Even animals do not eat and shit in the same place, but folks in Jamaica, major low-class ghetto slobs with no respect for their community or neighbors. BUT Major litter law enforcement in needed. Someone should be patrolling the parks all the time, handing out summons for littering & sanitation enforcement officers need to  be walking the beat, especially in problematic areas and issuing summons to both people and businesses.

  1. Rufus King Park. Christ the just opened the entire park after a $2 million dollar renovations and already the slobs, deadbeats and drunks are already mucking the place up (the north side near the old Hospital), the lower new half near Rufus King Park is still spotless. One big problem are the homeless and drunks who hang out at this park. Why are their enforcement officer patrolling this park, as should all parks.Garbage6.12.16 001


2. Vacant lot next to 148-25 90th Ave, which is eventually getting developed into apartments. What is it with vacant lots, they seem to draw low-class ghetto slobs to just dump. These owners of these lot need to be held responsible for clean-up.

Garbage6.12.16 003


3. Jamaica Ave at 146 St is a ongoing problem of overflowing trash cans along with household garbage from illegal conversions  in the area.

Garbage6.12.16 005Garbage6.12.16 006


4. 91 Ave & 146th Street, in the area where The Crossing is going up, is always problematic with garbage and overflowing cans. And look at that very dangerous sidewalk caving in, which has been like this for a long time. Very ironic on 146 is another damn church and some kind of school and in between them, high weeds and garbage. Amazing that always near churches is garbage. So where are these so-called religious leader on this issue.Garbage6.12.16 009Garbage6.12.16 008Garbage6.12.16 010Garbage6.12.16 014Garbage6.12.16 012Garbage6.12.16 011


5. Sutphin Blvd & 97th Ave, another problematic area. This is right across from the great Sangria Bar & Restaurant, who the owner Joe has complained of the garbage issue in the area and very ironic that right down from this mess, a few feet, crook and useless Councilman Ruben Wills office.

Garbage6.12.16 016

6. Waltham & 101 Ave, another mess of garbage.

Garbage6.12.16 017


7. Liberty & Waltham, illegal parked trucks.

Garbage6.12.16 019Garbage6.12.16 020

I guess there is where all those illegal posters that are all over come from.

I guess there is where all those illegal posters that are all over come from.

8. 101 Ave & 146 St is a  mess of garbage and unlicensed vehicles.

Garbage & Unlicensed vehicle.

Garbage & Unlicensed vehicle.

Garbage6.12.16 026


9. 147 Pl & Liberty a mess of garbage and unlicensed vehicles.

Garbage6.12.16 029Garbage6.12.16 030Garbage6.12.16 031


10. This vacant lot at 90-07 178 in a relatively nice area has been an eyesore before I moved here five years ago. The house there was torn down, but the foundation left and now it sits empty with high weeds, illegal garbage dumping and a wooden fence that is buckling and eventually will come down. The owner needs to be held responsible.

Garbage6.12.16 032Garbage6.12.16 034Garbage6.12.16 035Garbage6.12.16 036

Again, what is about this community and garbage, is is that a high percentage of the folks are just plain low-class ghetto slobs who like living in shit. A reason we need MAJOR ENFORCEMENT.



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