It is like one garbage Jamaica merry-go-round, around and around and around.

I mean how long has Pamela been bringing this garbage issue in this particular spot, well, not only since I been here, but way before that, when Leroy Comrie was Councilman and told in a 2010Queens Chronicle article ( that he would make sure it gets taken care of. YEAH, Jamaica elected official taking care of, in other words, not doing shit.

Excerpts from that 2010 Queens Chronicle article:

Hazel says she has contacted several area politicians about the eyesores including state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Jamaica), Councilman Leroy Comrie (D-St. Albans) and Councilman James Sanders Jr. (D-Laurelton), and claims all she gets from them is “lip service.”

“I am frustrated because they always say it’s not their jurisdiction, but I believe in my heart that if this was in a white neighborhood, they would find the person who has jurisdiction and it would be cleaned up,” Hazel said. “We fight. We write letters. We do everything that the white community does and we do not get results.”

Donovan Richards, deputy chief of staff to Sanders, says that Hazel never contacted the office about eyesores in the community, and if she had he would have referred her to Comrie, since they are in his district.

Comrie said his office has contacted the DOS in the past and will push to make sure that it continues to monitor conditions. The lawmaker says he would love for residents to be able to utilize the old park, but that the owner has been unresponsive.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Jamaica) did not return a request for comment by press time.

Hazel has written to DOS twice with her concerns. In 1999, she received a response from Director Tom Kuznitz stating that there were no sanitary violations at the vacant park, but “due to high weeds that are potential insect and vermin infestation hazards,” the matter had been referred to the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Hazel wrote to DOS again this year, and on Sept. 21, John Capo, special assistant to the first deputy commissioner, responded, stating that “an investigation is underway” to determine who owns the park “in order to enable the department to issue a notice of violation to the owner for a dirty area condition.”

Over 6 years ago and you will notice that same names of elected officials, just they shuffled to other positions where they continue doing shit…………..or they ended up in jail on corruption charges. Like I said, The “Jamaica Way”.

I don’t know if this garbage is being dumped by residents in the area from illegal conversions or people coming from elsewhere to dump or both, but YOU ARE FUCKING LOW-CLASS GHETTO SLOBS.

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

A pattern of illegal garbage dumping for years.

From Community Activist Pamela Hazel:

Here we go again, with the garbage cycle. The area at 109 th. Avenue & Merrick Boulevard is laden with garbage again. For two weeks I have been observing the eyesore.

The sanitation trucks  pass full speed; even though the garbage is in full view.

Boranian, you are the liaison at the borough president’s office. Please contact sanitation on this disturbing cycle? The next garbage pick up is this Friday.

This madness will continue; until your boss keeps her promise to install cameras. Playground garbagePlayground garbage


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