Christ, can’t hear about a concert, a birthday party, a family gathering or anything anymore without some knucklehead taking a gun and killing someone.

I don’t know I have been to several concerts in my lifetime from Rock to R&B to jazz and never once saw a fight, let alone a shooting.

And here we go again, a particular outing and a shooting takes place and someone ends up dead at a damn concert and the culprit is ghetto thug rapper mentality, you know the business that made such folks as Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and countless others majorly rich, while all the while many of them promoted violence, disrespect of females ( the word “hoe” pretty much came from these folks) and wasting money on rims & big ass chains and now those early pioneers are sitting pretty in their fancy gated communities far removed from the ghetto.

Many readers have sounded off on this same old bullshit (but of course black leaders will be nowhere to be found on this at all, did not involve a white cop).


Are there any activities where you bring a lot of black people together and there isn’t crime involved? There are some good and very intelligent black people out there but so many are a bunch of thugs ruining things for the entire race.


Never remember any violence at a Temptations or a Four Tops concert during the day just listening to great MUSIC. White kids black kids dancing at the Garden laughing at Mom’s dirty jokes and never ever thinking for a second about violence or being shot, never ever. Wouldn’t go to a black concert today or for that matter a hard core white concert with the shootings, stabbings, ghetto criminal Thugging songs instead of the happy naive love songs from the Temp’s and the Tops. How life and society has changed in such a short time…


Back in 1976, I went on a senior trip to Arlington, Texas (Six Flags). We had about 50 students (small school). While we were there we attended a Kook and the Gang concert. Eddie Kendricks was also on the bill. It’s been a long time but I would say there were maybe 10,000 people there and it seemed we were the only white people in the audience. Guess what? We had a great time; there were no problems. Not even in the bathroom.  So… what does that tell you? Kool and the Gang crowds are nice? Black people are nice? Rap fosters violence? I don’t know… I just know what happened that night.

Just One Man’s Perspective

Where’s the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement on this? Why is this not being condoned by that organization? Can someone please help me understand which conditions and circumstances have to occur in order to invoke a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally? It’s all very confusing to me.

Jack Burton

Comes from upbringing, or should I say, lack there of. Correct the home and you won’t see these issues. It can’t be fixed in one day and will take decades or correction, if people were actually willing to call a spade a spade and accept responsibility.


The Daily News:

SEE IT: Rapper Troy Ave arrested after deadly shooting at T.I. concert at Irving Plaza


Video shows moment shooting started at T.I. concert at Irving Plaza
NY Daily News
An up and coming rapper from Brooklyn with a score to settle was captured on surveillance video opening fire backstage at Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert, killing one and wounding two others, police sources said.Troy Ave, of Brownsville, accidentally shot himself in the leg during the chaos, sources said.

He was charged with attempted murder and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, cops said. He is expected to face a murder charge pending the results of a ballstics test, according to sources.

Troy Ave, who was to perform at the show, was feuding with Maino, who is based in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Maino had just left the stage when his rival blasted at least five shots with a 9-mm handgun in a green room above the stage, sources said.

Shooting at T.I. concert in NYC leaves one dead, three injured

Video shows the gunman barging into the backstage area around 10 p.m. sporting a gold chain and opening fire as people lunge for cover, knocking over barstools.

“He walks right out, women all around, and starts shooting his gun,” a police source said.

“It’s an ongoing rap group rivalry, him and Maino.”

A hip hop producer said that it’s no surprise the performers don’t like each other.

“Bed-Stuy and Brownsville, it’s like mixing oil and water,” the producer said.

The 30-year-old Troy Ave, whose real name is Ronald Collins was arrested at NYU Langone Medical Center, sources said.

It was unclear how Troy Ave allegedly shot and killed Ronald (Edgar) McPhatter. The victim’s mother said that McPhatter had known Troy Ave since they were in junior high school.

City Councilman Jumaane Williams and others who knew McPhatter, said he is shown in the video entering the green room behind Troy Ave and then running past him as the rapper blasts the room.

Earlier, McPhatter’s mother slammed Troy Ave for not calling to offer his condolences.ti2

McPhatter died doing what he’d done for many years — looking out for Troy Ave, the victim’s mother, Rose McPhatter, said at the Gowanus Houses.

