This city has an unlimited supply of stupid ideas (many from City Council and idiotic elected officials), but none as stupid and careless as having a plant supply place with flammable and explosive chemicals underneath the Metro-North station in East Harlem. I mean who was in charge of this, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Donald Trump.

What boneheads. There is a reason why gas stations are on the outskirts of Manhattan and not smack in the middle of the city.

Amazingly no one was injured.

What is next, putting a polluting waste station near residential homes and apartments. Oh, wait, they already did that. Royal Waste Services in Jamaica.

New York City is


The Daily News:

MTA restores limited Metro-North service to Grand Central T

Massive fire underneath Metro-North tracks in East Harlem
NY Daily News
The MTA restored limited Metro-North service in and out of Grand Central Terminal Wednesday morning, hours after an inferno broke out underneath the railroad’s tracks in East Harlem.

fire East Harlem

A firefighter battles the blaze under the Metro-North railroad tracks on Tuesday.

(Ben Parkin/AP)

Metro-North is running on a Saturday schedule, with trains slowing down to 30 mph at the viaduct where the four-alarm fire started.

A Metro-North spokesman said that the Saturday schedule could last until Friday morning.

Metro-North is advising riders to work from home or find an alternative way to travel into the city.

Fire under Metro-North tracks in East Harlem disrupts service

The massive blaze started in an East Harlem plant nursery under the Metro-North tracks at E. 118th St. and Park Ave. around 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, shutting down service into and out of Grand Central as rush hour was ending.

The fire, which started in a storage area at Urban Garden Center, caused no injuries, authorities said.

fire East Harlem2

Metro-North is running on a Saturday schedule to Grand Central Terminal after the fire.

(Courtesy of @RetrainBackPain via Twitter)

Gov. Cuomo said the heat from the fire bent steel girders that support the overpass. The cause of the blaze is under investigation but Cuomo said a generator may have caught fire, igniting nearby plant supply chemicals.




  1. These tracks, serviing MetroNorth Harmlem, Hudson & New Haven lines – everything coming into and out of Grand Central, should be guarded and protected like gold: millions use the system, depending on it daily.
    Within hours of the fire, people were asking: ‘what the hell was a ‘Garden Center’ doing right underneath’.
    The MTA spends untold millions per year on protection and security of its system, with an emphasis on terrorism.
    But, how could such an obviously stupid, reckless situation be missed by their army of ‘security experts’ – paid in the six figures?
    This was ONE BLOCK away from the apt bldg explosion a few years ago that killed everyone inside!
    Multiple people living in the ‘nabe have been quoted as asking: ‘what were they doing storing propane tracks under the tracks’?
    One guy said he had watched – for YEARS – as this ‘center’ seemed to be turning into a DUMP, and he had filed MULTIPLE complaints to the city (sound familiar?)
    This morning it was revealed that the property under the tracks is OWNED by NYC. What the hell else can anyone with common sense say to this?
    Multiple people should be fired for this disaster that has upended the commutes of thousands, costing the businesses millions.
    Reacting to disasters like this after the fact – when they could have been prevented – is no damn way to run a city.


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