311Noise, illegal conversions, illegal parking, trucks driving illegally on residential streets, overflowing garbage cans without tight fitting lids, illegal garbage dumping, fences falling down, poor streets/sidewalks,  unlicensed & junked cars on streets and sidewalks, commercial storage of vehicles (trucks, etc) on residential property, ice cream trucks blasting that constant annoying jingle when parked (ILLEGAL), WHATEVER your quality of life issue is, no matter where you live in NYC, FILE COMPLAINTS. File 311 complaints, contact city agency commissioners, email your elected officials/community boards, contact the various media who loves these stories.

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I have put together a handy, easy to do reference for all of that. You don’t have to hunt all over on the convoluted 311 system (some issues not listed you have to), you don’t have to try and find out who your elected official is, you don’t have to figure out who in the media you have to contact to help you. I have done all that grunt work for you and it is all below.


Don’t put up with bullshit in your community. So FILE ALWAYS & OFTEN. Don’t stand on the side lines expecting that someone else will do it.



Folks, it is your community and because of where we live,especially in Jamaica/SE Queens with low-class ghetto folks, slumlords and shady businesses doing whatever they want, you must be vigilant and file 311 complaints, OFTEN. If you can take photos, better and then send them to your asshole elected leaders and write to agency commissioners on line. You can also send me ( your photos/problems with locations and I will post them on my blog. Some 311 complaints like illegal conversions and unsecured fences, allow you to upload photos.

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Remember you can be anonymous if you wish, but I suggest not to, but that is your choice.

So use this and pass this information on to all concerned citizens who WANT TO TAKE BACK THEIR COMMUNITIES & STOP THE BULLSHIT.


Here is where to do that for some of the various quality of life issues.

  1. Broken, uneven or damage sidewalk:


2. Abandoned vehicles/trucks parked too long with plates or without plates:


3.  Illegal conversions & houses ( I had DOB shut down two in my area and watched as the riff-raff were all escorted out):


4. Garbage complaints from overflowing cans, uncovered garbage cans, household garbage in public cans, dirty sidewalks, illegal posters, garbage strewn vacant lots, etc:


5. Unsecured Fence:


6. Illegal Truck driving on residential streets:


7. Continuous playing of music from Ice Cream Trucks while parked:


8. Various Noise Complaints from churches to neighbors:


You should also write a complaint on line to the various department’s commissioners AND OFTEN. Easy to do, I do it all the time, when I file a 311 complaint. Here are the various commissioner’s.

  1. Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg (sidewalk & road conditions, illegal truck driving complaints, businesses blocking sidewalks with merchandise displays, cars, etc ):


2. Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathyrn Garcia:


3. Department of Buildings Commisssioner Rick Chandler (shady construction, illegal conversions, fences falling down, storing commercial vehicles on residential property) :


4. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton:


5. Department of Environment Protection Emily Lloyd (noise like ice cream trucks & churches, noisy manhole covers, hazardous materials, air quality from polluting waste stations in your area):


6. Mayor’s Office (ALL ISSUES) :

Of course, you should know who your elected officials are and community board and email them or call them as well.

  1. Find your community board:

2. Find your City Council Member:

3. Find your Assembly Member:

4. Find your Senator:

5. Find your Congress Member:


Here are some media contacts if your issue is not being resolved.

  1. WPIX Help Me Howard:


2. WPIX Arnold Diaz:


3. WPIX Greg Mocker: MOCKER@PIX11.COM


4. WPIX Monica Morales:


5. NY1: 212-379-3599. Also online at Choose CONTACT A SPECIFIC DEPARTMENT, NY1 for your assistance.




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