Homeless people congregate near 125th Street and Park Avenue. Photo: David McGlynn

Homeless people congregate near 125th Street and Park Avenue. Photo: David McGlynn

DEMOCRATS TAKING THE BLACK VOTE FOR GRANTED (So what have you done for the black community lately).

I saw this comment in regards to an article about the sit-in that is happening in Congress ( and I had to post this since is speaks volumes about black communities and Democratic elected officials and of course Jamaica came quickly to mind, since it is a black community, since it is Democratic ruled by a bunch of ebony clowsn and since it is a ghetto mess.


  • What a joke. These are the same black and liberal democratic politicians that have engineered the distruction of the middle class america, and especially the poor black, white and hispanic populations by encouraging more and more illegal immigrants and refugees with marginal skills to challenge for entry level jobs. Further depressing the wages, and job opportunities for the young minority populations and poor worker in America. But Professional Democratic Politicians like Mr. Lewis are “field managers” for the Democratic Party that has totally taken the black community for granted, since they view them as under control by voting 90% democratic, they know they control them on the “federal welfare plantation” by just promising more freebies. It is so sad to see blacks in America be manipulated so for cheap voties as their families, their work and economic opportunities are given to illegals and future democratic voting people from other nations. Mr. Lewis needs to wise up and realize the biggest threat to the black communitiy in America is not the KKK, the white man, segration, the republican party, but the actions of the democratic party (and Mr. Lewis) that provides lip service for votes, while ignoring the reall needs of the black community, and does nothing as millions of black children are born in homes without fathers, to young unducated mothers, in literally ghettos and socially depressed areas where hate, drugs and crime are the hallmarks of daily existence, and education is as far away as the moon. Yet Mr. Lewis, the President, Ms. Lynch, Mr. Clyburns children will never have to experience the daily existence of the average black or white child in America, they are too good, and have to much status and privelige to every walk a mile in a poor black, hispanic or whites shoes. Although, they will always them them to walk faster and vote democratic. Blacks need to wise up and vote for what will truly help their children and families in the 21st centurey, sadly it is not more of the Democrtic Great Society, John Lewis, Barry Obama, or HRC. But, old habits and being cared for by big brother even if it is subsided slavery is hard to break away from. History will see if America, and especially poor minority Americans will stand up and say enough is enough and I want my freedom and my opportunities back.

    The state of Jamaica, Queens and eventually our country if we stay on this course.

    The state of Jamaica, Queens and eventually our country if we stay on this course.



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