I have some advice. Tell some in your South Jamaica Community to act civilized, then there would be no NYPD issue. Law abiding citizens who respect the community, respect their neighbors, don’t hang out and loiter late at night in front of deli’s or apartment buildings making all kind of noise or blasting music from cars bothering residents, don’t carry guns, etc NEVER have an issue. Better yet, let me have Chris Rock break it down for you,


This just surprises me with these leader’s complaint, considering that some of  good portion of South Jamaica is riddle with crime, shootings, drug dealing and other bullshit. So either you want a safe community or you don’t, make up your mind.

Of course the usual suspects are in the photo op below.


From Queens Courier:

Photo courtesy of Nadia Chait

Photo courtesy of Nadia Chait
From left to right: Bishop Lester Williams, Jackie Lemon-Denton, Phil Craig, Councilman Rory Lacman, Yvonne Reddick, Adrienne Adams and June Bunch address members of the community over the issue of the NYPD’s use of chokeholds.

The NYPD is relaxing a ban preventing cops from using chokeholds on suspects, something that alarms many civic leaders in south Queens.

Councilman Rory Lancman held a press conference on Tuesday alongside Bishops Lester Williams and Leroy Newman, Justice Minister Phil Craig, state Senate candidate Adrienne Adams, Yvonne Reddick and former Councilman Archie Spigner to denounce Patrol Guide 221-01. The document added 11 factors that will examine when it is appropriate for offices to engage an offender with reasonable force.

“Rather than standing with the people of New York and the majority of the City Council who have called for strengthening the ban on this deadly maneuver, Mayor de Blasio is actually loosening restrictions on chokeholds, making it more, not less, likely that they will be used,” Lancman said in a press release issued Tuesday. “This secret rule, which the NYPD didn’t release to the public, practically eviscerates the chokehold.”

After Eric Garner’s death in 2014, Lancman introduced Intro. 540, co-sponsored by 27 other members of City Council, making the use of chokeholds a misdemeanor. De Blasio vowed to veto the bill.

Patrol Guide 221-01 includes a list of considerations for when the NYPD is determining discipline for all uses of force, including everything from firing a gun to physical restraints.

“There is no change in the longstanding department policy that officers are prohibited from using chokeholds,” Monica Kine, deputy press secretary for Mayor de Blasio, wrote in an email to QNS.

The NYPD holds steadfast in its position on chokeholds: “The new use of force policy continues to ban the use of chokeholds. Any other characterization is simply wrong,” an NYPD press representative told QNS in an email.


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