I don’t have to tell you, but we have a major gun problem in this country, just today, 50 people were killed when a person opened fired with an assault rifle & hand-gun, no word if it was some sort of terrorism, domestic or otherwise (

But certain communities have an even more gun, shooting and violence problem, especially in black communities like Jamaica. It is an issues that to this day does not get properly addressed, especially when dealing with the high unemployment rate, poverty and lack of proper services in said communities. Any actions always seem to be a band-aid solution over a gaping wound.


From The Daily News:

Queens boy, 15, shoots love-triangle rival in face with pellet gun

Hillcrest school

The victim was headed to Hillcrest High School when the violence broke out.


A 14-year-old boy was shot in the face with a pellet gun as he and another teen fought over a girl in Queens Friday, officials said.The boy was on his way to Hillcrest High School in Jamaica when the 15-year-old attacker approached him from behind on Parson’s Blvd. and 87th Rd., about 9 a.m.“I heard you had a picture of my girl,” the older teen said, according to police sources.

The two began to fight, witnesses told police.

During the fisticuffs, the older teen pulled out a pellet gun and opened fire, hitting his victim in the face at close range.

The victim suffered wounds above his right eye and to his lip and right arm, officials said. He was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center with injuries considered minor.

Responding officers canvassed the area with a witness, who pointed out the alleged B.B. gunman, officials said.

The teen is facing assault charges in Family Court, police said.



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