148 Pl and Jamaica Ave, sitting since almost beginning of May 2016

148 Pl and Jamaica Ave, sitting since almost beginning of May 2016

Garbage 5.2.16 027

Well, that rubble of rocks and stones that Con Ed or national Grid made when it tore up something at 149 Pl & Jamaica Ave and sat for over two weeks has been finally cleaned up (although some of the other crap is on the sidewalk as can be seen in the photo), but two bigger problems that all of our leaders and others in this community are aware of are not being taken care. With these two major issues, I have not only filed several complaints with 311, DOB, but have sent this information to everyone from Queens Borough Hall to local elected officials and everyone in between. Yet, no response, no clean-up, nothing. I mean Adrienne Adams is president of Community Board 12 and is running for Senate, why should people vote for you. I mean would Melinda Katz allow any of this bullshit in her area. What about you Comrie, don’t you have an ounce of respect for your own community. And you Mr. Miller, are you too busy reading books to kids in school.



Trash 4.16.16 008

On April 16th, I saw storage of commercial vehicles and waste containers on a lot at 162 St/89th Ave in a residential area, which is illegal. I have no idea how long it had been like this but I filed several complaints with DOB, NYPD and to all elected officials and “leaders”. To this day, NOTHING, although the one 311 complaint stated that NYPD issued a summons, DOB stated they could not find the property (hell, Helen Keller could have found it). In fact it has gotten even worse. I spoke to a individual who was inside the lot with this huge commercial dump truck and he told me that the property is owned by his godfather who wants to sell it for $6 million, like he will get that for this land in Jamaica. He then told me that the whole lot fence was covered up because people were throwing garbage in the lot, but people have been doing that for years. The owner covered it up so no one can see he is illegally storing commercial vehicles and waste containers, especially since they have seen me taking photos in the past and then maybe due to the visit by NYPD, who knows. All I know that no one is doing a damn thing about this major illegal activity. More and more shit is being put into the inside and the garbage is piling up on the surrounding sidewalk, which has been like this for several weeks. Again, just a block from GJDC and Community Board 12. This is NOT an industrial area, it is RESIDENTIAL.

Garbage 5.2.16 001Garbage 5.2.16 038Garbage 5.2.16 006Garbage 5.2.16 005Garbage 5.2.16 002Garbage 5.2.16 007Garbage 5.2.16 004Garbage 5.2.16 008Garbage 5.2.16 043

The other issue is with Pino’s Service Center, which has been storing junked and unlicensed cars on the sidewalks. I have reported this numerous times over the years, but NOTHING. NOW imagine if you or I placed our cars up on our sidewalks in front of our houses. We would be ticketed immediately, yet these auto service places seem to be able to do whatever the hell they want. And this is why shit is the way it is in the community, because people can do whatever the hell they want and know they can get away with it since not a damn thing will happen, be it commercial vehicles being stored in residential areas, auto places putting cars on sidewalks, people dumping garbage in parks, trucks driving on residential streets and the list goes on and on.

Stuff5.14.16 012Stuff5.14.16 014

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

147th Pl between Jamaica & Archer Ave. 5.20.16

Garbage 5.2.16 047

Oh and that apartment building at 90-20 161st street on the same block as Community Board 12 & GJDC offices, Norman Towers and Don Nico’s is still placing their garbage out for days and inside the flower stand. And speaking of flower stand, guess whose flower stand has garbage, why the one in front of Community Board 12 and just down from Community Board 12 is another mess.

Garbage 5.2.16 012Garbage 5.2.16 014Garbage 5.2.16 013Garbage 5.2.16 015

Nobody gives a shit, not Community Board 12, not GJDC, not our elected officials, no one and it is so very obvious and why this area will continue to be a low-class ghetto.

And speaking of ghetto, it does not get anymore ghetto than this. Is the one of the fine retail stores that have been wooed to Jamaica.Garbage 5.2.16 016



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