Sign on 170th at Jamaica Ave

Sign on 170th at Jamaica Ave. You see this sign means NO FUCKING TRUCKS.

Truck signs9.5.15 002

ISSUE 1: Below photo is of course completely illegal, yet takes place every day, not only on 170th St, but many residential streets in the area. According to law, trucks MUST use designated truck routes except local delivery trucks. There is no grey area, it is white and black. We seem to have tons of traffic officers who deal only with parked vehicles on the streets, tons of them always giving out tickets for expired meters, etc. But ask them to deal with an issue like last week of a truck parked in the crosswalk at 146th and Jamaica, the answer, “not my area”, ask two more further down, “not my area, someone who works that area will take care of it”. Ask them about a car up on sidewalk, “we don’t handle that”.  So how about a little less of these buffoons and more officers who can handle trucks driving on residential streets, cars up on sidewalks that the thug auto shops do, etc. And why isn’t City Council involved in this big problem, this is what they are here for. Councilman Miller on his latest email stated:

Waste Equity has been an issue I have championed since fist being elected and I questioned Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia on plans to reduce the waste being moved through Southeast Queens. The Capital Plans they have for Fiscal Year 17 will help reduce the amount of waste and trucks driving through our streets while other communities take responsibility in handling their fair share of waste. But we still need to make sure the people who are collecting trash have the proper training and equipment, and are being paid a living wage. There are several pieces of legislation coming up on these issues and I look forward to seeing them come to fruition.

Fine and dandy, but all of his predecessors and other elected officials should have NEVER allowed waste facilities to be placed in a few communities of color near residents to begin with. BUT even if this changes, this still has nothing to do with enforcement of traffic laws regarding dangerous trucks on residential streets.

trucks5.21.16 001trucks5.21.16 003

ISSUE 2: Storage of commercial vehicles and parking on streets by tractor trailers. Let me explain that law, which is simple.

Street storage of commercial vehicles prohibited

When parking is not otherwise restricted, no person shall park a commercial vehicle in any area, including a residential area, in excess of three hours.


SO, why is this still an issue below.



Trash 4.16.16 008Crap 5.6.16 002Crap 5.6.16 017


ISSUE 3: Unlicensed & Covered up Vehicles, another big problem in this community.

(2) Valid plates must be properly displayed.
No person shall stand or park a vehicle unless it
properly displays the current plate or plates issued to it. For the purposes of this paragraph (j)(2),
New York plates shall not be deemed properly
displayed unless they are conspicuously
displayed, one on the front and one on the rear of the vehicle, each securely fastened so as to
prevent the same from swinging and placed, whenever reasonably possible, not higher than 48
inches and not lower than 12 inches from the ground, and they are kept clean and in a condition
so as to be readable and shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material, and the view
thereof shall not be obstructed by any part of the vehicle or by anything carried thereon.
(8) Vehicle covers prohibited.
No person shall stand or park a vehicle having a cover on it that
obscures the make, color, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plates and/or registration
and inspection stickers, and/or restricts entry to the
vehicle, if such vehicle is standing or parked
in violation of posted rules.
147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

Stuff5.14.16 012smashed car 108.jpg4

A sidewalk and curb in your way, no problem here in Jamaica, just go up over it. Oh, and no license plate, no problem.

A sidewalk and curb in your way, no problem here in Jamaica, just go up over it. Oh, and no license plate, no problem.

Garbage 2.25.16 008






So, if you are going to put the work  in to putting laws on the books that make life better, then put the damn work in to see that they are enforced. Not that damn complicated. Christ, if some of you would have been involved in the cure for polio, we would all be crippled.



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