, hence the several rat holes and nests at the SW entrance corner.

Jamaica's newest game: Ghetto Whack a Rat.

Jamaica’s newest game: Ghetto Whack a Rat.

Welcome to Rufus King Park.

Welcome to Rufus King Park.

And how about all this $2.2 million dollars that looks like the work has been stalled and is a complete mess.

Jamaica Failure

Jamaica Failure

garbage and teddy 5.7.16 013

Yes, a must see tourist visit if there ever was one. Oh and one more thing, when I reported this daily mess to Parks and Recreation on April 24th, here was the typical city response:

SERVICE REQUEST #: 1-1-1242275362
CREATED ON: 04/25/2016 3:51:16 PM
REQUEST TYPE: Maintenance or Facility
DETAIL: Garbage or Litter
STATUS: Upon inspection the reported condition was not found, and, therefore, no action was taken.
LAST UPDATED ON: 04/27/2016 3:14:43 PM
NEXT UPDATE DUE: Closed – No Further Updates

B. 90-20 161 St is an apartment building that is sandwiched in between the offices of Community Board 12 to the South and Greater Jamaica Development Corporation to the North, with the new eatery, Don Nico’s right near by. This apartment building has not only been putting their garbage out days earlier so it sits through the weekend, but dumps it on in a flower bed. You are telling me with folks like Hope Knight and Andrew Manshel of Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and Yvonne Reddick & Adrianne Adams (who is running for Senate) of Community Board 12 cannot pick up a phone to make sure this does not constantly continue, since I have reported on this many times.

garbage and teddy 5.7.16 007garbage and teddy 4.24.16 018

Only one small bag of garbage dumped in the flower area, but at least DOS gave this apartment building a ticket. See below.

Only one small bag of garbage dumped in the flower area, but at least DOS gave this apartment building a ticket. See below.

garbage 1.2.15 026garbage 1.2.15 025Moda Grill and other stuff12.19.15 009jamaica 12.5.15 024garbage10.10.15 006

C. The NW corner of 162nd St & 89th Ave (which again is right around the corner from the offices of Community Board 12 & GJDC has been turned into an ILLEGAL commercial storage lot, complete with big commercial trucks, huge truck waste dumpsters and of course garbage, all in a residential area. It does not help that on those two blocks are a SRO dump, a SCO homeless shelter and a soon to be or already in place home for female convicts, you know all to brighten up the hood and is a wonderful invitation to set up business or move here. Just to inform you “folks”:  It is a violation of zoning rules to store vehicles on the front, back, side, or rear yard of a residential property or vacant lot.



Trash 4.16.16 008garbage and teddy 5.7.16 005

The Downtown Jamaica Mosquito Hotel

The Downtown Jamaica Mosquito Hotel

I have reported this to DOB (which is their department) several weeks ago, along with location and photos and this was their response:

SERVICE REQUEST #: 1-1-1238886361
CREATED ON: 04/17/2016 7:15:30 PM
REQUEST TYPE: Building/Use
DETAIL: Zoning – Non-Conforming/Illegal Vehicle Storage
STATUS: The Department of Buildings attempted to investigate this complaint but could not locate the premises. If the problem still exists, please call 311 and file a new complaint with additional information about how to gain access to the building. If you are outside of New York City, please call (212) NEW-YORK (212-639-9675).
LAST UPDATED ON: 04/19/2016 12:00:00 AM
NEXT UPDATE DUE: Closed – No Further Updates

At least when I reported this to the 103rd, they did something (but this is DOB’s job):

Service Request #: C1-1-1247258751
Date Submitted: 05/07/16 1:46:11 PM
Request Type: Illegal Parking
Details: Overnight Commercial Storage. Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department issued a summons in response to the complaint.

I mean how was this allowed to happen and for so damn long. I am sure in the block up from Katz’s home or Hope Knight or Yvonne Reddick or Leroy Comrie or Andrew Manshel is something similar.

So is this the goal of JAMAICA NOW ACTION PLAN? Is this how “leaders” respond to major complaints? Actually I  believe the goal of the JAMAICA NOW ACTION PLAN is to allow everything to fall into major disrepair, let everything fall apart and then swoop in and bulldoze the whole place because “well, that is the only thing that can be done now”. Think that is fiction? I don’t.

GOOD JOB FOLKS, you have all earned your high paying salaries. You have managed to make a ghetto hood even more GHETTO. But do make sure you are available for photos ops for street naming ceremonies, lame Prince events like what Sanders had recently rubbing elbows with the Mayor while he is asking for prayers at Flake’s Big Money Making Church Scam, or whatever bullshit church this photo op took place at. I mean they are all the same.

HA, am I fucking them over with my progressive agenda! HA!


So what do you have to say Teddy:

Teddy what a dump

HEY LOCAL PAPERS. Here is a good in-depth story for you or are you in the pockets of the lobbyists like our elected officials or just PR machines for the crooked Queens Democratic Machine (what has happened to the Republic party needs to also happend to the Democratic party as well. By the way, this post would make a good addition to your Jamaica publicity portfolio for GJDC, Jamaica Bid or the Jamaica Now Action Plan, oh and your tourist brochure. “WELCOME TO JAMAICA, YOU WON’T FIND A BETTER MESS OUTSIDE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY.”








  1. There needs to be some kind of big community-led clean up project at Rufus King Park. It looks nice from the outside, but I have never been on the inside. These photos are really helpful and showed me the reality I had never gotten to see for myself.


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