Now one you would think this would NOT be an issue in a liberal Democratic controlled city with a progressive left wing mayor, would you. But yeah, we would since the Democratic Machine in NYC and NY is so completely corrupt and have proven to put money & profits before human lives, even small children and senior citizens.

But in the meantime we here have our own version of Flint Michigan lead in the water crisis and it is something that has been known for decades and something that should be constant front page news, not the crap that passes for news anymore. More media attention has been done constantly for the shooting and killing of one person,  The Voices’s Christina Grimmie, who I did not even now who she was, as probably many don’t. Yet this horrible crisis which affects thousands (and again, mostly people of color & the vulnerable, gets FOUR SMALL paragraphs in The Daily News and I am sure our local SE Queens media will not cover it, hell, they don’t cover the hazardous Royal Waste facility that is affecting Jamaica resident’s health.

SE Queens and Jamaica has the highest rate of child asthma in all of NYC. Parts of Harlem and South Bronx also  have high rates. Some of the worst triggers, studies have found, are most prevalent in poor communities, including the feces of cockroaches and dust mites, cigarette smoke and mold and mildew. Also the heavy concentration of diesel bus and truck traffic, and the tiny particles in diesel exhaust are thought to be another serious asthma trigger. This is mostly due to waste transfer stations in these communities and all the diesel fueled trucks that constantly go in and out of these areas 24/7.

So think you most your politicians and city agencies care about you, especially if you live in a community of color and lower economic one. THINK AGAIN, They DON’T.

Again sounds like a RACIAL ISSUE to me.

Not unlike putting a poisonous waste transfer stations, Royal Waste (which supplies most of the city’s garbage) dumped in the downtown Jamaica area, near residential housing, including two blocks from a NYCHA Senior Citizen Apartment building and directly across the street from Detective Keith Williams Park, which thousands of children play, swim, play football, soccer and just enjoy themselves. THINK, this would be near a Forest Hills or Park Slope Park.

Also check out the health issues in Jamaica at


The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: NYCHA Red Hook East Houses have thousands of apartments with lead paint — the most of any public housing project in the city


Ryleigh Miller’s great-grandmother’s NYCHA apartment has peeling paint on the walls.

(Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News)

Red Hook East Houses is one of the oldest public housing projects in the United States, opened in 1939 as Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia fought to stave off the effects of the Great Depression.

Seven decades later, this aging relic of LaGuardia’s well-intentioned legacy has earned another distinction — the public housing project with the most lead paint in the city.

The Housing Authority refuses to reveal the precise location of lead paint within its 178,000 aging apartments, though it estimates that 55,000 still have the stuff.

But data obtained by the Daily News of all NYCHA lead paint test results between 2013 and early 2015 shed unprecedented light on where it is and what’s been done about it.



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