“He actually cared a lot about Troy Ave. My wish is that Troy Ave cared as much about my son as he cared about him. I say that because I watched how my son would always bend over backwards to help him,” Rose said.

“If he (Troy Ave) cared about my son as much as he alleged he does, I would’ve received a call from him. He didn’t call me. He didn’t call any of my other sons.”

McPhatter’s brother is Shanduke McPhatter, a former gangster who now serves as the executive director of Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Changes.

The East Flatbush-based nonprofit seeks to end to street violence.

“There is no way I can answer all the texts and calls. … please give me a few,” Shanduke wrote on Facebook, along with a photo of his brother.

Court papers show that Edgar McPhatter had a pending charge for attempted murder in connection with a shooting at a Flatiron bar in November.

Detectives were combing through video from the venue and talking to witnesses — though many in the rappers’ entourages were not cooperating.

“The investigation is moving forward very rapidly, and we expect to close it quickly,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said on “The Len Berman and Todd Schnitt Show” on 710 WOR radio.

Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said Maino had just finished performing when a brawl broke out in the second-floor greenroom around 10 p.m.

An Irving Plaza employee told the Daily News the beef was between Maino and Troy Ave’s crews. Boyce did not confirm the two performers were at the center of the showdown.

The fight began as “fisticuffs,” Boyce said, before someone fired at least five blasts from a 9-mm. handgun.

ti3Ronald McPhatter, who worked as a bodyguard for the rapper Troy Ave, died in the shooting.


“It went on for about five minutes. People were shot,” Boyce said.

The gunfire turned the crowd into a stampede. Concertgoers scrambled over furniture, bolting for the exits.

“People were running and stomping over one another,” said Rodney Molina, 37.

McPhatter was shot in the stomach, stumbled downstairs and collapsed near a bar. He later died at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital.

Troy Ave, 30, whose real name is Roland Collins, was shot in the leg and driven to NYU Langone Medical Center in an SUV, sources said.“He’s part of the rap posse that was there last night,” Boyce said of Troy Ave, who had not taken the stage.

One bullet went through the floor and struck Christopher Vinson, 34, in the abdomen.

Reached on the phone at Bellevue Hospital, Vinson declined to comment in a hoarse voice.

Maggie Heckstall, 26, shot in the leg, was also treated at Bellevue, where she was visited early Thursday morning by 50 Cent.

Boyce said police were investigating how the firearm made it inside the venue. Metal detectors were in the building, he said.

A revolver may also have been involved in the mayhem, Boyce said.

Bratton lamented that investigators were not getting full cooperation from witnesses.

“It’s unfortunate the gangster rap world is still an issue we’re dealing with. The gangster lifestyle if you will.”

The entourages for the performers weren’t eager to assist investigators.

Boyce, on the other hand, said “People are coming forward with some stories.”

Mayor de Blasio was reluctant to say rap music was somehow a factor in the shooting.

“I think rap like any other genre is very, very diverse. I am relatively current because of the musical chooses of Dante and Chiara, so I hear a lot,” he said, referring to his children. “And some is thoughtful and socially conscious. And some I find distasteful. But I could say that about a lot of genres.”

Neighbors of McPhatter’s mother in the Gowanus Houses lamented the death, praising the ripped personal trainer and bodyguard as kind-hearted and thoughtful.

“He was a really good dude. He was one of the good guys out here. They were trying to get guns off the street,” Miguel Collazo, 37, said.

“It’s sad to lose someone like that, especially doing what they were doing, just going to a concert.”

Emanuel Thomas, 48, said McPhatter was well known around the neighborhood and generous with his time. McPhatter had tried to help him land a job.

“He was real kind-hearted like that. He doesn’t look for recognition, he doesn’t look for anything. He wasn’t judgmental. It’s a big loss to the community,” Thomas said.

Rose McPhatter said she did not always care for the people her son — one of five kids, including two sets of twins — hung out with.

“He was raised in the church but sometimes you meet the wrong crowd,” she said. “He loved everybody he had a big heart but having a big heart sometimes can be a curse. Sometimes it will lead you to the wrong people.”


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