garbage6.15.16 005Yesterday (6.15.16) on my way to film the WPIX story on all the junked cars on the sidewalk at street at 147 Pl, I spotted across the street a sanitation inspector taking photos of the mountain of garbage that had again accumulated on the NW corner (169th/Hillside), even though there was NO GARBAGE CAN AT THE TIME. I actually took a photo later as I was coming back with the can and all the surrounding garbage.

I thought to myself:  ‘Hallelujah!’, summonses are coming and something will be done.  I ran over to him to speak about the chronic  issue, the daily mountains of garbage that appear on all the corners for a few blocks in this area of Hillside.  I asked him if the store owner ( the filthy disgusting Skylight Cellular) would be getting a summons for this. He said:  “No, he’s closed, I can’t issue a summons”.  When he opens, he’s probably going to clean this up and I certainly doubted that, the place is always a mess.  I said:  ‘WHAT?!  The guy is NOT going to TOUCH THIS!  NONE of the store owners on this block have EVER been seen cleaning up ANYTHING in front of their properties.  Why can’t you issue a ticket?’ Answer:  ‘”We have to give them a two hour period from opening up to clean-up any litter in from of their store.”


So what is the POINT of taking a photo at all, if you are not going to ENFORCE THE LAWS AS THEY ALREADY EXIST?! Here we go again with proper lack of enforcement. I asked him why,  given how extreme the dumping situation is here, do they not position – for even a few hours – just ONE DOS undercover inspector to issue tickets CONTINUOUSLY all day, as the as this garbage crap grows? In fact there should be someone always stationed on Hillside all day, since it is such a mess. His response?  ‘”hey won’t do it”.  So there you have it folks:  these people have been neutered, castrated, impotent to address the issue.  And this is why these businesses and people continue doing what they are doing.

The City doesn’t have an answer, and can’t to a damn thing,  on some regular non-crisis basis,  to address this horrific health/quality of life issue.
Despite all the excuses I heard today – directly from a DOS officer – we all know folks that such mountain of trash wouldn’t appear for more than a few hours in a place like Forest Hills (NEVER), and the store owners would damn sure feel the pain,  in their pockets, if they didn’t clean it up, like this tool claimed our immigrant store-owners would, since this is what he and many others are use to.

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why Hillside Avenue looks like a third world dump. When businesses and people are not issued a summons for their behavior, then the Jamaica Crap Train keeps on a rollin.garbage6.15.16 030




  1. I resent your comment that store owners on Hillside don’t clean up in front of their stores. Everyone of the store owners I know as well as myself clean up several times a day in front of our businesses. It’s a never ending battle – people are slobs!!!!!!

    Businesses should not be forced to do the city’s job and enforce sanitation laws!!!!



    • I will agree with you 100% that many of the people in this community (and some not who are visiting and taking buses) are utter complete slobs with no respect for the community and I also agree even more so that sanitation should be enforcing the litter laws and have DOS enforcement agents going up and down all of Hillside Avenue and around Jamaica. But several of the businesses (not all) do not clean up in front of their stores, they stick those large flag things that at times obstruct the sidewalks (which is illegal if they stick out to far). I live in this community and I frequent several of the businesses and the businesses I frequent do clean up in front of their stores and their places always look clean, but several don’t and I have actually seen on many occasions some businesses on Hillside dump their business garbage in public trash cans, which is illegal. I do understand that Hillside Avenue can be problematic, with all the foot traffic and all the bus stops, but even more reason to make sure your place is clean. But lets be realistic, Hillside Avenue is a mess from garbage, litter and some businesses are not very clean inside and out. With all the businesses on Hillside, there should be some type of Hillside Merchant Association or a Hillside BID, just like Jamaica Ave has the Jamaica BID, 165 St Mall has the 165th St BID and Sutphin has the Sutphin BID. I have been all over this entire city and Hillside Ave tends to be one of the worst as far as appearance. So their is plenty of blame to go around for this.


  2. The last ‘Mike’ – or anyone similar – that I can recall owning or working in any business from ~ 175 St to ~ Parsons fled decades ago in the great economic and people replacement.
    In the worst section: from 169th to Merrick Blvd on Hillside, I’ve never once seen a storeowner do anything about the mess in front of their businesses.
    In fact, the 24-hr Bangladeshi ‘MegaMarket’ that opened recently near 167th (after combining 3 storefronts) lines up shopping carts and pallets with piles of spoiling produce along their entire property line – ON THE STREET SIDE – in addition to the huge boxes stacked against their windows, making it almost impossible to walk down the sidewalk.
    If you are who you claim you are, you would know that this statement:
    “Businesses should not be forced to do the city’s job and enforce sanitation laws!” is false: call up 311 and ask them, or the DOS inspectors that hopefully will be visiting this stretch more frequently: business owners are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for CLEANING and MAINTAINING the frontage of their establishement, IRRESPECTIVE of who dumps what.


    • BJK, so I’m supposed to constantly clean up other people’s crap ? Businesses have other things to worry about such as scores of shoplifters stealing from our stores!!!

      Tell you what, why don’t you become Garbage Inspect General for Hillside and clean up other people’s garbage all day – see how that makes you feel!!!!!


  3. Shoplifting occurs exactly where on the strip I described?
    What are they stealing from you?
    With the exception of a few 99 cent stores, a few cellphone/repair and Bangla fashion shops, almost all the rest are low-end ethnic/Halal Fried Chicken, etc eateries.
    I will provide a list of addresses of the worst offenders as corroboration the next time: these places are the worst in allowing not just litter, but DUMPING of personal bags/boxes full of trash in front of their businesses.
    No one who gives a damn about their store allows this to happen: first, no normal person is going to shop at a place with piles of shit outside their front door, second, irrespective of how you ‘feel’, the law is the law: contact Dept of Sanitation Inspector Kurland – the DOS agent I spoke to earlier this week –
    for confirmation of what your ‘supposed to do’. Troll much?


    • BJK, Trolling seriously ??? Shoplifting has become a major problem in Jamaica since so many homeless shelters are concentrated in this area. Most of the stores on Hillside cater to the area’s residents which any smart business owner would do!!!!You don’t shop at those stores, so you wouldn’t have an idea of what they offer and what the owners go through on a daily basis (theft, garbage etc..).

      FYI, my name is Michael contrary to what you were trying to insinuate in your first post.

      White flight anyone?


      • You are digressing from the topic, which is businesses taking care of the front of their stores as required by law and what a mess that stretch is. The topic is not theft, shoplifting. BJK is completely on target. I live near that area and do shop and dine at some of the places, he is spot on with some of those businesses. And as he said the law is the law, period. As far as theft is it reported, because I receive the crime stats in the area and have not come across all the theft you are referring to. As far as shoplifting, that tends to happen in many different areas, but that is no excuse for not cleaning up in front of your business or dumping business garbage into public trash cans, which I have seen several times.


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