I mentioned on this past Thursday (6.16.16) on by blog on about receiving a flyer at 6pm about the Mayor holding a town hall meeting in SE Queens on Thursday, June 16th at 7pm. I pretty much did not see this publicized anywhere, like the Mayor really did not want people to know and to make sure his town hall meeting was filled up with mostly  political lackey’s and ass kissers, but obviously there were some regular folks there since community members expressed concern over quality-of-life issues, including the preponderance of trucks illegally parking or operating in a reckless manner in the confines of the 105th Precinct. 

Well, where have I heard THAT before.

But what is ironic about this meeting, was that it was only for Rosedale, Laurelton and Springfield Gardens, which are the nicest neighborhoods in SE Queens/Greater Jamaica area. Sure they have  some quality of life issues, probably Springfield Garden has the most, BUT these three areas are the nicest of all of SE Queens, have the lowest crime rates and homeowners more than likely outnumber renters as well. Now you folks in those areas, tell me if I am wrong or right. Now other parts of SE Queens/Greater Jamaica area have well worst communities and way major quality of life issues, with South Jamaica being the worst (highest crimes, shootings, poverty, etc), followed by the Downtown Jamaica and surrounding area. So why not hold a town meeting in the places that really need a town hall meeting and really need quality of life issues addressed and really need proper services and major enforcement of quality of life issues.

Again, typical political bullshit of powers that be ignoring areas with the major problems, like they do not even exist. You see this bullshit with Queens Borough President Melinda Katz as well, who is always praising Downtown Jamaica, when there is not really much to praise but more to be criticized and major issues not being addressed.

AND why did the Times Ledger leave out the date of the town hall meeting. Because I am sure if people saw that date, they would say “I did not know about that.”


From Times Ledger:

Mayor holds town hall in southeast Queens

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Councilman Donovan Richards field questions from concerned community members during a town hall at Springfield Gardens Educational Complex.

Mayor Bill de Blasio revealed a location for the long-awaited new police precinct in southeast Queens might be determined by the end of the summer.

The news about the $70 million 116th Precinct came in the midst of a two-hour town hall held at Springfield Gardens Educational Complex. The event was moderated by Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton).

Community members expressed concern over quality-of-life issues, including the preponderance of trucks illegally parking or operating in a reckless manner in the confines of the 105th Precinct.

De Blasio also expounded on what he said were the major successes throughout his administra­tion’s tenure, including universal pre-K as well as after-school programs for sixth through eighth graders.

“There are still parents who don’t know pre-K is available for free,” he said. “Every middle school is guaranteed an after-school seat.”

The mayor also said that citywide, murders were down 10 percent compared to the year before, with gun arrests up 20 percent. He contrasted his vision with previous administrations and critics.

“I said we need a safer city and a fairer city,” he said. “And there were many people saying you had to have one or the other.”



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