If you have not walked around the downtown area of Jamaica in awhile, you might want to and take photos to see what shit looked liked, because crap is slowly disappearing and major development is going on including luxury apartments, condos and slowly some nice new restaurants.

On 171st Street between Hillside & Jamaica Ave, a block away from me, some major development is going on. Near Hillside on 171st was an empty lot that was a eye sore with garbage and high weeds for years. Well, digging is already taken place for what looks like a nice apartment building. A few more blocks down between Jamaica & 90th Ave, two big developments are going up, one I think is a rental, while the other is a condo (I saw the developer and talked to him, by the way an Asian developer, which there are several in this area of late).

Crap5.14.16 003Crap5.14.16 004 Stuff5.14.16 055

Condos on 171st St.

Condos on 171st St.

Jamaica Ave is slowly seeing some development. Stores like Dr. Jay is closing or has closed and they are re-doing that building, some store fronts are empty and for rent.

Stuff5.14.16 006Stuff5.14.16 007Stuff5.14.16 043

If you  have not been on Archer Avenue, that is seeing major changes. Much shit is being torn down, especially for the huge development, the luxury apartment building, The Crossing, which is finally beginning work. Many of those shitty auto body shops and several crap building have been closed or torn down.

Stuff5.14.16 008Stuff5.14.16 010Stuff5.14.16 009Stuff5.14.16 011

Near Rufus King Park (which that is getting a million dollar plus upgrade) is seeing major development around it, including the massive former Mary Immaculate Hospital, which will be apartments (not sure if rentals or condos). The drunk and homeless in that garbage strewn park will more than likely become a thing of the past, hopefully.

Stuff5.14.16 022Stuff5.14.16 025Stuff5.14.16 026

Sutphin Blvd between Jamaica & Hillside Ave is also going through changes. Of course Starbucks opened recently. The McDonald’s at Sutphin/88th Ave is history and for lease as is a beauty salon, which that space is now for rent. This is the building that houses Starbucks and they have upgraded that building.

Sutphin Blvd 2Sutphin Blvd

Hillside Ave, which is still a disaster, especially between Queens Blvd and 169th is seeing a little change, although most is happening after 170th. Lots of scaffolding on Hillside and 169th to redo the buildings on that block. A nice new restaurant, Dhan Shiri (formerly in this space was Charcoal Kabob) just opened on 5.13.16 and the service and food is good (we later report on that). Mirch, the fancy Indian restaurant opened a few weeks ago and one of my readers raved about it. I have not eaten their yet, but was in the inside and was very surprised of the look. Even Vintage Curry (87-77 168th Pl), which I have not eaten at, but has been in business for about three years has done some major improvement in front of their building and it looks very nice.

Stuff5.14.16 050Stuff5.14.16 053

Dhan Shiri at 169-28 Hillside Ave

Dhan Shiri at 169-28 Hillside Ave

Mirch 001Stuff5.14.16 049

This is a sidewalk in Jamaica and right below Hillside Ave

This is a sidewalk in Jamaica and right below Hillside Ave. For real, the owners also have security cameras to make sure ghetto folks don’t steal the flowers or dump garbage.

But I had to save the best for last since it involves Karma. The Chetrit Group ( a big time developer) has invested some serious money into the area and is building a very nice and big apartment building on 88th Ave behind the old Mary Immaculate Hospital and has put it smack up against one of those typical third world crap apartment buildings that went up all over the place about 10-15 years ago ruining so many blocks in our community. I have a feeling this shithole place will eventually come down as I a have a feeling (or wishful thinking) that they tear many of these eyesores filled with low-class slobs down.

Stuff5.14.16 029Stuff5.14.16 030 Stuff5.14.16 032

This time this can be for real and I think some folks are going to be caught off guard and end up getting tossed out, which from my point of view is a positive thing. You all had decades to take care of your hood, but you choose NOT to, so know developers have swooped in, bought cheap and are building and finally building some nice places that will be out of reach of the trash that has fucked this community up.



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