art harrisonToo many times we hear about former Jamaica residents involved in something not positive, but this time former Jamaica resident, Arthur Harrison, Air Force Personnel and current Tampa Bay Police office attended a memorial for fallen military/officers during National Police Week and had a positive message about serving his country and remembering those who have fallen.

Tech Sergeant Arthur Harrison still has family in the area, including his four legged nephew Teddy and sister Delinda (below), mother Delores and stepdad Danny of Long Island and many other family members in the community, all who are extremely proud of Arthur’s service and dedication to his country.

Delinda and Teddy

Delinda and Teddy

Alright Arthur.

A great positive role model to our youth, unlike many of these crooked and useless so-called leaders of Jamaica. Now THIS is what being a leader means folks.


From 10 News Tampa Bay:

MacDill AFB Thanks Law Enforcement For Their Service



art harrison

Click here to watch the video


TAMPA, Fla. — So often we tell our military service men and women “thank you” for your service. As the country marks National Police Week, service men and women at MacDill Air Force Base say thank you to law enforcement officers.

One by one the names of 31 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty across the county are read during the memorial Sunday afternoon.

Eleven of the officers killed were reservists, they wore both uniforms as does Tech Sergeant Arthur Harrison with the Plant City Police Department.

“I love serving my country. I love wearing the badge. It’s a privilege,” says Harrison.

Harrison along with dozens of military personnel and law enforcement officers gathered at MacDill Air Force Base today to remember the fallen and to say thank you to those who serve and protect every day.

Staff Sgt. Borgman with the 927th Air Refueling Wing says, “I need to know my family is protected and taken care of as soon as I’m deployed otherwise I can’t focus on my job.”

Harrison knew his calling came back in high school when he met a New York cop who was also a reservist. Harrison says, “He was such a great guy and mentored to me. I knew then I was going to do the same. I’m going to serve my country and serve my community.”

Harrison spent 14 years on active duty in the Air Force and has been a reservists for 6. He’s been a cop with the Plant City Police Department since 2008 and says the jobs are similar in discipline and structure.

But if he had to pick between the two uniforms Harrison says, “I would say this one right now. I love serving my country and being there for people who can’t help themselves. I love the call of the duty. I would do it for free if I was able to do it. I would…it’s an awesome way to serve our country.”

The memorial service was organized by MacDill’s 927th Air Refueling Wing.



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