We have already seen several hotels in Queens turned into homeless shelters including two in Jamaica. When a ‘Boutique hotel”, The Verve in LIC turns into a homeless shelter for women (and a problematic one) and now a recently Boutique hotel”, BKLYN House in “gentrifying Bushwick becomes one only after a few months, what the hell do you think is going to take place in this ghetto known as Jamaica with corrupt & useless leaders and many residents who don’t give a shit. Many hotels, including small ones in some isolated areas near residents are planning on going up all over Jamaica or as asshole Queens BP Katz like to call it, “An international tourists destination”.

WELCOME to the future of Jamaica: HOMELESS CENTRAL. I mean we already have about twenty-some homeless shelters here.

Now this is the ultimate goal of JAMAICA NOW ACTION PLAN. While LIC, Astoria and parts of Brooklyn become gentrified, we need a place for all the bottom of the barrel misfits in life to live.

Now for you far left progressive liberals out there. I mean is this anyway to handle the homeless, shove them into hotel rooms all over the place, which are not meant for long term stays. Huh? This Mayor is not what he claims to be because this is type of action is not called “progressive”, far from it. This is called DUMPING of HOMELESS.

I love this line in the article:

Lincoln Restler, a policy advisor to Mayor Bill de Blasio,  said “We have rented out some…hotel rooms to temporarily provide a place for homeless individuals to live. This is not…permanent but on a temporary basis.”

Sure………………and the check is in the mail and I won’t cum in your mouth.


From DNAInfo New York:

‘Bushwick Inspired’ Boutique Hotel Now Being Used as Homeless Shelter

By Gwynne Hogan | May 19, 2016 11:21am
 BKLYN House at 9 Beaver St. opened in December. The city is using it to house around 70 homeless men.

BKLYN House at 9 Beaver St. opened in December. The city is using it to house around 70 homeless men.View Full Caption

BKYLN House/Facebook

BUSHWICK — A posh new boutique hotel that opened less than six months ago is now being used as a homeless shelter, according to officials.

BKLYN House, located at 9 Beaver St., opened in December and the city started renting out hotel rooms to use for the homeless two months ago, according to Assemblywoman Maritza Davila.

Lincoln Restler, a policy advisor to Mayor Bill de Blasio, confirmed that the Department of Homeless Services is using the hotel as a shelter. DHS said that nearly 40 percent of the BKLYN House — 44 out of 113 rooms — for the homeless, but an agency spokesman could not say how long it had been happening.

“We’ve experienced a significant growth in homelessness,” Restler said, at a community board meeting Wednesday. “We have rented out some…hotel rooms to temporarily provide a place for homeless individuals to live. This is not…permanent but on a temporary basis.”

 “We’re going to work to get people out of that hotel and into real shelters,” he added.

There are more than 60,000 homeless New Yorkers, according to estimates from Coalition for the Homeless.

The mayor promised in February to end the practice of using hotels to house the homeless after the murders of 26-year-old Rebecca Cutler and her two daughters in a hotel shelter in Staten Island. De Blasio also pledged to beef up security at hotel shelters immediately and to phase out the use of hotels as homeless shelters.

“Stop using hotels, that is our goal,” de Blasio said. “But there will be moments when because there’s a particular need we may have to turn to hotels, but the goal is to use hotels less and less and eventually stop using hotels all together.”

In the administration’s 90-day review of Homeless Agencies and Programs released in April, the report said that since the beginning of the administration the mayor has been “committed to ending the cluster and commercial hotel programs” and once again vowed to phasing out the use of hotels, though no specific timeline was set up.

“The City will prioritize ending reliance on renting blocks of rooms in commercial hotels as shelter,” the report reads.

News that BKLYN House was being used as a shelter surprised Bushwick community board members who said they hadn’t heard about it, as well as representatives from City Councilman Antonio Reynoso’s office.

Davila heard about the shelter when she was on a recent visit to the area.

“We need more transparency from the mayor’s office,” said Davila, who added she’d since confronted the administration who told her they had been renting out around 70 beds for the past two months. “We want to make everybody comfortable, but we need transparency.”

Billing itself as “Bushwick inspired,” the boutique hotel had commissioned 11 street artists to paint murals in different parts of the facility, each inspired by a different Brooklyn neighborhood, Bushwick Daily reported.

The hotel’s developer Moris Yeroshalmy hired branding consultant Tara Mastrelli of Studio Tano to design the concept for the 116-room hotel, DNAinfo New York previously reported.

Rooms can run you between $200 and $500 a night, according to the hotel’s website.

Managers at the BKLYN Hotel did not immediately return a request for comment.




  1. I like that doublespeak quote too, Orwell would be quite proud. Although I think it’s more akin the Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. In fact, what that douche said was a catch-22.

    But this is the crux of how the nexus of art and development work in implementing gentrification of once generally habitable and affordable towns.

    Despite the talent they have, the artists in this video are basically useful idiots to give this ugly warehouse legitimacy and justification for overcharging for lodging. It gives the impression that you are vacationing in a museum or even inside a piece of art. But it obviously didn’t pan out and made any money, because now the owners are getting welfare from the city to keep it afloat. Which will be easy since it costs about 3000 to 4000 a month to house a family or an individual. The disgusting irony is that those prices are the preposterous standard market rate for apartments.

    Notice also how art played a factor at that odious theme party in the Chetrit project in the South Bronx too. Curated by a tremendous hack without an original idea but to provoke anger. Traditionally art has been used as a cudgel against injustices and the status quo, but that gallery was designed to piss off regular middle class and working poor people. All those dickheads and douchehags that attended probably are shallow avaricious investors in those properties.

    The funny thing about all this development, is that they all look like warehouses, even the condos, and they are ugly. So the transition to homeless shelters is kind of seamless. And they can still profit too, since with the assistance of our government, homelessness has become a profitable business venture too.

    It’s called disaster capitalism. And it’s fucking sick. All these people pulling the strings and profiting are mentally ill.

    and they appear to be unstoppable


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