South Ozone illegal parkingAbout a week ago, I posted about South Ozone Park’s 106 precinct completely blatant lack of enforcement of an illegally parked commercial  truck for a weekend at a bus stop (  A reader sent me a photo of the truck and filed a 311 complaint where he got the following response.

South ozone Illegal parking2

So I decided to do a follow-up complaint and received the same response even though the truck had been parked all weekend long and according to the reader and South Ozone Park resident does this all the time.

Service Request #: C1-1-1266602141
Date Submitted: 06/18/16 7:32:19 PM
Request Type: Illegal Parking
Details: Overnight Commercial Storage

Your Service Request was closed. The Police Department responded to the complaint and with the information available observed no evidence of the violation at that time.

Now today in The Daily News op-ed page, I read the following complaint about the 106:

Noise complaint

Ozone Park: Want to know why southern Queens is party city? Easy: Because the 106th Precinct hardly responds to complaints of loud parties. Summer means that neither you nor your kids will get much sleep, and not just on weekends. Loud parties, weddings lasting for days, blasting music and partygoers drinking alcohol on stoops and sidewalks are just some of what you will get. All of these offenses should be ticketed — but that never happens and the revelers know it. Call 311 at midnight and a squad car gets dispatched at 5 a.m., after the party is done. Call the 106 and be prepared to hang on for at least 20 rings before someone picks up — and tells you to call 911 and report a fight if you want cops to show. People will continue to engage in illegal behavior when they know cops do nothing about it, and decent, peaceful citizens will get the shaft, as usual. Irene Rychlenski

Well, sounds to me like the 106 isn’t doing an adequate job. I know that noise complaints can take some time for NYPD to show, especially if it is in a so-so neighborhood, where they get calls for crimes, shootings, etc, BUT this is a big reason, why precincts in such neighborhoods like SOP and Jamaica, need a unit that ONLY focuses on quality of life issues (noise, illegal truck driving, illegal parking, etc). YOU HEAR THAT MAYOR.

Now granted many people in these communities are hard-working law abiding citizens, who only ask that laws be enforced and after a long hard day at work, that they can relax in peace without all the nonsense and bullshit that goes on in such communities. I mean what do we pay the highest taxes in the country for.  And weekends, fuck. And summer holiday weekends, DOUBLE FUCK.

106 precinct, you need to get your shit together. Because every day I read about all the crap and nonsense that goes on in SOP, that makes Jamaica seem, sane, well almost.



  1. Are limousines allowed to be parked on residential streets ? There is a guy by my house that parks his limos on the street taking up all the parking ,One has been sitting there for days .He just started doing this the last 2 weeks and with the summer here parking will be even worse because there is a park by my house ..I swear people have no consideration


    • Taxi’s and cars like car services to airports, etc can park on city streets, at one time they could not, but that has been changed. Limo’s fall under that as well. It is just commercial vehicles that carry stuff, not people. Now if it one of those stretch limo’s, you might want to talk to the police, but they are not considered commercialFor the purposes of parking, standing and stopping, a commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle that bears commercial plates,

      “For the purposes of parking, standing and stopping, a commercial vehicle is defined as a vehicle that bears commercial plates, and is permanently altered by having all seats and seat fittings, except the front seats, removed to facilitate the transportation of property (for vehicles designed with a passenger cab and a cargo area separated by a partition, the seating capacity within the cab shall not be considered in determining whether the vehicle is properly altered), in the sense.”

      Now a car cannot be in the same spot for I think it is 7 days.


  2. Cops do nothing, I did a 311 compliant about a abandon car sitting in the same spot 2 weeks now, they marked the car for tow on Tuesday and yet it’s still sitting their, when are they going to tow it smh.


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