And here we go again about government fat and incompetence told by Jamaica resident, comrade-in-arms and community activist, Pamela Hazel, who has been reporting on “Bathroom Gate” which seems like since Watergate, while ass elected officials stand by as usual with thumbs up their asses.

So the Jamaica saga of closed bathrooms, money being flushed down the government toilet and resident bathroom homeless woman bathing. Yep, the JAMAICA NOW NON-ACTION PLAN in full force.

Bathroom Gate June 2

Bathroom Gate June 2


From Jamaica Resident & Activist Pamela Hazel:

Last Thursday, June 2nd,  a supporter called me early in the morning. She said that on her way to work around 7:10 a.m., the women’s bathroom was closed.  I arrived at the scene shortly after 9:00 a.m.; by that time it was fixed. I knocked on the personnel door. A man came out and identified himself as Mr. Rodriguez, the superintendent.  Regarding the complaint, he said that someone threw something in the toilet. He said, “my hands are tied because I cannot monitor the bathroom.”

Regardless of the reason, this is repair ticket #06022016.  The repair racketeers have stuck again.


Yesterday, June 6th. there was yet another repair as the money laundering continues. The men’s bathroom was closed for repairs AGAIN. This is ticket # 06062016. Men waited for the women to exit. Then with urgency they sped into the women’s bathroom. There was a disturbance however. A homeless woman was washing up, with her cart of things beside her.

Periodically, she peeped outside the bathroom, yelling, “no body better don’t take my things; it go be trouble.” She was referring to an apparatus of things covered with blankets; outside the bathroom.

Boranian, you are the liaison
at the B/P Katz’s office.  This is an abuse of taxpayers money aka bathroom repairs. Bathroomgate warrants an investigation.

Please contact the powers so that the bathrooms at the e-train Jamaica Center Station can be used for its intended purpose. No one of sound mind believes that a bathroom has to be repaired weekly.

Meanwhile, I will try to reach out to State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman; on behalf of straphangers. Yea, what ever the hell it takes.

Senator Comrie and Council Miller remain silent on the issue. What a disgrace to the human race.

Bathroom Gate June 2

Bathroom Gate June 2

A homeless woman washing up.

A homeless woman washing up.


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