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Way too much bullshit goes on in these problematic homeless shelters (I see it regularly here in Jamaica, constant loitering outside the shelters making noise, drug dealing, NYPD always showing up, garbage/litter). And I am sure my far left liberal brothers and sisters will take offense, BUT let’s be realistic here. Sure there are more homeless now than say 30-40 years ago and there are several different reasons for that from jobs shipped overseas and high cost of living to our constant wars with other countries and drug addiction of legal prescriptions by the biggest most notorious drug dealer of all time, BIG PHARMA. But many, not all, of people in homeless shelters tend to be problematic. They have alcohol/drug addiction that they are not taking responsibility for themselves to become sober, they have too many kids they cannot afford, they are chronically unemployed or don’t want to work (even in the best of times), they have criminal records and scrapes with the law and several are violent and not quite upstanding citizens. Hence why they are on the homeless shelter merry-go-round. And since homeless shelters are now big business, instead of getting to the root problem, we are just warehousing homeless and then dump shelters  into communities that are already have issues to begin with. Jamaica/SE Queens has approximately 22 homeless shelters and many in them are not even from the area.

You know, eventually you have to come to grips that you are responsible for yourself (and you alone) and for your actions and you are not societies’ problems that tax payers have to take care of because you made poor choices in life. And eventually there is so much  milk in the government tit.

government tit


From The Daily News:

EXCLUSIVE: NYPD are training peace officers to use pepper spray at city shelters

pepper sprayNYPD gives pepper spray training to peace officers at city shelters.


The entire force of unarmed peace officers at city shelters are being trained in the use of pepper spray, the Daily News has learned.

The move comes as the city, in response to a recent spate of violence in its shelter system, enlisted the NYPD to train Department of Homeless Services officers.

Only 169 — less than a quarter of the 700 DHS officers — know how to use pepper spray. But the rest are now being trained at the NYPD Academy.

NYPD officers recently started using a more potent spray, because the weaker strain they were previously equipped with didn’t work on dogs and often had little effect on the emotionally disturbed and those high on drugs. DHS officers will use the same, more potent spray.

pepper17n-4-webNYPD officers are training peace officers how to properly use a more potent spray.

(Kendall Rodriguez/Kendall Rodriguez)

The News reported Wednesday that corrections officers are being brought in to help with some of the training, raising eyebrows, given the swirl of criticism against the Corrections Department.

An NYPD source, however, said the Corrections training will consist of two hours and teach DHS peace officers how to police dormitory-style settings, common in some shelters.

Other sources said DHS requested help from Corrections because of the department’s expertise in dealing with gang violence and drug dealing.



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