I have to admit, I have not been to Moda Grill since it first opened just to hang out and have a drink. Not much of a drinker, I have been a homebody in the evenings, so last night (Saturday), I decided to break my routine and head over to Moda for a drink. Glad I did, they had a really kick-ass band, J Note Music, which was playing some R&B, jazz and when I was there an original that the female lead singer wrote. They did a bad ass version of one of my favorite Jill Scott songs, “Is it the Way”. They also did a little tribute to Prince.

While there were a good bit of people there and it looked like a group was having a birthday party, this place should have been packed. I mean there is nothing like this at all anywhere in Jamaica, a really nice bar/restaurant with good drinks that don’t break the bank, good atmosphere, interesting, nice and some hot looking folks, plus live bands. I mean what is not to like. There is always a nice mix of people there, young, older, baby boomers and various colors and ethnicities. And try to score the big both in the corner of the bar section..

moda grill 2

SO COME ON FOLKS, pay a visit, even some of you non-Jamaica people. I was told that they normally have bands the first and third Saturday of the month, but this month is every Saturday night. Next Saturday (5.15.16) will be R&B band, All is Well. They call it Lay Back SATURDAY. Good drinks, good music and good people in a nice place. People in this community always complain that we don’t have nice things, but then when we do, nobody supports it. SO GET YOUR BOOTY to Moda Grill to hear live music or go on Friday, where a DJ TNT spins some tunes. I am also glad to see that they started brunch on Saturday & Sundays (11am to 4pm) and they brought back Sweet Potatoe Fries!


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