Dhan Shiri (169-28 Hillside Ave at 170th St). 718-725-0001

Dhan Shiri (169-28 Hillside Ave at 170th St). 718-725-0001

Dhan Shiri (169-12 Hillside Avenue) in Jamaica just opened May 13th and already I have been to this new eatery twice already, it is that good. Dhan Shiri is the latest new restaurant to open on Hillside Avenue recently. This space was recently home to the good but short lived Charcoal Kabab and since I have been in Jamaica five years has been about four different places, but with Dhan Shiri’s tasty food, great service and very nice space, this might be the one that stays. It is a winner as far as I am concerned.

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My first visit was the day after opening and they were still working out a few kinks, so several fish/curry items on the menu were not available since they were still working on the various curries and sauces. I started off with a DEFINITE MUST, the Vegetable Salt & Pepper appetizer, which could be a meal in itself. Simple yet bursting with flavor. A mixture of broccoli, baby carrots, bell pepper, mushroom, water chestnut, very lightly breaded and lightly fried. This is a winner and a must. For the main dish I ordered Braised Chili Tofu (it came with rice), cubes of tofu sauteed with vegetables in a chili sauce that had a nice kick to it. While I enjoyed it, I had my heart set on one of the fish curries, so I knew I would be back, just based on the first meal.

Vegetable Salt & Pepper. A MUST HAVE.

Vegetable Salt & Pepper. A MUST HAVE.

Braised Chili Tofu

Braised Chili Tofu

Well, my 2nd visit, they had all the items on the menu, but unfortunately were still working out the dessert menu, where a few items, including Kulfi Falooda, which I wanted to try so bad, were not available. For an appetizer, I decided to go with the Papaya Salad, which was delicious and had some nice heat going for it. This time for the main dish, I got the Thai Fish Curry with red sauce (also available are Green, Yellow & Panang). The tender white fish was cooked in a spicy coconut milk curry, which I ordered medium spicy. It came with an order of rice and I left none of it, it was so tasty and flavorful.

Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad

Thai Fish Curry (Red)

Thai Fish Curry (Red)

Their large menu is a combo of Hala Chinese, Desi and Thai with the previous mentioned curries, rice & noodle, Biryani, Tandoori dishes and various other items. You can check everything out at

I am happy to see that some of the new eateries opening up are not only good, but the decor and atmosphere is really nice and the service is good, something that had been missing from some of the other places on Hillside and in Jamaica in general, the service and atmosphere I am speaking of. A dining experience should not only be about food but service, atmosphere and presentation and Dhan Shiri hits the mark right. Amina Thai is one of my favorites just two doors down along with Vintage Curry (Indian British Style), a few blocks away on 168 Pl  and now I have another favorite just a short walk from my place.

If you are into Indian, Desi and Thai cuisine, put Dhan Shiri on you radar.

Is Jamaica going to be an international food stop, well, it is certainly beginning to look it and I for one hope so.

Dhan Shiri is a winner!Stuff5.14.16 057Stuff5.14.16 056



  1. Agreed!! This place is really good. I tried it tonight after reading your blog. Very nice decor and good service!! I hope the community supports them so they stick around.


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