Republicans disagree on many issues with Democrats especially on domestic issues, liberals the same with conservatives, but when the safety of this country and the world are at stake, sometimes common sense needs to prevail. A DONALD WHINNY LITTLE BITCH presidency would be a disaster of epic proportions all around, no matter how you feel about Clinton. Clinton is the adult in the room, intelligent and respected around the world and Donald is a WHINNY LITTLE BITCH, you know the kind of kid that when he is losing, takes his ball and goes home.

The idiotic things that Trump says, the completely dumb-ass racist remarks he makes, well, that not bother me, what is more bothersome and should be very bothersome to everyone, he is a CON ARTIST, A SCAMMER, a SNAKE OIL SALESMAN.  One only needs to look at one of his biggest scams, Trump University, not even a real university, which there are 3500 outstanding lawsuits. 3500. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN, 3500 lawsuits just for this scam. I mean do you really think that Trump is looking out for the lower working class white man or anyone for that matter besides himself and his rich buddies. WAKE THE FUCK UP. For such a great businessman that he claims to be, he has so many failed and bankrupt businesses, it is pathetic, like the man-child himself.

No matter what you say or how many facts you toss in someone’s face, they will still vote for this WHINNY LITTLE BITCH CON ARTIST because he plays on racism when it comes to immigrants and people of color (even though his wife is an immigrant) and he plays the media and some people well, but many are not buying it and the WHINNY LITTLE BITCH has no clothes.

This is how elections should be, voting for the best candidate regardless of political lines. I mean the bar has been set so low this year, but with Trump,  it can go even lower and even WHINIER. Is that what you really really want.


From Yahoo:


Why This Republican Created a PAC to Help Elect Hillary Clinton

Charlotte Alter,Time 8 hours ago



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