A readers sounds off perfectly on two posts. On that total bullshit made up “anti-Muslim bullying” by Public Advocate Letitia James, which really pisses me off on this made up subjects (christ, do far left liberal democrats have to sink so low to make up total bullshit to get votes):


I lived in Europe for a number of years, I can tell you for a fact that Muslims bully non Muslims across the pond, after the attacks in Paris and Brussels the mainstream media started talking about European countries not properly accepting young Muslims, I can tell you that is complete and utter bullshit. In many instances European countries such as France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, etc, have bent over backwards to help Muslims assimilate into their societies but most of their immigrants make the decision to segregate themselves.
Parents of Muslim youth teach their children that non Muslims are filth, and they are forbidden to have friendships with European kids, to marry non Muslims, etc.
I recently watched a piece about Muslim kids at a German high school by a left wing reporter and was surprised she brought up some serious concerns as the boys she interviewed made disparaging comments about non Muslim women in front of her, calling them “sluts” and “whores” and saying they would never ever marry a non Muslim woman because they would bear unsuitable children. This kind of mentality did not surprise me at all given I lived there for a number of years and most Muslims there seemed to live in their own little worlds, they seemed to prefer it that way.

On two-faced rich liberal Democrats who say they are for the under-class (but live nowhere near them), readers had this to say:

Democraps are the most piece of shit two face piece of garbage on Earth, they claim to be for the downtrodden, for the minorities, for the women, the poor, they do not give a shit about anyone but themselves, they are in bed with the corporations just like the Republicans. No surprise Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. Donald Trump grew up in Jamaica Queens himself, he would probably think the place is a dump if he saw what it is like today.
Hillary’s favorable ratings among Hispanics is lower than that of Obama’s, they realize that while Trump thinks nothing of them, that Hillary just sees them as another chess piece in her political game for power, nothing more.
Hillary lives in a multimillion dollar home in Westchester County, yet the liberal idiot media makes everyone think that Clinton, a woman with a net worth in the multi millions actually cares about the interests of ordinary working people and the poor. This is a person who eats gourmet meals with Hollywood elite and Wall Street executives, you really think she gives a rat’s ass about you?
The only difference between her and Trump is that she wants to continue keeping America’s floodgates open to unlimited third world immigration, wants to give American companies a free pass to send jobs to low wage countries such as China, Mexico, Brazil etc. Even leftwing Bernie Sanders thinks that this is a bad idea because this ultimately hurts American workers. Why? Because it drives down wages. Sanders also hates illegal immigration, he just has not been as vocal about as Trump.
Obama just went to Vietnam, another country where US companies will send jobs, because Vietnamese workers earn 32 cents an hour, not because wants to make good relations with the people of Vietnam but make sure there are more coolies for American companies. This is the Democratic party, a lackey of US corporations, hardly any different from the Republican party.

I am a black woman, and a Bernie supporter. If Bernie is not nominated,I will be boarding the Trump train. Sick and tired of the do nothing Democrats, no better that the Republicans.

Manifest Hillary doesn’t have it locked yet. She barely beat Bernie in Kentucky and probably got that little push when she reassured the blacks she was pandering to that her overrated husband will have a job and working in the white house. Jesus, she basically alluded that they will be voting for Bill too. Fucking bitch coattail rider.

As for Bernie, wait for California. That’s where it will truly turnaround or end right there. This ain’t over till it’s over. And he can still run independent too. I like to see the networks deny him a chance to debate against Trump and Clinton.

I for one am not afraid of a Trump presidency, because when he’s done with this campaign sideshow he’s going to turn to mush. His warped policies will never hold up and despite all the rage, the flagrant denials, and the lunacy, no one will stand for institutionalized fascism. He’s going to crash and burn. And if the country suffers because of it, well then we all suffer. We have been through world wars, useless wars, the idiotic wars on drugs and terror, depression, recession and the dumbest preppie redneck president W that the nation can weather a shit talking dicknose who inherited his wealth.


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