These fucking trucks need to be hit very heavy, not only for illegally driving on residential streets, but also the other issue of tractor trailers and other large commercial trucks illegally parked on streets.

But for this to be effective it needs to continue on a regular basis, because once they know there is some opening, they will take it. Trucks do not belong on residential streets period, driving or parking. End this bullshit.

And NYPD got a 1% salary raise, while useless City Council gave themselves a 32% raise, it should have been NYPD at 32% and City Council at a 32% decrease and they would still be overpaid.


From Queens Chronicle:

103rd Pct. keeps on truckin’


Posted: Thursday, June 2, 2016 10:30 am

The Traffic Safety Unit of the NYPD’s 103rd Precinct conducted a heavy tow operation on May 24 in an ongoing effort to deal with trucks illegally parked on residential streets. Police that evening issued 30 summonses for trucks that were parked on residential streets overnight.

Two trucks were towed from 202nd Street and 99th Avenue, while four others in the area were booted.

Four nights earlier, on May 20, abandoned vehicles were removed at the intersections of 148th Street and 94th Avenue; and 157th Street and 106th Avenue.




  1. It’s funny when I go to the community board meetings about these trucks at my pct I am told it could take months to get a tow truck out to come tow the trailers, but funny how I see all other areas dealing with this problem by towing them, it’s very frustrating


    • But it was not always like that here. This first off was and still is a huge problem in this community even with this program which I think happens once a month, but for a long time, nothing was happening. I think it just got so bad for so long and with all the complaints from people they had to take action. What area are you in?


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