And here we go again. NO PRIDE, NO RESPECT and that is just from the elected officials, double that from the low-class ghetto slobs who cause this shit. FUCKING SLOBS YOU FOLKS ARE. Won’t be happy till Jamaica is some third world shit hole like a Bangladeshi slum.

  1. NW corner of Hillside Ave/Homelawn (169 St) has a terrible garbage issue. This can is always overflowing and the slob people of the area constantly dump garbage on the sidewalk like this is some third world country where they are used to doing this shit. Below I took two photos of that corner, one at 11:00am, the other at 7:00pm.

garbage6.15.16 005garbage6.15.16 030


2. This NW corner lot of 89th Ave/162nd is right in the middle of all residential, yet the owner of this property feels that he can store commercial vehicles like two huge diesel fueled dump trucks and huge waste container. For weeks I have brought this to the attention of everyone from elected officials to DOB and everyone in between. To this date, NOTHING. Imagine this in Forest Hills. My senator Tony Avella is looking into this, BUT it is not his area, it is Senator Leroy Comrie.

garbage6.15.16 032garbage6.15.16 011


3. Intersection at 150 St/89th Ave and the entrance to Rufus King Park (SW corner) is so dangerous crossing due the to the poor condition of the street, which is uneven, pot holes, cracks and a shitty job of paving whenever DOT did. Again I contacted DOT and elected officials on this months ago and NOTHING.

garbage6.15.16 012garbage6.15.16 013


3. 147 Pl between Archer & Jamaica Ave is a complete mess. Not only is that thug auto body shop Dynamic Collision illegally putting junked and unlicensed cars all on the sidewalk and street, but constant dumping of garbage goes on and one by ghetto slobs and  businesses. Right around the corner on Archer where the former post office is, constant garbage dumped by of course said ghetto slobs. Councilman Ruben Wills office is a few blocks away at 9526 Sutphin Blvd and I am pretty sure this is in his district as well as the other lackey, Assembly Vivian Cook. If not Wills, it is Councilman Miller’s area. Either way it is a mess and no one is doing a damn thing about. Senator Tony Avella, who is my senator is looking into it and this is NOT his area, this is Senator Leroy Comrie, who is well aware of this. As is WPIX who aired a story tonight (6.15.16) on Dynamic and their illegally parked cars.

garbage6.15.16 024garbage6.15.16 014garbage6.15.16 018garbage6.15.16 020garbage6.15.16 019

From the trail of this groove in the street, it came from Dynamic Collision dragging one of their junked cars.

From the trail of this groove in the street, it came from Dynamic Collision dragging one of their junked cars.



  1. There were some DOT reps (probably interns really) with a table and board hanging around at the subway entrance at 153 and Archer next to the performing arts center earlier today. They were asking folks to do a survey and taking suggestions of some stuff that could be improved in the downtown area for some kind of a study. I forgot to mention the horrible quality of some of the roads and crosswalks but didn’t hesitate to bring up the garbage issues and terrible overcrowding at the Archer bus terminal during evening rush hours. They handed out a card with the following link on it ( There’s some kind of a workshop at the performing arts center next Tuesday.


    • I went to one of these earlier this year at the Harvest Room, I am going to try and go this one next week. DOT also needs to address the illegal blocking of sidewalks on Jamaica Ave by stores. You can legally only put displays out 3 feet from the store.


  2. this is a great blog. I love the town of Jamaica. I lived on 148- 89th ave for about 20+ years. Im 27 now so all my life really. The area has a lot of potential and from all the new construction, investors are seeing that as well. I wish people would be more aware of their trash and maybe have some decency. They’re not bad people for the most part but what really bothers me the most is all the bums and drunken men at rufus king park. Its such a beautiful park and it has really come a long way since I first moved their in 92′. The city really has put in some work. Put if the people who occupy dont do their part to keep it clean then you really cant blame the city for not doing anything.


    • Thanks, but as you tell by my last post, this is the end of the blog. Looking to leave the area and just cannot take the mentality and the trash of this community, which you are right has potential, but has too many problematic people and people who do not care. I do blame the people in the community, but the city has to take some responsibility especially when it comes to dumping all kind of shit in this community, like homeless shelters, waste transfer stations, etc and then do very little about enforcement of laws.


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